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  1. ShutYourLib

    Recommended boat repair in east valley

  2. Can anyone recommend a good place to take a boat for motor work?
  3. ShutYourLib

    2nd in 6 days

    Was wondering what it was. Thanks!
  4. ShutYourLib

    2nd in 6 days

    Saw this one today.
  5. ShutYourLib

    Pistol brace ruling

    Thank you both! I feel they have intended for all the ambiguity to be able to apply the rules where and if they want. The whole thing is absurd and makes zero sense to anyone that understands weapons.
  6. ShutYourLib

    Pistol brace ruling

    Just reading this and have a question (probably a stupid one that I should know). So, if you have previously purchased an AR pistol with a brace, can you install a 16”+ upper and then keep the brace? I guess another way of saying it is can you turn an AR pistol into a full length rifle? Also, as I understand , the lower is the actual firearm so you can keep the upper from the AR pistol as long as it is not put onto something that is not nfa? Do I have this correct in my head?
  7. ShutYourLib

    Outdoorsman Carbon Tripod

    Definitely not a hater of the products. They are great. I don’t consider myself thin skinned either. However I will never spend money at an establishment that doesn’t appreciate the customer. Mark, impressed with your dedication to ensure the issues are corrected. I’ll put it the test. I will stop by sometime in the next few months, if all goes well I’ll buy the window mount that I’ve been eyeing for a few years. Maybe another pistol grip while I’m at it.
  8. ShutYourLib

    Outdoorsman Carbon Tripod

    I typed all of that on a phone, so please excuse the grammar and spelling.
  9. ShutYourLib

    Outdoorsman Carbon Tripod

    My experiences with the outdoorsmans: sometime around 2000 or 2001 I stopped into the cave creek store for the first time. I had a pair of Swarovski binos that I had somehow scratched the lens on and wanted opinions on how I should handle. Guys were all super cool, said they would send the binos to Swarovski for me. I sat in there and swapped hunting stories and chatted with the two salesman and a few customers for about an hour. It was a great experience. When I got the call that Swarovski had returned the binos I ran up there and started talking to the gentleman behind the counter about your tripods. He took my bingos, put a stud on them, grabbed a tripod and a pistol grip and said go outside and try it out for a while. I ended up leaving with a way lighter wallet after buying the whole new set up. when your pack came out I went up there again and bought a pack. It was great, used it for several seasons, and then removed the pack from the frame to clean it. When I was putting the pack back on the frame I could not seem to get it adjusted the same as it was, took the whole thing up to the store and was made to feel like a retard. The guy did take the pack and helped fit it to me so that it was as comfortable as the day I bought it, but can say that there was zero small talk, a sense of frustration from the staff, and I left thinking wow that was different than all of my previous encounters. I wrote it off to a bad day. went into the store (can’t remember when this was) to get the tall tripod. When asking if I could put my binos on them, the guy actually said, you have the medium, you already know how it is, just add the number of inches that the tall tripod is to your medium and you will know what you are getting… umm ok, will go home and do that. Never bought the tall tripod stopped into the fountain hills store right after you moved in. I was interested in upgrading to the longe range pack. I stood in the lobby all by myself for about 5 minutes before someone came out from the back he apologized and said the store was a mess from the move. No problem. I told him I wanted to check out the pack, he grabbed one and brought it to me. Started to ask him questions. He did answer but it was very short, not much interaction and zero personal interest in the sale. The whole interaction just felt wrong can’t even put my finger on it, but I felt like I was inconveniencing him. I left and bought an eberlestock. wife stopped in there to buy me a window mount for a birthday present. She is not familiar with all of this stuff and made a comment about it being expensive, the guy was patronizing in his response back to her about getting what you pay for, and something along the lines do you want it or not. She felt uncomfortable and I didn’t get a window mount for my birthday. last time in your store was about a year and a half ago. I went in to get a digiscope adaptor for my phone I was having a hard time understanding how to mount it to the case and how to pick the correct camera lens to center the phone case mount on. Was asking questions about that and about how solid the ring for the spotting scope was when twisted on. Questions were answered, but in a condescending manner. Again I felt like I was inconveniencing him. I asked how much it was, and I said something along the lines of “dang”. Was absolutely still going to buy it at that point, but hearing him launch into his whole diatribe about justifying the cost, which ended with him saying do you want it or not? I chose not to buy it. so, for me it’s hard to put my finger on exact examples other than to say that the customer service I have received made me feel like I should be privileged to be shopping there, felt condescending, felt patronized, and felt belittled for questioning the price. Not to mention the borderline insulting interaction towards my wife. Long story short, I now rock a manfrotto carbon fiber tripod, a mystery ranch pack, and a MagView digiscope adaptor. Had I been treated like a valued customer I have no doubt that I would still be rocking OutDoorsmans stuff. Honestly, I’m done with all things OutDoorsmans until that part of your business is fixed.
  10. ShutYourLib

    Outdoorsman Carbon Tripod

    Their products are great, but that is ridiculous for a tripod. I stopped going there a while back as I got sick of the pretentious and arrogant attitude they have with their customers. Last time I was there I felt like I was inconveniencing them for asking questions.
  11. ShutYourLib

    WTB RL26

    Aren’t we all?
  12. ShutYourLib

    New IPhone 14 with satellite communication

    You sound like a knob. Your whole message here is to do things the way you do them or not do them at all? Or, are you trying to convey how bad butt you are to a bunch or strangers on the internet? Also, you do understand that there is a great big world out there that extends past the AZ border, right? Most people don’t want this functionality because they are afraid of getting lost, it’s because people can and do get hurt in areas outside of cell range. with your logic, the only reason to have a gps is to stop you from getting lost. I keep hundreds of waypoints and interesting finds in my gps. Granted, the fact that you could not deduce a reason for having this other than being lost, leads me to believe that you probably would have problems learning how to use it anyway. Carry on mountain man..
  13. ShutYourLib

    Overlanded Toyota Tacoma - PRICE LOWERED $29,500 OBO

    Come on. I know that the yota’s hold their value, but really? Can you really expect to get all of your upgrades back out of one when you sell it? Decided to take a look and there are similarly outfitted tacomas out there that are like 7-8 grand more, but are 2021’s with like 15k miles. Will be curious if this thing sells. sorry to hijack, but this ad seems so ridiculous to me… can’t wait for the incoming used car market crash. https://www.ebay.com/itm/275391329471?hash=item401e9a34bf%3Ag%3AzIEAAOSwEjxi1ROP&LH_ItemCondition=3000|1000|2500
  14. ShutYourLib

    Court has the anti gunners worried

    I just had to google the handle… all I can say is WTF
  15. ShutYourLib

    Why do they keep doing this?

    My last thought is that we should not be willing to compromise on a right. Today is the 33rd anniversary of Tiananmen Square. An Unarmed populace advocating for personal freedoms mowed down by their government, and now erased from all memory and history for the citizens there. The big picture is scary and it’s hard to gamble when we have countless examples of overreach, hostility, and genocide. I appreciate your thoughts and the conversation.