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  1. Delw

    Advice wanted - crazy gun sale

    And make sure you ask How much to buy the gun back after all he isnt sing it anymore. Stay the f'k away Shes a liberial and hates guns, she is going to blame you and put a guilt trip on you. Dont talk to her at all. if she persists block her phone number. if there was a problem the cops would have gotten ahold of you by now.
  2. Delw

    Outdoor Writer Tony Mandile

    CoronaVirus? he did have a time share in mexico maybe he went there to get his roof done?
  3. It got expensive the Day my Daughter go into it. but she bought all her own stuff. think hunting arrows are expensive try easton x-10's looks like they came down in price a hundred or so in the last 3-4 years. I like gold tips there supper accurate, havent shot them my self but daughter has about 6 dozen of them at the house.. I shoot FMJs as I dont like Carbon arrows there good enough for me and hunting. one thing while most think they can fletch it takes time to learn the technique and good tools are a must, not the cheesy plastic ones either. most factory fletched arrows from the main suppliers are way better than a guy can do with his own tools at home. Unless of course you have experience in fletching and shoot lots of arrows.
  4. Delw

    Two men's rings

    You know you might want to hit up longshooter, he and Trphyhntr were looking for mens rings
  5. Delw

    AZ Meteorite

    I read earllier they had another BOOM today and they also showed video of something streaking through the sky.
  6. Delw

    Rem 1100 LW 28 Gauge

    Yeah I got a woody over this one. Its freaking sweet. if I am reading this correctly the date is a 1970-1971 which makes it even better.
  7. from payson, saw it on another forum
  8. Delw

    AZ Meteorite

    Azcentral earlier had 2 stories about it. the org story and then another one. the one story said it was the size of a microwave and registered a 3.2 on the richtor scale. I just went back to look and cant find either story on the front page. they both were there about 6pm That had to leave a big butt hole ????????
  9. Delw

    Broke ankle in 16A need help

    if your into the DYI medical stuff we could build you a plate and bone screws, might save you a few bucks too that really sucks, after a little heart problem wife wouldn't let me hunt alone or with the kids cause they were young, so I taught my 8 year old at the time how to drive. Then after thats she was like well that will just leave you out there cause she cant move ya. I told her that's what the paracord is for ties it to my leg and drag me out with the truck. see honey I thought of everything seriously good luck on your recovery
  10. Delw

    Picatinny gap

    it looks like the screw was too long and didnt tighten it down bottoming out or you have a burr or junk between the receiver and the rail. Looks at the picture of the receiver and the radius of that rail they look extremely close. its showing you have air 360 degrees around the screw. a few thing to look at before you bed it on. put it on and look to see if it touchs any part of the receiver. look at the bottom of the rail to make sure there are absolutely no burrs or nicks,. hit it with some sand paper or scotch brite. if this is a Cheap non name brand rail you may have some issues with it matching the reciever not because its bent as a bent rail the screws will pull it down to the receiver . it could have a step from the machining process which nothing will help unless you have the rail re machined or you find the dia of your action get a pcs of metal .010-.025 smaller dia and lap the rail to it running wet dry 180 grit paper with water. what ever you do, bedding it to the reciever with help. unless your screw bottomed out then you will have to grind a tad of the bottom of the screw
  11. Delw

    Broke ankle in 16A need help

    Oh thats good, I only had 200 yards of paracord, I was thinking of winching you back with daughters jeep. ;)
  12. Delw

    Broke ankle in 16A need help

    he just text me, they just now got him to a vehicle.
  13. Delw

    Broke ankle in 16A need help

    he might be a little late as I heard he had to stop and pick up rooseveltmark on the way ;)
  14. Delw

    Broke ankle in 16A need help

    about 15 mins ago they found him, Havent heard if they got him to a vehicle yet.
  15. Delw

    Broke ankle in 16A need help

    Just txted him .his son and and another person is on there way, , he thinks cruches will work. said he would update