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  1. regisranger

    New 6.5 300 weatherby Vanguard wilderness

    I have this in the accuguard. Pretty much the same gun other than weight. By far my favorite hunting gun/round as of now. Add a muzzle break and recoil is minimal. Good Price!
  2. regisranger

    Elk draw website down

    Having same issue . Bummer!
  3. regisranger

    WTB Glock 10mm

    Haha mine too! If I got a 29 i'd get a g20 mag with extender for better grip. And pearce mag extenders for the standard 29 mags if I want to conceal it.
  4. regisranger

    WTB Glock 10mm

    Sent you a PM
  5. regisranger

    WTB Glock 10mm

    Looking to purchase Glock 20 or 29. Preferably Gen 4 but let me know what you have! Thanks
  6. regisranger

    2018 Colorado Bucks

    Thanks! We did not score any of them. Maybe we will score my dads on a later date but my guess is his just about hits the 180 mark!
  7. regisranger

    2018 Colorado Bucks

    This deer season was definitely one for the books! I have been a student in Colorado now for 4 years and have always wanted to chase rutting bucks in November with a rifle. The past 3 years I had chased deer with my bow and I thought it was time to switch over to a rifle after helping on a 3rd season hunt last year. We had 4 tags total, three 3rd season and one 4th season. My roommate and I both had 3rd season tags as well as his dad. My dad, on the other hand, had 4th season. My dad has never shot a deer over his years of hunting so I was mainly focused on using 3rd season to locate some bucks for him. Weather was awful the first two days with 50mph winds and 14 inches of snow. My buddies dad barely made it in time after blowing a turbo on the drive from AZ. He only had two days and the opening day weather didn't look promising. The low temps and snow were good in terms of pushing deer down low but the lack of visibility was a dampener for the two days his dad could hunt. The day two forecast listed 4 hours of clear skies and we knew that would be our opportunity. With some luck his dad had a good 4 point down within an hour just in time before visibility was gone once again. I didn't hunt days 3 or 4 due to some things I needed to get done. On day 5 we tried a new area to the east of some private we had located some deer. Once again within an hour my buddy shot a small 3 point. While packing out we located what we thought was a good buck bedded in some aspen. We made a move to get closer and it was a small 4. I was looking for a mature buck so decided to pass. We hunted hard, located a lot of deer but nothing worthy of my bullet other than two bucks hanging on private. I was down to my last day so I decided to hunt the south side of the private these bucks were on. The evening before this there was an excursion driving the private which got the deer moving south. With these two bucks being the only shooters I decided to head south and hopefully catch them on some state land in the morning. My gamble paid off and at first light we glassed up the wide 4 just south of the property line. He was chasing does towards private so I hustled and set up at 550 yrds. He finally stopped chasing a hot doe, turned broadside, and the 6.5-300wby met its mark. I was in shock. I had dreamed of taking a nice mature buck and it finally happened. I had only hunted deer with my bow in the past and would usually shoot the first branch antlered buck I was within range of. It was an awesome morning and a great way to end. Interestingly, as my buddy, who was spotting for me at about a quarter mile behind me, was working his way towards me he bumped another buck. He came up to my frantically asking if I had seen the buck he had just bumped and told me he was huge. He was guessing a 190 inches. With that being said I knew where I was going to be for my dads hunt. My hopes were high and I couldn't wait to spend some time in the woods with my dad. I came back up a day before 4th season started and checked out a new area. I ended finding an absolute stud and sent video to my dad while he was driving from AZ. He wanted that buck so thats where we ended up opening morning. It was a perfect morning, clear skies and negative 1. Unfortunately it was pretty slow for the first couple hours. We found two herds of elk and a few deer but no buck from the evening before. We were getting ready to head out and I glassed up the big boy chasing some does just a few ridges away. We made a move on him and setup at 600. He never offered a shot and we watched him chase does for awhile over a distant hill that was difficult to access. We headed out and as we were driving back to the main road I pulled off to glass a nice canyon. Well lets just say I was so eager to glass I was looking at the canyon instead of the road and my left front tire met a rock with an edge like a broad-head. It put 4 inch gash in the sidewall and put us out of commission. We had the spare on quick but spent most of out afternoon in town trying to find a tire. We were originally going to chase the same buck by accessing the backside of the hill he went over. It was too late to make that drive so I took my dad to where my buddy had bumped that big buck the morning I shot mine. I decided to access from a new glassing point to maximize the country we could see. We glassed for about an hour without success. We were in sage so there wasn't any hiding areas other than some draws. I decided to make a move closer to the draw so we could look down into it. It ended up being a warm day so I was thinking they were down low in the shade. Sure enough we slowly crested over the ridge and there were 15 deer feeding on the opposite side. I pulled up my binos and immediately saw a large framed buck. He was the only deer bedded and he was at 400 yrds. My dad was already getting set up and within seconds that buck was dead in his bed. It was one of the best moments I had ever spent with my dad. Not only did I get to share his first deer it was a stud at that! We were all tagged out! Expectations were more that exceeded and new memories were made. I will try to post pics in the order of how it went down. 1st pic, my buddies dad. 2-4pics my dads, 5th my buddys, 6 and 7 mine. Sorry for the longwinded story but thought I had to share all 4 successes! If you've never hunted CO 3rd/4th season I highly recommend it
  8. regisranger

    Any bulls down

    Haha . I was sitting there with an arrow knocked for about 30 minutes but just couldn't bring myself to do it!
  9. regisranger

    Any bulls down

    Id post a pic if I could but unfortunately the grim reality of loosing a bull hit me for the first time. Shot a stud yesterday morning in 10. Tracked him for about 1/2 mile until blood stopped and he walked through an area filled with tracks. Spent 7 hours gridding, tracking, and glassing. Nothing. This was a first for me and i feel guilty about losing meat. Im pretty sure it was a lethal shot so I decided he was my bull and not to shoot another. I actually had 4 other opportunities at other bulls after the fact but passed. Overall it was a tough but awesome hunt with the rut starting slow but they were going nuts the last couple of days. Passed on a lot of pretty good bulls but was holding out for a 350. Can't complain when i'm out in gods land fo 10+ days! Ill try to post a video of a bull that was teasing me while i was packing up camp Got within 15 yrds of him. Congrats to all those successful and good luck on the last day of archery and other hunts starting soon! Bugling_Bull_Unit_10.mov
  10. regisranger

    2018 Bugling Bulls

    Very spotty in 10. Luckily we've been on bugling bulls every morning. Called in 12 bulls thursday night.. no joke... opening day comes and they're call shy lol just the way it goes! They are going nuts at night and for two hours in the morning and evening. Hopefully this weather turns soon and it gets real good. It was 85 mid day. Goodluck to every one!!
  11. regisranger

    2018 elk rut

    Was in 10 a few days last week and this week. Heard a few bugles at sunrise and sunset. Glassed a herd of about 70-80 and watched two separate pairs of bulls sparring as well. Im thinking its going to be a good rut.
  12. regisranger

    Monsoon report

    Scouted 10 yesterday. Did not cover areas west of Ashfork but the last two weeks of rain has filled most tanks to the brim. Looks like there was some flooding as well. Forest was very green but there were also some dry areas that didn't get much rain. Bulls were looking very healthy overall. The roads were in great condition after a few days of high temps. Its looking good for early archery right now!
  13. Im familiar with 21. A lot of deer and quality bucks if you put the miles in. I'm not sure how it compares to 24b but from my experiences if you're looking to just fill a tag 21 is a good way to go. Look at previous threads. There is some good info.
  14. regisranger

    Colorado OTC Archery

    Great info!! In order to be successful in the CO OTC seasons a lot of miles on the boots are needed. I've hunted GMU 28,37, and 38 OTC archery there for the past 4 years and have been pretty successful. These are definitely not top tier units but I have seen some stud bulls in 28 and 37 in August/September. Key was getting far from any accessible roads. I like to hunt the high country at this time. Especially in areas where bulls aren't that vocal. You can glass them in the morning feeding above timberline then focus on an area where you know elk are. Its important to read the elk right. Ive noticed these OTC unit bulls will get pushed out of an area very quickly if you are too aggressive with calls. I think the deeper in the Backcountry you go, the more aggressive you can be. Im not saying that is unanimous for every area, its just what I have experienced. A great way to learn about this hunt would be to check out Born and Raised Outdoors on youtube. They hunted Colorado this past year and filmed everything about it from calling to relocating to new areas. They hunt in thick timber far from roads and are very aggressive with calls, which may not be my preference, but there is a lot to be learned from them. Its part of their Land of the Free series where they hunt Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, and Montana. PM me if you'd like some info on the units I described.
  15. I just opened one up and tested it out and the do float!