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  1. JSR

    Stickers in pants help.

    Duct tape
  2. JSR

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    Correct. That's why I recommended he keep hunting with his crossbow and ignore the holier than thou types.
  3. JSR

    Reloading components for trade or cash

    Everything is pricey these days. Just came back from the North Rim....Gas $4.79 / gal Californian's lined up at the pump thinking it was cheap.
  4. JSR

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    If he hunts with a rifle / ML'er someone will bash him for shooting too far or using too much tech, etc. So why not just get bashed by stick flingers and do what you want? Either way, you're getting bashed by someone.
  5. JSR

    Need 30 cal 212 grain ELD-X

    The 212's were finicky for me Switched to the 208 ELD Match and never looked back. They shoot fantastic.
  6. JSR

    New to long range

    There is someone making a device that eliminates the magnetospeed from hanging on your barrel. I cant remember who it is, but you can search for it I'm sure.
  7. You could ask the managers at the Boquillas if they will let your uncle sit on a water hole since he has a heart condition. Not sure if they will make an exception for him but worth asking.
  8. As new, barely used. fits scopes up to 85mm - straight $50 FTF $60 shipped VENMO / PAYPAL / CASH Queen Creek
  9. What if the shooter has a 3 year old trail cam pic of the deer when it was a spike? shoot or no?
  10. JSR

    Late Season Archery Bull tag Unit 22N

    N 34°14'33.17" W 111°19'41.06"
  11. JSR

    CWT B.P.

    Jihad Joe is lying about the BP using horse whips on border crossers.
  12. JSR

    Arizona Desert

    With all of the feed available I have found that glassing deer has been a lot harder. last weekend I went to a place where seeing 20-30 deer out feeding on open slopes in a morning was normal (mostly does but an occasional decent buck) I saw 3 deer. Its been that way since it started raining in June. Its like that can fill their belly in 20 minutes without moving then lay right back down. i did glass a decent 3x4 muley this morning but it was the only deer I saw.
  13. Non residents are getting ripped off I like it!!!