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  1. BugleChaser

    ISO 2024 Big Game Hunts

    Hi all, I'm an AZ resident looking for 2024 out of state opportunities. Can spend a bit, but not interested in $3k+ per person hunts + tags, etc. Looking for high opportunity situations for my kids and I with trophy quality being of almost zero importance. Not interested in bonus point games. OTC opportunities only! What's out there?
  2. BugleChaser

    Ravin R29 Crossbow plus extras $1700 OBO

    See private message
  3. Do you know if this works with the totally smooth surface bags that come pre-sealed at one end?
  4. BugleChaser

    Want to join me on this DIY Coues hunt?

    Way more information
  5. BugleChaser

    Ravin R10 crossbow

    Excellent xbow - shoots great and no issues after 2-years of use!
  6. BugleChaser

    Hunting clothes - several items

    What waist size are the pants?
  7. BugleChaser

    Trade fridge for ammo

    How many 12g do you want for the trade and are regular field loads (dove) ok?
  8. BugleChaser

    Glock 21

    PM sent
  9. BugleChaser

    Own a piece of history

    Spent a few drunken stopovers there back in the day!
  10. BugleChaser

    Hit the lottery

    Wait till your portal updates and you got that unit 36 tag because you transposed a hunt number ...but seriously, congrats!
  11. BugleChaser

    Wyoming draw results

    Not drawn, but only put in for a couple good antelope units, so really didn't expect to score.
  12. dang! I missed the Cowboys requirement in the post LOL...thanks again and great meeting you!