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  1. bhuntin

    Black River Small Mouth

    over 30 years ago we fished it regularly....would slay the trout and smallies. would only only keep 1 to eat each day. bears aplenty and buzz snakes.hardly ever saw a soul,those were good times
  2. bhuntin

    Wtb elk capes

    pm sent
  3. bhuntin

    Elk Points

    not JUST to turn over to a kid but to have a pool of people with many points to use for themselves. smart and not that expensive
  4. bhuntin

    Jan javelina activity?

    2 herds 2 weeks in a row.... out in sun at 11 am, hunters all around glassing. we went to our usual glassing spot and a couple guys were on it we backed out and waited for them to leave about 2 hours or so and they gave up. we immediately got on the spot and had pigs spotted in 5 minutes.
  5. bhuntin

    san carlos

  6. bhuntin


    what is the head.... 700rc2?
  7. bhuntin

    How old do you say he is?

    6-7 guessing here
  8. bhuntin

    Card hit

    stinkpig hit!
  9. matts big breakfast scottsdale rd and Tbird sw corner others are all pretenders
  10. bhuntin

    Mid December - Unit 21 - 2023

    21 is a rugged unit. if its wet even worse. you can glass from roads and trails and might luck into one driving . glass glass glass ,good luck to you and your dad.
  11. bhuntin

    September is Prostrate Awareness Month

    seed oils are exactly that.( sickening that almost everything in the grocery stores have gmo's and seed oils)..... A two second exam can save your life for those of you you who can't get past the don't touch my butt
  12. bhuntin

    Manfrotto 700RC2 panhead. SOLD

    my favorite,good deal
  13. bhuntin

    Fox mount - SOLD

    you gotta have yuge lats to pick up that mount!
  14. bhuntin


    my brother in law was sitting in his at tatum and shea ne corner shopping center when a hispanic male very quickly broke into his truck ....he saw the other end of a 45 and ran like heck into his drop car and sped off....
  15. bhuntin

    East Valley diesel mechanics

    deisel doctors scottsdale airpark, Mike Warthan.... great guy 480-443 6606