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  1. AZAV8ER

    Sight in service at Ben Avery

    We do see a fair number of novices when it comes to equipment and shooting. We get some young hunters we have positive interactions with and hope we sparked a desire to learn more. I had a guy last year taking his grandson on a hunt and felt like I helped him out and if the kid has a good time and is successful then maybe he is a new hunter in the fold. Yes I get the snarky comments because we see it, but maybe now because of positive experience some are better prepared and are inclined to learn more. Keep in mind, you come to us and it is $10 and if you just want to do your own sight in or verify zero no main range BS to deal with.
  2. AZAV8ER

    Sight in service at Ben Avery

    Are you being serious? Trolling or just sarcasm? We will be on a 100 yard range. Maybe or likely I missed the humor.
  3. AZAV8ER

    Sight in service at Ben Avery

    Might not be too many members here need this service but maybe you have friends that would like to use it. The Phoenix Silhouette club will be at Ben Avery running a sight in service this Wednesday through Saturday starting at 7:00 AM till 2:30 PM. It cost $10 for the first rifle and $10 for the second rifle after that its $5 a rifle. Heck come drop in anytime and for $10 we will probably let you do your own work if you like, far more relaxing than main range. We will be at the small bore range and it is only a 100 yard range.
  4. AZAV8ER

    Stolen Rifle

    Stolen out of camp? Stolen out of locked truck? I usually have a back up rifle I leave locked in my truck when we are out in the field, just wondering how this happened.
  5. AZAV8ER

    Unit 33 Hunting

    Scotty have you hunted Coues in S AZ before?
  6. AZAV8ER

    New BLM director

    Biden and all his BS rhetoric about domestic terrorists and now he has one as a Department Head. What a F***in douche
  7. AZAV8ER

    Rem 700 stock and chassis

    LA or SA?
  8. AZAV8ER

    Dumb Question

    The 7.62mm or .308 diameter bullet is significantly FATTER than the 6.5mm or .264 diameter bullet. You would not be able to shoot a 7.62mm through a 6.5C. If you could even get the bolt closed then any attempt to fire would blow up your rifle. Yes, a very very rookie question but important to be clear on.
  9. AZAV8ER

    270 reloading

    I had a custom "Sendero" style REM700 270 built and with a RCBS press and 60+ year old dies from my uncle loaded up ammo that went .33 inch at 100 yards. The one specialty tool that was essential to my work was a way to measure from to base of the cartridge to the ogive of the bullet. the ogive is the point where the front of the bullet is at the diameter of the bore. Your rifle will perform the best with the bullet set back from the rifling. Here is a video discussing measuring base to ogive.
  10. AZAV8ER

    CZ Model 527 American 204 Ruger NIB

    Nice looking rifle.
  11. If you can spot a deer pretty far away and can see some sort of bone with 10X then he might be worth getting closer to. If you see deer at distance and can't make out if its buck or doe then its not worth the bother. Having used 10X Zeiss and 12X MeOpta for decades I can say it is a wash. Closer in, picking out a head turn, nose or an ear flick on a well beded deer or one in thick cover is more about a well trained eye. Do you have a nice carbon fiber tripod?
  12. AZAV8ER


    I will buy it. I am also in NW PHX.
  13. AZAV8ER


    What weight barrel and where did you have the re-barrel and chamber cut done? Tell me about the rail, it looks like it is included.
  14. AZAV8ER

    Anybody know these thieves

    If a whole gaggle of yucksters and their little ones can walk up on your stand you might not bet hunting far enough off the beaten track. But it still sucks they would be so rude.
  15. AZAV8ER

    Anybody know these thieves

    Being "really ignorant" is malicious.