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  1. Tradman

    Ethics or not?

    Yeah, we should have. It happened fast from start to begining.
  2. Tradman

    Ethics or not?

    Yesterday I witnessed from start to end a group of hunters in 5BN chasing a large group of elk, shooting from their vehicle as they are chasing the elk in their truck. The bull was hit yet they countinued to shoot counted about 15 shots total from 4 different hunters. Eventually we watched the bull go down, but this made me upset. Tried to get their plate number but was unable to.
  3. Tradman


    Anyone up in 5BN?
  4. Tradman

    Nov. 29 Current Road Closures

    Sitting here at the rest area north of camp verde waiting to get to 5b. Roads dont look bad at all.
  5. Tradman

    Looks like good elk hunting weather!!!

    5b tag here. Heading out Friday morning.
  6. Tradman

    Late season Arizona bull hunt

    Hello to all, ive hunted and scouted 5bn many times. I actually scouted it again this past weekend. Seen some elk and pronghorn. I also have a 5b late bull tag. Same tag i had last year. I mainly stayed in the flats between the 40 and the mesas. Was able to tag a 4x4 bull the first wekend. My 3 other buddies also tagged out the same day. Although they were not monsters it was a good hunt.