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  1. AZ402

    LH Rem 700 KS

    PM sent...
  2. AZ402


    I sent you a PM...
  3. AZ402

    One pistol ( Rifle has Sold)

    Rifle has been sold.
  4. AZ402

    One pistol ( Rifle has Sold)

    Sounds Good, keep me posted
  5. AZ402

    One pistol ( Rifle has Sold)

    It would look great in your safe Delw!
  6. AZ402

    One pistol ( Rifle has Sold)

    I'm willing to travel a little, lol.
  7. Ruger 25/06, tang style safety, bull barrel, it has been bedded, shoots great. $400.00 Springfield XD, .40cal. Round count is roughly 200. It just sits, needs a new home. $400.00
  8. T church, is ok to text or do you prefer a call?
  9. T church, is ok to text or do you prefer a call?
  10. Ha,Sorry man, it'll be a few weeks before I can get down that far south.
  11. I'm in Cottonwood. I might be in Phoenix this Saturday.
  12. Ruger .25-06, medium heavy barrel, old style ruger adjustable trigger. Professionally bedded by a local Smith. Shoots 100gr Barnes TTXS lights out. Has a few marks but functions perfectly,450.00 (SPF).Mathews DXT, 28in Draw, 60/70lbs. Ready to hunt, Spott Hogg 5 pin sights. Mathews fall away rest, Mathews quiver, stabilizer, 350.00 Mathews Black Max 2, 28in Draw, 60/70lb. Newer Vapor Trail string and cables. Mathews quiver, Mathews fall away rest. Older technology but still very fast, 200.00.
  13. AZ402

    Nephew's first javelina.

    My nephew Angelo was able to get it done on the last day of the youth hunt. His first one.
  14. My 11 year old Brasen was able to take his first big game animal this past December. My wife had a third season tag and could only hunt the first weekend. We didn't see anything to exciting the first 3 days. She then signed the tag to Brasen and we hunted the last three days. We weren't going to be terribly picky. Late Saturday morning we picked his buck up bedded under a cedar. We snuck into 300yds, it was a little western but he got it done on a really cool buck.