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    Scammer alert

    Anyone asking to email someone these days is more than likely a scam. Have to be on your toes these days. Face to face or PayPal +3% seems to be best way.
  2. northAZarcher

    Vortex Kaibabs 15X56 $450

    Was trying to find the guy that got scammed in the Swarovski post. From what I recall, the dates look the same. Used 09 for the month too. Wonder I'd they deleted that post?
  3. northAZarcher

    Any suggestions for RV gate install

    I had a large seven-meter iron automatic gate Yeah, who talks in meters???? This is Merica!!!🤣
  4. northAZarcher

    Deer Season Approaching

    That could be dangerous also! Someone could mistake that for a cow elk!
  5. northAZarcher

    Prayers and....

    Same here. Wanted to buy one when I was young but a little voice keep telling me that's not a good idea. I liked going fast because I was young and dumb. Hopefully he pulls through. Hard to see kids injured or hurting.
  6. ***Sold*** Selling a Vortex crossfire 3-9x40 with dead hold bdc reticle and rings. It was on my coyote gun (AR) that had about 200 rounds down the tube. Has a few scratches. Most on the adjustment knobs. Glass is in good shape. Don't remember the brand of rings. I remembering them being Weaver, but not 100 percent positive. Good starter for youth rifle. $100 for both. Live in Flagstaff but will be traveling to the north valley of the 303 the 20th of this month.
  7. northAZarcher

    WTB Phoneskope case for Galaxy S8

    If you can't find one, buy the universal one they sell. I had to do that for a phone I have that they no longer carried. I'm getting ready to upgrade after almost 5 years and this will fit any phone. Might be worth it.
  8. northAZarcher

    6.5 saum brass in stock

    Just saw this with 27 in stock if you are looking for some. https://www.unknownmunitions.com/product/adg-brass/
  9. northAZarcher

    Unfired 6.5 Grendel upper 20” SS w/ammo & mags

    I'd be interested in the scope/mount if you spilt and would ship to flagstaff.
  10. northAZarcher


    How quickly are you moving? I would possibly purchase them but up in flagstaff. Trying to figure out a time frame that would work.
  11. northAZarcher


    Just a heads up, title says 4-16x44 and box says 4-16x50.
  12. northAZarcher

    WTB 6.5 saum brass

    Just bought some ADG 7 saum brass and they said some other calibers coming soon. Keep an eye out and maybe they might have some 6.5 saum. Think it's possible to neck the 7saum down to 6.5 saum? Might want to double check me on that but thinking it's possible. https://www.shoot-long.com/product/adg-7mm-saum-brass-50-ct-box-in-stock/
  13. They just had a post with GSP for sale. Look a few pages back and you should find it.
  14. northAZarcher

    Varget in stock

    Seen this at another site. I don't use it but seen many that do. https://www.ballisticproducts.com/mobile/Hodgdon-Varget-Extreme-Rifle-Powder-1-can/productinfo/081VARGET1/
  15. northAZarcher

    H1000 trade

    I've been looking for the post that put you in charge of the value of items for trades between members, can't seem to find....
  16. northAZarcher

    Only in 2021....

  17. northAZarcher


    I just got 4 pounds!!!! Sweet!!!!! Nah, JK!!!!
  18. northAZarcher


    I have a pound of CFE BLK I could trade for H1000. Up north so would have to figure out traveling at some point.
  19. northAZarcher

    Wtb or wtt 162 gr 7mm Hornady eld x

    Where are you located?
  20. northAZarcher

    6.5 Grendel

    If it's free, I'll take it!!!
  21. TRADED** I have a box of Hornady 6.5 eldx 143s **TRADED** Also have a sealed 1# of CFE BLK I'd trade for CFE 223. Would sell for $50 10 Hornady 6.5 CM 140 eldms. $20 Accubond 7mm 160 Grain - 36 bullets $30 I live in Flagstaff but will be in the north valley (Lake Pleasant/ Vistancia area). Leaving in a few hours back down south.
  22. northAZarcher

    WTT Powder for projectiles Now for sale as well

    Can't send you PMs. Must be full. I'll take the cfe 223
  23. northAZarcher

    IMR7828/7828SSC, Superformance, IMR4350, RL19, RL22, RL25

    I'll take the IMR 4350. Sending PM.