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  1. cl65driver

    Swarovski ATX/STX 65mm objective

    Still available? Where are you located?
  2. Do you still have the Btx case?
  3. cl65driver

    Swarovski 95MM Objective

    Do you still have the Marsupial Btx case?
  4. cl65driver

    Spring draw?

    Skunked again
  5. cl65driver

    Scope Mounting Gun Smiths?

    Anyone have contact info for Southern Express or anyone else you’d recommend in Southeast valley? I need a trigger worked on and a scope mounted.
  6. cl65driver

    Card Hits!

    2 elk tags with 1 point each. Does anyone ever get drawn for 4th or 5th choice?
  7. cl65driver

    Anybody use Butler Bags

    The Butler Bags have 3 layers, but even the top layer is too warm in summer. They are amazing in the cold.
  8. cl65driver

    Spring tags

    Got mine yesterday.
  9. cl65driver

    Awesome Brasilian Steak 🥩 seasoning

    Morava em Brasília e por aí.
  10. cl65driver

    Wife is gone.

    Sorry for your loss. Good luck with your plans.
  11. cl65driver

    Wtb 209 primers

    Thanks again!
  12. cl65driver

    Wtb 209 primers

    Yep, on my way!
  13. cl65driver

    Wtb 209 primers

    Can anyone spare any 209 muzzleloader primers?
  14. cl65driver

    What is the highest velocity caliber?

    .30-06 accelerator is pretty quick