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  1. azhuntnut

    … AR15 Upper w/scope …cash or trade

    Thank you. I sure am glad I have this kind of support from other members. I’m also hoping to trade for a set of hens teeth. Anybody?
  2. azhuntnut

    … AR15 Upper w/scope …cash or trade

    Open to trading for a Springfield armory TRP 6 inch barrel chambered in 10mm or cold hard cash.
  3. azhuntnut

    … AR15 Upper w/scope …cash or trade

    I’m pushing an 87g vmax out of my .243 wssm at 3500fps. The cases are virtually the same. I also have a 25wssm bolt action I want to load with something around 100 grains and use it for deer. David
  4. azhuntnut

    AR500 steel targets, lead sled

    I want one 8 and one 6. I will PM you. David
  5. azhuntnut

    … AR15 Upper w/scope …cash or trade

    You can use ar15 magazines, you just modify the follower to accept the larger case. I just use a dremel to modify mine. I have been shooting the .243 wssm in an ar platform for a long time and it kills animals dead on the spot, even at long yardage. I have also used it for hunting deer and pigs.
  6. azhuntnut

    … AR15 Upper w/scope …cash or trade

    I would prefer a .45.
  7. Olympic Arms AR15 upper chambered in 25wssm. Less than 25 rounds down the tube. I will throw in a new bag of brass, some bullets, 100 primers, and one modified magazine to get you started. I have been loading Wssm’s for more than ten years and I can give you some great tips on how to load it. 25 caliber bullets can be found easily, as well as dies. Don’t believe any of the crap you read on the internet about these Super Shorts, I own 3 of them and they are flat shooting and easy to load. This is for the upper only with a Nikon scope. The barrel is fluted under the hand guard. It can be used for predators or up to deer sized animals. $1100 obo, or I would entertain straight trade for a nice 1911, or cash and a less expensive 1911. You are welcome to PM me offers. David-North Peoria. You can put this upper on any AR15 lower. I might consider selling the entire rifle for the right offer. Upper type:Forged flat top w/ picatinny railsFront sight: Gas block w/ picatinny railsHandguard:Free floating aluminum tube w/ knurlingBarrel: 24” Bull, Ultramatch, 416 Stainless steel Bore: Long-life non-chromed boreTwist rate:. 25 WSSM = 1x10
  8. azhuntnut

    Shade umbrellas

    I got this one earlier in the year and like it so far. It has several positions available to make it work With most chairs or tripod. https://www.amazon.com/Sport-Brella-Versa-Brella-Swiveling-Umbrella-Midnight/dp/B00HA2ZKCO/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=Chair+umbrella&qid=1603500416&sr=8-3
  9. azhuntnut

    Bloodiest Guns

    AR-15 chambered in .243 wssm 3 deer 4 javelina 7 bobcats 2 lions 1 badger lost count on coyotes, but its a bunch.
  10. azhuntnut

    Clover's First Elk

    My grandfather had a dog like for years. He would follow him everywhere. My Springer would never sit long enough for me to shoot something. I like the feedback on the Hammers. Been thinking about trying some in my .260.
  11. azhuntnut

    Sharing a deal

    I was just searching the other day to replace my current Merrell’s. Thanks for the link. David
  12. azhuntnut

    WTB- 18 in wheels

    I had a mishap and damaged one of my wheels that can’t be repaired and they aren’t made anymore. I’m looking for a used set of 18 with the bolt pattern 8x6.5 or 8x165.1/GM. Let me know if you have a full set. David
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