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  1. Blacktail805

    Sig sauer kilo 2200 bdx rangefinder SOLD!!

    Where are you located?
  2. Blacktail805


    So I have one that some old-timer tried to wildcat the mashburn bee specs and it looks like it would never shoot due to the neck but he'll it's honestly the most accurate thing I own. Oh and it's on a martini action.
  3. Blacktail805

    Anyone else get a message from Campbell20?

    Got a message same thing
  4. Blacktail805

    WTB mystery ranch pack

    Looking to buy a mystery ranch beartooth 80. Figured I'd see if anyone had one they wanted to sell before I buy a new one. Has to be an XL frame. Thanks
  5. Blacktail805

    Reloading desk cleanup

    Any other 218 stuff you'd part with? Maybe some brass? Stuffs impossible to find.
  6. Blacktail805

    WTB bt99 or similar trap gun

    Don't have a gun for sale but sctp is probably one of the best organizations in the world and one of the best thing you could ever do for your kids. Rock on super dad! 🤘
  7. Blacktail805

    WTB 12g

    2 and 4 shot would be ideal. And the places I'm going shouldn't have any geese for atleast another month. And I meant cases but I'm more than open to buy a few boxes.
  8. Blacktail805

    WTB 12g

    Good evening. Looking for some 3" duck loads. If anyone has any left over or extra shells from last year. Not picky on brand or shot size. Figured I'd try here before buying a couple cases. Will be in the Phoenix area this weekend. Thanks
  9. Blacktail805

    218 bee

    I'll be in the Phoenix area next weekend any chance you'll be around? Rcbs dies?
  10. Blacktail805

    300 RUM Brass

    Could you text me? 805-264-7385
  11. Blacktail805

    218 bee dadt

    Happy Sunday! Does anyone on here have any 218 bee load data they'd care to share? Its a new cartridge to me that I don't know much about. Any and all info would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  12. Blacktail805

    218 bee

    Happy Sunday everyone! I just aquired a 218bee from a family member and was wondering if anyone on here had any brass or dies they would be willing to part with? Thanks in advance!