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  1. JSR

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    Maybe your son needs to get a better job? No shame in that.
  2. https://www.outdoorlimited.com/featured-brands/federal/gold-medal/federal-gold-medal-large-rifle-primer-gm210m-1000-count/
  3. JSR

    Electric F150

    I don't have anything against electric cars. I kinda wish I had one for in-town driving. Its about $8-10 to fully charge a car and get ~300 miles. That would save me money and put less wear and tear on my Weekend / Hunting Truck also.
  4. JSR

    23 North Early Archery

    There is one certain guide service that takes over the entire unit from September through December. They are on every glassing knob from dawn to dusk. They have huge, city like camps with every imaginable type of ATV, UTV, Jeep, etc. 4 years ago I had the late rifle tag and after 3 straight days of having them surround me, I got up extra early and to my glassing spot at 3:00 am, Sunrise is not until after 7:00 am. 5;30 am the army (6-8 guys on 4 UTV's and one hunter) shows up and sets up all over the mountain, including 60 yards from me in plain sight. As soon as the sun comes up the hunter starts lobbing 900 yard shots across the valley, missing the bull by 10 feet. 3-4 shots later, the bulls walk off and over the ridge. The bulls had been on that ridge every morning for the previous 3 weeks. They never came back after being shot at.
  5. JSR

    2022 Mule Deer Hunt with 7 BP's

    One of the Kaibab early hunts first choice. The late MLer hunts in the desert and 35A/B can be pretty good. Not sure how many BP those are taking now.
  6. he is also a Nigerian Prince and can sell you an extended car warranty.
  7. It takes 10 minutes max to throw a can of refrigerant in. Make sure you get one of the cans with a gauge on it. overcharging the system will also cause it to stop cooling. If you buy it at Autozone they will help you put it in.
  8. JSR

    Found 2 cameras in 23 caked with mud

    I know a lot of people just left their cameras in the forest instead of paying $4.75 per gallon to drive up and retrieve something that they probably won't use again. I say let the game and fish commission go out and remove them. They can get the gas money from the condor budget.
  9. JSR

    Calibers for next years youth gun giveaway?

    Its easier to find ammo right now for the .308 win.
  10. JSR

    AZGFD April 1st Meeting

    Bernie Bro's - Trust the science!!!! Also Bernie Bro's - Let us manage the game and fish.. DO NOT TRUST the wildlife biologist.
  11. JSR

    The Oscar’s

    Mrs Howell
  12. JSR

    Wildlife Assets

    Nice goat
  13. JSR

    2022 draw question

    Is that the Jacob Lake gas station? 😂
  14. JSR

    Rossislider is a liar and coward

    I believe the accuser (ROSSISLIDER) bares the the burden of proof before making an accusation.