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  1. pete


  2. I have a 11 ranger 800 with 5960 miles I got it from the original owner who is a buddy of mine we traded out some work for it Has a plastic windshield and a winch I put new tires and rims on it off a brand new one they were take offs it’s green in color it does need the plastic boot on the rear axle runs great stops great. Looking to get five grand or best offer text me for pictures or just call me 602-931-1869 thanks Pete
  3. pete

    Jim White Heads

    I have 2 used Jim White heads I bought one from Jim and another from another member. 235.00 a piece 450.00 for the pair
  4. pete


    Markings are from cabelas bargain cave. Good deal some better snatch these up.
  5. pete


    If you still have the case I will take it. thanks pete
  6. pete

    3 for 3 One day at a time

    Im trying to turn the pics
  7. 3 girls 3 junior elk tags 3 days to hunt 3 shots fired 3 elk at the meat locker = Happy dude(dad) Once again we were blessed to get 3 junior elks tags for our daughters in 23. So we loaded up Thursday and headed up. I kept telling myself this was going to be a lot of work but we had Abbey(15) Becca (12) Elizabeth (12) (twins) Cousin, Nephew, Brother, son, wife so I felt the help was there but still a lot of work. Opening morning Abbey chose to go with Josh and my wife and I was to take the twins. Bottom line if Josh is guiding you will get opportunity guaranteed. Well it happened early Abbey Shot her cow 250 yards by 7 am. I was so excited when I got the text but just as sad that I was standing next to her when she shot. In the end I'm happy for her although I'm selfish in my thoughts. So we headed back to the ranch to celebrate and take the rest of the day off and enjoy the time. Saturday we took the twins out , I found the elk again but there was a lot of pressure although nobody was banging away in that area there was a lot of people driving the roads. So we opted to go to another spot and low and behold on the way over their 5 cows crossed the road in front of us and we were able to get ahead of them pull over and make are way out in front of them and Elizabeth made her shot and the party was over. 100 yards at 7 am, so we took the rest of the day off to celebrate and just relax we did look in the evening but as far as I was concerned the pressure was off we had 2 elk down until those puppy eyes came to me and said Dad I sure hope I get a chance at one. I said challenge accepted. Sunday morning Abbey found the elk right by the house so Becca and I slipped in to them and they had back doored us down a thick haired over canyon so I blew 1 soft cow call and the bull responded right away so we had to move around to get the shot and was able to get set up fast and Becca sent one , although I had ear protection on I heard the thump but it didn't look like a great shot so we backed out for about 1.5 hours and came back in with help. I looked long and hard and could not find blood and Becca was really taking it hard then all of a sudden I smelled the smell of elk and I pulled a lighter out lit it up started following the scent and there she laid about 60 yards from the shot. 6:45 am 265 yards. I let out a yell that would curl your hair. Becca was very proud of her first elk heck all my girls were happy. But I have to tell you honestly there is nothing better for me to see it in their eyes. Passion just like me. I'm far from mister kill everything maybe 30 years ago I was But now to be able to take the kids out and watch them light up like a Christmas tree when they harvest makes all of it worth it. My wife and I are truly blessed and thank are lucky stars for the blessing's bestowed upon us all 4 of them. Thanks for the read and good luck out there, Pete
  8. pete

    Got tickted by azgf

    I had the game and fish get out a 4" book and hey read that occupied means owned. my 2 cents
  9. pete

    ISO Left Handed Rifle

    Well one of my twins(12) is left handed and has a junior elk coming up. She has been shooting right handed for years but the left eye dominant is finally taking control. She shot lights out today right handed but I could tell she wasn't comfortably. We are looking for a 270 plus up to 300 win mag with a brake preferably a 7mm is was she shoots now. I have plenty of good rifles if you want to trade but obviously mine are right handed. Thanks Pete
  10. pete

    CC Hit

    There might be hope. My card was hit today for 3 junior tags in which now I could careless if I get drawn because my 3 girls are going elk hunting this year. Sincerely, One happy dad
  11. pete


    You are right funny thing is I have berger's, sierra's hodgon and imr a manual scale and electric. But a for sure a little premature posting. I will get it all documented and posted. Thanks, Pete
  12. pete


    deleted Thanks, Pete
  13. Up for grabs the one and done rifle you need nothing else Remington 700 titanium 7 saum Short action ultra mag Muzzle brake 8.5x25x30 mm leupold long range scope cerakoted Talley rings super light I bought this from wilderness 1 (Jeff) years ago if you know him all his stuff is top shelf Dies and brass to go with it. gun shoots 150 gr accubond lr lights out .5 or better $2200 with scope $2199 with out scope NO TRADES I have multiple more to cut loose once these sell I will post more text me at 6029311869 Thanks, Pete Ps none of my rifles are safe queens they are all used in hunting Scratches and nicks very possible
  14. Next on the list Custom shop 300 weatherby custom brake, Kevlar stock this gun is a absolute shooter with 180 gr. Sircorro hand loads truth be told last time I shot this gun is was in the low .22-.30 group @100 I can put a scope on it or you can it comes with leupold bases and 30 mm rings dies and brass package deal only. $800 no trades please just text me 602-931-1869 thanks pete