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  1. no worries

    WTB tripod head

    I have an extra Manfrotto fluid head. Never used, just set aside as a spare. Model 700 RC2. Comes with one plate. $75 FTF in Tucson
  2. no worries


    Great scope. You can’t beat the value they offer. IMHO
  3. no worries

    NL Pure

    They sound awesome. Hopefully other manufacturers will step up with new Binos to compete.
  4. no worries

    Good luck to u kiddos

    Well said. This hunt and next years will wrap up the junior season hunting for us. It has gone by way to quick. Im sure we will be helping others after that.
  5. no worries

    Bino harness for heavy glass???

    AGC harnesses have held up well for us. Front and side pouches to hold rangefinders, ear plugs,etc. ( Bifolds for us older guys ) It took me a couple of times using one to adapt from the Vortex strap harness, but worth it.
  6. no worries

    3 packs for sale

    Good pricing on those packs.
  7. Great handgun for those who struggle with pulling back the slide. Wife shoots weekly now that she has one.
  8. no worries


    I’ll take it if available
  9. no worries

    WTB pistol

    Arizona resident?
  10. A guy on Rokslide is looking to purchase one.
  11. no worries


    Rifle only $1450. With NF rail $1500. Would consider a 280 AI trade. thx Jim
  12. no worries

    New toy

    Cool toy. 👍🏼
  13. no worries


    Here are some pics. Will take $1450 minus the Nightforce rail.
  14. no worries


    Like new condition Ridgeline. Comes with a Nightforce 20 MOA rail for additional $50. Black with gray webbing. I have not fired it, original owners stated less than 50 rounds fired. Condition looks new. Comes with the CA radial brake.
  15. Today’s email from Bruno’s claims they got a shipment.