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  1. no worries

    Team Elk backpacks on sale $215

    Yes. The pink ones went fast.
  2. no worries

    Team Elk backpacks on sale $215

    Dvor.com has new Team Elk packs on sale for $215. Seems like a great price , I know that I paid more for mine. 😂
  3. no worries


    great price.
  4. no worries

    WTB: Claw/Triclawps

    If it’s not the early Oct youth hunt, you are welcome to borrow mine. I’m in Tucson as well. Bull basin usually has them in stock over the Davis Monthan AFB.
  5. no worries

    280 AI built on a CZ557 action

    Let’s try $1300.
  6. no worries

    280 AI built on a CZ557 action

  7. no worries


    Good price. 👍
  8. no worries

    280 AI built on a CZ557 action

  9. no worries

    280 AI built on a CZ557 action

    Looking at selling a couple of rifles. First up is a 280 Ackley built on the the newer style CZ 557 action. Bartlien #5 barrel, Manners carbon stock. Nitrate treated action and barrel. Rifle was built for a CZ skeet team member and rarely used. Current round count is approx 200. A friend worked up a load that shoots .3 and .4 MOA with 168 Berger’s at 2940 FPS. It’s causing a sticky bolt and needs to be tweaked down or just start over. Bare rifle weighs right at 8 pounds. I’ll include a set of 30 mm rings. Asking price is $1400. Not interested in any trades right now. Located in Tucson. Thanks Jim
  10. no worries

    New 6.5 PRC

    The 143 has been very effective for us on deer. I would stock up on it if the new rifle likes it. If you shoot less than 100 rounds per year, why reload ? Unless you want another hobby or you need better accuracy?
  11. no worries

    Results are up.

    Congrats and good luck to everyone with tags. Looks like the 2 boys will be hunting 34A early youth this year. That’s great since CJ will be “to old” for youth hunts next year. (Where does the time go?) I finally got drawn for a late whitetail tag in 34A. It was my first drawn tag in 7 years. I was able to snag a 30A leftover tag last year and spent a few days chasing Coues down towards Douglas.
  12. no worries


    Congrats Catfish Kev you can always adopt one of my kids and sign it over
  13. no worries


    Got hit with a $50 and a $45. Guessing 2 youth deer tags and my 8 points are finally paying off on a late adult wt hunt.
  14. no worries

    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    What? They let u hunt Ben Avery all year long for $7 a week?