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    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    Tundra if you are planning on keeping it and if you dont mind the limited mpg. I have 210k on my 2010 and the only thing mechanical is that I lost my fuel pump in Dec at 208k miles and I put a stick through the radiator.No leaks anywhere and still doesn't burn oil...You have seen where I take mine on an almost daily basis. It is my wood getting truck, hunting rig and daily driver.. I do wear tires fast after I torqued my frame couple years back after hitting the end of a tow strap too many times. Consequences of getting calls in the middle of the night. My father has an 01Tundra that had fuel pump replaced at 230k. No leaks at all and has 345k on it right now..my brother still uses it as a daily driver still. I am sold on the strength and reliability of a Tundra, I have owned a fair amount of trucks but dont see myself owning anything different. That being said there are plenty of good trucks out there but not many that will give you good service over 150k.
  2. They didnt shoot them accurately past 300 or 400 yards either. Recoil isnt about how tough you are. Smh

    Funky Rack

    It is always crazy to see what happens to antlers. I posted this before but worth seeing again. Very unique antler configuration. I'm betting damage in velvet also.

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    The wash by Pinedale

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    We have had it pretty good since monsoon season. This was in June.

    ADOT lazy

    I would bet they dont have the resources to keep everything open on a storm that comes through every 20 years or so. I would rather them close it than waste all those resources in years we dont get anything. Everyone knew this was coming plan accordingly


    We went through last night at midnight and was completely clear and I was in Heber this am at 6am and was mostly clear

    Leatherman MUT EOD

    Ever since I was a kid growing up one of my dads favorite things to say. "You are only half a man without a Leathermam on you" I swear he hasn't taken his off in 30 years.

    Live Trap- trying to remove a coyote in town.

    You can still use them on private property. But again like Tomgobbler said they may not be allowed in city limits. It would be a waste of time trying a live trap IMO.

    Condolences to Blue Ridge Faithful

    I saw that the other day...sad day for his family. Quite the legend up here on the mtn. I also played against BR back in the mid 90s. We along with many others didnt have a win against BR during those times

    Another Great Hunt with My Son!

    That's awesome! Great pictures of a good time. Memories forever!

    Guess the score (updated with score)

    I knew you know all about it so that is why I questioned everything I said. I have utmost respect for those that want to be legit, and do it right. I think some outfitters exaggerate of course (fame etc..) but what I worry about is the "new guy" that quickly looks up on the internet how to score and adds tip to tip and greatest outside etc...and come up with an exaggerated score. I've seen way too many 85-90" bucks that are touted as 100"+. It diminishes those true 100"+ bucks when people do that. This one of trphyhntrs friend at 105 is an absolute great buck, but most people judged it high because it is a great buck and in order to be a great buck it must score in the teens or 20s. Which isnt true.

    Guess the score (updated with score)

    Ed even then I can be skeptical. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I've wanted to become an official measurer for quite some time and if I remember correctly in order to become official you have to be + or - 2% so on a 100" Coues deer someone could score it 98: or 102" and still become an official measurer. I know of a few "official" measurers who have the reputation of being "too" conservative and some that have the reputation of scoring everything higher. Both are within the standard deviation so to speak. In all fairness the ones that I've seen that I don't nessasaerily trust are the "official" SCI measurers. I know Pand Y and B and C have a lot better training and classes.

    lion video

    Very cool video...big cats are an awesome animal