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  1. dang that turned out to be a ton of wolves 11? that one seemed a little horny at the end
  2. Delw

    Mountain Lion in Paradise Valley

    Glad you guys figured it out, I have 2 black panthers in my back yard right now, one had a alligator and I was getting worried. guess it could be a lizzard
  3. Delw

    12-b early hunt

    here ya go this will keep you busy, not lots of deer but there in there. had this hunt about 5-6 years ago. good time until 2 days before the hunt when I had to go into jaw surgery. scouted it for 2 months every other weekend. it was -3 degrees at deadman canyon and dry as crap just to the right of the basin some steep canyons lots of pines in there sage and oaks everywhere else.
  4. Delw

    12aw late

    I had a 12a hunt one year think it was 1992-3, it started snowing a few days before the season, I was already on my way up. when I pulled up late that evening in blizzard conditions the cop was just locking the road closure gate. he wouldnt let me through and I even offered him money LOL. said screw it turned around went down the road 100-200 yards and picked up the 220 road (old east side game trail)right next to the freeway and locked gate cop was waving flashlight . drove up the hill and to my camp about 4-5 hour later. snow was pretty f'n deep maybe 1-2 feet on the top. you couldnt see and pushing snow. Dad and the 2 others that got tags were coming up thursday afternoon and friday. I had all day thursday to my self in the entire area snow was really deep, we normally camp in the forest on the middle main road then drive west to snake gultch(theres 3 main roads the big springs road, that middle one and the main highway that go towrds the park there old logging roads) anyway thursday couldnt even get close to big springs road. friday the snow started melting in the lower elevations, ran chains on all 4 wheels on the toyoya. no hunters friday and very few on sat. dad and friends and my wife and her friend came in through ferdonia. it was pretty cool having the whole entire unit to yourself, with just a few locals from ferdonia and utah. learned alot of about the deer movement that year more than I already knew cause I was never stuck in the pines before when it snowed LOL. when it snows hard that place is just beyond wicked cool. the amount of cat tracks you'll see is crazy stupid. and the amount deer tracks look like freeways.
  5. I run harris bipods. the 9-13 fits most conditions unless your sitting on steeper hills than get the taller one keep that in mind, however it depends where you hunt. I have a bunch of them so i carry a few in the truck usually on different rifles. I dont like the Swivel models as there not as sturdy, the non swivel models will twist/ cant just fine and you will a more rigid bipod too if you twist if till you feel a little bit of pressure. I thought the swivel ones would be perfect for yotes, but they werent too loose on the swivel portion for steady shots
  6. Delw

    How not to do it. Or not?

    he said he showed it to a Warden he new, so probably when he got home of a day or 2 later. I have my doubts, I think its misinterpretation on how he thought it should go or was a tad pissed cause it ruined his kids hunt(which I can understand). but the only thing I can think of from this story is maybe the guy would get ticketed for driving off road unless he was on a 2 track of coarse. but I see nothing else
  7. Delw

    Youth Hunt with niece and nephews

    Congrats to the kids
  8. Delw

    How not to do it. Or not?

    I think you should post the vid, public shaming and you can get other unbiased opinions. if it went down like you said its better than calling Johnny law. I personally would not have called the G&F cause it was a kids hunt.
  9. Delw

    My daughter got her first elk

    Congrats, btw good vid too
  10. Delw

    Towing Behind a 5th wheel laws?

    Yah Think..... if not Sweet Karen will turn into a SourPuss
  11. Delw

    Towing Behind a 5th wheel laws?

    Go back to the kitchen were you belong, the "MEN" were Talking over a year ago ;)
  12. Delw

    "Not going back that way."

    I pulled it up on the phone Yup she said it a dog or some creature looking thing.. It looked like a lion to me even had the black spot on the back of its tail . but pulled this up
  13. Delw

    "Not going back that way."

    LMAO, I gotta get speakers for the house pc, did she really think it was a dog?
  14. Delw

    "Not going back that way."

    He was in utah's State Canyon from what I saw online this am. looking for a vid that didnt need facebook permission it was pretty wild,Made my wifes heart jump a few times when I showed her a little bit ago on the computer in full size vid. Ive been a few yards with in cats a few times calling and they always turned around and ran when they saw me.
  15. he flinched cause he had a muzzle brake on ;) BTW nothing wrong with deadheads I love them when I find them.