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  1. no worries

    Trade 40 cal Ammo for 9 mm (Tucson)

    Thx Predator no plans right now but that could change might be headed to Cottonwood for work next month
  2. Anyone want to trade some 9 mm for my 40 cal ammo ? I have Remington JHP ( high velocity ) and the cheap plinking ( yellow box) ammo. I’m open to whatever is fair based on market value. 100 - 1000+ rounds. Thanks Jim
  3. no worries

    Big eyes bracket. ( Flatline)

    I have an unused bracket to build your set of Big Eyes using Kowa 664 spotting scopes. Just taking up space. $120 shipped $100 FTF in Tucson Jim 520 349-2926
  4. no worries

    Scope opinion needed

    I would save up for a newer scope. 800 yards is a pretty long shot. Plus new gear is always nice. 😃
  5. no worries

    Wonderful Weekend

  6. no worries

    Any cool Father’s Day stories or gifts to share?

    Very cool. Let us know how the hunt goes. Pigs as in Javelina or feral ? Not familiar with California hunts.
  7. no worries

    Hunter Ed in April, still waiting for bonus point

    Thanks for the info Zack.
  8. no worries

    Any cool Father’s Day stories or gifts to share?

    Glad to hear that your daughter was able FT you. Makes dealing with deployed kids a little easier. I appreciate her service.
  9. no worries

    Any cool Father’s Day stories or gifts to share?

    Early bronco The adventures begin. Congrats on your new addition.
  10. Figured it would be nice to start a new thread and share/brag a little. I knew something was up when my wife asked me “ what are your favorite 4 hunting pics of our kids”. I thought it was going to be a custom card or collage. Instead, she had a custom corn hole set made. Pretty awesome. This pic doesn’t show it but the ends of each board has laser engraved pics of the kids.
  11. no worries

    Hunter Ed in April, still waiting for bonus point

    Thanks for all the responses. Guess I’ll wait and hope that my point is really available on the current draw. Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day. My wife surprised me with custom corn hole boards. Really cool. The ends have laser engraved pics of my kids deer hunts.
  12. So, a couple of us passed the G&F hunter education back in mid April. We drove up to Ben Avery and did the “experienced” hunter field day. Figured that it would take a week or two for my portal to update. Plenty of time before the June draw deadline. I’ve been checking my portal and still have not been awarded a bonus point. Anyone know how long it takes to post?
  13. no worries

    WTT 1 lb RL26 for RL23

    If you make it to Tucson, I will trade with you.
  14. 4 pack of Ford black plastic mud guards. I’ll post a pic and part number on Monday. Basically , the little black plastic ones that you order from Ford and attach at the lower fenders. They fit the 2004 and some newer F150. ( Whatever generation that was. ) unused, just taking up space and hopefully someone can use them located in NW Tucson
  15. no worries


    Nice pack. All buckles and zipper function properly. I believe it’s a X1A model. It has the rifle pouch. No stains or tears. $60 located in NW Tucson. I will be in Phoenix tomorrow (4/23). thx Jim 520 349-2926