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  1. JSR

    Drew my 2ND choice

    I drew with my 2nd choice last year.
  2. JSR

    How long until cards are hit??

    Mine either
  3. JSR


  4. Pinnacle sport fishing. “Duane Diego” https://www.instagram.com/p/C8PXR56OG2n/?igsh=NGk3OHk2ZXJuY3V2
  5. JSR

    Fire sale

    I was going buy a pair but they don’t match my Kuiu hoodie, pants, underwear and socks. So tacky.
  6. JSR

    Fire sale

    Reluctantly selling my pair of Harbor Freight 10x50's $12.00 Now low ball offers will be entertained
  7. JSR

    bonus point

    At 15 points you are still at less than 10% draw odds for every hunt except 6B and 30A.
  8. JSR

    Website guys.

    Wix is super easy and good SEO support.
  9. JSR

    Quail hatch

    Might be a good one this year. They are even nesting in my wife’s flower pots. this pic is from a few days ago and as of this morning she has laid 9 eggs in the pot
  10. JSR

    Quail hatch

    you can buy button quail eggs on amazon
  11. JSR

    Quail hatch

    There are a lot of quail in the neighborhood. Probably just let them go when they are big enough.
  12. JSR

    Quail hatch

    So the mom bird was killed by a cat. my brother happened to have an incubator so we put the eggs in and waited 3 weeks IMG_3146.mov
  13. JSR

    Rowing machine

    I’m going back to the gym so I’m getting rid of this rowing machine. Everything works as new. Uses water resistance which is a lot quieter than the magnetic machines and smoother riwing. Can be stored standing up when not in use. $150. Pick up in South Gilbert.
  14. JSR

    Getting screwed by San Carlos?

    Still better than being screwed by Mr Carlos
  15. JSR

    Another awesome day of pigeon shooting

    Have you tried to eat any of them?
  16. JSR

    Quail hatch

  17. JSR

    Quail hatch

    10 eggs now.
  18. JSR

    How was opening day? Who got one?

    If anyone is hunting on the WMAR I saw at least 8 different flocks on the road to Hawley Lake in one morning. One flock had a white turkey but I think it was a hen
  19. JSR

    So, I shot my chronograph today

    Its way easier to use compared to the Magnetospeed and the chronoy's and the data stores to your phone. the tradeoff is the price though.
  20. JSR

    So, I shot my chronograph today

    I have one you can have if you can pick it up. it works but I upgraded to the Garmin. Im in Gilbert
  21. JSR

    Was this intentional? haha

    Not sure but it looks like they stole those pics off the White Mountain Res web site.
  22. Nothing......again