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  1. MogollonMan


    At $1500 you are practically giving this setup away. What is the catch?
  2. MogollonMan

    Liberty Safe

    Did you shoot it up becasue of this current situation?
  3. MogollonMan

    Arrow weight

    People WAY overthink the arrow weight thing. Get a good quality arrow and broadhead, make a good shot, and good things will happen.
  4. MogollonMan

    Hatch Green Chili Source?? (EXTRA HOT / HOT)

    For you home roasters, any tips? Do you throw them on the grill or do you have one of those fancy roller baskets?
  5. MogollonMan

    Coues full velvet mount

    Any chance you done exterior stucco repair?
  6. Any recomendations for these tires? Most miles are on the highway so I don't want to go too arrgessive on the tread to deal with excessive noise and short life. TIA
  7. MogollonMan

    How long until cards are hit??

    If you didn't get the tags you THOUGHT were a lock, it is because you didn't take into account the new pass that now preceeds the bonus point pass. I don't think the official name was announced, but it has been dubbed by some of us as the "The Social Influnecer" pass. In this pass, much like with bonus points, tags are alloted to individuals accounding to your number of social media followers. AZGFD's new program since they aren't paying these guys anymore. We will be seeing a lot more of Newberg and the Hushin crew this year. You all need to be taking a lot more selfies with Mountain Ops, Mountain House meals, and tucking your ears into your hats.
  8. MogollonMan

    Applying together point spread

    Numbers are assigned by point average of the application, not the total number of points on the application. -Guy with 6 points puts in by himself, the application get assigned 7 numbers and only the low number matters. -4 guys put in together and the point average is 6 points, the application get assigned 7 numbers and only the low number matters. NOT 7 DIFFERENT NUMBERS PER HUNTER. So technically the draw odds are the some for both applications. HOWEVER, the group app does have an additional disadvantage. They all draw or no one on the application draws. So if their number comes up next as tags are being alloted, but there are only 1, 2, or 3 tags remaining, none of these four get a tag and they go onto the next number in line.
  9. MogollonMan

    Applying together point spread

    I don't believe you are interpreting the process correctly. Putting in with others only help your son's chances if the others have more bonus point than he does. If that is the case, it would help your son but lessen the chances of those on the application with him. The points of all individuals on the application are averaged out.
  10. MogollonMan

    FYI Blackhorn 209

    10 oz
  11. MogollonMan

    FYI Blackhorn 209

    Makes me sick seeing the price tag on reloading stuff and ammo in general these days. I have a 2 or 3 year old bottle of Blackhorn sitting on my shelf with a $34.99 price tag still on it.
  12. MogollonMan

    Silencer wait time???

    I got mine the end of December. Purchased in Early April 2022.
  13. MogollonMan

    Looking for Vancouver Fishing Information

    Thank you for the reply. I can fly the family for free on Southwest. Unfortunately, Southwest doesn't fly to Alaska, but they do fly into Belligham which is only a short drive from Vancouver. Alaska is definitely on the list for the future, but likely cost prohibitive for the whole family, tt least for now.
  14. Hi, I am hoping someone can help me with some firsthand Vancouver fishing information. I am considering taking my family of 5 (myself, wife, and 3 teens) to Vancouver for a week this summer and hoping someone can point me in the right direction with any of the following: Recommended fishinhcharters? Best dates to go (looking at early June, but flixible)? DIY (ocean or river, probably from shore)? Lodging Anything else we should consider doing in Vancouver? Thank you
  15. MogollonMan

    Motorola CP200d Local Retailer?

    Does anyone know of a local retailer (Phoenix valley) where I can purchase and program Motorola CP200D radios?