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  1. pete

    ISO Golf Cart

    Looking for a old beater golf cart for my 14 year old twins to terrorize the neighborhood in. 3 wheel or 4, gas or electric would be willing to trade a nice hunting rifle for it. no projects. Thanks Pete
  2. pete

    Good luck to u kiddos

    Tomorrow all the kiddos are going to embark on a venture that they will remember for the rest of their life whether they harvest or not. All you mom’s and dad’s and grandparents take the time to enjoy the time with your kids because it goes by fast. Have fun be safe God bless all you.
  3. pete

    Tessa’s bull

    Congratulations to Tessa and you. They say there are better things in life but sharing and passing on the passion for the outdoors to your children is at the top of the list for sure.
  4. pete

    Big D strikes again

    My son Dalton (affectionately called big D) drew an early rifle bull tag for the first time in his seventeen years on this earth. With a bear , cow elk, javelina , and coues buck under his belt he was ready for the big leagues according to him. I was able to get to camp 2 days prior to do some follow up scouting to lock a bull in be it being a limited opportunity hunt. My brother and I found some bulls that would push 310-320 so we sent him the pictures while he was in school and he's reply was dad I would shoot anything one of those. Thursday big d and his 2 cousin's 14-19 years old skipped school to be their early to scout the day and we found the one Thursday morning that he wanted to shoot. With the bull as far as we were concerned tied to a tree we were ready. Thursday evening we stayed out so we didn't bugger anything up in the mean time momma and my twins and one of the girl friends and another of Dalton's buddy showed up to help. That's right I had to figure out how to get this done with count them 7 teenagers um yikes. Opening morning came early for the kids as I rang the bell at 4am but to my surprise they all popped out of bed ready and willing. We all headed into to strategic positions with Dalton and Jacob with me and the rest to glass. My phone vibrates at 6:15 its my brother " I found him" And its a different bull one we hadn't seen before I look back tell the boys it's go time but the bull is on the other side of the fence by couple hundred yards not are unit. Well lets call so we did and brought him to within 10 yards of the fence but the bull I think knew what the fence represented. Finally he just turned around and walked off . According to some other hunters that were watching us they said the bull seen me when a was raking trees and calling. So we called the morning hunt with intentions that we would get him in the evening. Fast forward to the evening hunt my buddy (lionhunter on coues) showed up to help and we all went back to look for him with thousands of dollars worth of optics staring into the country were he was we saw nada and night fell with a long face Dalton was a little bummed. I said the morning hunt will prevail. Saturday morning back to the same spot with again alot of high dollar glass staring into the mountain's nothing. What the heck so Saturday midday during the heat we had some cameras on some water holes 4-5 miles south of the spot so we checked them and that bull was on one of them Friday night. Saturday evening hunt just changed up with relocating everyone into different locations again with lots of glass looking my wife calls and she found him and he was in unhunt able country thick and flat my dad would call it 30-30 hunting. Dalton and Jacob go after him while lionhunter and I stay back and the boys get within 15 yards with no shot so I told them to back out and we would get him in the morning in the meantime Lionhunter has a beautiful 6x6 320ish at 45 yards from him as he slipped off the backside of the hill to glass in which we had some pictures of that bull and Dalton said he would love to shoot that one. So onto Sunday morning everyone set up again we started calling and A bull responded not knowing which bull at this point we didn't care we ran right at him and ended up past him by about 100 yard so we started calling which he responded but I think he caught are wind and be boogied out of their. My phone vibrated and my my wife found him again within 5 minutes so we preceded to chase him around in the flat thick stuff for 2 hours with no luck and ended up calling of the morning hunt so we didn't spread to much scent in their. Sunday evening Lionhunter, the nephews and Trent had to get home for family so its just me and big D with the girls ,wife and brother on the glass for us. Again my phone vibrated and the wife has found the bull again this time he is close the some open country but in the same area. So Dalton and I slipped into the area with the wind in are face and the bull in front of us somewhere we started to call with no response I let out 2 or 3 bugles over a 5 minute span with nothing so switched to cow calls and the bull lit up and he was pretty close so I stayed on the cow call and set Big d up about 75 yards in front of me as the bull came in to are left I noticed that he couldn't see him and with ear protection in I couldn't get my boys attention so I started to chuck a pebble at him when I seen him lift he gun up and reposition it towards the bull. My view was impaired by trees but I could see the bull's legs as I'm watching the bull the gun goes off and the bull just walks off about 20 yards and stops so back to chucking pebbles so he could shoot again as I reared back throw I heard the gun eject and another bullet get loaded and when I looked back over at the bull he just tipped over. Dalton jumped up and threw his hand's in the air and ran for me for the biggest hug that a dad could get. I was so emotional at this point words can't explain. We had did it we hugged again and talked about the shot it only being 100 yards he said with the bipod he felt it was a perfect shot so we walked down the hill to look for the bull and there it was folded up like a lawn chair. He was so friggin excited and me too. So I called the wife and they couldn't' hear the shot and she's answer's "what up" my reply Turn out the light's the party is over. She holler's out he did it and I could hear the girls and my brother hooting and hollering. The best part was once i looked on my map on my phone to see how to get them to us we ended up being about 75 yards off another road so they came right to us. The end result was good family medicine for us spending time in the woods with the kids doing what we love enjoying the outdoors of America. Thanks for the read, Pete
  5. pete

    2007 f450

    Sorry should have been more clear edited
  6. pete

    2007 f450

    I have a 2007 f450 work truck 2nd owner 232k 6.0 Diesel New injectors and ficm at around 202k 12' utility bed with locking boxes 19.5 tires in great shape We bought a new one and kept for a spare that essentially never was used. Currently the ac blow warm that is the only issue. Has been serviced regularly. 6500.00
  7. Funds did not come through back on the market
  8. Give ??? Have you gone left on me???
  9. New truck is here boys and girls I need to cut this one loose
  10. pete

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    My cup runneth over. I have 4 teenagers 13-17 and they all drew tags Late Coues for my son and I 3 coues tags for my daughters Early rifle bull for my son and I = One happy dad
  11. Sold Sold Sold 1999 f-250 xlt 7.3 diesel 184k Brand new: nitto ridge grappler bilstein 5100 shocks leveling kit. icp ipr cps blue tooth stereo and speakers runs great for 21 years of life everything works as it should. I picked it up from a buddy of mine’s dad who was in a jam currently it has a lumber rack and a auxiliary fuel tank and toolbox on it I’ll throw in for the right deal. I was going to use it to tow around my bobcat and grade tractor with a dump trailer but I really need a Dually. 10,500 without rack and toolbox obo In Waddell Thanks, Pete six 02-931-1869
  12. pete

    Wanted - 25-06 for my son and daughters

    I have a 25-06 Thompson pro hunter in camo Thumbhole stock with big Nikon on it i could let go of. Pm if interested pete
  13. I have a 11 ranger 800 with 5960 miles I got it from the original owner who is a buddy of mine we traded out some work for it Has a plastic windshield and a winch I put new tires and rims on it off a brand new one they were take offs it’s green in color it does need the plastic boot on the rear axle runs great stops great. Looking to get five grand or best offer text me for pictures or just call me 602-931-1869 thanks Pete