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  1. Migs are cool, saw 2 that defected into Misawa Japan when I was a young kid. Dont remember the exact model. I sure do miss seeing the F-4 Phantoms taking off those things were loud and SUPER fast
  2. I sure do miss living on a base close to a runway., Always told my Daughter that when she was growing up. over the years it was ya I know dad you lived close to a runway. now she calls me and goes Dad listen to this.. marine F35's tacking off or landing and always the Helo's since shes on the runway almost everyday. couple of weeks before Christmas they took her out on one of her Hueys she works on. She's hooked talking about going to school to become and officer and maybe a huey pilot.
  3. Delw

    caught stealing tree stand pics!

    You guys are slipping, I thoguth for sure someone would have done berni with the power line buck by Now. I been trying to but I suck and dont have the software.
  4. Thats cool, we used to see them on the north rim all the time in certain canyons. youd hear one then look and see one or to more coming with out sound until it passed you then BOOM. coolest feeling ever. theres a canyon north of wickenburg they fly low too
  5. Delw

    Sliding Patio Door Glass?

    In betting your going to tell us where on your next post Spammer
  6. Congrats, thats really cool and with a bow too
  7. Delw

    HR 5717

    I sure am glad that I sold all my ammo and firearms last year after that terrible boating accident that took most of everything I had. ;)
  8. Delw

    HR 5717

    Its an old bill jan of 2020 it was introduced, march and june 2020 they were still playing with it.
  9. Delw

    Unsealed powder

    I have a few old cans as well and I still think/hope I have an old 700x 8 or 10 lbs black glossy keg that looked like an old bean can(the round rings on it) with the yellow label still on it. from the late 60's. remember the old cans that were square and short with the metal lid? those were cool but they took up to much room on store shelves so the made them thin and tall.
  10. Delw

    Ammo/reloading prices

    Thats a pretty good deal, but I dont know anything about wolf primers $21.33 per thousand. I bet the go up to $40 per 1000 easy
  11. Delw

    Tag transfer question for anyone with experience.

    Thats cool. he should do fine. only warning I have is kids dont know when to quit. meaning your going to hang around them the whole time and you dont have the energy that kids have. I mean they will hunt all day long and not rest then the next day and the next day. your going to be dragging no matter how good of shape your in. I do recommend you give them some survival techniques so to speak. cause you will get split up. at the age of 8-9 my Daughters were were carrying a 22 pistol and extra mags a knife lighter space blanket 50# feet of paracord in her day pack obviously water too., teach them to keep an eye out on landmarks and show them the roads on a map and those landmarks compared to where you are. tell them to walk a straight line and not walk in circles. also teach them to drive cause if your out in the booneys and something happens to you your kid is screwed. you dont need to tell the wife cause they just get nervous and bitchy about them by themselves having a knife and pistol.. also tell them how to make a makeshift cover to stay dry and warm if they do get lost. tech them tokeep and eye on fence lines also as they can follow one if they get disorientated. My wife about $hit bricks when she found out our kid was going on hikes while I doozed off, or that I let them drive on dirt roads when they can barley reach the pedals(we always hid the keys in a place outside the truck just incase or give them a set of extra keys) and them them have a pistol and knife in there backpack. at a young age. Maybe because they were daughters I dont know. but the kids will tell them by mistake or it will slip out the Wives always find out. I dont mean to have your kid lie to there mom just dont offer any information thats unless asked. Also remember celphones dont always work in the woods so dont rely on them. the next 7 years of your life is going to be the most fun ever with your kid out in the field. to the point where when they dont hunt with you its boring.
  12. Delw

    Tag transfer question for anyone with experience.

    I knew it was legal cause we did it with our kids, but grandpa and The Warden never got drawn. but I got drawn alot for elk and lopes so I passed mine to them. then I read the rules and didnt see it I was like WTF. reread them slowly and saw the OR . One thing I didnt know/ paid attention too was the 50 yard rule as my kid would take off and go hunting while I enjoyed a nap, or she would walk for ever up and down canyons that I wouldnt hike cause as she said "I was too old." now that the kids are all grown up I will be able to pull the trigger or release the bow on something providing I get drawn. even if you get drawn pass all your tags to your kids, that the most fun hunting EVER.. we always put in the kids Separate gives a better chance of getting a tag. I passed over 1 lope tag 2 north rim deer tags 12b and 13a and 1 late rifle bull unit 9 tag and 3 early unit 8 archery bull tags to our kids. best thing I ever did in my entire life.
  13. Delw

    Portal/bonus PTS. missing

    I see a lope tag in someones near future
  14. Delw

    Tag transfer question for anyone with experience.

    100% legal and its spelled out as such.
  15. not likely. a non sighted barrel would be far easier then have the holes drilled. you will probably have to still run a finish reamer in there for the gages or worse case skin the barrel face. The Remington take offs and barrel replacement was always easier cause you just surface ground the barrel lug for fit or find one a tad bigger