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    Drama isnt my friend, so I'll post Elk pictures

    Porcupine was a name given to him from guide friends of mine. He wasn't even on anyone's hit list (not too many at least ) since he won't score well, just a unique bull that we hope breeds a cow that has genetics of giant fronts and beams. then maybe his offspring will be shootable.

    Drama isnt my friend, so I'll post Elk pictures

  3. With some of the drama going on in other threads I decided it would be a good time to post some pictures of my elk season. Couple bulls I "guided" Due to work I can not comitt to guiding clients but I get to help kill elk every year. 250 yard shot. Just under 340" 33 yard shot just under 370 Good luck to all the rest of the year!! Its almost archery time and then Mexico!! Some scouting pics

    Full blooded Bloodhound

    Man o Man. I had one of the best bloodhound pups I had ever seen. He could pick out one of my 3 kids and track them down on dry ground before he was 6 months old. He was a great pup and some well meaning idiot picked him up and took him to the pound in the Valley from Show Low area before I even knew what happened. He was transferred to CA to work with LE and they wouldnt give him back. It would have taken money i didnt have to sue or threaten to sue. I have owned many hounds over the years and our Bloodhound was our favorite. Good luck

    Two Point Tuesday

    Giant ol 2x2 What a sweet buck, congrats

    My 13A Muley

    Jason, what a great buck and I'm happy for you!

    Hello, New Member.

    Welcome- It is a great site, it like everything else has changed over the years, but still a bunch of good people with most of us having a passion for Coues. Jump right in and share some stories and pictures.

    Help With Score Guess

    After many years of looking at trail cam pics and then live pics and video and then dead critters, I can about 100% guarantee that buck is bigger than 150. I would even go out on a limb and say it is close to 170 but who knows. What is even worse is trying to judge a buck on trail camera in the dark. The darkness takes a lot away
  9. That's awesome! Great shooting

    The boy tagged a nice little buck

    Great buck, I agree not little. Congrats wildwoody and son

    Kodiak Flex Bow tent and Mr buddy heater question.

    I've used one a few times on strip hunts, etc...sometimes in low teens or single digits. I hate sleeping in warm weather so we would have good bags, place it by the cots and as soon as one of us would wake up get it started. Warm the tent up in less than 15 min enough to get dressed. Same thing in the evening. They heat that space quite quickly

    Canada Semi Live Whitetail Hunt

    blah blah blah rub it in Adam is as bad as these Instagram outfitters What a freaking joke it has become. Congrats!!!!

    Kodiak Sitka Trip

    Sorry typo 2750.00

    Kodiak Sitka Trip

    I have absolutely no idea what a guided hunt would even cost. Just for a rough idea. This boat provided all fuel of the boats, getting us to the dry land, food before and after and snacks/sandwiches. All power to dry out gear, no extra fuel charge and we booked the whole boat and it was I think $27500. + our flight to the boat was $250.00 If you use flight miles to AK etc.. you can get flights between $500-1000. Huntinfool had a great write up about it last year or the year before I've heard it is going up and the average is around 3k+ for a boat hunt but I'm not completely sure on that. The absolute biggest difference is that with a float plane they just drop you off. You are on your own for all food, gear, keeping dry etc... And it costs more to fly you to a new area. The greatest thing about the boat was the ability to get completely dry, generators running with heat, boot dryers de humidifiers etc..and a meal already prepared and ready. Doing a drop camp would allow you to get to some better areas IMO but very risky with weather. One group was planning on staying 10 days but had to leave early since there was so much rain and the weather hadn't dropped to freezing and the meat and capes were going bad. We had freezers and fridges on board the boat so no issue. A few groups that I talked to in the airport told me they ended up spending close to 6k on their float plane drop hunt. (all flights, food,gear, shipping etc..) That really surprised me as I figured I could do it way cheaper but that is what they said. I think the only way an outfitted hunt would be worth it is if they had limited access or a concession that was just for them, you may have better quality of animals. Other than that, they are small animals with heavy hides and fat, but easily taken off the hill with 2 guys. Every day we talked with the transporter about weather and what sides of the island and bays etc... he felt he could get us in land safely and we would look at the terrain and see where we wanted to go and head to shore.