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  1. Flingingarrowsbro

    Happy Labor Day

    Let the free market do its job.
  2. Flingingarrowsbro

    Happy Labor Day

    I worked for UP
  3. Flingingarrowsbro

    Happy Labor Day

    I worked for a Union once. It was awful, listening to my buddies still there, it’s still awful. Bunch of lazy crybabies
  4. Flingingarrowsbro

    good bull

    11 shots in total were fired. supposedly.
  5. Flingingarrowsbro

    Welfare check

    Oh you missed it. Long story short, nobull spouted off like usual nobull fashion. Roofer bill went to heber and was waiting for nobull at 7am. The assumption was nobull never showed up. Haven’t heard anything since. Nobull might be dead.
  6. Flingingarrowsbro

    Welfare check

    We all owe bill the roofer a beer
  7. Flingingarrowsbro

    Welfare check

    Just seems he fell off the face of the earth
  8. Flingingarrowsbro

    Welfare check

    Is nobull alive ?
  9. Flingingarrowsbro

    Where's the Beef? Here! FS

    What was the lbs of meat you got back ?
  10. Flingingarrowsbro

    Unit 27 road conditions

    it didn't rain this last weekend in 27, maybe a few drops. 26 rd is good
  11. Flingingarrowsbro

    2020 regs

    5b south has the muzzleloader before the archery hunt
  12. Flingingarrowsbro

    Looking for work

    Bill, would you be willing to come to Benson/Willcox and do some larger remodeling jobs?
  13. Flingingarrowsbro

    Sig Kilo 2000 Rangefinder - Great Shape

    sent pm
  14. Flingingarrowsbro

    New Mexico Elk Hunt - Access Issues

    Yes I guess we can agree to disagree. And just because I used to work for ASLD doesnt mean I agree with how the look and deal with management of state trust land. Yes I have seen overgrazing as well, and yes I make observations with my own eyes. I guess what it really comes down to, its hard to see someone who hunts a few hunts a year, dictate and think their recreation trumps someones livelihood. Like someone stated earlier, there are plenty of options to hunt and camp somewhere else. Happy hunting