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    Possible scammer alert

    He wanted pic of your ID to use the the next scam
  2. B4Dan

    Swarovski EL Range TA

    That’s the one I got off of you, it’s makin it’s rounds
  3. B4Dan

    Christensen Arms 6.5 PRC

    Christensen Arms BA tactical 6.5 PRC, 1-8 twist, 26” carbon fiber barrel with break, carbon fiber stock, 66 rounds down the barrel. Have original box, will include 100, 210m primers, 1# retumbo or H1000, 100 143gr ELDX, lee dies, 14 factory 147 ELDM and 6 pieces of hornady brass, can’t find the rest of brass, I’ll keep looking. Will sale rifle without reloading supplies for $2000 or with reloading supplies for $2200, OBO. Will post pics later this afternoon. Send pm with any questions, no trades, will not ship, in PHX area. Thanks, Dan
  4. Just as title says, lookin too get 1 piece rail for Remington SA, prefer 0 MOA. thanks, Dan
  5. B4Dan

    6.5 PRC ammo

    It’s all sold
  6. B4Dan

    6.5 PRC ammo

    Hornady match 147gr ELDM, 8 boxes, 3 different lot numbers, $65 a box, that’s what I have into them, no trades, no shipping, meet up north PHX. Send PM for more info.
  7. B4Dan

    Berger 215 hybrid target

    Have 2 boxes, 250 ct, still wrapped in plastic. $200 each OBO. Will not ship, no trades, meet up in N PHX, send PM for any questions. Dan
  8. B4Dan

    300 PRC ammo

    Hornady precision hunter 212 gr ELDX, 6 boxes, 2 different lot numbers, $60 a box, that’s what I have into them, no trades, no shipping, meet up north PHX. Send PM for more info.
  9. B4Dan

    300 PRC ammo

    All sold.
  10. B4Dan

    6.5 PRC ammo

    All SPF
  11. B4Dan

    300 PRC ammo

    All SPF
  12. B4Dan

    Hornady 6.5 147

    Hornady 6.5, 147 gr, ELDM, 2 boxes, not gonna use, I have $100 into them, no trades, won’t ship, meet in north phx., send pm for any questions.
  13. B4Dan

    WTB McMillan LA stock

    Not sure if anyone has LA stock for sale, send PM with price and pic, not looking for anything particular, adjustable check rest is a must. Thanks
  14. B4Dan

    WTB McMillan LA stock

    Found one, thanks Anthony
  15. B4Dan

    AICS 300WM Mags

    2 AICS style mags for 300WM, 1 AICS, 1 accurate, $100, no trades PHX area, send PM for any questions.
  16. B4Dan

    AICS 300WM Mags

    To the top, $75
  17. B4Dan

    300 WM ammo

    56 rounds factory ammo, no trades, $100, PHX area, send PM for any questions
  18. B4Dan

    300 WM ammo

  19. B4Dan

    Nosler 300WM Brass

    Nosler Brass 300WM 25 pieces new still in plastic 16 pieces new in opened plastic 100+ pieces once fired reload brass 60 pieces once fired factory ammo $50, no trades, PHX area, send PM for any questions
  20. B4Dan

    Nosler 300WM Brass

  21. B4Dan

    Nosler 300WM Brass

    Waiting on gentleman to text me back, possibly SPF
  22. B4Dan

    AICS 2.0

  23. B4Dan

    300 PRC

    Mesa Precision Arms action, Summit Titanium, M-16 style extractor, side bolt release. Bartlein, carbon fiber 5R barrel, #13 varmint/sendero , 24”, 1-10”, 5/8-24 threaded. Manner carbon fiber stock, adjustable comb, multiple flush cups. Triggertech trigger set at 1.5lbs. Hawkins aluminum BDL bottom metal, Wyatts extended mag box. Hawkins precision LR Hybrid rings 30mm, .6” high. Rifle with rings weights around 7.25lbs. Axis Works built rifle last summer, only shot 20 rounds, not completely broken in yet, shot 3 cleaned, shot 3 cleaned so on. Used on elk hunt last fall, going different direction, will include 1 box of Hornady 210 ELDX. $3K, Won’t ship, No trades, N Phx/Scottsdale area. Send pm for more information or questions.
  24. Black and decker mower and weedwacker, 5-6 years old, not sure still works good. Tree trimmer not sure of brand, extends maybe to 10’ spreader, it’s seen better days maybe get 2 more years out of it. $50 for everything, putting fake grass down, NE PHX, send pm for any other?