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  1. tomgobbler

    Cedar Chest

    Hey Jeff , i think you got your woods mixed up just teasing looks great as usual - have you ever tried these hinges for those big lids ? I loved them for cedar chest lids they hold really well and are a Little stiff so the lid won’t slam shut and they hold the lid open as well ....... they also make a really nice lock that I liked that went on the inside , is all you do is drill one 1/2” hole I think it was and that’s all that’s shown on the front of the cedar chest - kinda makes it nice to be locked up . But as usual great work . Hope all is well! Tommy
  2. Anyone have any experience with the sxs’s sold by basspro / cabelas ?
  3. tomgobbler

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Took advantage of that run off to water brake some colts .
  4. tomgobbler

    Is a .243 enough for a cow hunt?

    That’s what my kids use and we havnt had a problem - shot placement is key not caliber - broadside double lung - and 243 does a fine job .
  5. tomgobbler

    Ticks and javelina

    Why do javelina not have ticks and fleas ? Ive harvested 30+ javelina myself and been in on that many more with kids and family - including 5 this week - and had 100 more come in my shop and I have never seen a tick or a flea on them .... is it strictly because they have no “fur” under there coarse hair ? But ticks dig in and don’t need the fur to hang on to .... so why are they not on them ? Just curious - all other critters in the dirt are covered In them - jackrabbits / foxes etc ..... so why not them???
  6. tomgobbler

    Live Trap- trying to remove a coyote in town.

    Very difficult to get a coyote in a live trap - I’ve seen one personally and it was a young coyote .....cats and foxes no problem- coyotes not so much .....a foot hold would do it if it’s legal - not sure of the in city and all that stuff - but I wouldn’t count on catching him in a live trap .... just from my experience. ive got half a dozen traps your welcome to borrow and give it a try if youde like - I’m in Taylor though.
  7. tomgobbler

    Small elk cape needed

    Thanks for the offer Ed - I’m a taxidermist and looking for the cape for one of my clients. THanks though .
  8. tomgobbler

    Small elk cape needed

    I need a rag horn elk cape if any of you late hunters get a bull and don’t need the cape - have a guy that harvested his first ever elk - rag horn size - and his guide cut the cape in front of the legs instead of behind them - needless to say it’s a foot to short .... so need a replacement - Needs to have all the brisket / arm pit area / and front leg area - something that hasn’t been dragged out of the woods by a quad too thanks in advance !
  9. tomgobbler

    Kenetrek & danner hunting boots

    New in box womens danner desert TFX rough-out size 9M style 26018. New never worn . $100 Mens kenetrek hardscrabble LT hiker 8 M $350. No box but new, worn about 30 min around the house .
  10. I Have shot 2 like that & seen 5-6 others over the years .
  11. I had a guy order this pedestal several years ago and then decided he wanted a wall mnt after I built it - I’ve been kicking it around stumbling over it in my shop for several years and it needs a new home . He was going to have his glass guy put glass in the sides and glass shelves .... I never got around to it , but you could put glass shelves and put a bear/javelina/lion skull in It and would be pretty neat, or any other trinckets for that matter . It would hold a coues / muley / antelope just fine ..... any “ pose would attach to it , pedestal - wall pedestal or regular wall form would screw right to it ..... the base it 19” narrowing to about 13” at the top , the top piece is 25” across ..... 36” tall .... the brush / grass could be pulled out / redone to put what ever you wanted in for vegetation ..... $75 no idea why the pic are sideways or how to change them ....
  12. I’ve always been a VISA CC holder had a Cabela’s Cc for a long time ..... they are changing all our cards from VISA to MasterCard ..... anyone foresee a problem? Pros / cons of having to use a MasterCard ? Not sure I like them MAKING me change ..... will this be a good thing ? I’ve never had a MasterCard .... maybe I just don’t like change ..... if it ain’t broke don’t fix it .... IDK what do you guys think of it ??
  13. tomgobbler

    Guys heres is my bull..

    Good job buddy !!
  14. tomgobbler

    Bull Elk are Tough!!

    hsd a bull buggling his head off this morning chasing cows like nothing was wrong with him - my friends son snuck in on him and shot him at 44 yards . He had a little blood on his face thought he had took an antler tip while fighting - I boiled & cleaned the skull for him -a swacker broadness has went in side of face -angled through sinus cavity lodged in the bone under the eye . Arrow shaft had snapped off even with the hide . Bull acted like nothing was wrong
  15. Wish u were closer to Taylor - would love to have it .