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  1. Jfos

    Unit 27 Late Oct Hunt

    Awesome story! Congrats on the success, got to love when it comes together. And glad you had your family there with you! Congrats again!
  2. Jfos

    Arizona Desert

    Any luck on spotting your target buck ?
  3. Jfos

    Arizona Desert

    Sure feels that way sometimes!
  4. Jfos

    Arizona Desert

    Looks like a great buck. Hopefully he doesn’t move exclusively at night lol. Good luck. When does your hunt start?
  5. Jfos

    Arizona Desert

    Nice. Well, hope it all works out!!
  6. Jfos

    Arizona Desert

    Desert Muley can be tough at times . Have you been committed to only one place during the entirety of your scouting?
  7. Jfos

    Arizona Desert

    The deer are probably all right off main roads out in the open😂
  8. Jfos

    22 youth success

  9. Jfos

    37a 2020 Ram

    Beautiful! Congrats
  10. Jfos

    Arizona Desert

    Depending on where your at, the hunting pressure is starting to get heavier so they are wising up. Like everyone else said, flats and canyons or thick cuts would be my guess. The joys of deer hunting.
  11. Definitely a lot less birds. Did it seem to you that the birds were smarter than usual for early season? Where we were they were acting like late season birds. Possibly it has something to do with atv’s running through the area.
  12. Went out a couple times, the opener was very windy and it was a tough hunt. the second time we went we saw quite a few birds, but it was nothing like last year. The birds seemed to act more like late season birds than usual.
  13. Jfos

    Who's huntin coues deer

    36a for the first time. Looking forward to it
  14. Jfos

    Already over!!!!!!!

    Awesome buck. Congrats
  15. This is a really good offer!