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  1. JSR

    Is there a way.....

    I'm wearing one right now. I change it every Saturday whether it needs to be or not.
  2. JSR

    Is there a way.....

    you must be one of online garage sale enthusiast.
  3. JSR

    Is there a way.....

    Thank you
  4. JSR

    Is there a way.....

    I did not say I had a problem navigating the site, gramps. I asked if there was a way not to see the classifieds. Time to change your diaper and turn up your hearing aid.
  5. JSR

    Is there a way.....

    To not have to wade through all of the crap classifieds to get an actual post about hunting? Its like a freaking Bass Pro side walk sale here.
  6. JSR


    Players win or lose. The manager has little to do with it. The GM has more to do with winning or losing than the the field manager.
  7. JSR

    22S Last Night

    Elk hide/hair can soak up a lot of blood and not start bleeding onto the ground for a long time. Sometimes people look on the ground too much instead of on waist high vegetation, especially within the first 100 yards or so.
  8. JSR

    Rut Activity

    Probably because there were 65,000 people camping and running SxS's all weekend off the Bill Williams loop road.
  9. Elk are for kids and women....like Javelina and dove oh crap....did I say that out loud? How do you delete?
  10. JSR

    Did you know

    I bet Beta O'Rourke eats soy 3 times a day
  11. JSR

    Where's that one thread???

    Check over by the power lines.
  12. JSR

    Bass Pro Mesa ???????

    Their prices suck anyway.
  13. JSR


  14. JSR

    Never thought i would turn this tag back in

    Sneak over on the REZ, get a buck, then take photos of him by the powerlines off Espy Road.
  15. JSR

    Heads UP!! UPDATE $30K

    Follow the meth......