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  1. Delw

    WAR in Kentucky!

    Yote buster. Trump is a normal guy and thats what piss's every pc person off. They dont like people who are PC and speak there mind. Me myself I love the guy for his twitter usages I think its f'n great someone tells the pc people off. I do it all the time even here, know a bunch of guys just liek that as well. with trump you know what your getting. PC people are a bunch of wannabe cowards that try to be stand up guys. They arent and never will be. I am tired of people not speaking there mind and cowering to those who demand being PC. Look at the hunting community for example. some fools demand we say Harvest vs kill. I mean seriously does it make it that less worse? there trying to appease the antis but why do people really think that the antis care if you HARVEST a DEER or KILL one there outcome is the same.. look at the yote kiling for example , hunters even get pissed for it, then blame the yote killers for giving them a bad name by showing pictures or having yote contests. why change your wording just to make some feel better when the outcome is the same. I hope he does more and keeps on doing it. real people want a real MAN running for President not a Susan who cowers down to everything that may hurt someones feelings. You noticed I said MAN for president right. reason being no one wants a WOMEN because they have feelings. Feelings are NOT soemthign I want in a leader and I think Most would agree except the PC crowd.
  2. Delw

    WAR in Kentucky!

    Yes its the biggest machine gun shoot in the USA, knob Creek. The news claimed the had an embedded reporter and this was live footage from the turks blowing up the kurds. Bad part is a ton of people and our government believed it.
  3. Delw

    Texas Hog Hunt

  4. Delw

    WAR in Kentucky!

    I saw that earlier today I was cracking up. now watch them turn it around to AMERICANS can have these type of weapons.
  5. Delw

    3C Rodeo

    Naw just a Realist, bad speller and asshole sounds like a deal then you can teach me how to do dishes and Clean the Carpets
  6. east side I couldnt help ya, but yeah all trust land tanks and national forest tanks. anythign along the cap canal is good also Mainly in the latter season. When dad was alive we used to hit the cap canal tanks almost everyday behind the whitetanks as it was close
  7. I usually wait till later on in the season. I'm not into crowds so I tend to hit stock tanks around canals and major lakes and rivers. pond jumping is a blast and decoys work really well in them.
  8. Delw

    3C Rodeo

    Apparently he did he asked/insinuated others to email them in case you didnt read it. if someone thinks there hunt was ruined because of people on the road, they should not be hunting public land. Maybe needle point or video games might be a good alternative. Dad needs to stay in the kitchen were he belongs. as far as this Maybe they should start. that way we wont have as many Susans and pussified kids and adults in our future. Nothing worse than some carpet Beatles Dad crying about how unfair his sons hunt was because of others.
  9. I dotn know if the laws changed or not but if your driving through on federal hiways you can. We carried ours in never had any issues. went to lake amistad . I even asked the guys at the border check point when they were checking the boat. he said no problems just stay out of the truck while we search the boat. funny story to this about 5 years prior to the amistad trip we went ona exotic hunt in texas. just outside of elpaso tx heading east there was a sign that said gas. sun was coming up. so we drove some dirt road came across a town with a gas station. half asleep buddy walks into it and pays with pistol on his side. sitting there filling up everyone is staring. we filled up went back in got cokes and left. right as we are leaving town theres a HUGE sign that say you are entering the United states or something like that. we just looked at each other and said OH F we were just in mexico with firearms.
  10. Delw

    3C Rodeo

    Not anymore there all grown up, Susan enlighten me. why would you email these guys and complain about what there legally doing? if you weren't road hunting you shouldn't have to worry about whats going on, on the roads. The Forrest isn't your personal hunting ground.
  11. Delw

    3C Rodeo

    Are you f'n kidding me? Hope they send you an email back saying, "Then maybe you shouldnt road hunt"
  12. Delw

    My Daughter is Officially a Marine

    Thanks guys I will pass it along to her in 9 days when I see her..
  13. Delw

    My Daughter is Officially a Marine

    Always have been, shes been by my side from the day she was born. she worked in our Machine shop since she was 8-10, she played in it since she was born , got me back into Archery hunting about that time also. trying to keep up with her hunting well thats a different story LOL. Yeah proud For sure. Funny though just before sheearly enlisted for the marines at 17 she was going to go into the navy as a nuclear engineer she had the grades for it and the asfab test for it. one day she came home dad need you to sign the papers I am going into the Marines. was a complete shock.
  14. we got a call Yesterday from her 1st time we talked since the initial Hostage call they make when they arrive at boot camp. she completed the Crucible sat. in 11 weeks Ive seen a chin a nose or forhead in pictures and wasnt sure it was her. today this was sent to me via txt. we go to her graduation next week and bring her home for 10 days. Final Drill picture this afternoon. went from this to this.
  15. Delw

    Bowtech Invasion CPX

    Yes my opinion its an excellent bow, a little more forgiving on the than the Bowtech Experiance I have. Not to mention you have everything you need in one package for a pretty good price. just buy arrows and practice. Free bump for a good deal, if I didnt have a experiance thats practical brand spanking new maybe 200 shots I would be all over this. Edit, he got arrows also yup very god deal for a top quality bow