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  1. JSR

    Swarovski 15x56 question

    They have a great warranty. 😊
  2. JSR

    Trail Camera Question

    Don't show anyone but your family the pictures and there won't be an issue. Lets just face it.....the rule was put in place knowing that 95% of the people will comply and they will just live with the 5% that don't or count on some Karen to turn them in. They are not going to spend money going out and looking for cameras.
  3. JSR

    WTB Nosler 300 WM Brass

    I saw that but I didnt know Norma made nosler brass. Thanks.
  4. Need some Nosler 300 WM brass. Of you have some new or once fired or if you have seen any on the shelf somewhere. Thanks.
  5. https://instagram.com/gr8hunterskullz?igshid=YzA2ZDJiZGQ=
  6. JSR

    A 2022 6A elk hunting saga

    Screw work.
  7. JSR

    Just wondering

    I just found out Im related to a Nigerian Prince.
  8. JSR

    swaro 15x replaced with?

    Wife found out how much they cost
  9. JSR

    Wtb walk in cooler

    I wonder how long you could keep a body in there? J/K no really
  10. JSR

    Spring Bear 2023?

    FYI Green Trojan Horse known as Backcountry Hunters and Anglers love them some Center For Biological Diversity and Sierra Club.
  11. JSR

    Optics Planet what a joke

    Its not just Optics Planet. I ordered kitchen appliances from Home depot in March of 2020 and got them in June of 2021
  12. JSR


    Is it in-store only? I looked on their website and its regular price. Thanks