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  1. Northern Pintail

    New Mexico draw

    This has been talked about a lot on fb. What the website says for different people is all over the place. There are guys that have something on all 5 species that makes them believe they got a tag. They didn’t draw all 5. If you are believing what it says before results are officially released you will be disappointed. Plus they couldn’t run the draw before April 7th because that’s when reporting from prior years was due!!!
  2. Northern Pintail

    New Mexico draw

    It must be awhile since you guys have been drawn. Or need to look at your tags better next time. The top tag is a carcass/transportation tag. You need two tags incase the head goes to the taxidermist and the meat goes to a second location. Either home or the processor
  3. Northern Pintail

    New Mexico draw

    You get a tag for the antlers (head) and one for the meat. Same as az. I hope you were being sarcastic
  4. Northern Pintail

    Unit 27 road conditions

    My bet is it will be limited access
  5. Northern Pintail

    Hunt guidlines

    It sucks to lose your favorite place but there is no doubt that it is a much better deer unit now
  6. Northern Pintail

    Hunt guidlines

    I agree with you that it needs to be accurate data. But in this situation they are more conservative which won’t hurt anything compared to an increase in tags I bet they limit tags for a couple years and then they will have better stats and may change it
  7. Northern Pintail

    Hunt guidlines

    Pretty sure there are more studies that show it doesn’t work more than it works. People accidentally kill a 2 pt, don’t report it and go kill a legal animal. Creates a higher number of animals killed
  8. Northern Pintail

    How do you hang skin

  9. Northern Pintail

    Popcorn thread

    Yeah I’m with you. Just waaay to much going on to not have done something. Not sure how insurance fraud fits into the animal we all think he is in trouble for though
  10. Northern Pintail

    Points updated

    Thanks for reminding us that we got turned down!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Northern Pintail

    Rifle 13a/b or 12B Late - Which one and Why?

    If you’re not in max it’s a crap shoot either way so just pick two hunts and hope you get lucky
  12. Northern Pintail

    CC Hit

    Bighorn where? Az resident in az it’s 300
  13. Northern Pintail

    22 Non- Residents had 15+ BPs

    Interesting.... it’s a rumor but I know him and know the number of points is correct and his unit selection is correct. Applied by himself. I’m starting to think something went wrong with the draw
  14. Northern Pintail

    22 Non- Residents had 15+ BPs

    Heard a resident with 18 points didn’t draw early archery unit 1 which has taken 12 points the last couple years. I think with all this moisture people want a tag
  15. Northern Pintail

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    Your brother