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  1. Pat P

    WTB Swarovski 15x56's

    The member is "thehunt" https://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/profile/21828-thehunt/ Shame on me, lesson learned the hard way. I've started the conversation with local law enforcement about online fraud. I don't think anything will come of it.
  2. Pat P

    WTB Swarovski 15x56's

    I’d really like to be around $1500. Of course my preference would be HD, but I don’t know if that’s reasonable.
  3. Pat P

    WTB Swarovski 15x56's

    Well I thought I purchased a pair from a member that lives in NJ. I sent money orders feeling good about the transaction as he was communicative, responsive, and seemed legit. He verified the receipt of funds, and deposited the checks. Once he deposited, I never heard from him about shipping. I had to hound him via email for a response and he said they would be shipped the next day. They weren’t. I followed up many times and have gotten very little response back over the last two weeks. A week ago with no explanation of why he couldn’t ship them in the first place, he said he’d send me a refund instead. Now he’s not responding at all. I think it’s fraudulent and will be exploring how to deal with it if even possible. All of this to say that I’m again in the market for a local sale but my budget is a little lower. Thanks
  4. Pat P

    Swarovski 15x56 slc for sale

    Where are these located? Thanks
  5. Pat P

    Swarovski SLC 15x56

    Are these still available?
  6. Pat P

    WTB Swarovski 15x56's

    Thanks, I was out of town over the weekend and it looks like I missed out on those.
  7. Pat P

    WTB Swarovski 15x56's

    I’m in Gilbert, AZ.
  8. Pat P

    WTB Swarovski 15x56's

    Yes, I am still in the market. Thanks
  9. Pat P

    WTB Swarovski 15x56's

    Looking for a pair of 15x56's. What's out there under $2k?