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  1. Does anyone have a windshield they'd like to part with? My half windshield does an awful job at keeping wind out of you face unless your 5'10" or shorter lol
  2. regisranger

    Sitka Jetstream Jacket- Moss SOLD

    Brand new with tags jetstream jacket. It is a Large. $250 Originally $350
  3. regisranger

    WTB 14' UTV trailer

    Thanks for all the input guys! I will definitely look into your recommendations! I appreciate all the info @HorseHunter provided! I am decently familiar with trailers. I have 3 right now but am selling my small utility trailer. I have a 12 footer that I use right now for my ranger but would like something a little longer to fit an Atv as well. My 12 footer is a jumping jack trailer and it’s a pain to load and unload a ranger off a deck that high. I think right now my mindset was on a used trailer as it might be a temporary solution. I Have a kaibab hunt and a Colorado hunt and really don’t want to haul the jumping jack to Colorado. Thanks guys!
  4. regisranger

    WTB 14' UTV trailer

    Hey! I'm in the market for a UTV/ utility trailer. Need it to be 14' long tandem axle with brakes. Would be interested to see what is out there. Not in a big rush to find one but looking for a solid rig. Would like to have one before the early Kaibab hunt. Thanks!
  5. regisranger

    Colorado Mule Deer options

    Yes, there are typically only otc for elk. Didn't dive deep in the regs this year so if there is otc for deer id imagine they are for whitetail or private land. I've done the early archery otc as well as otc rifle hunts. The archery otc hunts are very different than here in AZ unless you have access to private land. Fewer bugles, more remote terrain, and a ton more hunters. If you are willing to hike, you can backpack into some remote areas and find pockets of elk up in the alpine country. I went to college in CO and hunted the otc every year. Pulled one bull and a few bucks during the archery season. The otc rifle seasons definitely offer more opportunity in my opinion. Usually by third season the elk are moving out of the high country and you can find a lot of decent bulls in the transition zones. With season dates being later this year I could only imagine a better hunt unless there is abnormally hot weather keeping them up high. I hunt 3rd season for deer every year and we always run into hundreds of elk on that hunt.
  6. regisranger

    Hit the lottery

    I'm right there! My card was hit and I only put in for 12AW and I also drew a 4th season Colorado tag! Im going to try and swing both though! Good problems to have but of course the year i'm lucky i'm lucky twice haha
  7. regisranger

    Colorado Mule Deer options

    4th season for us! We hunt 3rd season there every year and took a gamble on 4th season. We didn't have a 100% draw odds but I was figuring a lot of people who had decent points would hold out for next year. From talking to friends out in CO, it seems as though those with fewer points dumped them for third season this year and those with higher saved for next years 4th season. I'm extremely curious how these new dates are going to effect management. Initial thoughts were that its going to hurt maturity, however i've heard pretty compelling arguments against it too. I guess time will tell, but i'm happy i have a 4th just in case it goes to shoot in the next few years!
  8. regisranger

    UTV Tires and Wheels

    TTT. wheels are sold
  9. regisranger

    UTV Tires and Wheels

    I have two sets of tires available and some wheels as well. 6- 30x10x14 Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Two are like new other for are about 60% tread Two of them have brand new plugs One comes with stock can am wheel $250 for all 6 4- 26x9x14 AMS Radial Pro Good tread. See pics $225 for 4 2 rzr wheels $45
  10. regisranger

    WTB UTV tires

    I have 29 inch rzr takeoffs. Ill pm you.
  11. regisranger

    Metal cutting and bending services

    Hey thanks guys . I'll give Ryan a call. I think you're right, but I've had plasma done on some other projects and I think I need a finer and cleaner cut. Might have to go that route for prototyping though! Thanks for the input.
  12. Do any of you guys know of any local business that specialize in laser cutting or water jetting but bending metal as well. Need some prototypes made for some products i'm making. They are relatively small (largest is 5x5) and thin (around 12 gauge steel) so even if you know anyone that has a garage operation should work. I've looked online and it seems like there are a lot of cutting shops but they won't bend as well and would like to avoid the hassle of making multiple stops. Thanks guys!
  13. regisranger

    WTB reliable UTV

    Thanks for the recommendation! Ive been looking at those too. Nice rig!
  14. regisranger

    WTB reliable UTV

    Hey guys, In the market for a reliable hunting UTV. Leaning towards a Polaris Ranger or Can Am Commander. Trying to stay in the 5-6k range . PM me if you have anything!
  15. regisranger

    Sitka Mountain Hauler 4000 Price Drop $300

    Sold. Forgot to update. Sorry!