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  1. Presmyk

    Trade...Bushmaster AR15 for ???

    have pics and info on the buggy?
  2. Presmyk


    Walmart had 1 lb for the last 2 weeks 30$
  3. Presmyk

    Hide tanning

    moyle mink tannery is where i send.stuff wvwry now and then
  4. Presmyk

    BNIB Manners EH-5A (adjustable) Thumbhole

    what it weigh?
  5. Presmyk

    WTB Polaris Ranger

    how much asking?
  6. Presmyk


    took in on a package deal shoots and functions nice. comes with about 80 ish rpunds and a leg holster or a midget waist im not 100% sure on that. pm or txt for questions 928 3019169 located in camp verdeestions
  7. Presmyk


  8. Presmyk

    Turkey Ammo, Saw, Powder, and Call

    ill take it the Turkey loads varget and saw ,im in campverde
  9. Presmyk


  10. Presmyk


    just 22 mag cylinder
  11. Presmyk

    Free goat

    Free semi annoying lawn mower located in camp verde
  12. Presmyk

    Free goat

    He has found a home with addicted , was nice meeting you guys
  13. Presmyk

    SOLD Rem 700 7mm Mag $350 - back up

    Have a round count?
  14. Presmyk

    Free goat

    No we didn't let him get the full prison treatment lol
  15. Presmyk

    Free goat

    Goaty asada all day lol
  16. Presmyk

    Free goat

    Not sure we were given him and was told he was wasnt castrated but dont see nuts dangling lol but our white lab male isn't convinced lol
  17. Presmyk

    Free goat

    He is a little froggy will come up and push on legno ramming,
  18. Presmyk

    Free goat

  19. Presmyk

    Foxpro Fusion

    Sell speaker seperate?
  20. Presmyk

    22 MAGNUM AMMO spf

    Where you located I'd take them if can meet up I'm in camp verde
  21. Presmyk

    WTB Trapping Leg Traps

    I will check when I get home and let you know
  22. Presmyk

    WTB Trapping Leg Traps

    I have some but up in camp verde of still interested I can see what I have exactly
  23. Presmyk

    WTB Trapping Leg Traps

    Where you located and how many you need?
  24. Looking for a set of 300 win mag dies, brass, and nosler accubond or accubond lr in the 180-200 grn range. I'll buy or i have 357& 38 brass, 270 win, 223, .40, .45, 243 brass to trade.
  25. Presmyk

    Wtb 300 win mag dies, brass,

    Is it the 2 sie set or just the sizer?