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  1. Stray Horse

    Rifles and equipment

    Bob is an upstanding guy. Deal with confidence.
  2. Stray Horse


  3. Stray Horse


  4. Stray Horse


  5. Stray Horse

    7MM at Midway

    It's amazing someone would buy it at that price.
  6. Stray Horse

    Carhartt Coveralls SPF

  7. Stray Horse

    Carhartt Coveralls SPF

  8. Stray Horse

    Carhartt Coveralls SPF

  9. Stray Horse

    Painters Carpet Installation and Cleaner

    Give me a call 4802016570
  10. Who knows of a good interior house painter and carpet guy in the east valley? Also a vacant house cleaner? Thanks, Don
  11. Stray Horse

    Tikka T3 Hunter wood stock

    I'll take it if you will ship to Queen Creek
  12. Stray Horse


  13. Stray Horse


    Stock is not from the 90's
  14. Stray Horse


    Do you have the original metal buttplate?