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  1. no worries

    2021 Archery Coues!!

    Well done. You carry that deer like it’s nothing ! congrats on a nice buck
  2. no worries

    Dirt bike questions

    4 stroke, electric start, fuel injection , upgraded lighting, choose your flavor. I ride a 2015 Yamaha WR250F and it’s plenty for me. (5’10” , 180 ish )Stock gas tank gets me 80-100 miles of trail riding. You are going to wreck/fall so wear safety gear and try to ride with someone. Pack your gear( especially optics) so they survive a wipeout. It’s a fun way to scout, I haven’t hunted off mine. Not sure how to pack a deer-or large animal out. A RZR or other performance side by side can almost keep up ( or outrun) an average bike rider and let’s you pack everything you want to take. Prolly a better choice in the end unless you just want to enjoy riding a dirt bike.
  3. no worries

    Tucson area Ford tech

    Need a Ford tech in the Tucson area. thx Jim
  4. Looking for a Ford tech who does side work in the Tucson area. My F150 needs a couple of repairs. thanks Jim
  5. no worries

    WTB Diamond Edge SB-1

    Not an SB-1 but I have a razor edge if you are interested. It’s a RH model in Camo.
  6. no worries

    Wtb left handed bow

    Give me a call. I have a couple of lefties. thx Jim 520 349-2926
  7. no worries

    Flatline bracket for Kowa 664s ( price drop)

    How about $150
  8. no worries

    Sightron 25127 6-24x50 scope (reduced) $475

    How about $475
  9. no worries

    Sightron 25127 6-24x50 scope (reduced) $475

    $525 shipped or $500 if you pick it up in Tucson.
  10. Used scope. Has some scratches on the body from hunting See photos). Lenses look good. Tracks fine. Quality scope with great clarity and repeatable turrets. Comes with box, sunshade and flip up ocular lens cap. Amazon has them for $940 new and a used one for $920. Buy this one for $550 with a few scratches. Located in Tucson. Now $475
  11. no worries

    Carbon tripod (reduced)

  12. no worries

    Carbon tripod (reduced)

  13. no worries

    Carbon tripod (reduced)

    Tripod is 70 inches plus the head and optic mount. Prolly looking at 76 inches maxed out to the ocular lens.