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  1. AZ402

    Easton A/C/C Shafts

  2. AZ402

    Easton A/C/C Shafts

    I have 5 dozen, unopened packs of A/C/C's. 2 dozen 3-49/390. 2 dozen 3-39/440 and 1 dozen 3-60/340. 120.00 per dozen or 575.00 for all of them.
  3. AZ402

    LH Rem 700 KS

    PM sent...
  4. AZ402


    I sent you a PM...
  5. AZ402

    One pistol ( Rifle has Sold)

    Rifle has been sold.
  6. AZ402

    One pistol ( Rifle has Sold)

    Sounds Good, keep me posted
  7. AZ402

    One pistol ( Rifle has Sold)

    It would look great in your safe Delw!
  8. AZ402

    One pistol ( Rifle has Sold)

    I'm willing to travel a little, lol.
  9. Ruger 25/06, tang style safety, bull barrel, it has been bedded, shoots great. $400.00 Springfield XD, .40cal. Round count is roughly 200. It just sits, needs a new home. $400.00
  10. T church, is ok to text or do you prefer a call?
  11. T church, is ok to text or do you prefer a call?
  12. Ha,Sorry man, it'll be a few weeks before I can get down that far south.
  13. I'm in Cottonwood. I might be in Phoenix this Saturday.
  14. Ruger .25-06, medium heavy barrel, old style ruger adjustable trigger. Professionally bedded by a local Smith. Shoots 100gr Barnes TTXS lights out. Has a few marks but functions perfectly,450.00 (SPF).Mathews DXT, 28in Draw, 60/70lbs. Ready to hunt, Spott Hogg 5 pin sights. Mathews fall away rest, Mathews quiver, stabilizer, 350.00 Mathews Black Max 2, 28in Draw, 60/70lb. Newer Vapor Trail string and cables. Mathews quiver, Mathews fall away rest. Older technology but still very fast, 200.00.