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  1. AZAV8ER

    Suggest a Cot

    CampTime Roll-a-Cot. I am 5'11" 200lbs and these cots work great , very comfortable easy to set up and pack up. First used them on a Wester River Expeditions Colorado River trip. They were great to sleep on and figured if an outfitter used them they must be sturdy. Bought ours 5 years ago and never slept so well in deer camp and thats going back 40 years of hunting.
  2. AZAV8ER

    Bull shot... what happened??

    I shot a bull low in the ribs behind front leg, this was rifle hunt and it was 180gr 30 cal at 370 yards. I just was able to track it and found him collapsed at least 250 yards up the mountain. A double lung shot with the bullet up against the far side hide. His chest was full of blood and his lungs were both collapsed. Made a big impression that bulls dead on their feet can cover some ground. Interesting your dad's bull made it about the same distance.
  3. AZAV8ER


    Did they know you were there? Are atvs allowed off trail in NF?
  4. AZAV8ER

    Vaccine Trial

    Good to see you are not feeling too Cyrillic.
  5. AZAV8ER

    Tikka T1X .22 LR SPF

    Put me in line I'll take it.
  6. AZAV8ER

    West coast fires

    Back then and in the 50's a lot of record temps from back then still stand.
  7. AZAV8ER

    West coast fires

    There is no such thing as inexpensive aviation.
  8. AZAV8ER

    Backcountry coffee

    Pour over filter cones work well and take very little time and zero cleanup.
  9. AZAV8ER

    Happy Labor Day

    Retired but when I operated heavy equipment (80 ton) I was union. They have their good aspects and their not so good side. A Union can't fix a bad industry, can't fix a bad economy and if you have bad management can't fix that either.
  10. AZAV8ER

    Jakes last hunt

    How old is Jake? My lab Glenys ran around the mountains and marsh with me up to 111/12 years old.
  11. AZAV8ER

    Found dead coues buck

    Mule deer are a much bigger challenge. The way they freeze and stare at you when you come up on them makes it so hard to stay calm and make a clean shot. Coues are so dang touchy they bolt at anything, dang hate those shots at running bucks.
  12. He will remember that for the rest of his life
  13. AZAV8ER

    Eat your hearts out elk tag holders

    I total missed that angle, yep a Goveror's tag would be way nice.
  14. AZAV8ER

    Charles Mohrle WW 2 P-47 Pilot

    Thats awesome. My next door neighbor growing up was a P38 Lighting Fighter Pilot in WWII, he is still with us. My other neighbor was a USA Infantry in Europe. Dad drove an ambulance in Northern Italy and his brother in law was a FWD A artillery observer for the USMC starting out at Guadalcanal. Dads other brother in law got shot down over Germany flying B-24's. taken as POW. My Grandmother's Cousin was a field surgeon in the Hedge Rows and taken POW, that was early in the EURO campaign. My God Father was in flight training when the war ended and his older brother was a P-47 pilot in Europe. One of Dad's law partners had one leg the other was crushed under the treads of a Japanese Tank. I might have forgotten a few others but one thing stands out, for the most part all very great guys. BTW I ended up flying Navy Anti Submarine in the Cold War and my son went Army Sniper at tail end of the Gulf Wars. Most of the guys I served with had similar backgrounds and most had son's that served.
  15. AZAV8ER

    Eat your hearts out elk tag holders

    I can't see you being good with flying in getting to a stand and told "here shoot that one".