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  1. Alright so I got lucky and drew unit 10 early archery with 7 points and have never hunted this unit ever for anything! I had no idea where to start. After purchasing a unit map I realized just how large this unit is, at the same time I realized half of the unit is privately owned “ 700,000 acres just in the Boquilla’s, which after the fees you can gain access to. After many hours staring at maps and going back and forth we opted to start out in the Big Bo not knowing what to expect. First day Wednesday-went to seligman access point and drove about 8 to 10 miles back picked a campsite.Thursday Scouting- Not a single elk to be seen , no cows, no bulls, no nothing not even other hunters! Thursday night- packed our shoot and decided to move to new area lol! Midnight Thursday- set up camp and three out some cow calls for the heck of it , and we get an instant response! We call a bull literally into camp! Which was exciting to say the least. Friday opening day- Shafer access point- get out to sign in and threw out another cow call and a bull screams out 100 yds from the gate! We decide to go after him. He was a nice 6x6 we decide was a shooter! He screamed at every cow call but never committed just eventually headed away. As we walked back to the truck we called once more and to our surprise another bull 300 yds away answered. After 45 min of chasing this bull he also wouldn’t fully commit. So we went to him and got within 80 yds and then cow called , that got his attention and He came right in 60 yds and stood there! 6x6 , I drew back and wanted this bull, when I did my more experienced hunting buddy said he’s not the one, don’t shoot! So I filmed him instead with my phone! So to speed this up 6 more days go by with bad positions, other hunters messing things up , and I start to regret passing on day 1. Day 7- we find 10 to 15 bulls bugling during the middle of the day back and forth but not moving So we decide to stay out and see how things okay out . Just before sunset 2 bulls start just bugling non stop at each other , one is on our side of the ridge and the other is on the east side of another ridge, when all of a sudden the one in the east side comes running across without stopping with 8 cows ahead of him and he is a Beast, huge 6x7 runs straight at the other bull and they’re in a full on fight! At that moment I ran as fast as I could to close the distance before sun went down as I was 5 minutes to late. Next morning- we get to same spot early before sunrise and wait like most hunters would do right? Well as there was just enough light to see across the flats , we see a bunch of cows and all of a sudden he steps out and it’s the same big 6x7 from night before And he’s cows are leading him right to us. As we wait we see a white Dodge Ram road hunting and stop right in between us and the elk . Completely screwed our hunt. We watch as they try to make a move on them and end up pushing them away. 2 hours later after chasing other bulls at that point, we’re back at our truck and decide we’re gonna make a move on those bulls where I think they’re bedded. I cow call and sure enough he’s 100 yds away where they had pushed them. We get within 50 yds in thick juniper and I here a guys voice trying to get us off these bulls! Well I keep calling anyway and the satellite bull walks 25 yds behind some bushes and can’t get a shot off . We end up pushing all the elk from this heard across the canyon where I watch them bed . The other 2 hunters never saw this happen and they think the the bulls are still on this side haha. Evening hunt now- we get set up 1 pm same spot - we see these assholes 4 hours later park 5 ft from out truck , same white Dodge Ram with firefighter stickers in the back and walk up the same area where they chased them in the morning. All of a sudden 2 bulls start going at it again and they’re heading for a fight right now! We rush to get in position and see the bull with all the cows and it’s him !!! The heard bull from earlier . He’s 80 yds and closing fast , we opt to stay quite and let them go at it. 40 yds his cows stop and I start to draw back and my release malfunctions and my arrow flys 10 ft , wtf, and spoons the cows. My heart pounding because the bull is seconds from stepping out where they were . All of a sudden there he is oblivious to me just screaming at this other bull and I draw back aim at his lower shoulder area and release! So much adrenaline running through me I didn’t know if , or where I hit.. we look for blood and we have specks only and I’m dying !! Suns going down and we have hardly any blood. We track for 40 yds when we find him standing against a tree. I went to put another arrow in him but I’m shaking so bad I can’t draw my bow back! Adrenaline is dumping and I have the shakes LOL. The shot ended up double lung and all the blood was inside the cavity. Had a great time with friends and family , frustrating at times but that’s what makes the memories!
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    Early Archery Unit 10!

    Will do! Took it to Southwest Wildlife so I’m sure it’s gonna be nice!
  3. kane44

    Early Archery Unit 10!

    Thanks Stanley! just got off the phone with them and we’re headed to Southwest Wildlife now!
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    Early Archery Unit 10!

    Thanks for the comments guys! Hey anyone recommend a local taxidermist? Headed to Phoenix area. Thanks again
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    Early Archery Unit 10!

    Thanks you!Story coming later
  6. Found this buck opening morning running with 6 others equal in size with 2 others much wider! This guy walked into me at 64 yds so I took the shot! Crazy thing is he jumped the string so fast and did a 180 degree turn in the air I actually hit him on the complete opposite side I intended to, never seen anything like that before! Also have a September elk hunt in same unit and purchased Big Bo access just so I have options , anyone have recommendations on if it’s worth it or am I better off in other areas? Any info greatly appreciated.
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    More time to update cards!!

    E-mail from game and fish
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    More time to update cards!!

    We have until Friday 12 by 5 pm to update cards!!
  9. My wife drew 12AW early hunt, got out there Thursday evening after a long drive from Queen Creek got camp set up by just before sun down and there was already sooo many people.. After at least 10 other hunters drove right by our camp scouting that night,the morning hunt was looking crowded to say the least... Set the alarm on our phone to be up at 4:30am to beat the crowd hoping everyone would turn around once they saw us there..Opening morning woke up after a sleepless night anticipating what the morning would bring, I did not see one truck light as far as I could see!! Wow, maybe we got lucky and everyone had better spots... After sitting for what seemed like an eternity and wondering WTH was going on thinking the horizon should be lighting up by now and still not one truck driving around..How weird ,I must be going crazy!! That's when it my wife looked at me and asked"WHY DOES THE TRUCKS TIME SAY ITS 3:30 AM?"....it's on satellite time by the way..uh oh.. No wonder there's no one out😂Long story short we fell asleep in the truck to wake up late with three trucks next to us...Not the way we wanted to start out.. After we got to our spot I picked up 2 small bucks pushing each other around about 400yds away with about 3 does...I watched them for 15 min hoping for a bigger buck was with them to no evail..Started glassing other areas and saw just does.. 15 min later a shot in that general direction where they were fighting but not at them.. After another 10 min From below them I see a big bodied deer feeding but still no antlers yet... All of a sudden he looked up and my stomach dropped, huge 4x4 with nice spread..I knew we had to act quick due to all the orange specks propped up on every ridge around us.. I ranged him 387 yds broadside with 10 million burnt trees in the way lol...After an agonizing 5 min of my wife trying to find him in the scope she finally said those words we all want to hear" I Found Him"...Hallelujah now take the shot I said...Before I could finish saying that she shot and he dropped where he stood.. I could not believe what just happened...This was her first deer hunt ever and I couldn't be more proud of her!!