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  1. BugleChaser

    Free stuff

    PM sent,,,
  2. New or, preferably, used Ranger as described in the title wanted - cash deal - ready to buy!
  3. BugleChaser

    cage traps for sale

    Do they come with instructions on when, where, how?
  4. BugleChaser

    Hunt guidlines

    Hated to see this happen when it was my preferred area (3a/c), so I’ll be consistent and say I’m not in favor of this unit or any more either.
  5. BugleChaser

    PSE Tac 10 Crossbow for sale

    Sending a PM
  6. BugleChaser

    Wife & I drew ML elk :)

    Yup, branch out! Not go to a whole different tree in a different woods
  7. BugleChaser

    Wife & I drew ML elk :)

    Most likely antlerless in 3B in October. I've spent a lot of time in 3A/3C, but this will be the first time in 3B. Figured we had to branch out a bit since it's getting so hard to draw anything in 3A/3C.
  8. BugleChaser

    Home Improvement Items - Flooring and Faucets

    Interested in the faucets. Sending PM.
  9. BugleChaser

    camo clothes and other apparel

    Text sent.
  10. Was on vacation and main refrigerator died. Had to throw out a bunch of food and now need to replace the fridge. Anyone have an extra?
  11. BugleChaser

    Bighorn Picture

    TJ, I'll take it and let you know when I'll pick it up...Bill
  12. So, I want to know, did the OP draw 12a or 3a/c?
  13. May be interested in joining in depending on specific draw results. Not sure yet which unit we drew.
  14. BugleChaser


    TJ, if you're friend doesn't take it let me know as I may be interested. You've got my number...Bill
  15. BugleChaser

    FREE firewood and fence block

    I will take the block if still available