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    Non-Res Deer tags sold out

    Sounds like now is a good time for o.p. to start thanking the likes of Randy Newberg,the Hush idiots,Gritty bowman etc. For all of their shameless promotional videos that they got paid hundreds of thousands of our dollars to make.
  2. Ghostbird

    Looking for help 36b

    Send me a DM with contact info. I am down in this unit now.everybody in our camp is tagged out but I know of some good bucks that nobody could get to.
  3. Ghostbird

    AZGFD offering 12 Limited tags.

    I want to put in for all.How much of these dollars go toward paying more youtube influencers?
  4. Ghostbird

    End of hunting season in 36A until the Fall.

    You are on drugs if you think it was worse 3 years ago.that or blinders are on.i havenever seen this much illegals littering the place up and I live here the last 20 years.
  5. Ghostbird

    Petition - Stop Paying Influencers

    Excellent news! Thank you
  6. Ghostbird

    Leftover tags

    Well Newburger should know better than to come back to southern az for any of these gift wrapped tags.if not then well,that is on him.just waiting for the day.....
  7. Ghostbird

    Leftover tags

    Amen to that.rumor has it they need money for electric trucks to better tax and revenue enhance us.
  8. Ghostbird

    Vortex Razor vs Kaibab 18x56 Binos

    The kaibab 18x56 are about as worthless as it gets.too much magnification for the glass quality.right side ocular focus needs to constantly be adjusted after moving the main focus just a fraction of an inch.eyecups are too big to get close to your eyes,allowing excess light to get to and reflect off of the lens.if you are already crosseyed they may not bother you too much.me, I cut my kaibabs in half and saved the left side with focus knob intact to make an 18x lite spotter.problem solved.
  9. Not when I'm hunting them
  10. 7 drug mules were pulled out of that stash house next to la siesta campground in arivaca,36b this afternoon.full camo,hauling drug,all young males.
  11. Ghostbird

    36A questions

    Get into more rugged country where some jerk off cant drive his side-by-side thru the area you are hunting,happens all the time if you are in the "flats".and if you see trucks forming a roadblock on a public road go around it and hunt there anyway just to piss them off.(again,happens all the time.)
  12. Was out hunting 36b with some freinds on sunday and noticed almost zero deer movement from dawn until about 10 am.thought that was a little odd until border patrol started rolling in hot on the access road.theyspread out and seemed to be trying to cover as much ground as possible by where they set up.we stayed a bit longer to see what was going on.started seeing whitetail bounding over the ridges toward our side of the mountain like crazy.then a chopper showed up and circled low dozens of times behind the ridge we were on.never did see the group they were chasing but you could tell it wasn't your average border jumpers.
  13. Ghostbird

    First means hunt

    Eat alot of quail jerky before your hunt.the scent coming out the other end of you attracts mearns real good.
  14. Anyone that's going to be in down near Arivaca for the upcoming hunts that wants to see some stash houses there are a few here.one is right next to la siesta campground!where mesquite road crosses hardscrabble.
  15. Negative.a blackhawk flew in low after dark,blacked out and circled the mountain and hovered for a while.I dont know what happend after that.
  16. 4 armed camo clad cartel men drew down on a guide tracking a buck on A mountain above Arivaca on tuesday.ak-47's
  17. Ghostbird

    Petition - Stop Paying Influencers

    I like the idea of following newburger and hush around when they inevitably come back down to az for january otc in unit 36b.make it a party and let them know how we feel.if anyone wants to know where they stay (air bnb) just say so.makes a great place to wait til they leave in the morning to see where they hunt that day.
  18. Ghostbird

    Petition - Stop Paying Influencers

    Signed! Havnt run into them yet in the 36's but only a matter of time.
  19. This refuge is entertaining the notion of allowing the hunting and take of lion,bobcat and Coati.this has all been closed in the past though you could take coyotes and fox etc.personel at BANWR admittedley know there are a huge population of these predators.they also admittedly believe most of the response they are soliciting will come from antis.what they are proposing is the expansion of refuge hunting laws to be in line with AZ hunting regulation, as in the hunting of lion and Bobcat.they are currently looking for public input.i am hoping we can unleash a tsunami of of hunters opinions on this matter. Send comments and/opinions to the assistant manager. stan_Culling@FWS.Gov
  20. Buenos Aires wildlife refuge in AZ units 36a,b,c is looking for a comment or opinion from you.they are pondering the notion of opening the refuge for the take of lions,Bobcat,and Coati.iin the past it has been closed to these predators.they are entertaining the idea of bringing their hunting laws in line with AZ laws,as in the hunting of cats big and small.they are currently looking for public comment.dont be afraid to let them know how you feel.they are expecting most response will be from anti hunting types.and let me assure you,there are lots of kitties. Send comments/opinion to assistant mngr. Stan _Culling@FWS.gov
  21. Ghostbird

    BANWR AZ = too many kitties

    From what I can tell the comment period is over November 15.they didn’t publicize this very well, I found out about it after seeing a flyer at Arivaca mercantile.i called the refuge and spoke with them,they said they would extend the comment period since there was interest.apparently it was already closed when I saw the flyer,go figure.
  22. The Buenos Aires wildlife Refuge (BANWR) in units 36a,36b,36c is doing what they call a scoping survey.they are talking about potentially opening up the hunting and take of Bobcat,Mountain Lion,Badger and Coati.currently and in the past this refuge allowed the take of coyote,skunk,fox but not for cats or coati.At this time they are asking for comments and opinions for or against.In my opinion the place is over run with all predators,especially cats big or small.with the thousands they have spent trying to get a population of masked bobwhite quail only to watch their numbers go to zero every time they have realeased birds,I thought they ought to hear from us.The gentlemen I talked to said they are proposing that the refuge expand their hunting laws to make them congruent with state hunting law: as in allowing the take of All predators.They are also assuming most of the response on this will be from the usuals; the anti hunting population.I would like to say they are wrong.Send comments and opinions for or against to:Stan_Culling@FWS.Gov
  23. Ghostbird

    AZ hunters:Buenos Aires wildlife wants your opinion

    Thanks will k. Info has just been put up on the main page of BANWR’s website.public comment period ends November 15th 2019
  24. Ghostbird

    BuenosAires wildlife Refuge= too many Cats

    Looks good Elwood,thanks.i sent something similar and received a reply thanking me for the input.hopefully we are out hunting lions and bobcats on the refuge in the future!