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  1. BugleChaser

    Hit the lottery

    Wait till your portal updates and you got that unit 36 tag because you transposed a hunt number ...but seriously, congrats!
  2. BugleChaser

    Wyoming draw results

    Not drawn, but only put in for a couple good antelope units, so really didn't expect to score.
  3. dang! I missed the Cowboys requirement in the post LOL...thanks again and great meeting you!
  4. BugleChaser

    WTB Electric Clothes Washer

    One again looking here first based on excellent past results. Looking for reliable washer in decent condition. Does not have to be latest and greatest, just a good unit at a good price. Let me know if you have something - East Valley preferred. 4808610603
  5. BugleChaser

    Glock 22 Gen 3

    If this is still available, please send pics. 4808610603
  6. BugleChaser

    WTB 4x4 Truck Prob Diesel

    Made a deal with Buckskinmule today! Thanks John and thanks to everyone that commented.
  7. BugleChaser

    Scam Account - Herry beware

    Same BS
  8. BugleChaser

    WTB 4x4 Truck Prob Diesel

    Thanks for all the offers and feedback everyone. I do truly appreciate them. Two things are going on that's stopped me from doing anything yet. One is that everyone is asking above KBB for their trucks - some by a lot. I realize diesels hold their value more, etc., but it's still a mental issue for me LOL. The other, and probably more important. thing is I was anticipating a family financial decision was going to be made yesterday and the info to make that decision is now pushed to Friday. I still have everyone's info that responded, so we'll see what Friday brings and follow up....thanks again.
  9. BugleChaser

    WTB 4x4 Truck Prob Diesel

    That’s probably on the outside edge of year and mileage, but if the price was right and no big issues, it might be a contender. Feel free to reach out tomorrow 4808610603 Bill
  10. BugleChaser

    WTB 4x4 Truck Prob Diesel

    I've had great luck with sellers on this forum, so thought I'd take a shot here. I'm looking for a unicorn possibly LOL. 3/4 or 1-ton 4WD without high miles or breaking the bank. Year not too important and bumps and bruises ok, but must be reliable (no major issues), clean title and not a ton of miles. Absolutely must be under $30k, much less would be better. If you've got something that fits, message me and thanks in advance.
  11. BugleChaser

    Free stuff

    PM sent.
  12. BugleChaser

    Wts cva Optum

    Nice gun! I have two 😳
  13. BugleChaser

    FS *** 2011 Ram 2500 Mega Cab 4WD ***

    You mean Longhorn? The choices are SLT, Laramie or Laramie Longhorn.
  14. BugleChaser

    FS *** 2011 Ram 2500 Mega Cab 4WD ***

    What trim level?