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  1. Ghostbird

    The I’ve been drawn for DEER thread

    4 poverty tags for us, down south.nephews first deer tag at 10 years.
  2. Ghostbird

    Non-Res Deer tags sold out

    Sounds like now is a good time for o.p. to start thanking the likes of Randy Newberg,the Hush idiots,Gritty bowman etc. For all of their shameless promotional videos that they got paid hundreds of thousands of our dollars to make.
  3. Ghostbird

    Looking for help 36b

    Send me a DM with contact info. I am down in this unit now.everybody in our camp is tagged out but I know of some good bucks that nobody could get to.
  4. Ghostbird

    AZGFD offering 12 Limited tags.

    I want to put in for all.How much of these dollars go toward paying more youtube influencers?
  5. Ghostbird

    End of hunting season in 36A until the Fall.

    You are on drugs if you think it was worse 3 years ago.that or blinders are on.i havenever seen this much illegals littering the place up and I live here the last 20 years.
  6. Ghostbird

    Petition - Stop Paying Influencers

    Excellent news! Thank you
  7. Ghostbird

    Leftover tags

    Well Newburger should know better than to come back to southern az for any of these gift wrapped tags.if not then well,that is on him.just waiting for the day.....
  8. Ghostbird

    Leftover tags

    Amen to that.rumor has it they need money for electric trucks to better tax and revenue enhance us.
  9. Ghostbird

    Vortex Razor vs Kaibab 18x56 Binos

    The kaibab 18x56 are about as worthless as it gets.too much magnification for the glass quality.right side ocular focus needs to constantly be adjusted after moving the main focus just a fraction of an inch.eyecups are too big to get close to your eyes,allowing excess light to get to and reflect off of the lens.if you are already crosseyed they may not bother you too much.me, I cut my kaibabs in half and saved the left side with focus knob intact to make an 18x lite spotter.problem solved.
  10. Not when I'm hunting them
  11. 7 drug mules were pulled out of that stash house next to la siesta campground in arivaca,36b this afternoon.full camo,hauling drug,all young males.
  12. Ghostbird

    36A questions

    Get into more rugged country where some jerk off cant drive his side-by-side thru the area you are hunting,happens all the time if you are in the "flats".and if you see trucks forming a roadblock on a public road go around it and hunt there anyway just to piss them off.(again,happens all the time.)
  13. Was out hunting 36b with some freinds on sunday and noticed almost zero deer movement from dawn until about 10 am.thought that was a little odd until border patrol started rolling in hot on the access road.theyspread out and seemed to be trying to cover as much ground as possible by where they set up.we stayed a bit longer to see what was going on.started seeing whitetail bounding over the ridges toward our side of the mountain like crazy.then a chopper showed up and circled low dozens of times behind the ridge we were on.never did see the group they were chasing but you could tell it wasn't your average border jumpers.
  14. Ghostbird

    First means hunt

    Eat alot of quail jerky before your hunt.the scent coming out the other end of you attracts mearns real good.