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  1. AzRaised08

    Ex NFL Player Takes an Archery Mt Lion.

    I saw this earlier today on social media. Definitely wild, and yeah seems like one big cat! Nice he was able to take it
  2. AzRaised08

    Call your double and raise you one.

    Geez, doubles are hard enough…never heard of a triple. Congratulations to the hunters! Nice shooting
  3. AzRaised08


    Heck yeah!! Not easy getting a double on any animal, so congrats on you and your wife tagging out! Looks like some good ones
  4. AzRaised08

    Pig down

    Those teeth never cease to amaze me haha. Congrats on the successful hunt!
  5. AzRaised08

    Father & Son opening day success

    Way to go Brian! That’s a great buck and even sweeter having your son out there with you congratulations
  6. Thanks for coming back and sharing how it all went. I hope what you learned allows you to get it done next time!
  7. AzRaised08

    Thanks AZ...

    Congratulations on your rifle success and tagging that javelina! Sounds like a great time outdoors
  8. AzRaised08

    Bad weather brought beautiful blessings! 2023!

    That is a fantastic buck! Way to tough out the crappy conditions and you were definitely rewarded for your efforts. Congratulations!
  9. AzRaised08

    2022 archery coues buck

    That is a smoking buck! Congrats on the successful hunt
  10. AzRaised08


    Welcome to the forum! Hope you’re able to find some good info on here and share with others!
  11. AzRaised08

    New Mexico Antelope 2022

    Heck yeah! Congratulations on the two-fer and getting some nice bucks down
  12. Sounds like a fantastic season of hunting for you, your family, and friends! Very nice of you to help out the young one and give him a chance at a grey ghost. Congratulations to you and all the successful hunters! Thanks for sharing the story
  13. AzRaised08

    Good Find

    I was thinking the same thing. That, or it used to be great sheep country. Thanks for sharing, this is super neat
  14. My wife and I have recently started doing a bit more wildlife photography and we took a trip to Yellowstone back in May. We were able to see a lot of really cool animals and figured I could share with those who might appreciate it. Hope you enjoy!
  15. AzRaised08

    Cabeza Sheep

    That is so awesome! Thanks for the write up and sharing the beautiful photos you took. Sounds like an amazing hunt, and I’m glad it ended in success for you! Way to go!
  16. AzRaised08

    Wife’s First mule Deer

    That is a great buck! Congrats to your wife on making a great shot and tagging her first mule buck!!
  17. AzRaised08

    Help Identifying Deadhead

    Wow you did an outstanding job with those restorations! They look super nice
  18. AzRaised08

    34A Muzzy hunt

    That is a sweet buck!! Nice shooting
  19. AzRaised08

    Opportunity VS Trophy Hunts

    I remember when you were giving us updates on that hunt. Still crazy how many you got into and then the whole ordeal with the lion
  20. AzRaised08

    Late Bull Hunt Success!

    Nice write up and way to stick with it!! It always seems to be at the very end that you catch a break. Congrats on a great bull and a successful hunt
  21. AzRaised08

    Sheep with a Pistol

    Heck yeah that is awesome! Great shooting and congrats on a beautiful ram
  22. AzRaised08

    Pair of nice bucks for my boys.

    That sounds like a fantastic family hunt! I’m sure you guys made some great memories. Good shooting and congrats to both of your boys on outstanding bucks! 😃
  23. AzRaised08

    Wife’s Semi-Live Late Bull Hunt

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you were all able to enjoy a nice day giving thanks with family and friends. As has become tradition for the past few years, I’ve posted a “semi live” thread for anyone who is interested in following our hunts. I know when I’m not out hunting, I enjoy hearing about how you all are out doing on your hunts. I was lucky to be drawn for two late bulls hunts in 2019 and 2020 and then an October whitetail hunt in 2021. Well this year, the one to finally get drawn was my wife! I was super excited when she finally drew, and she’s been getting more and more excited over the past few months. We’ve scouted our unit several times since July, and we have a good idea of the canyons and areas we want to be hunting in. Last weekend during our final scouting trip, we found a decent bachelor group with at least one shooter. Hopefully we can turn up those same bulls tomorrow morning. While I’m not sure anyone likes getting up before 4am, I know I’ll be looking forward to it as I hope my wife is able to fill her first ever tag!! If we can’t find that group of bulls tomorrow morning, that’s ok. We have 5 1/2 days to get it done, and lots of family and friends to share the experience with. I’ll post an update at least once per day (maybe twice) depending on service. Thanks for following along!
  24. AzRaised08

    Wife’s Semi-Live Late Bull Hunt

    My wife just read all the supportive comments and was really appreciative of all the nice things you had to say. She’s been a part of all my hunts the past few years and was super excited to have a hunt of her own. Thank you all for making her day! Gotta finish processing this weekend….
  25. AzRaised08

    Wife’s Semi-Live Late Bull Hunt

    Just a hair over 30. My wife was determined haha