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  1. AZAV8ER

    Where Am I? And What Was I?

    My first 5-6 years of coues hunting was straight south of Ruby practically on the border.
  2. AZAV8ER

    Hunters locked out of Buehman Canyon Unit 33

    ran into this the last coupe years in 35B. basically land owner can deny access. Have had conversations with FS access co-rdinator and the fix is build a road to bypass the private. But its the government and the BS bureaucracy is slow to grind out. Good luck.
  3. AZAV8ER


    hit here oct comes here we come
  4. AZAV8ER


    I am waiting for stories indicating that smugglers bringing in cheap Chinese or Iranian guns and ammo to sell to Cali crooks.
  5. AZAV8ER

    Ron Robison custom arrows

    Ahh bare stick bow with wood arrows
  6. AZAV8ER

    30/06 Winchester Model 70 Post 64

    In my limited experience the post 64 MOD 70 push feed was a very nice rifle. I love the MOD 70 safety and the trigger was consider solid and easy to tune up. The one 270 I had produced nice groups and 20-20 hindsight don't think I would have sold it. But where or who told you that this rifle would sell for $1200.00?
  7. Hey I am a big 270 fan, I have two REM 700 customs builds and two Winchester MOD 70 Classics's. When you compare 6.5C to the 270 WIN loaded Hornady ELD-X ammo the 6.5 at 500 yards has 2030 ft/lbs and 1300 fps the 270 2157 ft/lbs and 1497 fps. Yes the 270 has a slight edge but bottom line they are both essentially the same. So 6.5C near the same for lower recoil and very accurate factory ammo vs 270 running a little ahead and with the ability of using 150 grainers, so pretty close.
  8. AZAV8ER

    Hornady ELD-X

    Dang you would think that there would be enough energy to to blast chunks of bone and lead all through the lungs shredding arteries and veins and kill that sucker. One of the fastest kills on a deer was quartering facing shot that I had a 150 30cal hit the heaviest part of shoulder blade and blow up. It flipped butt over end and landed dead (saw hooves in my scope pointing skyward). Everything inside that ribcage was shredded.
  9. AZAV8ER

    Hornady ELD-X

    looks like two copper cups. Did the bear stop after the first shot? Where are the bigger chunks of lead? No exit holes?
  10. AZAV8ER

    Hornady ELD-X

    Hey a plain old cup and core Sierra or Speer in 200 gr 30 cal should be fine on elk and the ELD-X is a step or two up in robustness. 200 gr 30 has a lots of SD, mass and momentum. My one experience with ELD-X was in 270 at 350 yards on deer and it went through and through with one exit.
  11. AZAV8ER

    26 nosler

    One more hunter pleased with ELD-X performance on game.
  12. I have 8 boxes for sale $22 a box or $160 for the whole lot.
  13. AZAV8ER

    Tikka ctr

    What caliber and how many rounds fired to get this degradation?
  14. AZAV8ER

    270 win barrel life

    I am not experiencing a problem just wanting to set parameters. For some shot out is going from .3 MOA to over .7 MOA.