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  1. HD Trophy Hunts

    American Racing ATX wheels and Spare

    Where are you located? Call or text me 520-840-5252
  2. HD Trophy Hunts

    Groups added - Remington 700 Long Range Hunter in 7 Mag

    Shoot me a text or call 520@8405252 tried to message you but it says you cannot receive messages.
  3. HD Trophy Hunts

    New Zeiss 15x56 Conquest HD $1400

    Back up for sale price dropped to $1400. Can meet in Tucson or ship. Have 2 pairs of 15s or Iā€™d keep. Call or text preferred. Thanks
  4. HD Trophy Hunts

    New Zeiss 15x56 Conquest HD $1400

  5. HD Trophy Hunts

    New Zeiss 15x56 Conquest HD $1400

    Back up for sale. First in lines wife objected.
  6. HD Trophy Hunts

    New Zeiss 15x56 Conquest HD $1400

  7. HD Trophy Hunts

    New Zeiss 15x56 Conquest HD $1400

    Brand new in box Zeiss 15x56 Conquest HD lens caps, carrying case, tripod adapter and stud $1400 Mike 520-840-5252
  8. HD Trophy Hunts

    Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 scope

    Price drop $700
  9. HD Trophy Hunts

    Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 scope

    Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 FFP EBR-1(Moa) reticle. Like new in box, was sent in to vortex for a sticky turret knob, never mounted since. Glass is perfect. $750 Mike 520-840-5252
  10. HD Trophy Hunts

    Smith and Wesson 357 Magnum Model 19-5

    S&W 357 Magnum Model 19-5 in good shape, with custom wood grips. Will come with a box of shells. $500 Located in Arivaca, I will be in Tucson today and Phoenix-Vegas on Thursday. Call or text with any questions. Mike 520-840-5252
  11. HD Trophy Hunts

    Winchester Model 94 30-30 commemorative

    Winchester 30-30 model 94 golden spike commemorative edition In good condition. I took it in on a trade for a horse trailer and don't need it. $450 great condition Mike 520-840-5252 call or text. I am in Arivaca, can meet in Tucson or I-19.
  12. As some of you who attend the 3D archery shoot in Clints Well may know, for the last couple of years we have donated a 3 day bear hunt to Outdoor Arizona Kids to be raffled off at the memorial day archery shoot. Seventeen year old Lacey Sanderson was the lucky winner this year. Some of you may recognize Lacey and her father Richard, he owns Black Canyon City Archery and Lacey is the current Triple Crown champion. This was an awesome hunt. We got out ran the first day, simply got our butts kicked. The second day we had another split race and we were unsure which dogs to go with. The young dogs got the job done and we were able to get Lacey in to this bear. This was a great first bear. She was calm cool and collected and proved why she is the Arizona Triple Crown Champion, it only took 1 of her gravedigger broadheads to take this bear down. Perfect execution and shot placement out of her PSE X-Force Vendetta. Richard and his daughter Lacey are excellent people and we enjoyed putting this hunt on for them. Thanks for looking! -Mike
  13. Randy had killed a nice black colored boar with us last year, but from the start he had said he would rather have a color phase bear. Preferably red or blonde. We had done our homework and knew there was a big cinnamon/blonde in an area. So after getting Johns bear done and passing on the sow on Monday we went into that area Tuesday looking for the big boy. As luck would have it we cut his tracks. This bear turned out to be nicer than we had thought, he was really a giant. He died in a running creek and the wet hide really does not show his color or size in my opinion. This was a great hunt and could not have turned out any better. Randy is 6' 4" to give you a little perspective.
  14. We had told John to be ready to go opening weekend and as soon as we got our first two hunts done we would bring him in. Saturday night John and Randy rolled into camp. Sunday we ran a bear that was sponsored by Nike. The dogs put in over 20 miles, we saw the bear 2 different times in front of the dogs and when he finally did tree, he came out of the tree before we could even get to the tree. Anyone that says that bear hunting with hounds is easy needs to experience a day like that, it was a long rough day. We had similar experience with John on a giant bear last year, I think he was about ready to give up on bear hunting! Monday morning we started a good sized track that immediately took the dogs up into the rough country, the first thing we thought was we had got back on the track star from the day before. The dogs split and we had two races all of the sudden. This bear went up and up and up and treed 1200feet in elevation higher than where we started. John took this gorgeous old bear with his 10mm. After getting Johns bear killed and the skinning started Randy and I went to find the other 3 dogs that had split off, they were also treed 1.5 miles the opposite direction of the truck. We headed up that direction and went through a bunch of nasty country only to find a jumper when we got there. This young sow jumped 3 or 4 times before she finally stopped. Randy looked her over and having already harvested a nice boar last year he passed, I was glad he did, because that was one pack out I did NOT want to make! Thanks for looking! -Mike
  15. HD Trophy Hunts

    Pauls 2nd Day Bear

    The second day of the hunt, we were lucky to have Paul with us. Paul took a bear with us a couple years ago in August and unfortunately the hide slipped. He was back this year for another crack at one. We started this bear under some big monolith bluffs, after the dogs had him jumped the bear ran them right through the bluffs and got a big advantage on the dogs. For whatever reason this bear circled back right towards where we started him and they treed him 70yds off the road and 250 yds from the trucks. It was the easiest pack out I think we have ever had! This was a really good old boar, Paul shot him once with a .500 Smith and the bear came out of the tree alive, the fight was on. The next 10 minutes was pretty intense to say the least. I will get a little of video uploaded when I get a chance. Thanks for looking -Mike