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  1. azhuntnut

    Winchester Model 70 Coyote-lite

  2. azhuntnut

    … AR15 Upper w/scope

    This upper can be mount directly to an AR-15 lower.
  3. azhuntnut

    Winchester Model 70 Coyote-lite

  4. Making room for other projects. Like new, never in the field Win model 70 Coyote-lite .25 wssm. Less than 25 rounds down the barrel. Click on the link for all the specs and information about the rifle. Scope not included. $600 David https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2010/10/28/winchester-model-70-coyote-lite/
  5. azhuntnut

    … AR15 Upper w/scope

    I have some projects I want to finish, plus make some room in my safe. I’m reducing the price to $700 for quick sale. This is a smoking deal on this upper. David
  6. azhuntnut

    .260 Rem SAAMI .060" FB?

    I have a Savage model 10 tactical chambered in .260. This action allows me to run my coal to 2.85. I have had great accuracy using the Berger 130 OTM bullets. We have shot two animals with it and they have dropped where they stand. I’m getting right around 2900 using h4350 with no pressure signs. David
  7. azhuntnut

    … AR15 Upper w/scope

  8. azhuntnut

    WTB Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Tactical

    After you find one, check out our billet aluminum grips. Made right here in Arizona. David https://aristotle-engineering.com/ruger/
  9. azhuntnut

    Full custom left hand 6.5 Creedmoor chassis

    I forgot to add that i also have Nosler brass to go along with the rifle.
  10. Click on the link and it will give you all the information about this rifle. Only 232 rounds down the barrel. Very accurate with Berger 140 and Barnes 120 grain bullets. I think the Berger 130 OTM’s would shoot very well also. If you are truly interested in the rifle, PM me and we can talk more about it. I have accurate details about the rifle. Only been shot at the range. No scope included. David $2500
  11. azhuntnut

    … AR15 Upper w/scope

    Reduced price.
  12. Selling some stuff to make room for my Suzuki to park on the concrete. Full description in CL links. Will also trade for Berger 6.5 130 OTM or other hunting related products. I also have two new pieces of corrugated dark green metal roofing left over from my cabin deck project. One is full length 20 ft and the other is about 18ft. $100 for both pieces. 99th Ave and Jomax. David https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/pts/d/peoria-custom-roof-rack-or-hitch-carrier/7317697668.html https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/tro/d/peoria-small-heavy-duty-custom-trailer/7317692271.html
  13. azhuntnut

    Side by Side Recommendations

    I have had 5 Polaris rigs including a Ranger and I have a Rzr 1000 right now just for riding in the desert by our house. I quit using them for hunting and went back to using the small Suzuki’s. They have heat, air, security, no dust, and I drive it to where I’m hunting. I can’t seem to flip it and they seldom break. I have ridden in a General with the full cab with heat and it was pretty nice.