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    .257 Roberts loading

    Hey Lee send me a text or call me tonight. I think I have a few dozen once fired, maybe a partial box or two of random brass. I'll be home around 5 or 5:30 and can check it out. Houston 48zero 54zero forty four 45

    Thoughts on battery operated chainsaws.

    I know im old school but even thinking about a battery saw makes me want to shoot a 6.5 CM and have a manbun

    Best rifle scope regardless of price

    I bought a very nice used S &B on Lances recommendation and my brother bought a new Kahles . both are awesome. Go new and I would get Kahles for sure umder 3k

    46A East?

    Huge Congrats! Not an easy hunt and a good Ram to be proud of.!

    The virus

    Not sure who you are talking with but I did CE credits during my mandatory shutdown and all of the tests and trials done of hydroxychloroquine showed huge promises. (Done by real Physicians and medical researchers) I personally know a presciber that has over 80% "success" rate of limiting and stopping symptoms with it. Im not sure how he gets his #s but he is convinced. Not a single one of my other presciber friends are getting anywhere close to that...

    My dads buck

    Purty buck!

    Where's Casey??? 70 - 7

    I can't even imagine having BR for an Alum that would be about the worst thing in the world. Its hard enough that my children go to Snowflake. but at least snowflake seems to be a decent school, both SL and BR have suffered greatly the last few years.

    Where's Casey??? 70 - 7

    Trust me I went to Show Low High school from 92-96 I think BR went undeafeted basically all 4 years

    Where's Casey??? 70 - 7

    I almost felt bad for the Wildcats, that was tough to watch. It was also a great game, great fan support and great outcome for Snowflake. I was just there for the cheerleaders. Let me rephrase that, My daughter is a senior cheerleader and we were there to support her/them. Congrats Lobos!

    2020 strikes again

    Ouch. You need anything?

    WTS: Tula .223 ammo

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the ad and nothing wrong with the discussion. N2horns is a good guy to deal with and every comment brings more views and more likely to sell. He sells a lot and Im sure he has thick skin and knows the value of each bump. I agree they are worth what someone will pay for them.

    WTS: Tula .223 ammo

    That kind of surprises me. I dont pay high prices I have enough but I have a buddy that buys almost all he can and he has the money to do it and he told me he has looked almost everywhere and it isn't in stock at hardly any price. IDK like I said I don't need anything right away. It is getting crazy and my guess is it won't get better anytime soon.

    WTS: Tula .223 ammo

    One of my patients owns a little gun store up here and he said he could finally find some at $1 a round. So he had to mark it up a little bit just to make a small profit. I think the only way prices will ever come down or at least stop jumping is when it gets expensive enough that no one will buy it, until that day we are in for an expensive 4 years. The crazy thing is if I lived down there I would probably pick this up because I did well with .22 in the past but not .223

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    I actually could care less either way EXCEPT a couple out loud thoughts. 1. I hate more regulations......if the deer #s are on the decline how about some sound management and limit the amount of tags not how someone hunts. ( that can be another discussion.) 2. I am very hit and miss personally with how many cameras i have up but I have only 1 time hunted over a spot i had a camera. Funny thing is a buck i killed was not on the camera but I took a live picture when i glassed him up before the hunt started... I absolutely love to see pictures of wildlife....trail cams are pretty dang cool...just look at some of the pictures people have shared over the years. I almost exclusively use cameras within a couple miles of my home to give me something to do during the summer before antlers are big. 3. It will hurt the "weekend warrior" long before it hurts the guides and outfitters. They spend enough time they will still get it done. I kind of like the idea of less cameras and maybe wished they had some regulation not just a complete ban. My .02

    36a success

    Awesome. I remember you being in 36a years ago when i hunted it a lot... Sure crazy thinking of all that has happened since those days.