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  1. JSR

    Taxidermy advice

    Was it Trails End Taxidermy?
  2. JSR

    Helpful Hint

  3. JSR

    Clinton Body Count Tally

  4. JSR

    Clinton Body Count Tally

    Hillary has killed more people than small pox
  5. JSR

    Tire update - Nitto's response

    I got 50,000 plus miles on each of the 4 sets of Grapplers I have bought through Tire Pro's. I made the mistake of getting some Toyo's once because they were a $100 cheaper. They lasted 30,000 miles.
  6. JSR

    Clinton Body Count Tally

  7. JSR

    Weird notifications???

    You probably need an exorcist now
  8. JSR


    You can scout all you want now but the bulls you find in July/Aug will be miles away in Sept.
  9. JSR

    Dental Work

  10. JSR

    San Diego 4th of July Suggestions

    120 yellowfin for 30 guys on a 3/4 day boat today.
  11. JSR

    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    Randy Newberg, Meateater, HUSH, The Hunting Public, etc have exposed a lot of out of state hunters about the Coues hunting.
  12. JSR


  13. JSR

    Vortex razor uhd

    ........But the warranty!!!!!
  14. JSR

    LOUD buzzing Desktop

    helwow Diss is tek sport. My name ChinS ung Wo how may hep you? You reboot now, mmk? dat fix it k bye