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  1. tomgobbler

    ISO wall hangers

    What’s your mailing adress ? Or stop by my shop and get some , I’m in Taylor
  2. tomgobbler

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    Had Terrible dealings with hatch’s in Showlow . baught a used car several years ago - that went ok until about 2 months later we get a bill from them saying we owe another $250 or something like that ( I can’t remember exact numbers ) anyway I’m like what the heck we paid for everything that day - title , reg. Etc …. Anyway the lady calls us on this bill and I ask her what it was for and she said your title registration fee on your contract was just a “guess” on our part and this is what it really came out to and you signed such and such a line on the contract saying you would pay the difference when it came back ….. I said I have no idea what you are talking about I signed no such thing and no such thing was ever discussed during the sale . AND YOU SALE HOW MANY CARS A YEAR AND CANT “guess” closer than $250.00 …. ON WHAT IT WOULD BE ?? I said no I did NOT sign anything ( I’m having my wife pull out the Paper work as we are talking ) and she said yes such a such line ….. I said lady I’m looking at my copy and NO my signature is not on that paper ( she didn’t know I was looking at it ) she just gasp as I caught her in a lie and said well I’ll take that amount of the salesman’s pay for not doing his job and she hung up on me .
  3. tomgobbler

    Teeth difference

    Look at the teeth on this old girl - just cleaned a couple skulls and this old sow is about out of teeth . She also had fighting scars all over -
  4. tomgobbler

    Coues Deer tail colors

    Just got these two deer back from tannery - quite a difference in tail color .
  5. Two youth cow tags put in together -
  6. tomgobbler

    Hunting boots kenetrek and danner

    I’m located in Taylor - waiting to hear back from one other- I’ll let ya know . Thanks
  7. tomgobbler

    Hunting boots kenetrek and danner

    Hey Ernesto -long time no see , hope all is well with your family - yes sir 9’s thanks
  8. I have 2 new pair 1 kenetrek hard scramble - size 8 I wore around the house for about an hour they are too small …..$425 new sale for $300 I don’t have the box 1- danner women size 9 roughout still in the box $75
  9. tomgobbler

    Draw results

    Mine shows the hunt number and tag number
  10. tomgobbler

    Coatimundi Forms?

    How does he use a ringtail or a weasel ? They weigh about a pound and you said yours was 35 lbs ? You could fit several of them inside a coati ….. there are only a couple commercial forms available - you have to carve a foam one or do a “soft wrapped body” custom made …. To the position you want . these are all 3 custom made bodies .
  11. tomgobbler

    ISO….. A long shot

    Good luck in your search - If you end up not finding it I’ve got several extra Buffalo skulls - I can even buy some caps and put on it for about $50 bucks or so - they would probably bigger then his original- if you sent a pic I could see what I could find that matched as close to his as possible …. it wouldn’t be his original - but he’d have a skull ….. to remember his hunt ….
  12. tomgobbler

    Cape traps

    7 cage traps - several fit inside each other. baught them from a member here and never used them ….I’m moving houses and getting rid of a few things $700
  13. tomgobbler

    Who is raising beef

    A big difference is what is your land ? Brush Desert 🌵 ? Irrigated Pasture ? How much is your water bill ? How often and how much time do you spend irrigating - ( is your schedule were you can spend that time doing that ) how’s your fences ? How much time money do you have to get them up to shape to keep cows in - so your not chasing cows - Feed is a huge cost - if you don’t have to feed very much until the end thats a big difference ….. or if you have to buy hay the entire time - ….. some people love the idea of growing there own and have nonidea , what it truly takes , and others are 100% prepared and ready …. I don’t know you so take this with a grain of salt for what it’s worth ….. they are a lot of work - but the end result is way better beef then you can buy at the store …. good luck
  14. tomgobbler

    Cowboy casket

    Dads been busy in his shop again & has a hand made pine box - stirrups for handles and bits for the handles of the lid - one of a kind - build with ole cowboy sweat , for an cowboy that needs a final resting place , many hand crafted hours went into this . $3500.00
  15. tomgobbler

    Verification code email from Game and Fish

    At first I went to the office and had them do it - then I had another child get old enough for an account and I did it myself - so log in to your account Go to the manage your account Then hit the button “view details “ then scroll to the bottom after all The places it has were you can update your info - username - address- phone etc …. And at the bottom there is a a button that says “create dependent account “ and it lets you add them …… it’s a whole lot better to have them under my account and be able to see everything instead of 5 different emails and accounts . If they all ready have an account I don’t know if it will let you ? Not sure about that - as I had the last in the office so those ( before I knew how ) then a few months back when my daughter was old enough on added her - but she did not previously have one ….. I don’t know if they will be a hang up or not …. but I was sure happy to get them all under mine . But after you add them every time you log in it will txt you a verification code to put in ….. kind of annoying but that’s how they have it . hope this helps .