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  1. Delw

    Obscure Places With Great Taxidermy in AZ

    the Kirkland bar and Steakhouse. Thats Larrys uncle, he has a ton of mounts in that place. we (kid and I) have eaten there a few times awsum food. well worth the trip especially if there still open as last year it was forsale. should be eating there in a few weeks when archery deer season opens again. added link https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/arizona/az-remote-restaurant-kirkland/
  2. cool story lamrith here a pretty good write up on building your own suppressor the legal way. he used to have some more info on his forum as well .https://www.cncguns.com/projects/22silencer.html
  3. Delw

    WTS Reloading presses

    WOW I havent seen one of those red topped lymans in forever. I have 2 and use them alot for depriming and sizing different cals, never have to change or reset dies. free bump
  4. Delw

    Horny Toads

    We see a bunch up north in unit 8 on the tops of the canyons<never seen them in the bottoms. for abour 8-10 years I hadnt seen one. kid finds them all the time when were out to the point she is bored with them. never see them more than a 4-5 inches long since the 80's found a few in 20c bunchs in crown king and 6a About those frogs in the back yard. dont know about holbrook where you from but back in the 80's after a good couple of monsoons we would hear those all the time around 67th and peoria. once alot of people started moving in we never heard them again. I was told they are those baby colorado toads? by one of the neighbors.
  5. Delw

    Seeking East Valley Machine Shop

    It would be easier if you used a smaller sized adapter than turnign the crank. Like matty said turning the crank is a pain in the butt. and its not needed. plus you will have to take the crank out. and those ends are hardened they are not soft so grinding is almost the only way. have a machine shop make a smaller diameter adapter for the crank end. of goto mcmastercarr.com and buy a sleeve/ bushing to match.
  6. Delw

    Expectations vs Reality

    Keep the reloading gear and your hobbies. Kids never stopped my wife and I from doing what we liked to do., we took them with us. our second kid has some major health issues and also has down syndrome. we adjusted around it. still didnt stop us from doing what we did. we took him everywhere with us. he couldnt walk till he was 4 or 5 just carried him everywhere. deer hunting duck hunting etc etc. he enjoyed the crap out of it. at 4 months out 1st daughter spent 2 weeks out in 12awest with us camping under a tarp and bow hunting with me. wife read a book at camp. when I wasnt working I would be at home reloading with the kids in the garage. they loved that stuff. Wife and I had different shifts when I worked days she went to nights and went I went to nights she went to days. one of us always was with out kids 24/7. I never understood why people get all worried about having kids and not being able to do the things they like to do. you can still do them you just bring them along. kid and I used to duck quail and yote hunt all the time. either by me carrying her in her carseat or in a pack. she was like 6-8 months old and called in her 1st fox sitting in her car seat on the big burm off the side of bell road toward the whitetanks. yelling kitty kitty, she called in a bobcat when she was around 3 or 4 Gave her the call and let her make noise. The boy was a little more difficult but we still managed. once we got over that stage of" is it safe" you gotta live , when you have kids you live through there eyes and tahts the coolest part. you will find time to do things you like. luckly my wife is cool and didnt mind, have friends that once they had kids there wifes changed everything. all those guys are divorced, mostly the guys fault the wifes are still cool. . I'm still married 35+ years later with 3 awsum kids that have done everything I have done. I wont fish hunt, reload shooting or go out scouting with at least one of them. Besides taking the kid out hunting with you will give your wife break Delw
  7. 2 pigs tags to turkey tags for me and the kid
  8. Delw

    How is YOUR coldbore?

    Shoot brings up a good point. but there are a ton of variables that are involved. cold bores are generally taken to mean cleaned firearms. been shooting pdogs for years an thousands and thousands of rounds. a cold bore will be off a tad how much depends on the firearm, how old or new the barrels is etc etc and believe it or not the shooter. my hunting firearms I go to do a 3-10 shot zero so to speak to make sure nothing changed, then I dont clean the barrel until the season is finished. my yote guns I clean maybe every 10-20 trips. if you clean the barrels on them you have a huge chance at that cold shot being out alot over 500 yards even 300 yards in some cases. if your gun shoots a cold bore that far out where your missing your target at 200 yards and you know its the firearm time for a rebarrel or junk the gun. off hand shooting its definately the shooter not the fire arm unless its really worn out. what few people dont realize its mostly the shooter in most cases on a fresh shot. your body and mind just int ready for the shot, you jump flinch etc etc. even experienced shooters need a few shots to warm up the body and be mentally able to get the shot. I have buddies that clean there rifle after every 5 shots. they have worked up loads in there firearms to minimize cold shots and to know exactly where the rifle will hit at with a clean bore and what to expect will happen with shots 2 -3 etc. the worst cold shot caliber I have ever seen was a varmit 25-06 in both a ruger and a Remington. both shot the same on cold bores using moly bullets. both were broken in the exact same way by the same guy. he hated those firearms thats why I own them. Best thing to do is dont clean the barrel after you sight in until your hunt is finished as far as the mind just shoot alot. to see if your firearm is a sucker for cold shots. clean it shoot it then shoot it alot and dont clean it go out another time and shoot it with out cleaning it you will be surprised. There was a great Article by Rick Jamison around the late 80's about thisl
  9. Delw

    AZ unit 7 Mule Deer

    Better start scouting, you should have when you knew what tag you got drawn for.
  10. Delw

    Spring results

    Kid and I got drawn for 2 of these (2 $50 charges) with only hunters ed bonus points will be the last hunt together for 4 years or more, unless she gets stationed in AZ. was going to put in for buff but her ship date got changed and didnt want to loose a ton of money. rifle bear rifle pig shotgun turkey. more than likely a pig and turkey tag as I cant see a 6b spring bear tag with only 5 tags in each unit, but hey stranger things have happened
  11. Delw

    Thoughts On A Shotgun: Keep or Sell?

    Just After 911 I sold a shitpot (more than 75) of firearms to make life easier and pay off some bills. The ones I sold were ones I bought just generic stuff I had to have barrett and mc millian 50's some custom one I built all my ak's, sks's most of my ar's and a ton of bolt guns bunch of pistols including my contenders in super14 with a ton of barrels.. ones I kept anything I got as a gift( dad and I always bought each other 3-5 guns a year) ,, all shotguns, ruger #1's and all my old stuff I bought as a kid. for the last 5-8 years I been trying to buy back the firearms Ive sold or ones like it. next to impossible. I did get a pair of 10" ruger mkII bull barrel ss and blued pistols. Spur of them moment deal at cabelas on a barrett 50, but backed out on my way back with the cash, just couldnt buy something for 3 times the priced that I got mine for. and yet still had to buy optics. its hard to spend money on guns you once had its just not the same once there gone. Most of my guys are safe queen anyhow except of the yote guns and a few of the O/U shotguns we use for quail.. some guns are fun to shoot but most are fun to just look at and know you have them when you want to shoot them. My winchester 101 I bought new in the 80's never fired a round through it until about 5 years ago went and shot skeet with my Daughter with it to see how it compared to the baretta
  12. Delw

    Thoughts On A Shotgun: Keep or Sell?

    Thats a nice looking Shotgun. gotta luv them with Hammers
  13. Delw

    Thoughts On A Shotgun: Keep or Sell?

    Keep it , best years they made them was up to 72, then they went to crap. but yt were still good. I dont believe the action is sloppy all 1100's had slop. I have quite a few of them and used them for tournment skeet for 20+ years never had a issue except the oring busting every now and then, even the gas rings re still org. if you went to sell it then decided you wanted another one, your going to be disappointed with anything newer. and the price of good condition ones are pretty high. How bad of condition is it? mind showing pics?, that would make a slight difference in selling it, however you can buy wood for those in really good shape online. forarms are generally the pcs that split cause people tighten the nut way to tight . proper way is to tighten nut till it stops clicking back off 2-3 clicks and your good.
  14. to those people that do, They can suck it ;) Call anywhere and anytime you want, your more than likely to call in more deer/pigs elk than you think. I use high pitched calls. Lighting jack is a decent one. even though everyone and there brother uses it, it still calls in yotes. anything with a high pitch will get them coming in. I havent had luck with low pitch calls, but thats just me. the fox in distress is a great call also. just remember high pitch calls. We have foxpro we use when bow huntign yotes, for shotguns or rifles I prefer mouth calls. if your down south your going to get lots of foxs so be on your toes. BTW we called in lots of yotes over in wenas , american forks below chinook pass we called in a few lion as well as greenwater area.(im sure you know those areas up in Wa.) all with the circe 3 in one call on the high pitch one
  15. Delw

    Mountain Lion

    surprised you didn't grab that "Cougars" butt