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  1. Greenback

    Need help identifying

    You are an idiot with a fox sized brain.
  2. Greenback

    2008 stellar eclipse toyhauler

    Double or triple axle?
  3. Greenback

    Fs Ford Truck

    link is to a Ford F350 V10
  4. Greenback

    Closet Clean Out Sale

    I’ll take all the turkey loads 12 and 20’s and the .270 if available.
  5. Greenback

    Tonto National Forest Stage III in effect. (Closed)

    No, gate is locked when the pavement turns to dirt.
  6. Greenback

    Classic knives.

    Clicked on the link Prdrtr posted and just found out my Puma is from the 2nd quarter of 1968.
  7. Greenback

    Looking for a quad for my 9 year old

    I have a buddy selling a Polaris 90 with forward and reverse. 2007 model that is super clean. Not sure on price but pm me your number and I’ll get you in touch with him.
  8. Greenback

    Tag Surrender/Point Guard=No Bonus Point?

    Not entirely true, you can use it again once you have used up all your accumulated bonus points up, you can then use it again.
  9. Greenback

    Garage clean out

    PM sent
  10. Greenback


    Anyone can spend 15 minutes searching the internet or talking to people involved and see what the Bar X has done for unit 23, the wildlife, and those who recreate in it. The owners have worked hand in hand with the AZGFD as well as the Mule Deer Foundation. Just last year the owner of the Bar X was awarded AZGFD's "Wildlife Habitat Steward of the year". The Bar X has become an Adopt a ranch, allowing pubic access for those to continue to recreate on the ranch. Bar X has brought in new waters for wildlife as well as many fencing projects to improve lands and protect riparian areas. We as people who take advantage of the opportunities our state provides, are lucky to have ranches such as the Bar X in this great state. The Bar X is a true steward of the land and a example of how ranching should be done today. As our state continues to grow, we are going to see more of this California ideology shoved down our throats. While the link below is several years old, you can see the dedication and some of the projects the ranch has taken on in years past. Thanks to all whom have voiced opposition against the Rim Job Neighbors. http://www.gccga.com/bar-x-ranch.html
  11. Greenback

    43B Bighorn Tag

    This will be a great opportunity for you to have the testicles mounted to carry them around with you, since your ol lady has yours in her purse.
  12. Greenback

    Where Am I?

    I’ve spent many a day gathering cattle from below it mostly. Knew about the incident, know that your pic came from another website, not that that matters. Thanks for posting, brought back a lot of good memories from my younger days.
  13. Greenback

    Where Am I?

    Turret peak
  14. Greenback

    Elk draw website down

    5 of the apps I did were with brand new licenses. Not sure what the difference was on those but I crossed checked and they were indeed the new license numbers. Strange.
  15. Greenback

    Elk draw website down

    Mine updated as well as the 9 other people I put in.