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  1. Lightly used MagView Bino adapter (B1) New metal phone plate New plastic sizer ring for smaller objectives $70 shipped
  2. Hardly used, no stains. Marsupial padded case for BTX and 95MM Swarovski scope $80 shipped
  3. Andy

    Swarovski 15x56

  4. Andy

    Swarovski 15x56

    Used pair of non hd Swaro 15x56 One owner, great condition. Eyecups always kept on when not looking through them. Kept in case when not on tripod. I have the original box. Located in Roswell, NM but I’ve been a member here since 2006 when I lived in Mesa. $1500 shipped.
  5. Andy

    The I’ve been drawn for DEER thread

    Non resident. A buddy and I averaged 4 points. Drew either late December or November WT.
  6. I can’t tell you who to use but I can tell you I wouldn’t use A3. Had a bad experience with them on a late December hunt and the owners could care less.
  7. Andy

    SOLD WTS Leica geovid 15x56

    Sent a PM
  8. Andy

    Javelina hunt times

    If you could only pick one time of day to hunt for javelina what would it be and why? sun-up - 10am 10am -2pm 2pm - sunset
  9. Andy

    Who's HAM hunting?

    I’ll be in 29. Ruger .44 mag or hawker muzzleloader.
  10. Andy


    Would you sell just the btx?
  11. Let’s try 70 each or $130 for the pair