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Found 28 results

  1. Safariland 6378 holster for Glock 20/21 with or without light great condition $50 Sirui lightweight carbon fiber tripod, 1.8 lbs, 13” folded up to 54” extended, great condition. $65 SOLD Vortez Tactical 30mm medium rings, no scratches or dings, never mounted, great condition $50 SOLD Remington 525 rd brick 22lr $20 SOLD American Eagle full box .45 ACP, 23 gr ball, $25 SOLD 30-30 brass-unprimed Winchester, open bag but never used bag of 50 $25 SOLD 1 full box 6.5 Creedmoor 143 ELDX $40 SOLD 1 full box 6.5 PRC 143 ELDX $40 SOLD 1 unopened box of 100 Hornady 129 gr Interlock $20 SOLD I am in Phoenix/Ahwatukee near the 202 freeway, cash FTF
  2. Jordan Moser

    H4831, RCBS Press, WLRM Primers

    Selling/trading some supplies. Located in Gilbert at Queen Creek and Higley. I need Winchester Large Rifle (WLR) primers I will accept as trade for any of the items listed below. - H4831. (5) 1lb bottles. - SOLD - H4831SC. 8lb jug. $325 - sold pending funds - Hornady 6.5CM ELD-X - SOLD - Hornady 6.5PRC ELD-X- SOLD - RCBS Rebel reloading press. New in box. Also have a #4 shell holder still in package I will throw in if you want it. $150 - Winchester Large Mag rifle primers (WLRM). Not for sale, trade only. *Items shown in pictures but not listed above are sold.*
  3. KillerWhale

    6.5 Creedmore (SRP) Lapua brass

    I have 1 box of Lapua 6.5 Creedmoore (SRP) brass for sale for 100 dollars. Never been fired.
  4. curtis25

    .300win mag brass make offer

    hello i have some brass to sell 158 pcs 300win mag brass$100 obo plus shipping also have a set of rcbs dies almost new $30 and shipping i am in tucson thanks curtis 520-696-0834 obo .357 sold
  5. Guys, Moving to Texas, I have several 1000 rounds of assorted brass. Don't want to sort it or sell it individually. Looking for someone to give me a few bucks and take it away. Lots of .40 and .38 some 223, 06, 9mm, 3030 just mostly pick up stuff from teaching people to shoot. PM please
  6. I am looking to purchase some once fired 6.5 PRC brass. Shot my deer this year with a 6.5 PRC and instantly needed one. I know... perfect timing since the ammo is so easy to come by. I have been able to come up with all other components needed to start loading up some rounds and breaking in my barrel, except for brass. If anybody has any they are willing to part with let me know. Text at 6o2-82I-7738. Rich
  7. shortpants

    300wsm FC brass for sale

    I have 180 pieces of Federal brass for 300wsm for sale. $100. If I have to ship it add $15.
  8. DonkeyMan

    Brass and Bullets for sale

    Hello Horde, If the items below are still listed that means they are still available. Thanks for looking! Brass: 7MM Mag SOLD 67 pieces of once fired 7mm Mag Hornady brass $55 shipped SOLD 68 pieces of Winchester stamped 7mmMag brass $55 shipped SOLD 63 pieces of Federal stamped 7mm Mag brass $50 shipped SOLD 18 pieces Remington stamped 7mm mag brass SOLD 19 pieces PPU stamped 7mm mag brass SOLD ________________________________________________________ Lot price for all: $150 shipped. You pay goods and services ** BONUS: 26 pieces of Nickel Plated Winchester stamped 7mm mag brass, 18 pieces Remington stamped 7mm mag brass 19 pieces PPU stamped 7mm mag brass Free with lot purchase Brass: 212 pieces 6.5 Creedmoor Hornady once fired brass $100 shipped, you pay PayPal fees SOLD 208 pieces of 7mm-08 Hornady once fired brass $100 shipped, you pay PayPal fees SOLD Bullets: .308 168 gr Sierra Matching tipped: 1000 pieces available, $50 / box of 100 plus actual shipping or $450 for the lot plus shipping STILL AVAILABLE .257 115 Berger VLD Hunting: 1000 pieces available, $55 / box of 100 plus actual shipping or $500 for the lot plus shipping STILL AVAILABLE .284/7mm 145 Barnes LRX: 250 piece available, $45 / box of 50 plus actual shipping or $225 for the lot plus shipping SOLD Thanks Donkeyman
  9. 45/70 hunter

    Reloading supplies for sle

    For sale 275 rounds of 300 blackout brass 30.00, a set of Lee collet dies for 300 blackout 25.00, a new set of Lee pace setter dies for a 45/70 30.00, a set of Lee pacesetter dies for a 350 legend, a set of Lee carbide dies for a 45 auto 25.00, 250 rounds of 45 auto brass 25.00, a bag of 250 Hi Tek coated 230gr 45 auto cast bullets 40.00, 1# of Hodgdon CFE BLK powder 25.00
  10. I have 2 x 100 piece Norma 300 Win Mag Brass head stamped MAI. One bag has been opened but no brass was used. $115 per bag. Just trying to get back what I paid and I have the receipts if that makes a difference. Located in the White Mountains but I travel to the valley fairly often.
  11. KillerWhale

    300 PRC Lapua Brass NEEDED

    I have 300 PRC Hornady Trophy and Match ammo that I would like to trade for 300 PRC Lapua Brass. If you want to trade, please reach out to me. I live in the East Valley.
  12. Located in Phoenix, AZ Will ship if needed I have given my best guess at prices but am willing to accept any reasonable offers. 327 Casings 6.5 Creedmoor - $100 61 Casings 30.06 - $20 161 Casings 7mm-08 - $50
  13. keepontrekking


    Nosler ( 2 boxes of 50 count ) Brass for sale / trade new in the box. ----Nosler: $60.00 each or trade for Hornady 6.5 143 ELD-X projectiles
  14. I'm looking for somebody to buy all of this at one time unfortunately I don't have the time to sell it piece by piece if there's anybody out there with a few extra bucks in their pocket who's on covid quarantine willing to piece it out you can make a few bucks on it yourself it's stuff I don't use. I only reload for three rifles now. Please be fair in your pricing I live in waddell (Bethany & 175 ave) just come over and look at all of it make me an offer that I can't refuse. Thanks Pete VID_20210127_165311087.mp4
  15. Looking for 6.5 PRC Ammo, Brass & Dies Will buy or Trade I have some 7mm, 308, 7.62, 223/5.56 ammo to trade Brian 602-904-2132 Text me or PM me Good luck out there!
  16. Oso Verde

    Hornady 6.5 PRC Brass 1x fired

    I have 200 Hornady 6.5 PRC brass that are once fired. They were all factory 147 ELDM loads. $130.00 Thanks for looking.
  17. A friend just recently purchased a 300 win mag and I am looking for brass and dies so we can reload for it.
  18. 30-378shtr

    weatherby 30 378 brass

    have 67 pieces of mostly once fired Weatherby brass. $60 free shipping 30 pieces of new/once fired Norma brass for sale. $30 free shipping Or...$75 for all of it. Call or Text Shane 480-244-6574
  19. Due to avid reloader passing away. Everything must go! Unopened, sealed reload powder of all types, Primers, Brass, Projectiles. See attached PDF for list. Unfortunately no reload equipment. I purchased this from a dear widow who needed the money. I’m happy to break even. I am looking at selling the entire stock in one sale for $2,200. The safe is mine and not included in the sale. Only serious inquiries please. Included in sale is some reloaded bullets which can be used or broken down and reloaded if you wish. Either way I’m blowing this out. I want it all gone. Only serious inquiries please. $2,200 It might be easier if you provide your number and we can talk if you have questions. Thanks. Reload-Ammunition1 .pdf
  20. 200 pieces of Hornady 6.5 4S new in the box straight from GAP. Just came home from overseas and realized I bought multiple orders of the same thing and might have a bit too much on my hands. Good price if you know what this is. Opened box is the one I'm keeping. $175 shipped to your door.
  21. For Sale is a like new 300 Blackout pistol. Very low round count (20). Pistol comes with RCBS reloading dies, approximately 100 empty brass and 3 PMAGS, This IS NOT a suppressed weapon, it just has a cool looking flash hider on the barrel. The AIM Point sight IS NOT included in the sale. $700 Call or text 928-853-2119.
  22. LJSIII

    wtb .270 wsm brass

    I am looking for some .270wsm brass if anyone has some they would like to get rid off. Prefer Winchester but I am open to others if need be. Thanks.
  23. Up for sale is a Weatherby Vanguard. This is a 257 Weatherby mag. It is the original Vanguard and not the sub moa although this rifle does shoot sub moa. The trigger has been replaced with a Timney and is 10 times better than the factory trigger. RCBS full length dies 100 Norma Brass once fired. Some are loaded ammo Misc Bullets. The Bergers are a full box. Each of the other boxes are partial Rifle includes 1 piece Leupold base $525.00 Jeff Mesa/McKellips and Country Club area
  24. This isn't the prettiest rifle in the word but it shoots great. The stock has been refinished(by me many years ago) and is in good condition. The scope is a Tasco 8-32x44(I'm guessing on the objective). It has fine crosshairs and functions as it should but its no Swaro. For those not familiar, the scope mounts differently than most rifles. Its a weaver mount that mounts to the side of the receiver and not the top. It is a bit goofy by todays standards but works. Ammo includes 47 factory Remington rounds. 55 gr soft point 50 once reloaded empty brass Lee 222 Rem dies It really shoots great and would be a great first rifle for a kid or even a leave it behind the seat truck rifle. $250 FTF Jeff/ located in west mesa
  25. LJSIII

    .300 wsm brass

    I have recently aquired a .300 wsm and trying to find brass is a nightmare. If anyone has some brass they would be willing to part with I would be happy to purchase it. Thanks.