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    Looking for some referrals, anyone know or have used a good draftsman for drawings in Maricopa county. The person I have been utilizing is currently overwhelmed and can’t take on anymore work for a bit. Thanks
  2. Buckskinmule

    Residential construction lending.

    Thanks, and yes looking for a typical multiple draw new home construction loan. Thanks again.
  3. Buckskinmule

    Residential construction lending.

    Anyone here have any suggestions for new residential construction loan services? Hopefully I’m not out of line asking in the classified section. Thanks
  4. Buckskinmule

    wolf a1 (t91 clone) piston upper

    I’m Interested, is it still available, I sent a couple pms but haven’t heard back. Thanks
  5. Buckskinmule

    Tikka T 3 Bolt, Magnum bolt face New

    My bad, the bolt will work, the action from what I understand will not feed or eject the OAL of the 300 prc, thought maybe someone here might have some experience.
  6. Buckskinmule

    Tikka T 3 Bolt, Magnum bolt face New

    Anyone know if this action can be used with modifications to build a 300prc? And if yes can you recommend someone that can perform the needed mods to realize full potential of the round?
  7. As far as pictures go I have none available, sorry wasn’t attempting to market it here but maybe I should. We really don’t even know where we need to be with a sales price at this point.
  8. On Horseshoe drive, built in the mid to late 80s, approximately 12-1400 sq ft. Ground level has guest bedroom, full bath, kitchen, laundry room, dinning area and great room. Has fireplace and gas furnace. Upstairs loft is full bedroom with 1/2 bath with front and rear patios. Ample storage/ closet space, full covered front porch and large back porch. Oak flooring, carpet in great room and upstairs. The cabin is somewhat dated and does need some updating and maintenance which will be reflected in selling price. My parents built and own the cabin, my dad passed a few years back and we as a family have not maintained it as we should have. I don’t want to mislead anyone it is a nice place but could use some attention. Thanks
  9. We are contemplating selling our cabin in Starlight Pines up near Blue Ridge reservoir and would like to list with an agent familiar with the area. Thanks
  10. Buckskinmule

    AR-10. Hogan/JP components

  11. Buckskinmule

    AR-10. Hogan/JP components

    Had this built 6-7 years ago, have maybe fired 250 rounds, shoots very well. As noted components are Hogan and JP, also has a nice trigger group but can’t remember what it is, has three magazines.The glass is Meopta 6-18, not the ideal glass for this but it was available when I got it and it shoots well with it, I rarely shoot it so figured I’d do something else. $1300.00( not sure what’s up with photos but if your interested I can send additional)
  12. Buckskinmule

    WTB Springfield Hellcat

    It’s actually C-A-L Ranch store in Goodyear, they have only 1 as of 1450 today and first come first served.
  13. Buckskinmule

    WTB Springfield Hellcat

    The CAL store in Goodyear had them last Sunday.
  14. (SOLD). One tire near new, the other three look to be a bit over 1/2 the tread remaining. Nothing wrong with the tires, I just bought the truck and did not care for the aggressive tread, (road noise).I was thinking $400.00 or a reasonable offer. Thanks 623-695-1226 west valley, if I don’t answer please leave a message.
  15. Buckskinmule

    Trucks for sale

    2000 f350, 7.3 , auto, manual 4x4, Michelin tires, upgraded fuel filtering system, pillar gauges, large exhaust, removable goose neck ball, etc. approximately 185,000 mi. $11,000.00 1999 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 , Old emu suspension, 2.7 liter , Michelin tires, just did brakes, also have the tailgate if you don’t like the shell 2nd owner on this truck as well has approximately 250,000 miles $9000.00 both trucks are best offer and both trucks are in excellent condition cosmetically and mechanically. Im selling because I want 1 full size gas truck. I attempted to load photos but they all appear sideways(I’m sure I’m doing something incorrect)I will get a more tech savvy person to assist but if your interested contact me and I’ll send photos. 623-695-1226 Thanks