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  1. no worries

    Ruger LCP with factory laser

    Like new .380 Ruger LCP with the factory Crimson Trace laser. Less than a box of shells fired through it. Box, holster and papers included. $260 FTF in Tucson
  2. no worries

    Another Tikka 260 Remington

    SPF Thanks Jim
  3. no worries

    Another Tikka 260 Remington

    Tikka T3 Hunter in 260 Remington wood stock, stainless action and fluted barrel shoots .6 MOA with hand loads (143 ELDX) a few minor scratches but overall great shape the bolt stop was modified to allow longer rounds and the magazine is a M+ $550 FTF in Tucson Extras available Talley light weight 1 inch medium height rings 260 RCBS die set 46 loaded rounds Lapua brass , bullets , RL16, primers Will post pics tomorrow
  4. no worries

    Massive Coues Buck

    Maybe I should start using the ladies room. Our 95s look small. some great Coues, congrats
  5. no worries

    They are Hitting Cards

    Is there a minimum points before you draw a sheep tag? Lots of demand and some guys have put in every year.
  6. no worries

    They are Hitting Cards

    We got hit this morning for a deer tag. First 2 tags went thru last Friday so I thought the the 3rd tag wasn’t going to happen. Our choices were October and November Coues hunt in 34 and 36. I was kinda surprised that the 3rd tag didn’t hit on Friday considering our hunts weren’t top shelf choices. Im wondering if they didn’t finish on Friday with the second go around ( choices 3-5).
  7. no worries

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    My card just got hit again for a 3rd deer tag. We were hit twice on Friday and thought that we only went 2 for 3 this year. Maybe it’s the second round.
  8. no worries

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    Wow. I just spoke with him last week. He’s in my phone as Hoghunter and my family always laughs about his name when he calls or text. Going through our text messages just now makes it hit home. Here’s a pic he sent me last week of his first elk that he killed with a 243. I wish I could post the text messages from him describing the hunt. Super funny 😄 story ending with him catching the scabbies from it.
  9. no worries

    Workshop cleanout. GPS, Leatherman, Opitcs... Cheap!

    Any honey holes marked on the maps? A couple of my favorite units there. GLWS
  10. no worries

    WTB rifle and scope for under $700

    I sent you a PM
  11. no worries

    Kowa TSN 554

    I used one last year and was very impressed with the clarity. It seems to be equal to the best 65s out there. Optic planet or one of the big suppliers has them for $1399 with a neoprene case. It’s the 125th anniversary addition and will be black instead of green.
  12. no worries

    Tikka T3 in 260 Remington

    Sold Pending Funds thanks Jim
  13. no worries

    Tikka T3 in 260 Remington

    Pm headed your way.
  14. no worries

    Tikka T3 in 260 Remington

    Just passing on “good mojo. “
  15. no worries

    Tikka T3 in 260 Remington

    Well hunted .260 Remington Tikka stainless fluted super light in black factory plastic stock. Stock was bedded with Devcon and dremeled to eliminate pressure points. Stock has numerous scratches from hunting Coues and javelina. Load development and several hunts puts the round count between 150 and 200. Could be lower but I’d rather guess on the high side. Current mild load is 143 ELDX at 2820. This load was used in another Tikka and shoots .6 MOA in both. Might tighten up if you want to spend time tuning it, but I was happy to have one load for both rifles. Longest kill was a Coues at 560 yards by a 13 year old youth hunter. Several javelina out to 300 yards. It’s been a great rifle but my kids are have gotten bigger and want to move into larger calibers. Bare rifle $500 FTF in Tucson Additional items such as rings ,brass and dies available.