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    lighted nocks

    I also use Nockturnals they were the lightest I found ( i think 20 grains) and I like to keep my FOC as high as possible., and I've been very happy with them. I use the older burned out ones all year as practice nocks to keep everything the same and then I put on fresh ones that work a few weeks before season to make sure everything is still flying well.

    Covid, whos had it and how are you recovering?

    No its not actual virus, not contagious and not the same symptoms, no need to be quarantined.

    Covid, whos had it and how are you recovering?

    Your patronizing attitude is one of the problems, those holier than thou attitudes that no one cares as much as I do are causing a huge increase in domestic abuse/violence, increase in teen and young adult suicides' and depression.

    Covid, whos had it and how are you recovering?

    Pfizer and Moderna are about equal in efficacy, the research shows that if you already have had COVID, 1 dose of the vaccine would be adequate. We will see if that hold true in the next few months.

    Covid, whos had it and how are you recovering?

    Ducey didn't call all clear, he just made the informed decision to allow people to have independence. Look at the #s between Cali and Florida. One called for masks and shutdown mandates and one didn't at least not as much. Guess what the rate of infection is statistically identical. Masks are not the end all to stop the spread. The spread has significantly slowed down since January and will continue to do so. The vaccine has HUGE promise, I've been very skeptical from the beginning but I'm becoming a believer, the research and data is compelling, Especially in already compromised and elderly patients. I got the vaccine for a purely business reason but am more and more recommending it to people. It simply is working. The vaccine at least pfizer and moderna are also very very effective against the EEEK and NELLY strains of the virus. J and J is almost equally and the astra vaccine is not. I have a small dental office of 5 full time and 4 part time employess and not a single one of us or family members got Covid, except we think we all did Nov and Dec of 2019. All lost our taste and smell but at the time Covid wasn't a thought at all. Since then not one of us as been out sick, well I got fairly sick on my 2nd dose of the vaccine, but wasn't sick enough to take the day off.

    Dental Work

    I don't work on dentures anyway. Sorry Damon

    Dental Work

    I've seen some beautiful work come from Mx, I also usually see the absolute worst. I've seen bridges and crowns that are over 3mm out of occlusion. I'm working with a guy now that had 3 crowns done for only $1k. problem is 2 of the 3 have severe open margins and will have decay within the month and need to be replaced, AND they splinted them all together so either he needs to go back to Mx and have them all replaced or spend a little money to have them done right. If I had done work like that I would be reported to the board within the month. One thing that is for absolute certain. Dentists get a bad rap, and sometimes for good reason, just like most professions there are bad apples, and it is difficult to know who to trust. but at least in the US the real bad apples don't keep their license for very long. Then they go to Mexico to practice. Kev if you are moving up here I'll take a look at give you a second opinion, or evaluate the work you get done. I'm busy enough I don't need more work but Ill help you and your family. Houston

    Updates on Outdoor Writer ???

    He wasn't doing well couple weeks ago. I need to stop by and see him.

    Best sight for extending range

    I'm a huge fan of a 5 pin slider. Currently I'm using a spott hogg fast eddie. I would set my sight at 30-70 and float the bottom pin. You will want fixed pins for quick shots and the floater to dial in longer shots. IMO Depending on your draw length, arrow set up etc... you should get 100 yards out of it. I would practice all day at 100 even if you only want to shoot 50 or 60. It makes a difference.

    Tick Tock

    Man 308 was Lance before Lance was Lance. Been a long time 308 Welcome back

    Some eastern whitetail pics while we wait.....

    Great bucks and awesome season. Ive always thought it would be cool to own your own land to hunt..but lots of public land is nice too. Great job

    Tipping Taxidermist

    I just like mounts, most of my mounts are subpar trophys for most people but I don't care. I'll keep spending the money and enjoying the experiences.

    Tipping Taxidermist

    Yeah great price, great buck and looks like a good mount. I would have tipped also.


    Got the mount back from Clay last month


    I couldnt find that I shared the pictures on this site, if I did I apologize. One my favorite weekends and the best overall game meat I have ever had.