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    280 AI built on a CZ557 action

    Looking at selling a couple of rifles. First up is a 280 Ackley built on the the newer style CZ 557 action. Bartlien #5 barrel, Manners carbon stock. Nitrate treated action and barrel. Rifle was built for a CZ skeet team member and rarely used. Current round count is approx 200. A friend worked up a load that shoots .3 and .4 MOA with 168 Berger’s at 2940 FPS. It’s causing a sticky bolt and needs to be tweaked down or just start over. Bare rifle weighs right at 8 pounds. I’ll include a set of 30 mm rings. Asking price is $1400. Not interested in any trades right now. Located in Tucson. Thanks Jim
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    Good price. 👍
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    New 6.5 PRC

    The 143 has been very effective for us on deer. I would stock up on it if the new rifle likes it. If you shoot less than 100 rounds per year, why reload ? Unless you want another hobby or you need better accuracy?
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    Results are up.

    Congrats and good luck to everyone with tags. Looks like the 2 boys will be hunting 34A early youth this year. That’s great since CJ will be “to old” for youth hunts next year. (Where does the time go?) I finally got drawn for a late whitetail tag in 34A. It was my first drawn tag in 7 years. I was able to snag a 30A leftover tag last year and spent a few days chasing Coues down towards Douglas.
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    Congrats Catfish Kev you can always adopt one of my kids and sign it over
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    Got hit with a $50 and a $45. Guessing 2 youth deer tags and my 8 points are finally paying off on a late adult wt hunt.
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    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    What? They let u hunt Ben Avery all year long for $7 a week?
  8. Original V6 with automatic trans. Typical SR5 package, white with tan cloth seats. No rust and no major dents. Some little dings that you would expect on a 2001 truck. White paint is factory and there’s a small spot on the bed where it peeled off Maybe 6 inches long and 2 inches high). Approximately 250 K miles. It gets driven daily and runs great. No leaks, no smoke or check engine lights. AC blows cold and the heater works. It seems like these old Tacomas just keep going. I’m the third owner and my son and I put over 10 K miles on it in about a year and half. Replaced the stock wheels with new oversized 17 inch Cooper AT3 tires on Monster wheels. Also replaced the front shocks with leveling ones to clear the tires. I had to replace one O2 sensor, otherwise it’s just been oil changes. Great off road ability and you don’t need to trailer it there. 4WD with a elocker will go pretty much anywhere. I’ll post some pics soon. Located in Tucson. Thanks Jim
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    2001 Tacoma crewcab 4x4 with elocker $7200

    Another bump before it goes on Craigslist. Thx Jim
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    2001 Tacoma crewcab 4x4 with elocker $7200

    Added a couple of pics. I’ll get it cleaned up this weekend and post some better ones. Jim 520 349-2926
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    2001 Tacoma crewcab 4x4 with elocker $7200

    I’ll throw up a couple tonight. My kid needs to wash it from going camping recently but you’ll get the idea.
  12. Not mine. A friend has a brand new unfired 6.5 CM Mesa long range rifle for sale. Factory brake and 20 MOA rail included. He’s asking $1100. Comes with the box , papers, etc Scope and rings not included, just the 20 MOA base. Contact him direct at (520) 904-7175
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    Christensen Mesa Long Range 6.5 CM (unfired)

    Bump. Baboltin. Not sure if Jim Sparks is on CWT.
  14. Is anyone shooting this caliber ? Would like to hear about the results. I'm waiting on Seekins to build/ship mine. thanks, Jim
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    ISO Muzzle Break

    Hellfire brakes are some of the best out there.
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    Christensen Mesa Long Range 6.5 CM (unfired)

    Not sure. His name is Jim Sparks, make him offer. No harm.
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    Christensen Mesa Long Range 6.5 CM (unfired)

    pics added
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    Remington Nitromag 887 12ga black

    I’ll take it if Vinnie doesn’t.
  19. A friend has a brand new KImber that was won and wants $600. pM me for info Rifle has sold.
  20. no worries

    SOLD KImber Hunter 6.5 Creedmoor $600 ( not mine)

    Since I don’t have the rifle or pics. Just contact him directly by text. JS Arms. Jim Sparks 520 904-7175
  21. no worries

    Anyone need packing material?

    I might be sending some fudge up to Green Bay.