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  1. randyolson

    Results are posted!!!

    Butt hurt here!! No tag!! Congrats though to all who drew tags and the best of luck on your hunt!!
  2. randyolson

    5B north archery hunt

    This is a very good unit and you should have great opportunity. Get out there and scout it out...Have fun and Good luck!!
  3. randyolson

    My 2018 Hunting wrap up

  4. randyolson

    My First Elk and First Archery Kill

    Excellent!! Really enjoyed your video! Great job!! Congratulations on your bull!!
  5. randyolson

    2018 Late Elk hunt

    Congratulations to you all getting your bulls!! Who ever got the Ram did a nice job! OUCH!! Totally sucks!!
  6. randyolson

    Muzzleloader hunt

    Right on!! Congratulations to you both on getting your bulls!!
  7. randyolson

    MY First Bull

    Right on!! Good read! You definitely could tell the excitement!! Congratulations on your bull!! Thanks for sharing!
  8. randyolson

    First Elk!

    Right on!! Congrats on your bull!! Nice color on that hide!!
  9. randyolson

    First Elk Down!

    Sweet! Nice bull! Sounded like a lot of fun! Congratulations!!
  10. randyolson

    Friends Archery Bull elk down

    Nice! Congratulations!!
  11. Excellent! Congratulations!
  12. randyolson

    My 2018 October Coues

    Nice buck! Congratulations!
  13. randyolson

    Persistency pays off

    Awesome! Congratulations!
  14. randyolson

    Father son double