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  1. Northern Pintail


    They don’t need to replace revenue in the normal sense. Auction tag money only went to projects on the ground, not salaries. So there will just be less projects on the ground.
  2. Northern Pintail


    A person can only put one entry in for each hunt so if you’re saying a rich guy will buy 1000 tickets that’s not possible on this draw
  3. Northern Pintail

    2023-24 archery deer tracking

    The issue is with apple. Not gf. Get rid of the terrible iPhone
  4. Northern Pintail

    Some 3A BS

    The ohv permit is also another way people can access state lands. You can’t do anything else on state lands other than drive the roads with an ohv permit but it is allowed
  5. Northern Pintail

    Some 3A BS

    Not sure what’s bullshit about this? 3a was otc in 2023.
  6. Northern Pintail

    Advice on cold weather states

    The problem with going that far west is you really get out of the good bird hunting country. Specifically ducks
  7. Northern Pintail

    How long until cards are hit??

    It’s not the game and fish’s fault. It’s just more people hunting and making draw odds worse.
  8. Northern Pintail

    Applying together point spread

    Wyoming is the only state I know of that over allocates tags. In Wyoming they would give out 4 tags if there were only one tag left.
  9. Northern Pintail

    Purple stripes on trees - No Trespassing

    Az isn’t purple. It’s orange. But some states do allow the purple.
  10. Northern Pintail

    Draw deadline.

    It’s in the regs online. Not sure how you don’t see it.
  11. Northern Pintail

    Draw deadline.

    What you talking about? It’s in the regs
  12. Northern Pintail

    Draw deadline.

    I asked and it is something about their fiscal year/accounting purposes.
  13. Northern Pintail

    23-24 regs up online

    Don’t understand coues hunting as it’s boring. Was thinking elk hunt as it got pushed back too
  14. Northern Pintail

    In Reach?

    Look at the zeleo or something like that. Better price
  15. Northern Pintail

    23-24 regs up online

    What hunt you talking about