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  1. pete

    CC Hit

    There might be hope. My card was hit today for 3 junior tags in which now I could careless if I get drawn because my 3 girls are going elk hunting this year. Sincerely, One happy dad
  2. pete


    You are right funny thing is I have berger's, sierra's hodgon and imr a manual scale and electric. But a for sure a little premature posting. I will get it all documented and posted. Thanks, Pete
  3. pete


    deleted Thanks, Pete
  4. Up for grabs the one and done rifle you need nothing else Remington 700 titanium 7 saum Short action ultra mag Muzzle brake 8.5x25x30 mm leupold long range scope cerakoted Talley rings super light I bought this from wilderness 1 (Jeff) years ago if you know him all his stuff is top shelf Dies and brass to go with it. gun shoots 150 gr accubond lr lights out .5 or better $2200 with scope $2199 with out scope NO TRADES I have multiple more to cut loose once these sell I will post more text me at 6029311869 Thanks, Pete Ps none of my rifles are safe queens they are all used in hunting Scratches and nicks very possible
  5. Next on the list Custom shop 300 weatherby custom brake, Kevlar stock this gun is a absolute shooter with 180 gr. Sircorro hand loads truth be told last time I shot this gun is was in the low .22-.30 group @100 I can put a scope on it or you can it comes with leupold bases and 30 mm rings dies and brass package deal only. $800 no trades please just text me 602-931-1869 thanks pete
  6. pete

    270 wsm Christensen arms

    I also have other calibers that I would sell if someone is interested Remington 700 300 weatherby Custom 257 weatherby Thompson encore 25-06 Browning 300 wsm Remington 700 7mm Just let me know you can text me at 602-931-1869 Thanks Pete
  7. 270 wsm with 24" carbon Christensen barrel on Remington 700 action It does have a custom stock not sure of the brand I'm the second owner. According to the original owner he had Christensen build it years ago he said he put 60 rounds down it and I have put 40-50 he also said he shot 160 nosler partition's at a .5 I found that with 130 accubonds from the factory federals loads shoot a .67 group at 100 that was good enough for me. It has a leupold 4.5x14x50x 30mm scope with target turrets with duplex mildot reticle. 30mm talley rings $1350 Thanks Pete
  8. As luck would have it I had the opportunity to do some bear hunting with the cousins last weekend. Combined my wife's cousin JW and I have killed over 20 bears in AZ between state land and the rez. Let me just say if it wasn't for the passion in are hearts I would sitting right under my ac unit at the house this time of year. It doesn't much matter where you go for bears in AZ, this time of year chances are it will be over 100 degree's sometime during the day of your bear hunt. And it was all that plus some you know it's hot when you are in the saguaro's and prickly pears for a bear hunt in August. Remember saguaro's do not grow over 3800' elevation. Between JW and I we have 8 kids in which 5 teenager's 2 preteen's and the newest hunter to the family a 1.5 year old. He has 4 and I have 4. As we get older are focus is certainly towards the kids getting out to hunt and us guiding them to success in all aspect in life. We started with looking up high 4500' plus and we located one bear opening day but are shooter was in school till 3 and wasn't arriving till that evening. Saturday was hot with no bears located. But we had the oldest teenager down in lower country and he spotted 2 bears. So I decided to move down to help him on Saturday evening. I found a nice black bear right at dark (as usual) with no chance to close the gap before time would run out. So we opted to go home and come back Sunday evening to get it done. So that was 3 we saw in the same area. We were able to close the gap Sunday evening to be in the heart of them and like clock work one bear showed up for the party. JW and his oldest were able to close the gap and get into shooting position I was watching from 1000 yards away on another ridge. I could see the bear and them in my bino's . Then boom and the bear just stood there then boom, boom, boom. The bear had enough and he booged up and move off to a deep canyon. the kid was heartbroken that he missed. So with about 15 min's of safe light left I started looking around and located what was to me a jumbo chocolate in the pears he was at 1124 yards and there was no way to close the gap in time but he was to be numero uno on the hit list. We called the bear line and unit was to close Weds. Between work for us and school for him we knew we were running out of time. I was able to get out Monday evening by myself and had a beautiful solid black one at 207 yards the only thing this bear was missing was about 150 pounds to match up the chocolate one I had saw. So I passed on him which is pretty hard to do. In my heart I really wanted the kid to get one first and I didn't want to booger it up in their. Finally the last evening of the hunt Weds we all were able to get in position for another evening And as luck would have it the same bear he missed came back out and the boy took it as a personal mission to seal the deal on that bear. He glassed it up him self then stalked it and was able to harvest that bear that evening at 150 yards with us old guy's watching . It was like passing the torch off or kung fu master when you snatch the pebbles from my hand it will be time for you to leave. Some of you older reader's will get this. 17 years old and pretty much did it on his own . He originally found the bears ,his dad and I where just their for back up. Now if you have ever taken a bear in the evening with no roads in sight you know how the REST OF THE STORY GO'S needless to say we arrived home around 1:30 am. And again I was happy too be part of it. And for the 350# chocolate I saw well my chocolate addiction will carry on. Thanks for the read, Pete
  9. pete


    Just call the house 623-328-8128 when you get time. Thanks, Pete
  11. pete

    Girl power 3 for 3

    Well the kids and us made it home today and the first thing on the agenda in the Thomas family is to thank everyone that was involved again then reap the award from the fruits of are labor. On the menu tonight was freshly trimmed back strap and tenderloins from each animal harvested. I must say there is know better satisfaction as a husband and father than serving up FRESH CLEAN (key word) meat from the field like our for fathers did. It's hard for most to grasp that the way we did it this weekend is the way it's been done longer in this world than way more convenient way done today. I feel like maybe I was born 100 year's to late. Moral of this little soap box is enjoy the time you have with your family and cherish it in what ever it is that you enjoy doing with you loved one's. Get a plan and make life happen. As far as the Thomas sixpac enjoying the great outdoors with each other works for the best family medicine. Thanks for the read, Pete Glossary: Fresh meat--- Organic meat taken right out of God's grocery store.
  12. pete

    Girl power 3 for 3

    My buddy had to point out something. If you look at the second pic Elizabeth the not so wanting to hunt one is wearing a Bambi shirt that say's love and peace on it. The irony!!
  13. pete

    Girl power 3 for 3

    My wife and I spent are 16th anniversary on Friday in a hunting blind trying for 3 mule deer for are 3 daughters the twins (10 years old) and Abbey are 13 year old. Well as luck would have it we were successful in filling all three tags. I have been fortunate enough to harvest many any in my years on earth with a lot of excitement doing so but nothing compares to watching are kids harvest a animal, their first to boot. I think that all of are hopes are that are children carry on these passions through their lives too. I know in my heart that 2 of the girls are hooked and the third one well she not so into it which I total except. But a least she knows now that is her right as a American. And as the left side fights to ban weapons and hunting when she is old enough to vote she will always vote to keep this going. Since she's a big fan of hamburgers we had all of her deer ground. I have to admit our cup runneth over with my children for my wife and I. What a great experience and a life long memory for the for all of us. I think I'll take the cake on this one. My excitement could be heard from miles away according to my wife after they harvested their animals. I hope we can do it again soon. Abbey shot a beautiful 4x3 Elizabeth shot a 150 2/8 3x3 And Rebecca shot a toad 4x4 it grosses 190 2/8
  14. I will also include: Dies and brass for the 257W -270wsm -6.5 CM -300w but not to be sold separately nothing for the 25-06 always just shot factory 7mm goodies stay with me I have 3 other 7mm's