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  1. Azelkaholic2017

    2021 Pronghorn Regs are online

    I know right?! Why can't I login?? I tried calling G&F no response... any word?
  2. Azelkaholic2017

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    18b is in full swing!
  3. Azelkaholic2017

    AZ late season unit 8

    Your in for a very very tough Hunt. And Super dang cold. GOOD LUCK!
  4. Azelkaholic2017

    2020 Archery Bull

    Way to get it done! Congrats. Beautiful Bull
  5. Azelkaholic2017

    2020 Archery Bull Elk Down

    what did it score by the way? Sorry forgot to ask
  6. Azelkaholic2017

    2020 Archery Bull Elk Down

    Congrats. Wow now that sounds like a hunt I dream of! Great job thou. But Now every E-scouter is looking up 18A as i write this and now the unit is probably gonna get super crowded now. Lol
  7. Azelkaholic2017

    18B Rut

    Thanks for the info beaton.yea the herd I seen had about 5does and a small little fawn. With that 2point with his nose all over them. He didnt even care that I was there. But those lookout does definitely keep an eye out for him. If they get some snow up there could get really good.
  8. Azelkaholic2017

    18B Rut

    Just got back from 18B... maaaane was it cold!. Had a great time. Got on a herd of deer early in the morning. A nice fork pushing does like crazy on a hill. But could only get with in 80yards before getting busted by his ladies. Got back on the same herd just over the next Hill. But not enough cover to get a good stalk going. All and all it was a great time trying to fill the last bit of hope I had on getting my tag on some meat to fill the freezer. But oh well, that's huntin! Looking forward to getting back at it in 2019! Happy huntin.
  9. Azelkaholic2017

    18B Rut

    Anyone hear or seen any Rutting Bucks in 18B??Heading there sunday for the day! Hopeing to fill my freezer for 2018! And enter 2019 with a smile. Happy huntin!
  10. Azelkaholic2017

    2019 Az Elk and Pronghorn regulations out!

    What's your thoughts on the dates and amount of tags per hunt unit?
  11. Azelkaholic2017

    Elk and Antelope Hunt Recommendations

    Just got off the phone with Game and fish. They said sometime in January is when we should see the new Regulations out. dang it! I Can't wait to see.
  12. Azelkaholic2017

    First Bull hunt!

    What unit did he get the tag in?
  13. Azelkaholic2017

    Day 13 Bull...EDIT with pic of Euro almost done

    Wow! Great job. And my cousin Daniel Gradillas does amazing work. Give him a call. (623) 986-8357. Also u can look him up on Facebook Spot-N- Stalk Skullz.
  14. Azelkaholic2017

    2018 Archery Hunt in the Books

    Ok Boys!!lets hear the stories and see the Pictures. Very curious to hear from anyone out there on how the Archery hunts went and from which units. From Rutting activity,success, weather effectiveness, missed opportunities,or just good ol'e huntin campin stories! etc..... lets hear them.
  15. Azelkaholic2017

    My 2018 Archery Bull

    Amazing Bull! That's a Trophy imo..