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  1. no worries

    WTB/WTT Federal GM210M primers

    PM sent
  2. no worries

    WTB/WTT Federal GM210M primers

    I have these to trade or will purchase GM210M Unopened H4350 one pound container. 2 pounds of RL 16 (remains of an 8 pound) Remington 5.56 factory ammo, 40 cal ammo, 22 long rifle. Located in Tucson Thanks Jim
  3. no worries


    Pistol is sold.
  4. no worries


  5. no worries


  6. no worries

    Cabela's (Meopta S2) 20-70×82 Spotter

    Great spotter, especially for this price.
  7. no worries


    Like new.
  8. no worries


    That is really a cool item.
  9. no worries

    Nosler Long Range Rifle in 26 Nosler, $1500

    If it’s carbon, I’ll take it.
  10. no worries

    PSE Bow Madness - Left Handed

    Have your brother give me a call. 520 349-2926 thx Jim
  11. no worries

    Tail Cam buy back... no questions asked!

    Gotta love those tail cams. Maybe we need a new section to post pics.
  12. no worries

    PSE Bow Madness - Left Handed

    Pm sent
  13. no worries

    Pmags and 223 ammo

    Guess I shouldn’t feel so bad about selling for 60cents a round last week. I think I made $15 on the 1000 rounds. Might help with a 12 pack, which could get me thru dealing with family holiday drama.
  14. no worries

    500 rounds Remington XM 193 5.56 ammo.

    Thx. I cleared it out.
  15. 500 rounds of 5.56. ammo. 55 grain XM193 Remington. $300. Tucson FTF