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  1. tomgobbler

    New Mexico - 16A Rifle Tag

    Congrats on a great tag - Trophy ridge outfitters - Audrey McQueen - she’s a 9 time world champion elk caller - her main hunting lodge is in Luna - but generally has a good camp in the 16’s as well -( depending on how the draw went with all her clients ) I’ve guided for her off and on but I was mainly in 15 out of her Luna lodge , but we always had some big bulls come out of the 16’s ….. but yea 300-330 is more common .
  2. tomgobbler

    Wtb elk capes

    Anyone have any GOOD elk capes In the freezer , that their wives are wanting to get out . I have a customer that wants to get a few heads mounted . Thanks Tommy
  3. tomgobbler

    Deer draw bonus pass

    “Personally, I'll always support a unit manager who wants to protect the animals by decreasing tag numbers, as necessary. “ i didn’t say I didn’t support it - was such relaying information that tag numbers would be down & harder to get one .
  4. tomgobbler

    Deer draw bonus pass

    And the unit manager thinks the mule deer are declining in that unit and proposing cutting tag numbers . So will be even less available.
  5. tomgobbler

    Kenetrek and danner

    Still have these boots -
  6. tomgobbler

    Need a really good night scope

    We were posting at the same time - yes if you have your livestock in the same pasture that is a problem- as you will catch them
  7. tomgobbler

    Need a really good night scope

    Sorry can’t help ya with scopes - don’t know anything about them - but you won’t catch a big old male coyote in a Iive trap - they are to smart and won’t go in them - no matter the bait- I guess I shouldn’t say never , as occasionally it might happen - my buddy and I have probably over 40 years trapping between us and he has caught 1 young pup coyote in a live trap in all those years - that’s it just the one ….. bobcats no problem , foxes yes , even a javelina will go in them - but very rarely will a coyote go in a live trap . a coyote wants to see all around him and not be boxed in even the dirt hole sets the backing needs to be no higher then about his knees as he wants to see over the top of it and see all around ….. that’s just my 2 cents on coyotes and live cage traps…. how are you setting in “ clusters of 4” not quite understanding that ….. how big is your place - ? A few scattered around with different kinds of sets( dirt holes , trash mounds , T-bone etc …. ) and lures should get them ….. with coyote’s unfortunately it’s never a “one and done “ they will always be there - when you take out one , another takes his place , but you should be able to keep them in check ….. have you tried snares were they come through the fence ? I know they are a no go as well - but with your statement -“ by any means necessary “ …….. what kind of livestock are you talking about ? Goats , chickens , cows ? you do have to be careful with the traps if they are set in a pasture were your livestock runs - #3’s will catch and hold a goat or calf ….. ( I have caught my own calf before ) - so that comes into play as well….. anyway if you want to pursue the trapping angle more and need to borrow a few footholds to try I’ve got probably 200 you can come get a few to try out if you want to .
  8. tomgobbler


    Jeff you can get a raw rifle sling Leather kit from Tandy leather for about $20 bring it over and I’ll stamp his name and a deer head emblem in it .
  9. tomgobbler

    Shooting sense

    So we’re is the pic of the buck !
  10. tomgobbler

    Shooting sense

    On all angles either up or down - 200 yards is not 200 flat yards - it is a shorter distance / time that gravity has to pull the bullet down - in the situation mentioned by Titan gravity pulled the bullet down for 430 yards not 480 yards - the steeper the angle the less time it has to pull . so depending on how steep your angle was gravity may have only pulled on your bullet for 150 yards …, at 200 yards your 270 should shoot flat enough as bigorange said that basically from 100-300 it should hit shoulder and not have to adjust regardless of angle ….
  11. tomgobbler

    Quail Numbers

    Saw 4-5 coveys of mearns yesterday 3 miles in on the blue -was wishing I had a shotgun then ….. 2-3 coveys of gambles along the road going in deer hunting .
  12. tomgobbler

    Kenetrek and danner

    Ttt in time for hunting season
  13. tomgobbler

    Kenetrek and danner

    have 2 new pair 1 kenetrek hard scramble - size 8 I wore around the house for about an hour they are too small …..$425 new sale for $300 I don’t have the box 1- danner women size 9 roughout still in the box $75    
  14. tomgobbler

    Turnaround Times?

    Been doing it for over 25 years and run about 6 months ….. thing we’re a little slower right during Covid and just after - the main tannery I use couldn’t work while Covid was going on ( in California and tannery wasn’t “essential”) but they could have there warehouse open to except salted hides ….. so they stock piled them and that took awhile for them to get hides back once they started back …… they aren’t quite as fast as they were pre covid , but they are getting to there . Getting forms and eyes and supplies is about the the same , was a little hard to get somethings for awhile / backordered etc …. but they have almost caught back up as well ….. still a few things that are a little slow - I made a big order about two and half weeks ago and 80% came in 4-5 days the other 20% hasn’t gotten here …. More of the specialty types of things - they use to have a bunch more forms already made , but now some they don’t even make until I order , for example I ordered a watusi / long horn steer form for a 6’ set of horns for a shoulder mount and they said - it will have to be made - it been almost 3 weeks and still not here … still run about 6 months with a few things a month or two longer depending on availability of the form etc …..
  15. tomgobbler

    Any geologists or similar in here?

    Sinkholes - there is one out there that snowflake high school used to actually hall a piano down into and they did performed school plays out there because the acoustics was so good- carved in the rocks at the bottom is the name of the plays and the dates …. I can’t remember the dates 1940’s idk I can’t remember it’s been a few years since I’ve taken anyone to it and looked at it ….. but it’s pretty cool - I can’t image how they got a piano to the bottom of it .