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  1. JSR

    Arizona Special Big Game Tags

    One thing that they changed is now you can only buy tickets if you are in Arizona. They check your location when you buy them I guess if you have a good VPN you could fool it though.
  2. JSR

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    Big Two is where I bought my 2023 Tacoma too but Im still waiting on it. They were the only one that did not try to force me to buy a bunch of dealer add ons like Tire nitrogen, paint protection, lojack, etc.
  3. JSR

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    Registration fees and sales tax are two seperate things.
  4. JSR

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    My wife and I will be paying close to $900 this year just to get new tags on 2 cars. All of us pay $0.18 per gallon state gas tax at the pump. (plus fed gas tax) My question is this,.....why do the roads still suck? I think the 300 road up on the rim is smoother than 1-17 between Phx and Tucson.
  5. JSR

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    You pay sales tax where you buy not where you live. if you buy a TV in Flagstaff but live in Tucson Best Buy doesn’t ask you where you live when you check out
  6. JSR

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Has Colorado mentioned anything about winter kill concerns for deer? I was ready to go this year for deer but if it keeps snowing I might wait.
  7. JSR

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    Be prepared to wait several weeks for your car after placing the deposit. I've been waiting 3 weeks and still have at least 4 more for a Tacoma
  8. JSR

    Brass annealing

    I have an induction annealer if you want to borrow it. Im in south gilbert its not automated though so you will need to drop each piece in by hand.
  9. JSR

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    Hatch is good. Avoid autonation Tempe Toyota like the plague. they just tried the old classic bait and switch on me. sent me spec sheet on a Tacoma for $41k then when I got there to talk about it told me they could only sell a $44k model because corp told them The original truck was a misprint
  10. JSR

    Game cam stolen

    Steal their drinker
  11. JSR

    March Madness

  12. It depends what you call long range. 600 yards...probably not for that big of a difference in a hunting scenario. 1000 yards in a competition......probably.
  13. https://outdoorsmans.com/search?type=article%2Cpage%2Cproduct&q=stud&_=pf&pf_pt_product_type=Bino Stud