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  1. Delw

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    I remember those days, back in selaha and the weenas valley buddy of mine use to bail alfalfa late 70s. on the small lots we would just use a trailer and hooks. 3 guys one guy driving, one guy picking up bails from the ground and passing to the guy on the trailer. I was on the trailer one cutting, buddy grabbed bail on ground swung it around, I sunk hooks into it with a rattler wrapped into it. nothing you an do, your in motion and its too late. you have a hooked 80-90lb 3 wire bale and your facing a snake face to face and your mind doesn't think to let go of the hooks that fast. not to mention the momentum of the bale hitting your body midsection to swing it around and stack it on the pile. when its all figured out by your brain you drop everything and scream like a bitch and no one has a clue whats going on. later he got a harrow bed that made it much better the good times back then.
  2. Delw

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    seen a ton of Rattle snakes, caught a ton of Rattle snakes. I hate them, got bit once but didn't puncture, was snow on the ground in some spots up by castle creek quail hunting. think was sunning on the rocks bit my pant leg and got stuck. put the .410 up against his head and shot him off. 2 times bear hunting. buddy and I were walking , he goes dont step on the snakes( as in plural) so I did. it was just getting warm out we were 1 mile from the truck in heavy manzinita. he took a stick and shoed one away held the other one down and we ran like heck to a boulder and stayed the till dark. best one ever was on the 4 peaks road going towards mount ord bear huntng again(on the top) driving through a reveine that you couldn't open your doors and ac blowing and windows down little toyota 4x4. I hear this loud hissing. said shoot punctured a tire. buddy goes stop i'll look out the window. rolled it down stuck his head out the window hitting the side of the reviene, yelling no tires good whats that hissing noise. just pops his head back in window and a snake is looking at him face to face 3/4 of the way up the ravine maybe 2 foot away at the most. he literally shoot his self. youngest daughter looks for them , shes never found one. I havent seen one in 15 years unless I was driving or in a boat. I finannly got to the point were I wasnt worried about them. then 4 years ago we were out archery deer hunting in unit 8, cold and rainy. guys on the side of the road, we asked he if needed a hand. he goes No just looking for rattlers. I laughed said its too cold. he goes nope got one al ready when the sun comes breaks the clouds they will be everywhere. he worked for USF&W service doing a research on them. when we got back home I bought cots never slept on the ground again up there.
  3. Delw

    Canada Bear hunt

    Ok let me get this straight... Your a trucker driver and Black i can understand, but I have never known any Black Mob guys, Ive known Black Gang Members but never a Black MOB guy. That is cool!!!!! Cant wait for the book should be really good
  4. Delw

    Canada Bear hunt

    dang Bob kinda old to be on your period aren't you Late bloomer? try some midol after those long nights
  5. Delw

    Pics from Perkinsville/ Drake roads 03/28/2019

    Great pics my favorite part of the state, not counting north rim ;)
  6. We'll on the bright side you can always give her a broom and tell her to get in the Kitchen were she belongs ;) seriously kids are kids, dont force them to do anything they dont want to do. I been fortunate with our 2 girls, we had some problems where kids would pick on them thats life. we just told them kick there butt and dont back down from them. when I say WE it was my wife who said it 1st. we would back them up 100% from the school bullshit if it followed and if you got suspended you wouldnt be in trouble from us. 3 weeks later she clocked the kid, kid went crying like a bitch. called into the office and I laughed said good for her . that will teach HIM from picking on girls. Same deal with our other other daughter. told her from day one stand up for your self. dont take shoot from anyone and we will back her up 100% if she didnt start it. problem is , is that bullying policy at school. they got these kids so pussy whipped its ridiculous, they get suspended for being picked on ( you know everyone gets the participation trophy deal.) our boy on the other hand has Downsyndrom he has never been picked on at school, never been made fun of at school. when someone attempts to all his friends back him up. when he 1st started in school I was always worried that he would be picked on or teased and it never happened. kids are pretty cool.
  7. Delw

    Where Am I?

    I think those re the mattezell mnts in the background with the snow. if you click the full image you can see the sheer cliffs. that would be on the west side. I am thinking pine mountain area or north where the picture was taken.
  8. Thanks for that link. he made it look simple
  9. Delw

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Just got back from tempe a few mins ago there was a break in the clouds and south mountain ws covered in snow about 3/4 the way up. couldnt see the very top as there was clouds . It was cool as shoot to see. I think I only remember south mountain having snow on it maybe 3-4 times since 82
  10. Ive seen a few up around mt trumble on the north rim. thought I was seeing things. went back to the truck got regs legal to shoot, called the thing back in and missed.
  11. Delw

    Kids and ATVs

    Every kid is different. only thing you can do is take them out every time you go out and let them play around. our 1st daughter as the age of 7 was putting our bass boat on the trailer and off the trailer on crowded summer days during fishing tournies etc etc. one shot deal never had an issue. heck she did it for a bunch of buddies as well when they fished solo. if she could have backed a trailer up it would have saved a ton of us alot of walking back down to the ramp. ;) Kids do some pretty cool things at any age you just have to let them try it. youll know if they can or cant as time goes on. take them out and let them run the dirt roads in the truck. I always let my kids drive as soon as we were on dirt roads from a very early age. My Dad used to take our son out all the time on his quad, dad would let our son drive it and he did good. for a 10 year old with downs syndrome thats pretty cool even The Warden wanted to get him a quad to drive around on out in the desert if I could have gotten a remote hook up to kill the motor. when you feel they are old enough let them try in an area that has alot of sand, like a big river wash. but you have to make sure you take them out and let them drive it with you on the back for a while.
  12. Delw

    Do we really need a border wall?

    No it started with country music, when people started listening to Rock they didnt want to do alcohol or drugs cause life was good then. country music = "yeee haw lets go f some pigs"
  13. Delw

    Arrow tree

    Not necessarily could have been injun's lots of injun's in those parts I saw some pictures of it Im thinking back in the late 80's early 90's.
  14. Delw

    Unit 21 herd

    Didnt a bunch of them off of bloody basin road(east side of freeway on the mesa after the creek) get shot and left to die back in the mid 90's? if I recall it was almost a dozen of them.
  15. theres 2 parts to this. #1 everyone wants to sell there stuff for just under new cost saving the tax they say., but when the same person wants to buy something they want it at 50% of new cost. #2 the other problem is most people bought guns when the looney toons were in office and they expect the prices to stay the same. good example is ruger #1's they still make them why would I buy a used one for 100 bucks less than the price of a new one?, ruger 77rs people ar selling them used for 600 and up they aint worth more than $400 same with the older Remington 700 bdl's, 1100 shotguns glock pistols etc etc. they are generic guns, now if your talking a nice winchester old school 101, 1960's and early 70's era Charles daily O/U, or a pre 64 winchester even a older revolver thats a different story. I dont bitch about prices, if I like the gun i'll buy it. as far as the younger generation its of no interest to them unless it is Tactical or black. (with the exception of Longshooter he likes them if there Black ;) ;)