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  1. buddydog

    leupold mark 4

    Midway on sale $699
  2. buddydog

    leupold mark 4

    $800. ??????
  3. buddydog


    Awesome!!! Thanks 👍🤙
  4. buddydog


    Who makes this please?...
  5. buddydog


    Hopefully it's still available when down your way! I'll keep checking
  6. buddydog

    Is this archers paradox or bad form?

    Try shooting through paper. You may find its a problem with form, rest, fletching or spine
  7. buddydog

    AZ Unit 27 Bowhunting Outfitter?

    Check out Burnt Timber Outfitters
  8. buddydog

    Fluid intake?

    I like pedialyte to stay hydrated. And lots of water.
  9. buddydog

    Sako A7 Long range 7RM*SOLD*

    Wow, sweet rig!!
  10. buddydog

    4A Early Archery Help

    What Forlorn said!!
  11. buddydog

    Toyota Tires and Rims 18" 275/65

    Sounds a little steep!! Just giving you a hard time!!! Bump for a great guy!!
  12. buddydog

    Shed a teer

    Great to hear stories like this. Parents are lacking in many young lives. Awesome to hear he was a positive role in your life!!
  13. buddydog

    December 6a mule deer

    Awesome Tag!!!
  14. buddydog

    The power of water