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  1. Northern Pintail

    Lets talk Loyalty Points!

    As most have mentioned it will be applied in your 6th application.
  2. Northern Pintail

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    I think it’s now a standard price for all animals because of that debate of what is a trophy.
  3. Northern Pintail

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    Was not a raffle hunter.
  4. Northern Pintail

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    The pics of this bull are very deceiving. Rumors were a3 had him at 410 in June.
  5. Northern Pintail

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    430 plus
  6. Northern Pintail

    The Hunt Recommendation Process

    The issue with 33 is that there is a bunch of area vehicles can’t go which means 90% of the hunters don’t go there. And there are a ton of deer in those areas so GF has to increase tags because of the deer numbers
  7. Northern Pintail

    The Hunt Recommendation Process

    If you compare the number of hunters in our units to another state like Colorado we don’t have the crowding issues they have. I’ve never been on a hunt in AZ that I felt crowded. Running into other hunters but not crowders. And I know it’s not possible for everyone but after Sunday noon the woods are almost empty, thus hunting the weekdays are best.
  8. Northern Pintail

    Draw odds

    Under hunting, big game draw, bonus point process
  9. Northern Pintail

    The Hunt Recommendation Process

    Since the opportunity survey was implemented I think it’s hard to say that the amount of animals has decreased. If the amount of animals were decreasing each year I think that would show in their tag numbers. Give me one unit and species specific that you can directly relate lower animal numbers due to the amount of tags and nothing to do with habitat quality or drought As for quality that went down the drain with the results of the opportunity survey. Most people (I would bet 80 plus %) just want to go hunting and don’t care about the size they shoot. That is very apparent each fall when you see tons of people on fb with a small deer. If that’s what they want to shoot that’s great. Wildlife is managed for the masses Not a small percentage, specifically those who want everyone to be a trophy hunter.
  10. Northern Pintail

    The Hunt Recommendation Process

    What’s the conflicting information? You can find the guidelines on their website which makes it very clear what they are to do. I wish they had population objectives instead of just ratios. Ratios aren’t a good thing if there is only 50 deer in a unit
  11. Northern Pintail

    Utah - Nine Mile Unit

    When you say plenty of deer, can you compare it to an Arizona unit for numbers? Is it like 90% of our mule deer units, 3c which has above average or kiabab that has a crap load of deer. Thanks
  12. Northern Pintail

    Thompson venture 270

    What’s the reason you’re selling it?
  13. Northern Pintail

    Fruits of success.

    I think that’s why people like him, because they can relate to him. He isn’t a very good hunter, some of his videos his camera men have to tell him to get his gun ready and where to shoot from. I have yet to watch a hunting show or listen to a podcast where I really learned something. Which sucks. Especially podcast, I hate listening to people tell everyone how good they are but won’t teach me how to do it.
  14. Northern Pintail

    WMAT Non-Member Elk Hunts

  15. Northern Pintail

    WMAT Non-Member Elk Hunts

    They are not out yet. But go to the main wmat page and there will be a link towards the bottom. I stopped in when I was up there last week and they said they aren’t open again until Tuesday so they won’t be posted until atleast then