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  1. Delw

    Suppressed 300 blk

    it was bill 2728 in 2012
  2. Delw

    Suppressed 300 blk

    They are happened about 5-7 years ago. Suppressors, and no mag limits if I recall was at the same time.. still need to get the IR and thermos imaging legal stuff legal for yotes or what ever else you can hunt at night legal. full auto weapons even those with select fire CANNOT BE USED.
  3. Delw

    Suppressed 300 blk

    I'm building one specifically for hunting Mainly yotes. why did you say you cant hunt with it? suppressors are legal to hunt with in A.Z.
  4. Delw

    Car Jacking

    But FACT remains He didnt so there is no sense in Talking about it or giving the guy crap about it. The would of ,could of , should of crap is for cry babies. Be careful cause one of these days you can be in a position were you could be arrested for something you COULD OF done.
  5. Delw

    Solo kaibab Bison Hunt with help

    Congrats, you defiantly put in some time for that well deserved.
  6. Delw

    Current conditions - Perfect timing

    WOW. I headed up there for a rifle hunt many years ago. when I left phoenix a storm ws moving in 2 days before the hunt started. when I got to the hill DPS was closing the road(like around 10pm) he wouldnt let me pass even though he was just starting too. so I backed up went to the 220 dirt road covered in snow, put the chains on the front of the toyota and drove that road, which was parrelled him. he was yelling and waveing and I just ignored him. 4-5 hours later I made it to my camp(normally a 1/2 hour drive from there tops). I had the whole place to myself till about noon opening day was awum. by sat Dad, wife and friends showed up they left on friday had to go through ferdonia to get there where i was. we all had a good time, most hunters started coming on the monday.
  7. Delw

    Car Jacking

    watched the vid thanks for posting it. the guy they interviewed seemed like a pretty level headed honest guy. he did what he needed to at the time. he wasnt cocky or saying I should have killed him or any bullshit like that. People like that are hard to find. wish him all the best.
  8. Delw

    270 win barrel life

    Could be a ton of things. just doubt the barrel. usually the shooter, the load I am assuming you reload. if not more than likely your cause. could be a scope loose or just a junk scope, loose action in the stock., the rest your shooting off of etc etc theres a host of things it could be. you should probably be more specifc, like what type of rifle, how old, what type of ammo
  9. Delw

    270 win barrel life

    on a 270 never heard that before. on a .243 never heard that one either. I have a a few .243s with well over 2-3k fired through them. one of them still shoots one hole groups old ruger varmit m77r. the others just sit in the safe. only barrles I ever shot out were a .300 win mag in 40xb ( I bought it used) put maybe 1500-2000 rounds in it. the other was my 22-250 easily 5k through each barrel was on its 3rd barrel when I traded it. I dont run hot loads through any of them just a tad below max. all my rifles are p-dog guns and we used to shoot the crap out of them in the 80's and 90's. my guess is you got some copper fowling in that firearm. when I got the .243 mentioned above it wouldnt shoot under 1.750" buddy suggest I soak the barrel with sweets and brush the crap out of it and repeat a few times. like I said shot and shoots 1 hole groups since then. one of the most accurate guns I have. with the exception of my .223 bdl varmint
  10. Delw

    6a early archery

    Ok twit whatever you say. it was going that way. figured by his 3rd post he would have been asking for starting spots "of coarse not honey holes"
  11. Delw

    6a early archery

    dang dude YOU BOTH have 18 weekends before that hunt. and you need to ask for help? neither one of you should be escouting. Not to mention your friend is lazy if he is relying on someone else to help him on a hunt, he should just donate his tag to a military deal, I met a guy that got one and who was missing a leg and scouted more than your friend did and BY himself..... and I'm not talking truck scouting either, the MAN was actually walking around...... Imagine that At least wait till 2 weeks before the season so you dont look like TOTAL fools
  12. Delw

    Lake Pleasant Striper Guides

    2nd for the hook up guide service, They have some nice big boats. so if you dont listen to that Butt monkey above , at least listen to me
  13. Tourny fishing has been on the chopping block since the late 80's. It more than likely wont happen but some nutjobs are still pushing it. Peta was hitting up the local elementary school here in AZ around the late 90's early 2000's. got some pictures somewhere around here of there little protest. they even dressed up in fish costumes. They tried to get the bann on some of the FLW/B.A.S.S. tournies here a few times as well. quite hilarious cause the Patch pirates(tourny fishermen) cut themselves in the throat trying to appease these idiots, by hitting up game and fish for different rules and laws regarding Bass Fishing. to the best of my knowledge none of them were used( Thanks to the fisheries dept of AZG&F) The yote hunting contest bann, will more than likely take effect sometime soon even friendly ones. I am also betting they will put a season on them in the next few years and maybe a limit again to appease the wackjobs. Like most fools when someone asks for alot the opposing party will say well what about if we give you this...then it snowballs. a few reasons other than the fact we have too many liberials /anti hunters here in AZ. a firearm is involved... Thats EVIL you Kill them....... Thats Terrible you dont eat them...... thats a waste people have to start telling these people just to F'off instead of trying to have a "Conversation" with them. They wont stop until they get everything they want and they will take it little by little. You will never change the mind of someone who doesnt like hunting/ fishing or killing animals for keeping there numbers down. so why talk to them.
  14. it doesnt suprise me. I am betting they learned that trick from the maricopa county park system. we had a bunch of friends get together for a fishing Deal maybe 20 of us one cold windy morning think it was after Thanks giving. The county bitch at Lake pleasant wanted me to serve time. came down to the law that wasnt written. basically if 2 guys even in the same boat fish for even a dollar its a crime. I got that in Writting. one because the public wasnt invited and its Gambling. funny this was the smaller one, usually we threw a road trip that had 100-175 boats in it LMAO oh the fun times.