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  1. cl65driver

    Any pool service guys/gals?

    Pool and patio pros
  2. cl65driver


    I went yesterday. It had way more rvs and the boats are in the main building this year. There are less vendors overall. Depending on what you’re going for it wasn’t as good.
  3. cl65driver

    Any private pilots here?

    Try Ryan. There used to be a good flight school there.
  4. cl65driver

    Regs are out

    Thanks bonecollector777
  5. cl65driver

    Regs are out

    What are the odds for unit 1 early muzzleloader with 18 points?
  6. cl65driver

    Canyon Cooler Raffle, 5 winners

    Did you draw the winners yet?
  7. cl65driver

    CWT First "Card Hit" Contest for Raffle Tickets

    July 12 8am
  8. cl65driver

    2015 Draw Odds

    Thanks Flatlander!
  9. cl65driver

    2015 Draw Odds

    Any idea what the unit 1 bull elk early muzzleloader odds are with 2 hunters combined average of 14 points? And unit 1 antelope rifle with 23 points? Resident for both.
  10. cl65driver

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
  11. I'll be there, with one or two more.
  12. Is it too late to get tickets?
  13. cl65driver

    ok, now where am i?

  14. cl65driver

    2015 bonus point report now online

    23 for me