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  1. dmoto


    Try skin on, cut a piece of paper bag to the same size as the fillet. Put the fillet skin side down on the paper. Salt, pepper, thyme and that's it. Then fillet with paper on the grill approx 8 min (or until 130*). Take off the grill, slide a long spatula in between fillet and skin (comes off like butter), plate it and enjoy. Great way to do triggers in MX.
  2. dmoto

    Bison sous vide

    Hot hot sear once you pull it out of the bag. Just be sure to pat dry first. What I've learned to do is start a chimney half full of coals, wait until they grey over slightly. Put a BBQ grate over the chimney, then sear. Maybe 30 seconds a side.
  3. dmoto

    Lets get it started

    Hit for me as well. Nice
  4. dmoto

    Plano Bow case - $20

    PM sent
  5. dmoto

    Lake Pleasant Striper Guides

    From almost exactly a year ago. Been swamped with work this year and haven't gotten out to Plez much. But been to Bartlett and Rosy a bunch this year (easier on a weekend for me). I usually try and stay away from Plez during the weekends. That same technique has worked year after year after year. But if you're in the market for a guide, go with The Hook Up or AZ Fishing Guides. I imagine you couldn't go wrong with either.
  6. dmoto

    Lake Pleasant Striper Guides

    Troll a DD22 in either white splatter black or in pearl white near in the channel leading to Humbug just before sundown. Once it gets dark out, anchor in 50' - 70' of water, drop a green light 10' below the boat and start chumming with frozen cut anchovies. The action should start in 30 min or less. If it doesn't, move spots. Dropshot cut anchovies on a 1/0 circle hook on 6# flouro line and it should be game on. It works.
  7. dmoto


    Chorizo mac and cheese Chili Jerky
  8. dmoto

    Mexico Report

    That's a good pack. TW has those on sale from time to time. A few backseaters I've fished with in the past have used the same one. I have an older Browning backpack with a similar build that I use pond fishing around McCormick.
  9. dmoto

    Crawfish Advice

    Long Lake used to be loaded with huge craws. Not sure how it is now after it dried up a few years back. But we just used leftover chicken drumsticks and t-bone steaks bones from the BBQ from the night before.
  10. I've had pretty good luck with Campark cameras.
  11. dmoto

    Tag #1

    Nice. Heading down for that hunt later today.
  12. dmoto

    Handgun calibers for javis

    S&W 1911 .45
  13. dmoto

    Misc hunting items f/s

    PM sent
  14. dmoto

    Sous vide guys

    Kombucha does suck. The wife drinks that crap. I'll stick with Coors banquet.
  15. dmoto

    Sous vide guys

    Doing an 11# rib roast sous vide tomorrow. Roast is currently in the fridge uncovered with a liberal dose of kosher salt. Dumping it in a 132* bath for 6 hours, then a quick egg wash and a heavy dose of an herb rub. Then under a hot broiler until a decent crust is formed. Always seems to be a hit. Other ways that have worked well is on a kettle indirect (250*) until about 120*, then over hot coals to crust it up with an herb rub. I'd probably be going that route this year, but going over to someone else's house for Xmas dinner.