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  1. Jfos


    Which range?
  2. Jfos

    Deer/Sheep Regs

    Man that’s probably true, but I’ve seen some studs in unit 8 before. Idk about 200” but high 100’s for sure
  3. Jfos

    2020 archery buck

    What a beauty! Hopefully those genes are still running around in the woods. Would love to see some of his offspring. How old was he? 5, 6?
  4. Jfos

    2020 archery buck

    What did he wind up measuring out at?
  5. Jfos

    17B & 19B

    Oh okay , I thought it was for Elk.
  6. Jfos

    17B & 19B

    Maybe capitalize on that. And save those 5 points for a a better hunt. It’s atleast an option. I’ve never hunted 17b so I really don’t know the ins and outs of it. But 5 points can get you a late rifle hunt on a decent unit.
  7. Jfos

    17B & 19B

    Did you buy point guard?
  8. Jfos

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    3 points wasn’t enough for a 3a/3c cow tag. Really surprised I didn’t draw. However, my Brother in law drew a tag so we’ll still be elk hunting!
  9. Great meeting you this year, and I appreciate the help. I was able to tag out on my last day of hunting on the late whitetail hunt. Beautiful area.
  10. Jfos

    2022 Rifle Javelina

    Great opening day of Javelina season. 3 of 5 tags filled so far. Buddy spotted them close to 3/4 of a mile away and we hiked in through some absolutely brutal country. Couple friends got their first pig, which made the day even better. God is good!
  11. Jfos

    What binoculars to buy

    Haha just realized that.
  12. Jfos

    What binoculars to buy

    I have some lightweight 8x42 bushnells that work great! Clear glass and not really heavy
  13. Jfos

    To Soon?

  14. Jfos

    2021 37A Bighorn Hunt

  15. Jfos

    2021 37A Bighorn Hunt

    Beautiful! Awesome country! 37a is such a cool unit