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    My dad always said that when the Palo Verde's are in bloom its time to go catch crappie. He used to do pretty good at San Carlos and Bartlett using that indicator.
  2. a lot of people put their chonograph too close to the end of the barrel, regardless of barrel length. I try to put mine at least 10 yards out front. Seems to get more consistent readings, for me anyway.
  3. I just buy bare shafts off ebay and fletch them myself. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gold-Tip-5575-Hunter-Graphite-Shafts/223914479791?hash=item342257d0af:g:4a0AAOSw-LJeSZp- https://www.ebay.com/itm/12-Gold-Tip-XT-Hunter-5575-400-Carbon-Arrow-Shafts-CUT-TO-LENGTH/333497422046?hash=item4da5fed0de:g:3asAAOSwUuFWwlm-
  4. I have 50% hearing loss from being stupid as a kid so I probably would not hear the dogs anyway. BOOM.
  5. JSR

    6.5 PRC

    Please....do NOT post a picture. 😁
  6. JSR

    6.5 PRC

    Thong or granny panties?
  7. I have .308 with a 26” barrel. I get a verified 2900 fps MV with 178 Hornady Amax bullets and 44 grains of R15. It has killed a pile critters at 300-500 yards. How much MV can I expect to loss if I have it cut down to 22”? I expect I will need to use a faster burning powder With the shorter barrel. Maybe drop down to the 168 grain. I have several other rifles for deer/elk but they are kind of heavy and am looking to have a lighter weight option for rougher/steeper country.
  8. JSR

    6.5 PRC

    Victoria Secrets has the Creedmore on sale this weekend if you buy a bra and panties.
  9. JSR

    Savage Upgrade Advice

    Magpul just came out with a lightweight Savage stock with aluminum bedding. I have a Mcgowen and a Criterion and the McGowen shoots better in my opinion but both are fine. The Criterion took me 4 months to get however. The McGowen took 4 weeks.
  10. JSR

    ? On Muzzleloaders reg change.

    So, if one guy is using a scoped modern ML'er and another guy is using a traditional ML, how is the traditional guy being harmed? Never understood this line of thinking other than "if you don't do it my way, you suck".
  11. JSR

    Using salt and cameras to locate a specific buck

    Look for north facing slopes near where you found the antler. That is most likely his bedding area(s). find trails leading into /out of bedding area. Try to avoid going deep into the bedding area, especially on the upwind side and during mid day when he might be bedded there. put your cams out on all the trails you can find. There will likely be a trail near the top of the slope and another near the middle. If you can find where 2 or more intersect even better. once you get a pic of him put your salt out near the trail. If there is water nearby all the better. Deer seem to use the salt more regularly if they can drink before or after getting salt. if you are using salt blocks, you need to either get them out ASAP or bust them up so they leech into the ground faster. I like to use pool salt you can get in 40-50 lb bags then add the blocks as needed to keep it going. Once you have it established 2-3 of the small 5lb blocks per year is good. the buck likely wont get too interested in your salt until he sheds again and starts to grow velvet antlers but he might get a lick of in once in awhile while hard horned. Then hope the cattle dont find your salt. They usually wipe it out quick.
  12. JSR


    Anyone that champions socialism is either brainwashed or has the IQ of a maxipad.
  13. JSR


    The earth has been warming for 1,000's of years. 75% of North America was covered by glaciers, then they melted, many MANY years before anyone ever even thought of burning fossil fuels on a wide scale. When the govt says they have a solution for a "problem" that involves regulation and taxes look out.....here comes a scam.
  14. JSR


    Having a degree in mechanical engineering is as meaningful to climate discussion as having a degree in ancient lesbian dance.
  15. JSR


    Thanks for your insight, Bernie Sanders