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  1. JSR

    Another awesome day of pigeon shooting

    Have you tried to eat any of them?
  2. JSR

    Quail hatch

  3. JSR

    Quail hatch

    10 eggs now.
  4. JSR

    Quail hatch

    Might be a good one this year. They are even nesting in my wife’s flower pots. this pic is from a few days ago and as of this morning she has laid 9 eggs in the pot
  5. JSR

    How was opening day? Who got one?

    If anyone is hunting on the WMAR I saw at least 8 different flocks on the road to Hawley Lake in one morning. One flock had a white turkey but I think it was a hen
  6. JSR

    So, I shot my chronograph today

    Its way easier to use compared to the Magnetospeed and the chronoy's and the data stores to your phone. the tradeoff is the price though.
  7. JSR

    So, I shot my chronograph today

    I have one you can have if you can pick it up. it works but I upgraded to the Garmin. Im in Gilbert
  8. JSR

    Was this intentional? haha

    Not sure but it looks like they stole those pics off the White Mountain Res web site.
  9. Nothing......again
  10. JSR

    Brunos has...

    Obviously the prices was not out of line because they sold out. The days of 1000 primers for $50 are gone.
  11. AZ Game and fish bans walking your dog. /sarc
  12. JSR

    Interesting read

    As a hunter the only thing I really care about is the first shot. Maybe the second also. I think I would be better off shooting one shot at the target every day with a clean cold bore than 25 shots on the same day.
  13. JSR


    Take a look at how many tags Utah raffles off and there's your answer. 200+
  14. JSR

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Desert sheep empanadas with chimichuri sauce.
  15. JSR

    Credit Card hit thread

    There is no way I am asking another man to show me his honey hole.