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  1. cl65driver

    Wtb 209 primers

    Thanks again!
  2. cl65driver

    Wtb 209 primers

    Yep, on my way!
  3. cl65driver

    Wtb 209 primers

    Can anyone spare any 209 muzzleloader primers?
  4. cl65driver

    What is the highest velocity caliber?

    .30-06 accelerator is pretty quick
  5. cl65driver

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Brother and I finally got drawn for elk!
  6. cl65driver

    ISO/WTB .243 ammo

    Bass pro had 243 on the shelf yesterday
  7. cl65driver

    Hits Started

    Any crane hits yet?
  8. cl65driver

    Where am I?

  9. cl65driver

    Pray for me, my wife is already with god.

    My prayers and condolences to you.
  10. cl65driver


    Pm sent
  11. cl65driver


    Sent pm
  12. cl65driver

    Any pool service guys/gals?

    Pool and patio pros
  13. cl65driver


    I went yesterday. It had way more rvs and the boats are in the main building this year. There are less vendors overall. Depending on what you’re going for it wasn’t as good.
  14. cl65driver

    Any private pilots here?

    Try Ryan. There used to be a good flight school there.
  15. cl65driver

    Regs are out

    Thanks bonecollector777