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  1. Epi610

    Sheridan Pellet Rifle C-Series $250

    After researching, I found that I can legally ship it...
  2. Epi610

    SOLD 30-06 Ammo REM Core Lokt $20

    All items spoken for, thx Happy New Year
  3. Four boxes, REM Core Lokt 30-06 3x180, 1x165 $20 each Tucson Also, .45 caliber bullets (projectiles not loaded ammo)-600 230gr fmj, 100 185 jhp, 300 185 gr SWC. 450 45acp cases in plastic ammo boxes, most sorted/deprimed/tumbled. $150obo
  4. Epi610

    WTB 7MM Rem Mag ammo

    If someone needs it for a hunt I have a box, Iā€™m in Tucson...
  5. Epi610

    Sheridan Pellet Rifle C-Series $250

    It does shoot šŸ™‚ hard too!
  6. Timeless, powerful and awesome pellet rifle. Based on E-Bay price should be right. For sale or trade. Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy holidays! $250obo FTF in Tucson or I researched I can ship it for $275 shipped
  7. Epi610


  8. Epi610


    Thank you, but just looking to include in a trade...
  9. Epi610

    $20 Camo pants

    Some other reloading stuff...
  10. Epi610

    ALL SOLD .223/.22LR Ammo Market Price?

    I have some of each type left. Please let me know what you are interested in. I live east side, work midtown. Thx
  11. Epi610

    ALL SOLD .223/.22LR Ammo Market Price?

    Sorry, not anytime soon.
  12. Epi610

    ALL SOLD .223/.22LR Ammo Market Price?

    Just get in touch with me when you come to Tucson, I will have 400 rounds for you šŸ‘