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  1. Big thanks to Clay Goldman at Mogollon Taxidermy for his stellar work,couldnt be happier!
  2. bhuntin

    37a 2020 Ram

    very nice!
  3. bhuntin


    pigeon slayer right there! this and my old original crossman 760 with wood forearm, best ever. good luck with sale. someones gonna be happy
  4. bhuntin

    Sitka Incinerator Jacket - MENS L

    great deal for unused 700 with taxes new. if it was xl it would be gone
  5. bhuntin

    The virus

    the American Medical Association just rescinded its orders on hydroxy and now say ok and effective to use. good timing lol
  6. bhuntin

    My WILD 12AW Late Hunt Trip

    awesome buck and story! congrats. Glad your ok and hopefully everyone else was, even the at fault driver. life lesson for him. A simple accident turned into a felony in a split second. he will regret that one.
  7. thats gonna make for some reallllly nice pics!
  8. bhuntin

    Colorado Success

    congrats! pic plus 3 is awesome.
  9. bhuntin

    Muzzleloader Madness

    Bad JU JU posting blood before finding ....lol....said it to myself in september! hopefully he had found it.
  10. bhuntin

    Close encounters...

    better that than what they usually do!
  11. bhuntin

    10yr Old Daughter's rifle bull

    Saweeet! Congrats!