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  1. Stray Horse

    Boycott of Aspen Lodge in Alpine, AZ

    We have those same people moving to Overgaard. I had a place in Alpine over 20 years ago. Hate to see those people moving there.
  2. Stray Horse

    Leupold Problem..Maybe

    Ive had several that wouldn't dial. I have a new vx3hd that hopefully will.
  3. Stray Horse

    WTT Kimber 1911

    PM sent
  4. Stray Horse


  5. Stray Horse

    Feral Horses Black River

    You should see how many out of state people who have moved to Overgaard are in support of those horses. They love driving around in their Razors and bumping donuts. I have one next door to me and one down the street from California.
  6. Stray Horse

    Galco shoulder holster Glock 20/21 29/30

    I'll take it
  7. Stray Horse

    WTB, 357 Ruger Blackhawk

    Saw one on phx armslist 41 mag
  8. Stray Horse


    Someone buy this classic before I find some money under the mattress.
  9. Stray Horse


  10. Stray Horse


  11. Stray Horse

    Tire Question

    Try Goodyear Wrangler Dura Trac. It's the best tire I've ever had and lasted a long time.
  12. Stray Horse


  13. Stray Horse


    . . ...
  14. Stray Horse

    Ammo found thank you!

    Thanks everyone got it.