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  1. no worries

    Alliant Reloder 26 - New/Sealed

    Same here. Easy transaction, RECCE arrived on time and had exactly what he described in his post. Thanks RECCE.
  2. no worries

    Alliant Reloder 26 - New/Sealed

    I will take the remaining 4.
  3. no worries

    WTB 7PRC or 6.5PRC

    I have a brand new Bergara Highlander in 6.5 PRC. Unfired, except for the factory test. Both my other Bergaras shoot very well, way under .5 MOA with reloads. $1350 FTF in Tucson
  4. no worries

    Looking for a few 300 prc brass

    I’m in Tucson and will give you a few pieces.
  5. no worries


    Great looking pups. Off topic but, wish I could find a female mini version. I would love a 25-30 pounder.
  6. no worries

    Ruger mkiii Target .22 Stainless

    One of my favorites. GLWS
  7. no worries

    Firestone Tires Destination M/T2

  8. no worries

    Wtb: Reloader 23

    That’s a very fair price in today’s market. I paid. $ 493 out the door for an 8 pound jug at Sportsman.
  9. no worries

    Picture going around .....

    Great buck, I’m jealous. Fair chase or not.
  10. Way to stay focused and make it happen. Congrats to everyone involved.
  11. no worries

    1,000 federal 215 large rifle magnum primers

    I have 1000 of the 210M that I would like to trade for 215M. Logistics could be an issue. I’m in Tucson.
  12. no worries

    WTT - My Federal 210M primers for 215M

    Bustedknuckles, Im looking for 215M, I have the 210M to trade. thx for the response pm sent to coues@186
  13. Anyone want to trade your 215M primers for 210M. I have a full unopened case (1000) of 210M to trade. thanks Jim
  14. no worries

    Interesting Read

    Pretty random, the deer were divided into 2 groups. Northern Coues and southern units. I don’t recall if there was a major difference between those groups. The areas with a lower population was more likely to have hybrids.
  15. no worries

    Interesting Read

    2 percent of Coues are hybrids based on genetic studies on almost 400 samples.