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  1. tomgobbler

    Draw results

    Mine shows the hunt number and tag number
  2. tomgobbler

    Coatimundi Forms?

    How does he use a ringtail or a weasel ? They weigh about a pound and you said yours was 35 lbs ? You could fit several of them inside a coati ….. there are only a couple commercial forms available - you have to carve a foam one or do a “soft wrapped body” custom made …. To the position you want . these are all 3 custom made bodies .
  3. tomgobbler

    ISO….. A long shot

    Good luck in your search - If you end up not finding it I’ve got several extra Buffalo skulls - I can even buy some caps and put on it for about $50 bucks or so - they would probably bigger then his original- if you sent a pic I could see what I could find that matched as close to his as possible …. it wouldn’t be his original - but he’d have a skull ….. to remember his hunt ….
  4. tomgobbler

    Cape traps

    7 cage traps - several fit inside each other. baught them from a member here and never used them ….I’m moving houses and getting rid of a few things $700
  5. tomgobbler

    Who is raising beef

    A big difference is what is your land ? Brush Desert 🌵 ? Irrigated Pasture ? How much is your water bill ? How often and how much time do you spend irrigating - ( is your schedule were you can spend that time doing that ) how’s your fences ? How much time money do you have to get them up to shape to keep cows in - so your not chasing cows - Feed is a huge cost - if you don’t have to feed very much until the end thats a big difference ….. or if you have to buy hay the entire time - ….. some people love the idea of growing there own and have nonidea , what it truly takes , and others are 100% prepared and ready …. I don’t know you so take this with a grain of salt for what it’s worth ….. they are a lot of work - but the end result is way better beef then you can buy at the store …. good luck
  6. tomgobbler

    Cowboy casket

    Dads been busy in his shop again & has a hand made pine box - stirrups for handles and bits for the handles of the lid - one of a kind - build with ole cowboy sweat , for an cowboy that needs a final resting place , many hand crafted hours went into this . $3500.00
  7. tomgobbler

    Verification code email from Game and Fish

    At first I went to the office and had them do it - then I had another child get old enough for an account and I did it myself - so log in to your account Go to the manage your account Then hit the button “view details “ then scroll to the bottom after all The places it has were you can update your info - username - address- phone etc …. And at the bottom there is a a button that says “create dependent account “ and it lets you add them …… it’s a whole lot better to have them under my account and be able to see everything instead of 5 different emails and accounts . If they all ready have an account I don’t know if it will let you ? Not sure about that - as I had the last in the office so those ( before I knew how ) then a few months back when my daughter was old enough on added her - but she did not previously have one ….. I don’t know if they will be a hang up or not …. but I was sure happy to get them all under mine . But after you add them every time you log in it will txt you a verification code to put in ….. kind of annoying but that’s how they have it . hope this helps .
  8. tomgobbler

    Verification code email from Game and Fish

    If you have more then one person on your portal ( my kids are listed under my portal) every time I log into my portal now it sends me a code ( per txt - not email) that I have to put in to get it to log in ….. I have no idea why it makes you do this but it does ….. anyway do you possibly have it set to send you and email instead of a txt ???
  9. tomgobbler

    Need 2 elk sheds

    I need 2 matching brown elk sheds - in the 300-330ish size they don’t have to be from the same bull if they are pretty similar .... 6x6 or 7x7 ..... if they were broken between 2 & 3rd that would be fine I need from 3rd up ..... something close to taylor would be great .... let me know what ya have and pic would be great thanks . tommy shoot me a txt 928-243-8652
  10. tomgobbler

    Second choice?

    I got second choice on an early bull tag - so yes it’s possible .
  11. tomgobbler

    Elk draw: ( my mistake!)

    They will refund the difference - you pay for what tag you drew -
  12. tomgobbler

    Found camera in 28

    Found a camera in 28 - probably from archery - possible HAM - javy hunts .... let me know we’re ya left it sitting - ide like to get it back to owner .
  13. tomgobbler

    Toyota Highlander 2007

    My father in law passed away and so helping my mother-in-law sake his “car” 2007 Toyota Highlander 102,xxx Miles , 1 owner - it is in excellent condition - he took incredible care of it and has a file folder of all records including a complete gone through by river view Toyota a few months ago - with spark plugs , all fluids , air filters etc . Cost $1300 for everything they did with excellent checks on everything- tires are in excellent condition as well . No wrecks - dents or anything - it does have a few scratches and normal wear and tear - for a 2007 vehicle- but drives great - ZERO PROBLEMS. asking $8800.00 she can’t hear on the phone very well so I am answering all questions and helping her sale it - thanks txt me for more pictures- 928-243-8652 Tommy
  14. Anyone have a nice matching set of 6x6 sheds or a dead head / or legally take bull . Anywhere in the 310-350 range - brown set- have a client that wants a mount done up. send pic and price to tomandjeanette@yahoo.com thanks
  15. tomgobbler

    Brand new canvas wall tent

    Sold PF