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  1. Tradman

    300 BO Subsonic hunting rounds

    I used Sig 120grain elite hunting solid copper. I know it wasn't subsonic, but the buck dropped. I have a 8in Wilson Combat barrel.
  2. Tradman

    300 BO Subsonic hunting rounds

    I just took a 2x1 buck Saturday using a 300 blackout suppressed SBR at 80yds.
  3. Tradman

    Who is going?

    Next week. Hopi hunt tag.
  4. Tradman

    Supressor aproved

    I'm at 215 days.
  5. Tradman

    How long until cards are hit??

    Just to add. The hopi hunts are a slower draw, because AZGFD has to verify an applicant with the tribe. Their has been instances when non tribal members have gotten the Hopi Hunt numbers and tried to apply using those.
  6. Tradman

    How long until cards are hit??

    Id Say do away with bonus points. All its doing is causing a conundrum. Just have a simple draw. Your either drawn or your not. People get so carried away focusing on their points, rather than hunting it seems. Plus a lot of people complain that more and more people are applying, yet multiple people apply in multiple states and draw multiple tags. Talk about the quality of animals dropping. How many deer, elk, sheep, etc does a person need to kill per year. That's just my 2 sense. On the other hand my card hasn't been hit either, and that's with a Tribal member hunt in 5ab. Oh well. Try again next year.
  7. Tradman

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    Glad that I don't have to pay taxes when I buy a vehicle.
  8. Tradman

    Heckler & Koch P7 SOLD

    If one of these are still available by the end of the month. I may pick one up. Exactly what I've been looking for.
  9. Tradman

    Gunsmith for muzzle brake

    I took my Rem 700 7 Mag to Phoenix Custom for a upgraded bolt know and barrel threading. Will see how it goes. I tried contacting Axisworks but never got a response.
  10. I have had good luck with barnes ttsx and nosler etips.
  11. Tradman


    I once hit a doe instead of the buck. I self reported, met up with G&F who did the same thing, written warning and confiscation of the deer. The only downside was that I was in an area where there was a lake nearby. Since my hunt was over I decided to due some trout fishing. Lo and behold about an hour later I see the same GF Ranger checking fishing licenses. The deer I had shot about 2 hours before was still rolling around in the back of his vehicle. It was fairly warm that day so I questioned myself, does the meat actually make it to a donation/processing place or?
  12. Tradman

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    Mechanical arrow flinging devices.
  13. Tradman

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    I was in 21 yesterday saw 2 bucks. Only saw 4 other hunters.
  14. Tradman

    2021 Rut....

    My set up.