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  1. Delw

    No more shopping at Trader Joes

    I generally give everyone the benefit of doubt. but after the 1st 5 months these people are f'n nuts. They(people in government including the CDC) contradict themselves on every newscast there on. masks then 2masks, disinfect everything after anyone touchs it,, then earlier this year we are told its not needed (cdc). social distancing but ok to crowd during protest and voting. the AIRPORT MEME above says it all and shows how stupid most of these recommendations are. it doesnt really effect me cause I dont go anywhere except to work and home and its just Me my Wife and Son. I have no problem wearing a mask if thats what the business wants. its there business they own it and its not up to me to tell someone how to run there business.. Just like I dont want someone coming into my business and telling me what I should or shouldn't do. For anyone that thinks this covid stuff isnt blown out of proportion by a bunch of wannabe feel good politicians can - and probably will - eat a whole bag of wieners. And when I say a bag, I don't mean black ones so there's only a few in there, I mean Asian ones. They're smaller and there will be a lot of them in a bag.
  2. Delw

    No more shopping at Trader Joes

    That is so true!
  3. Delw

    Daughter's first Tom

    HuntnTat2 Those are the coolest pics ive seen on most websites in a long time. That 1st pic her face says it all. the colors are fantastic. the pic of them sitting on the edge of canyon must be a girl thing, my Daughter had me taking pictures of her on every canyon we saw while hunting together. Congrats she will remember that hunt for a long long time.
  4. Delw

    Winchester 12 Guage

    picture says MOD
  5. Delw

    COVID Vaccine Info

    The covid shots are what happens when liberials cram and create a political health crisis down peoples throat. the more I been watching this china cough is no worse than that swine flue or h1a1 what ever that crap was called a bunch of years ago. That killed alot of people too but it wasnt plastered all over the news media like the china cough is. Wife and Anthony got there second one yesterday. Anthony is pretty sick wifes pretty tired and getting sick. They slept at home all day today.
  6. Delw

    Slimey Hitchhiker

    Even sucks worse when your night fishing
  7. Delw

    Fish tournament

    No didnt have to, the cops that busted one group at pleasant did
  8. Delw

    went out shed hunting with the kids

    Yes it is, Claudias Favorite place in the State of Az. every time she comes back from base we go there even if its for half a day. That pic was taken from sycamore canyon look out, during hunting season we hunt those canyons on the west side from JD Dam to that point and get a ride back to our truck. Lots of bear and coues in there as well as some big muleys and elk. couple of times we have started just south of elk tank and ended up at that point. long rough hike but quite fun even for an old guy like me. this is another view of that area west about 10 miles as the crow flies, about 25 miles walking wise. The 1st pic we actually hike down to the bottom from our camp which was about 5 miles, then came up the other side through the canyon behind her and up just before it got to cliffy. Lots of caves stuff down there as well as a few sheds. just dont be down there when the monsoon is going as its not fun no where to get HIGH fast.
  9. Delw

    Fish tournament

    I dont know any personally here in AZ, have seen them at lake pleasant and sag when I was fishing back then. mostly they were illegals spearing Bass and anything else that was swimming. me personally I have nothing against spear fishing even for Bass and trout but thats illegal I guess. On a side note I was looking at the pics on azfamily this morning they even had the elusive blue cooler in a few of those pics.
  10. Delw

    went out shed hunting with the kids

    I'm thinking 350" plus Seriously I have no idea what it is. too big to be a fox, doesnt match any of my fox mounts. maybe a Javelina?
  11. Daughter and one of Friends came to AZ from Camp Pendleton for some shed hunting and Easter. They got in 1:30 am sat morning, we left at around 9am looked for sheds tried to call in yotes then ate dinner in Williams and got back to PHX at 1:30 am just beat tired/ We towed her Jeep up north unhooked it and they took off looking for sheds. one guy was coming out of the area we were going. come to find out we both go to the exact same ridge, so we turned around and went elsewhere. They hiked around the edge of Sycamore canyon both sides about , I went to call yotes, no luck for either of us, She didnt go home empty handed she found another cool skull, we have a huge collection of them that she finds all the time. didnt see one elk deer yote squirrel nothing. then we got into the snow and saw maybe 200-300 elk all laying in the snow drifts. Lots of people Camping, looked like opening weekend of archery deer, some were shed hunting some were just enjoying a nice easter weekend. J.D Dam Was packed. Had a good time as usual tiring as crap but well worth it, spending time with Her and she loves unit 8.
  12. Delw

    Fish tournament

    Good news they got rid of 1000+ lbs of useless fish. Bad news they dumped it in the city. should have taken it out to the desert way out there. But thats spearchucker tournies for you there not the brightest bulbs in the book.
  13. Delw

    Which Name?

    You already have the logo, now just figure out the name. "Bullseye Pest Control" Pluggin Holes Pest Control NDBF Pest Control aka Needle dick bug fk'rs
  14. Delw

    Motivate Ducey

    dang Just saw the news, Bidens playing with fire all in the Name of a "Public Health Crisis"
  15. Delw

    Which Name?

    Skirts and Heels Pest Control