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    Arizona’s Hunt 3096 Unit 3A

    I don't think there is a elk out there on public land anymore, due to the OTC hunts and landowners locking gates. Good luck scouting Your prime time to scout will be 2 weeks before the hunt.

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    Well the title of the post is Toyota Dealer Recommendation so yes most are answering the question. I haven't bought a new car or truck in the last 6 months so I don't know what is going on in the new car world. Last year you couldn't be too picky, very limited inventory and cars being sold very quickly, you either had a while to wait or you bought what came in. That being said I agree with eddie if multiple dealerships have the car you want then buy on price. I too have had good luck with Hatch Toyota up here in Show Low but it is a long ways up here Good luck.

    Levi is on the board!

    Congrats young man! Good shooting!

    2022 archery bull

    Great Bull Jonny!!

    24B Ram

    Great looking Ram

    2023 archery pigs

    That is awesome as always Tyler, How long has the streak been going? got to be way up there now?

    Vortex Optics Truth

    Well I've owned only 1 vortex scope ever. It was $800+ quite a few years ago and I had it fail so I'll never own another one. I just thought it was funny that casey said almost the exact same thing back on page 1. I agree 100% with him though.

    Vortex Optics Truth

    HAHA deja vu from page one

    Just bought a Traeger and really?

    I did a prime rib this year but forgot to take a picture so I’ll add to this thread by posting one from a couple years ago with a giant Coues next to it. I love cooking on my Traeger, I'm sure there are others that are better or just as good but I've had pretty good luck with mine for almost 10 years now. I did have to replace an auger motor and a fan but that is about it.

    New Mexico Antelope 2022

    Beautiful pictures and some very nice bucks!
  11. What a great year and some stud bucks!! Very cool, congrats to you and your family/friends.

    Just bought a Traeger and really?

    haha my problem is that I buy once and cry, buy again and cry etc... lol

    Just bought a Traeger and really?

    Ok I'll start it off Seriously?? You are talking about $2k+ smokers and have 2 misspelled words and one of them is NOT Traeger?? Can someone say trust fund baby. JK Devan !!! One of the days I'll get me a good one. I hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS

    Just bought a Traeger and really?

    I love the simplicity of a pellet smoker/grill and what you get out of it. It takes significantly less time to clean and tend than my old wood/charcoal smokers. Much better taste than propane, but yes just like everything in life there is some maintenance. Couple of things I have learned over the years of pellet grills/smokers Keep them out of the weather as much as possible either with covers or on a porch etc.. Pellets will retain some moisture and if they start breaking down it really gums up the auger. I usually keep just enough pellets in the smoker so that if they get wet, either directly or through humidity in the air I don't waste a bunch of pellets. There is a sweet spot when you vacuum too much or not often enough If I'm doing long smokes (6+ hours) I'll clean them out every time. If I'm doing quick grill work, steaks, hamburgers, chicken etc... I clean them every 5 or 6 times I use it.

    Opportunity VS Trophy Hunts

    Thankfully I've had the opportunity to kill a decent bull on the late archery hunt, If I didn't have the chance to do other hunts throughout the year the late archery hunts can be fun. There are a few things I did not like about them. After shooting a few elk over the years I don't have a need to shoot a cow elk so my response will be for bull. 1. In most of the units it can be pretty cold. I killed a late archery bull at 0 degrees. Cold can be hard on archery equipment 2. They get into the thick stuff pretty early and can be very tough middle of the day hunting. 3. Expensive .. I always found myself sleeping in a hotel or something, I hate camping in - degrees, just not fun for me. 4. Even the worst bull hunts are getting harder and harder to draw, there isn't much opportunity (hunting every year) anymore. To me I would rather spend my time off doing archery deer, or predator hunting or ducks or going out of state that spend a bunch of cold nights chasing raghorns on the late archery hunts. That being said after I draw my next early tag I'm sure I'll be trying to hunt the late hunts just to hunt until I get too old to do so.