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  1. Haha that is definitely not around Fool Hollow

    100” velvet Coues mount $500

    You most likely will not be able to get what it cost to mount it. Just the way it is. Cool buck, blasphemy ornaments.

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Yeah I wish doomsdayers would stop buying all of the masks. Pretty soon we wont be able to use TP either Idea stolen from my friend Ronnie thought it was quite funny.

    Elk Tomahawks!!!

    I did a beef tomahawk for my son last summer...man oh man. They are good.

    Elk Tomahawks!!!

    That is legit! looks great.
  6. yeah you did and then went back and edited it. Many people saw it myself included. But no worries. If you ever want to meet up and maybe talk about the unit give me a call. Houston 4805404445
  7. I live between Pinedale and Clay Springs and so i live in the middle of the unit. Any Idea how much money I spent on gas alone last year scouting??? I'll give you a hint it was real close to $3500. Everything I know about the units which is less than some and quite a bit more than others has taken me 30+ years to accumulate. I stand by my advice. start driving the roads, learn the unit and talk to people. More than likely you will run into me at some point and I'll be happy to talk to you. I drive an 2010 Tundra that has dents, and dings and always has mud/dirt on it. It has been well used. Most of us will help if a person puts in a little effort, not just asking for handouts.
  8. Lol...3c in Sept will do absolutely nothing for you for the Nov hunts, unless you just want to hear and see elk. Bulls except yearlings will be far away. Better idea is since you live up here start driving learning the unit and meeting people. It can be a miserably difficult hunt most years. We dont usually know how it will be until 2 or 3 weeks before.

    Credit Card Hit

    Gohunt says 11% odds from last year.

    Favorite Elk Bullet? Average shot distance in AZ?

    FWIW I talked with a guy last weekend that said he has almost exclusively used Berger bullets when they first came out. He was/is a rifle builder and guide in Mexico and elsewhere and stated that when the Berger bullet was "bought" or started to be produced by Lapua the quality decreased significantly, (IDK) they had to stop using them due to stories just like yours. I have all of my bullets from 2008 so that may be a reason that my results have been different. just more thoughts.

    Credit Card Hit

    What units did you put in for? I have 16 and didn't get drawn but I also knew that I wasn't going to get in the bonus pass and so my chances were almost nil I've only put in for archery the last 5 years but I've been picky which archery tag I want to draw, I know I could draw some of the units for sure.

    Mountain Goat!!!

    Looks Great! congrats again on a fine billy

    131gr Blackjack vs Game

    Pronghorn, deer and coyotes so far. I wouldn't hesitate to use them on elk at reasonable distances

    131gr Blackjack vs Game

    We have killed a bunch of critters with them. Awesome so far.

    Teamwork and spotting/guiding a shooter in on a buck

    I hunt with a friend that is 82 and I use a radio every time he is spotting for me. Even then it is very tough. I rarely if ever carry radios, I sure wished I had radios in AK this year when my buddy saw a giant Kodiak brown bear sow and cub walking down the ridge from me. As it was it wasn't until they were 25-30 yards unarmed (well I did have a fixed broadhead lol) that I saw her and I about lost my bowels.