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  1. All this is for 270 win 69 new Remington brass One box 270 145 eldx precision hunters ammo 14 Hornady super performance 130 grain SST ammo 100 combined technology 130 grain ballistic silver tips projectiles only 92 accubond long range 150 grain 50 Barnes TSX boat tails 50 130 grain accubond 73 berger hunting 130 grain Bring some extra cash when you come by to get it I have a little extra powder and primer's. $200 Thanks Pete 602-931-1869
  2. I do not own a creedmoor anymore I have this leftover stuff from when I reloaded for it I am not going to break it in pieces just come by the whole package deal for your creedmoor. Bring some extra cash I have a lot of powder and primers don't have time to list at all and sell it by piece I'm going to sell them by lots by caliber of the guns I don't own anymore purely spring cleaning of the reloading room. 15 rounds of 129 grain interlock ammo 20 rounds Barnes vortex long range 127 grain 50 new Hornady brass 23 barnes boat tail 120 Gr 13 nosler partition 125 grain 26 Barnes TSX boat tail 39 accubond long range 129 grain Might have 100 primer to go with it. Hopefully one of you guys can use it Sold as one lot More cailpers to come $120 I'm in Waddell Thanks Pete Just call me if you want it I'm not going to ship it anywhere just come get it. 602-931-1869
  3. pete

    Les Baer 204 Ruger

    I have a les baer 204 Ruger with a 24-in bull barrel brand new gun 15 shots fired through it comes with a Leupold VXL 6.5x20x56 varmint reticle ammo to go with 200 rounds it. full asking price will get you a pound of h1000 and a pound of retumbo the powder will not be sold separately $3500 Thanks Pete
  4. I have two Yamaha Big Wheels I believe they are both 1986 is I have titles for both of them. I was trying to live vicariously through my kids and realized that I'm just a little too old to be playing on one of these. One is perfect the other one runs could use a back tire, carburetor I've pulled the carburetor apart and cleaned it it's just has a lot of gunk in it. It set for years but it does fire right up and run. If you know anything about them they're very hard to find. 5k for both Really like to sell them as a pair If you're interested give me a call 602-931-1869 thanks Pete in waddell
  5. pete

    rock creek 284 barrel

    it's 27" #5 contour it is not threaded it's cut for anything that shoots a 284 projectile
  6. pete

    rock creek 284 barrel

    I have a rock creek barrel for sale from a build that didnt happen .284 5r 8.7 twist crowned ,sporter contour ,stainless $280 ready to be cut for any action Thanks Pete in Waddell
  7. pete

    Youth Releases. Tru fire. FREE

    bring them bye when you come pickup those 25 boxes of 6.5 prc
  8. pete

    Youth Releases. Tru fire. FREE

    um hello 4 kids over here
  9. pete

    WTT for 9mm

    No it doesn't
  10. pete

    WTT for 9mm

    I have a XD 357 sig tactical all black comes with original box that had a holster and clip carrier clips are 12 round. Probably 40 rounds through it. Also comes with 300 rounds of ammo I believe 125 grn . What I'm looking for is the same set up in a 9mm not really stuck on any brand just a 9mm with ammo.
  11. pete

    ISO 38 super

  12. pete

    ISO 38 super

    Anyone have a 38 super for sale? Thanks Pete
  13. pete

    ? About les baer

    He doesn't make rifles anymore I don't believe I'm just looking for street value
  14. pete

    ? About les baer

    Anyone know the value of les baer rough idea In 308 6.5 grendel 204 I have an opportunity to pick one of the up with leupold vxlll lr 8.5x25x50 Can't find anything on value Thanks Pete
  15. pete

    2002 Toyota 4x4

    3.4 V6