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  1. tomgobbler

    Toyota Highlander 2007

    My father in law passed away and so helping my mother-in-law sake his “car” 2007 Toyota Highlander 102,xxx Miles , 1 owner - it is in excellent condition - he took incredible care of it and has a file folder of all records including a complete gone through by river view Toyota a few months ago - with spark plugs , all fluids , air filters etc . Cost $1300 for everything they did with excellent checks on everything- tires are in excellent condition as well . No wrecks - dents or anything - it does have a few scratches and normal wear and tear - for a 2007 vehicle- but drives great - ZERO PROBLEMS. asking $8800.00 she can’t hear on the phone very well so I am answering all questions and helping her sale it - thanks txt me for more pictures- 928-243-8652 Tommy
  2. Anyone have a nice matching set of 6x6 sheds or a dead head / or legally take bull . Anywhere in the 310-350 range - brown set- have a client that wants a mount done up. send pic and price to tomandjeanette@yahoo.com thanks
  3. tomgobbler

    Brand new canvas wall tent

    Sold PF
  4. tomgobbler

    Old Roman Nose Bucks

    Glassed this buck up Friday and my brother shot it -heck of a Roman nose and crooked as well . 4x4 by the way ....
  5. tomgobbler

    Shower Door Repair/Replacement Connection

    Have a great guy that does awesome work - but he’s in taylor ..... ide bet he’d give ya a bid to come do it though . If you don’t find someOne closer - he does work down that way from time to time .
  6. tomgobbler

    Brand new canvas wall tent

    TTT $1200 Would like to get this gone .
  7. tomgobbler

    Brand new canvas wall tent

    12x14 Davis canvas wall tent . with internal frame - metal pole frame And connectors and stakes and ropes tie downs . no floor - no stove - and no bag for the tent . ( they are $25 off of the websight ) I set it up in my yard to make sure everything was there . would run ya over $1500 to get it shipped to you. looking to get $1300
  8. tomgobbler

    10x12 wall tent w/ stove

    Sold it thanks
  9. tomgobbler

    Casket for my Father in law

    Thanks for all the kind words - no he didn’t get to see it - at least in the physical since - we had the viewing Tonight - and it “fit” who he was really well . I am performing the marriage ceremony for my son tomorrow night and then the funeral on Friday . so been quite a Crazy week . yea Jeff’s ( non typical solutions) work is really amazing As well . He does some neat stuff .
  10. tomgobbler

    Casket for my Father in law

    The blocks are dual purpose - handles to lift the lid with - something to get a hold of - and they slide tight over the edge when closed keeping it tight and helping to keep it square .
  11. tomgobbler

    Casket for my Father in law

    As the time was looking like it was getting close - I went to him and asked if I could build his casket . What a difficult question to ask someone ,almost as difficult as asking for his daughters hand ..... he said I’ve always wanted just a pine box so I built him a pine box . the first pic has his brand in the cow hide then he did incredible things for NPC and the community of many years & the family wanted that incorporated. had the rest of the family over to help line the inside with foam and white satin . my 10 year old sewed the pillow case for her papa as the grandkids called him . i don’t know why the 3rd pic is upside down - no I didn’t put on that way
  12. tomgobbler

    Skin stapler for first aid kit

    Yes my finger & sewed it up myself
  13. tomgobbler

    Skin stapler for first aid kit

    I’ve sewn myself up a few times . Hurts like crazy, but don’t have to wait for hours at the dr & can get right back to work .
  14. tomgobbler

    Wyoming draw results

    FINALLY- Me and two of my boys drew buck but not doe tags - 110 will be a fun hunts with the kids .
  15. tomgobbler

    10x12 wall tent w/ stove

    10x12 wall tent - pretty clean tent for being 10+ years old - I baught it 5 or so years ago and only used it twice both times for 4 day scout camps . It has stamped Azgfd on it & there is some sharpy writings on the back wall with dates and places of when they Camped / hunted - the oldest 2009 . It has been kept in my storeroom clean and dry . No mildew , or smells - window in back wall - zipper front door works fine . Has pipe jack in roof for stove pipe . No tears - there were 2 small 1” tears that have been patched with iron on patches at some point in time ... the pipe framing says Montana canvas on it . No floor - Stove says “cylinder stoves cedar city Utah” - Stove pipe and legs fit inside stove. I’m located in taylor $650 for both