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  1. Delw


    Naw had to miss that, I have to be at work really early and got off late tonight. if it goes onto this weekend I'm going to call and see if I can get assigned seats
  2. Delw

    two tone Rolex Daytona

    you can see the china cough is over and the spammers are back at work.
  3. Delw

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Dude the Virus stuff was so yesterday. MIL went into the hospital yesterday afternoon, cause she thought she was having a heart attack. 1st thing they did was scan her lungs and do a covid test. doc said she has phonomia (sp). shes like WTF are you talking about I cam her for a heart attack. I'm not sick and havent been. her test came out negative meaning she doesn't have it. then they put her in a reg room and started looking for the heart issue.
  4. Delw


    My favorite of past riots .. guess we thought about it the same time lol
  5. seems to be getting pretty nasty everywhere again.
  6. Delw

    Chevlon canyon lake

    I remember the guys witht he wheel barrle, one guy used to bring a modified wagon. Wife and I used to go there in the early 80s to late80's all the time. You by chance dont remember the crazy fox that would follow people down, then hang around to follow someone going back up, then follow people down again. funniest thing I ever saw he never walked up or down the hill alone was like a pet dog. he would come right up to you for pets but would get a tad skiddish and back off at the last min.
  7. Delw

    Duramax Diesel Mechanic or Parts

    Cahunter we got that one on ours as well from a gm mechanic plus it was cheaper from what he said. Our filter housing cracked and was leaking.
  8. Delw

    Would you vote for Sheriff Joe?

    I dont think I ever edited any of my post, even for spelling. talk to The liberal Stanly or some other forum Nazi.
  9. Delw

    Would you vote for Sheriff Joe?

    you know what if you take "wetback " as a racial slur for Mexicans your a part of the problem unless of course you are here Illegally then I would understand your resentment . not to mention your a Susan that gets his feelings hurts to easily.
  10. Delw

    Shore fishing San Diego today

    Daughter said they were at one of the beachs by Oceanside last week and saw a bunch of big rays
  11. Delw

    Gunwerks law suit

    oh forgot to add the reason this is getting so much publicity about anti banks is due to the gun crowd. they choose to over look that a gun business can screw up. if it was a regular machine shop this wouldnt be a story
  12. Delw

    Would you vote for Sheriff Joe?

    And our infamous board of supervisors. I can name a few. one got shot in the butt and another one died recently
  13. Delw

    Gunwerks law suit

    Spot on! Only thing I have to add is that doesn't make any difference what a manufacture sells there stuff for if people buy it more power to them. You can look at machine tools and see that all day long. better marketing higher price.
  14. Delw

    Would you vote for Sheriff Joe?

    I'm and equal opportunity Racist
  15. Delw

    Duramax Diesel Mechanic or Parts

    The recall was kinda secret and kept very quiet to most. we took our 2004 in for an oil change and a valve cover gasket leak and the service manager called us and said hey were changing injectors and the instrument cluster due to a recall. mine was 3-5 years past the recall also. I got lucky and it was free of charge I guess cause I knew the service manager. I think we brought ours in back in 2015 when it got changed