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  1. AZAV8ER

    5 To 1 Odds.....Why Not?

    Do you need help or a spotter for your practice. I can bring my old man's 26" Titus barreled 30-06 aperture sight match rifle that set a national 600 yard record in 51.
  2. AZAV8ER

    Tikka T3X vs Savage 110

    Tikka, if for no other reason than the trigger.
  3. Lance when mounting a rail do you feel bedding is necessary?
  4. AZAV8ER

    Manfrotto 290x carbon

    I love mine, are you looking for a deal or just trying to get one?
  5. AZAV8ER

    Is there a way.....

    JSR how old are you? I am 63 and have no problem navigating this site, separating classifieds from hunting topics.
  6. AZAV8ER

    Elk Mountain Wall Tent review

    DuckHunter did you leave your tent up the whole time, if so how did that go? If you put it up and took it down each time how easy was that?
  7. AZAV8ER

    Realistic Field Shooting

    I can recall making a shot on a running buck at around 50/60 yards, it was like shooting flushing quail. All those years of skeet, dove and quail shooting went into that successful shot. Years of muzzleloader matches with mostly off hand shooting built up skills/confidence to make several successful offhand shots. Currently its PRS, NRL22 and small bore silhouette matches to keep my skills up. Years of shooting, hunting go into getting comfortable with what kind of shots present themselves in the field. Good post/point OP.
  8. AZAV8ER


    Never forget the destructive power of "angry and stupid". We are all vulnerable to angry misfits marinated in tribal grudges/hurts riddled with frustration and fed narrow ideologies. jihadis are a cancer to civilized society. God save us from True Believers.
  9. AZAV8ER

    M&P shield 40 trades? For something in 9mm

    No idea what you would like to trade for. Something stated could help.
  10. AZAV8ER

    35B October hunt

    Lots of bucks between the Canelo hills and the Harshaw RD south of Patagonia and north of the Valley.
  11. AZAV8ER

    when did you shoot your first big game animal

    Lee we are pretty close in time frame. I think in 73 at 16 I shot my first buck. My old man must have been forward thinking because his 30-06 SPFD O3 had a 4X lyman scope older than I was mounted on it. We were hunting above Sycamore Canyon just N of the border in unit 36B. Looking forward to my 47th deer season in AZ this fall.
  12. AZAV8ER

    Pinpointing downed animal

    When the grass is up to your butt and when you get up a hillside couple hundred yards from shot it does end up taking some searching around. Last year a newbie in our group got confused after a shot and took a picture the wrong clump of mesquite. Luckily my son kept checking out every likely clump of trees and came up with his buck about 40 min latter. By the time we headed out it was pitch black, 2 miles back in, rough broken oak hills and country new to us as of that AM. Dead reckoning back to camp with about zero ability to reference anything in the dark was a bit of an adventure.
  13. AZAV8ER

    Tikka T3x vs Bergara B14 HMR

    I would go with Bergara Premier Stalker, if that's not in your budget the Tikka. I have a Bergara HMR Pro and it is hands down my best factory rifle, in 6.5C it shoots .35 MOA.
  14. AZAV8ER

    Swarovski Z6 3-18x50 HD

    you might want to fix your header this is not a Z3 you might miss the right lookers.
  15. AZAV8ER

    FS 2007 Toyota Tundra SR5

    4X4? Crew Max? 2 door?