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  1. tomgobbler

    Casket for my Father in law

    Thanks for all the kind words - no he didn’t get to see it - at least in the physical since - we had the viewing Tonight - and it “fit” who he was really well . I am performing the marriage ceremony for my son tomorrow night and then the funeral on Friday . so been quite a Crazy week . yea Jeff’s ( non typical solutions) work is really amazing As well . He does some neat stuff .
  2. tomgobbler

    Casket for my Father in law

    The blocks are dual purpose - handles to lift the lid with - something to get a hold of - and they slide tight over the edge when closed keeping it tight and helping to keep it square .
  3. tomgobbler

    Casket for my Father in law

    As the time was looking like it was getting close - I went to him and asked if I could build his casket . What a difficult question to ask someone ,almost as difficult as asking for his daughters hand ..... he said I’ve always wanted just a pine box so I built him a pine box . the first pic has his brand in the cow hide then he did incredible things for NPC and the community of many years & the family wanted that incorporated. had the rest of the family over to help line the inside with foam and white satin . my 10 year old sewed the pillow case for her papa as the grandkids called him . i don’t know why the 3rd pic is upside down - no I didn’t put on that way
  4. tomgobbler

    Skin stapler for first aid kit

    Yes my finger & sewed it up myself
  5. tomgobbler

    Skin stapler for first aid kit

    I’ve sewn myself up a few times . Hurts like crazy, but don’t have to wait for hours at the dr & can get right back to work .
  6. tomgobbler

    Wyoming draw results

    FINALLY- Me and two of my boys drew buck but not doe tags - 110 will be a fun hunts with the kids .
  7. tomgobbler

    10x12 wall tent w/ stove

    10x12 wall tent - pretty clean tent for being 10+ years old - I baught it 5 or so years ago and only used it twice both times for 4 day scout camps . It has stamped Azgfd on it & there is some sharpy writings on the back wall with dates and places of when they Camped / hunted - the oldest 2009 . It has been kept in my storeroom clean and dry . No mildew , or smells - window in back wall - zipper front door works fine . Has pipe jack in roof for stove pipe . No tears - there were 2 small 1” tears that have been patched with iron on patches at some point in time ... the pipe framing says Montana canvas on it . No floor - Stove says “cylinder stoves cedar city Utah” - Stove pipe and legs fit inside stove. I’m located in taylor $650 for both
  8. tomgobbler

    Latest Project

    That’s awesome Jeff -! Here’s one my dad and uncle Lonnie just built for uncle bill that we buried him in yesterday -
  9. tomgobbler

    Birthday Antler

    Happy birthday Jeff - aren’t you suppose to be grading papers or something.
  10. tomgobbler

    WTB angus calf

    Most cows are just now calving - so calves are little - most people will ween there calves around late sept - oct ..... if your wanting about about 6 month old 500 lb calf ..... however down in the valley with warmer weather some people calve year round and so you could find one that is weened now - or you can find them that are last years calves .... not sure what your looking for or how long you want to feed it ..... but Craig’s list has lots of calves .... weve got 16 but they are a month old ....
  11. Anyone have any raw frozen mnt lion or javelina skulls in the freezer you want to part with ? No head shots .... let me know what ya want for them thanks
  12. tomgobbler

    Day trip / over nighters ideas

    Ide love some ideas to take some youth on either day trips or camp out over nighters .... even a family trip for example in the spring when it’s still cold up here in the wht mnts i like to take my scouts down by Roosevelt & camp & then sat morning go hike the tonto national monument & see the old Indian ruins / houses up in the cliffs . canyon de Chellley is another cool canyon to go see & hike down to the old dwellings at the bottom of that canyon ... anyway any good ideas ? For overnighter or day trips ?
  13. tomgobbler

    Shot before

    It was grizzled over with scar tissue and the didn’t look very good - so we cut that part out - Yea all of ours had exited up to this point - I wonder if the old bullet - and the thicker scar tissue is what stopped it from exiting and it was and angled shot so went in about last rib and angled all the way though and went through shoulder blade on opposite side and stopped at the bullet .... Kev - no you can see the lead inner core all musheroom out at the base of true copper ... and there was old scar tissue grizzly stuff around it .
  14. tomgobbler

    Shot before

    Took two of my boys out Friday morning in the nasty wind and rain- was pretty chilly glassing at daylight - but we managed to find a group and me and the youngest were able to put two down and an hour latter drummed up another and not to be outdone by his little brother , my other son was able to get one as well . the crazy part was - it had been shot before - we didn’t know until skinning but The right bullet is my sons 243 - the left bullet appears to be a 22, ..... the “22” bullet just went through the skin and mushroomed against the shoulder blade - no telling how long it has been in the pig just under the skin - zero penetration - My sons bullet went through the pig from the opposite side stopped just under the skin before exciting - both bullets were touching and appeared to be one bullet when digging them out . But as we dug them out could see they were actually two bullets . His new and an old one .