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  1. killed mine last year at 200 yards with 300 rum. you would have had a hard time finding the entry and exit hole. right through the heart
  2. bhuntin

    Southwest wildlife taxidermy coupons

    sent you a pm 2 days ago
  3. bhuntin

    San Carlos Bear

    In C with native hunting adventure ( Dustin Boni ). spot and stalk. Missed an opportunity Saturday morning on a monster. Saturday evening we glassed up a small one and a huge cinnamon sow with a cub in the pears.
  4. Average size chocolate boar from sunday on the san carlos. mostly kind of chocolate with a mohawk of blond down the spine.
  5. bhuntin

    Any sheep hits?

  6. bhuntin

    Max Sheep Point Holders

    well add another year...dang, 35
  7. bhuntin

    Goat tag 19 A

    Tom Wagner @ hunts for heroes....you can get contact info off of website or contact arizona elk society
  8. bhuntin

    Velvet bucks to pass the time

  9. bhuntin

    Now I know, check your worms...

    off subject but here goes ...we frequented a local japanese restaurant for years (korean owned) and used their lunch punch card. they were ending the the card program and i had a few and went to redeem one and the little korean gal went off.........You no use that,not ours not our signature...you a big cheater! lol , like i would steal an 8 dollar lunch. never going back........Haiku grill on washington and priest
  10. bhuntin

    tag applicants

    I believe well north of 7000 apps for 1 desert sheep tag nonresident
  11. bhuntin

    tag applicants

    that explains it...insane numbers!
  12. bhuntin

    tag applicants

    Just read an article which said that applicants for sheep and goats in colorado were through the roof,upwards of 800% or so increases. I hope this isn't bad news for us and also begs the question that maybe they are not all hunters applying. I guess we will find out soon. Anyone else see this article? do not remember who wrote it,popped up as newsfeed on FB
  13. bhuntin


    that 18" was worth a grand...waitin for my buddy to pay up....u know, the guy who came up with BOONER!
  14. bhuntin


    curb he is on 18"
  15. bhuntin


    ANY GUESSES ON LENGTH OF THIS GUY? THX gila monster 2.mov