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  1. no worries

    Another 280 AI joins the herd

    Don’t really have any plans. Right now it’s rolling around in the bed of my kids Tacoma. Do you have a use for it?
  2. no worries

    Another 280 AI joins the herd

    Reviving my thread with some updated info. I really wanted to shoot the ELDX 162 but the rifle had other preferences. My reloading buddy gave it a few attempts and just never got any promising results. He wanted to go with a lighter bullet but I already have rifles that shoot 143 ELDX really well. We went with the Berger 168 hunters and 4831 SC seated 50 thou off the lands. Ended at 58 grains with a sticky bolt but the 3 groups (3 shot each) were .42, .28 and .41 MOA. Speed average was 2940 FPS with ES of 13. I’m a little concerned about being on the hot side but it’s shooting better than the lower charges did. 58 grains does seem to be inline with what others are using. Anyway, took if out for some field testing and killed a Coues. The 168 was extremely lethal at 410 yards. Very happy with the performance, but might need to work on the sticky bolt issue.
  3. no worries

    Favorite Bullet for Coues?

    143 ELDX worked well on a coues at 560 yards. Fairly mild recipe 260 Remington pushing a tad over 2700 fps. Deer only took 2 or 3 steps and had an exit wound big enough to put 2 fingers in.
  4. no worries

    Late Hunt - Rutting???

    We saw bucks starting to push each other around last weekend in 34A. They seemed more playful than serious.
  5. no worries

    Gender reveal party?

    “ gender reveal party” ?? shoot, I thought it was a announcement for the CWT annual get together i was ready to buy tickets and meet some of you “guys”
  6. no worries

    Carbon fiber tripods (not mine)

    Used the new Feisol today on my kids 34A hunt. I really like it. Switching from lever locks to twist locks takes some adjusting. It comes with a two price “ telescopic “ center column. I was skeptical but it’s stable and super easy to use. Lance, it has the standard 3/8 stud to mount a head. The manfrotto Fluid head screwed right on. Only complaint is there are no set screws to prevent the head from coming loose. I used locktike since I don’t plan on swapping heads.
  7. no worries

    Carbon fiber tripods (not mine)

    I just purchased a brand new Feisol 3441S off eBay and it's really impressive. 2.6 pounds ,rated for 44 pounds, plus it extends to 70 inches. Nice quality tripod ( comparable to Gitzo) Anyway, it turns out that the seller has more of them and wants $250 plus shipping. Typical web price is $400-$450. If you are interested, call John at (714) 805-6469 or see his ad on the Orange County Craigslist.
  8. no worries

    Swarovski 15x56 HD Binos $1850

    SOLD thx Jim
  9. no worries

    Glassing Chair

    We have used the cheapy tripod stools from Sportsmans on several hunts without any problems. Might try them before dropping 50-100 bucks on a premium brand.
  10. no worries

    Kimber mountain ascent rifle

    Not an expert on Kimbers but I read somewhere that the newer generation with the green stock and threaded barrel were much more accurate than previous ones. There’s some good threads on accuracy improvement “fixes” on older models. Mainly bedding and barrel float.
  11. no worries

    Father son double

    That’s really a cool experience. Congrats
  12. Keep telling the story, I have lots of popcorn and a "whirly pop".
  13. very suspenseful story, thanks
  14. no worries

    A Story of Firsts

    Great write up on the ups and downs of learning to hunt Coues. This site has so many guys who make it look easy. Like you, I’ve benefited from the knowledge they share. Congrats on both deer.
  15. no worries

    My 2018 October Coues

    Glad you were able to work some hunting into the schedule. Great looking buck. Congrats