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  1. bhuntin


  2. bhuntin


    dammit....looking for a spare bow , but you have short arms.
  3. bhuntin

    Sold-Barnes 300 RUM ammo $35-Sold

    sent pm
  4. bhuntin

    So is it still global warming?

    try and get a global warming theorist to predict anything in the next 5 years...they won't.....only 80 plus years out after we are all gone.....
  5. killed mine last year at 200 yards with 300 rum. you would have had a hard time finding the entry and exit hole. right through the heart
  6. bhuntin

    Southwest wildlife taxidermy coupons

    sent you a pm 2 days ago
  7. bhuntin

    San Carlos Bear

    In C with native hunting adventure ( Dustin Boni ). spot and stalk. Missed an opportunity Saturday morning on a monster. Saturday evening we glassed up a small one and a huge cinnamon sow with a cub in the pears.
  8. Average size chocolate boar from sunday on the san carlos. mostly kind of chocolate with a mohawk of blond down the spine.
  9. bhuntin

    Any sheep hits?

  10. bhuntin

    Max Sheep Point Holders

    well add another year...dang, 35
  11. bhuntin

    Goat tag 19 A

    Tom Wagner @ hunts for heroes....you can get contact info off of website or contact arizona elk society
  12. bhuntin

    Velvet bucks to pass the time

  13. bhuntin

    Now I know, check your worms...

    off subject but here goes ...we frequented a local japanese restaurant for years (korean owned) and used their lunch punch card. they were ending the the card program and i had a few and went to redeem one and the little korean gal went off.........You no use that,not ours not our signature...you a big cheater! lol , like i would steal an 8 dollar lunch. never going back........Haiku grill on washington and priest
  14. bhuntin

    tag applicants

    I believe well north of 7000 apps for 1 desert sheep tag nonresident
  15. bhuntin

    tag applicants

    that explains it...insane numbers!