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  1. sorry about that, just added the price...
  2. MME

    WTB 7mm Remington Magnum Ammo

    If you're interested, have a couple of partial boxes of premium ammo I tried, and didn't work great in my rifle. I just load my own ammo for 7RM now. I have 22 rounds for $40 as follows: - Barnes VOR-TX LR (139gr LRX bullet) partial box of 12 rounds with remaining brass - Federal Premium (140gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw bullet) partial box of 10 rounds with remaining brass Located in Queen Creek PM me if interested thanks, Mike
  3. prices lowered on pillow packs
  4. MME

    SOLD- Varget 8lb jug

    $380 - One fresh 8lb jug of Varget, unopened and stored inside.
  5. MME

    ISO 30-06 Super 165gr sst ammo

    Not sure if this would work for you, but I have Hornady 165gr BTSP Light Magnum (Predecessor to Hornady Superformance ammo) $40/box 20 $20/ partial box 10 with remaining brass
  6. MME


    PM sent
  7. Sorry, I forgot the price... Post is updated.
  8. Hoppe's Elite and M-Pro 7 cleaning solvents and oils. Hoppe's Elite Foaming Bore Cleaner (4oz bottles) - 6 bottles for $30 or case of 24 bottles for $80 Hoppe's Elite Gun Cleaner (7.5cc pillow packs) - $40/case of 1000 (253 oz total) Hoppe's Elite Gun Oil w/T3 (2.0cc pillow packs) - $40/case of 2000 (135 oz total) M-Pro 7 gun cleaner (7.5cc pillow packs) - $40/case of 1000 (253 oz total) M-Pro 7 gun oil with LPX (2.0cc pillow packs) - $40/case of 2000 (135 oz total) Located in Queen Creek
  9. SOLD Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x32mm Matte 1'' Duplex Handgun Scope #67825. This is one of the best handgun scopes on the market. Eye relief was a bit too much for my application. Excellent used condition, clear glass, slight indications of prior mounting with rings. No box or manual. $525 pickup in Queen Creek - Can ship for additional $25. Located in Queen Creek