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  1. JSR

    Fish tournament

    could have used that for bear bait. 😁😁
  2. JSR

    Ride Now

    the problem is, the BRO looked to be close to 40. at least mid 30's.
  3. JSR

    Contact our Governor

    look for the shootings to increase in size and frequency. Until they get what they want.
  4. If you are peeing on your buddy or on yourself, you have much bigger problems than COVID.
  5. JSR

    Motivate Ducey

    We should all call in a red flag alert on Hunter Biden. He did aftercall get caught lying on his back ground check and then his girlfriend threw the handgun in a dumpster.
  6. JSR

    Ride Now

    It might have also been the flat brim, ear rings or the tribal arm band tattoo. I never could quite figure it out.
  7. JSR

    Ride Now

    It believe there is no sales tax in Rye either....is that correct? Just state sales tax?
  8. make sure you fully exhale before tightening the zip tie .... for maximum effectiveness
  9. that's why I said "might" I was at the gym this morning. Looked around....I was the only dumb A wearing a mask. I did the walk of shame back to the locker room and tossed it.
  10. a real medical mask might be somewhat effective a $4.99 tie dyed, rainbow flag bandana from Amazon over your mouth and nose, probably not so much.
  11. JSR

    Lawn Care

  12. JSR

    Bow fishing in Srp canals?

    Signs on all canals by my house say "no trespassing, no fishing, no hunting, no swimming."
  13. JSR

    Ride Now

    Well, I did ask if he shoots a 6.5
  14. JSR

    Ride Now

    I even had my Zac Griffin flat brim on
  15. JSR

    Ride Now

    Stopped in to Ride Now Power Sports to check on a new ATV and left after the 3rd time the salesman called me bro. is this typical?