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  1. Ghostbird

    BANWR AZ = too many kitties

    From what I can tell the comment period is over November 15.they didn’t publicize this very well, I found out about it after seeing a flyer at Arivaca mercantile.i called the refuge and spoke with them,they said they would extend the comment period since there was interest.apparently it was already closed when I saw the flyer,go figure.
  2. Ghostbird

    AZ hunters:Buenos Aires wildlife wants your opinion

    Thanks will k. Info has just been put up on the main page of BANWR’s website.public comment period ends November 15th 2019
  3. Ghostbird

    BuenosAires wildlife Refuge= too many Cats

    Looks good Elwood,thanks.i sent something similar and received a reply thanking me for the input.hopefully we are out hunting lions and bobcats on the refuge in the future!
  4. Ghostbird

    AZ hunters:Buenos Aires wildlife wants your opinion

    Agreed,and no worries,I enjoyed your rant.I have been harassed most times I have hunted there,usually at gunpoint.I still get out there to hunt coyotes in the winter,and typically see a lot of lion and bobcat.I am also familiar with the money wasted on the quail and antelope “programs”.bottom line is plenty of hunters go to BANWR to hunt deer and javelina and should also be able to harvest the apex predators as well.Lord knows the place needs a serious thinning.
  5. Ghostbird

    BuenosAires wildlife Refuge= too many Cats

    Ya,I live here so I’m familiar with the failed attempts to get a bobwhite population and the money spent.it seems that there are possibly a few hunter friendly people working there,one being the assistant manager,Stan Culling.it seems that there may be a chance to hunt cats on this refuge but this hinges on hunter support and voicing our opinion on this subject you email to Stan Culling. Spread the word.
  6. Buenos Aires wildlife refuge in AZ units 36a,b,c is looking for a comment or opinion from you.they are pondering the notion of opening the refuge for the take of lions,Bobcat,and Coati.iin the past it has been closed to these predators.they are entertaining the idea of bringing their hunting laws in line with AZ laws,as in the hunting of cats big and small.they are currently looking for public comment.dont be afraid to let them know how you feel.they are expecting most response will be from anti hunting types.and let me assure you,there are lots of kitties. Send comments/opinion to assistant mngr. Stan _Culling@FWS.gov
  7. This refuge is entertaining the notion of allowing the hunting and take of lion,bobcat and Coati.this has all been closed in the past though you could take coyotes and fox etc.personel at BANWR admittedley know there are a huge population of these predators.they also admittedly believe most of the response they are soliciting will come from antis.what they are proposing is the expansion of refuge hunting laws to be in line with AZ hunting regulation, as in the hunting of lion and Bobcat.they are currently looking for public input.i am hoping we can unleash a tsunami of of hunters opinions on this matter. Send comments and/opinions to the assistant manager. stan_Culling@FWS.Gov
  8. The Buenos Aires wildlife Refuge (BANWR) in units 36a,36b,36c is doing what they call a scoping survey.they are talking about potentially opening up the hunting and take of Bobcat,Mountain Lion,Badger and Coati.currently and in the past this refuge allowed the take of coyote,skunk,fox but not for cats or coati.At this time they are asking for comments and opinions for or against.In my opinion the place is over run with all predators,especially cats big or small.with the thousands they have spent trying to get a population of masked bobwhite quail only to watch their numbers go to zero every time they have realeased birds,I thought they ought to hear from us.The gentlemen I talked to said they are proposing that the refuge expand their hunting laws to make them congruent with state hunting law: as in allowing the take of All predators.They are also assuming most of the response on this will be from the usuals; the anti hunting population.I would like to say they are wrong.Send comments and opinions for or against to:Stan_Culling@FWS.Gov
  9. Ghostbird

    Coues cape wanted

    Copy that.i will get a hold of you mid November and let you know what I’ve got.
  10. Ghostbird

    Coues cape wanted

    Could potentially supply you with a good cape as we have two hunts and lots of tags and usually get some nice bucks.i typically tan the hides and do the euro mounts myself,so maybe we could work out something else?if I supply a cape it would be from a buck hide I would otherwise be tanning and selling.