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  1. dmoto

    Mexico Report

    That's a good pack. TW has those on sale from time to time. A few backseaters I've fished with in the past have used the same one. I have an older Browning backpack with a similar build that I use pond fishing around McCormick.
  2. dmoto

    Crawfish Advice

    Long Lake used to be loaded with huge craws. Not sure how it is now after it dried up a few years back. But we just used leftover chicken drumsticks and t-bone steaks bones from the BBQ from the night before.
  3. I've had pretty good luck with Campark cameras.
  4. dmoto

    Tag #1

    Nice. Heading down for that hunt later today.
  5. dmoto

    Handgun calibers for javis

    S&W 1911 .45
  6. dmoto

    Misc hunting items f/s

    PM sent
  7. dmoto

    Sous vide guys

    Kombucha does suck. The wife drinks that crap. I'll stick with Coors banquet.
  8. dmoto

    Sous vide guys

    Doing an 11# rib roast sous vide tomorrow. Roast is currently in the fridge uncovered with a liberal dose of kosher salt. Dumping it in a 132* bath for 6 hours, then a quick egg wash and a heavy dose of an herb rub. Then under a hot broiler until a decent crust is formed. Always seems to be a hit. Other ways that have worked well is on a kettle indirect (250*) until about 120*, then over hot coals to crust it up with an herb rub. I'd probably be going that route this year, but going over to someone else's house for Xmas dinner.
  9. Yep. Really the only way I'll cook chicken breasts. Next time you do that, throw a sprig of thyme or rosemary in the bag before you seal it up for the bath.
  10. dmoto

    Little Boat, Big Lake

    I see boats like this all the time at Saguaro with a 9.9 HP on the back. Saguaro is not nearly as busy since the weather has cooled off. However, Saggy fishing is pretty tough after the recent bout with Golden Algae. If you're looking to catch numbers, go to Bartlett. Drop shot and T-rigged craws are the ticket as of last weekend.
  11. You are correct with being able to cook sous vide at a lower temperature while still being safe. It's all about pasteurization. Kenji Lopez has a pretty big write up about this (which you may have already read). For comparison, I have been cooking chicken via sous vide at 142* (2 hours) for years with zero issues. I wouldn't see any issues at going 135*, in fact I may even try this myself after reading this thread.
  12. dmoto

    400 spine FMJ

    PM sent
  13. dmoto

    Thoughts On A Shotgun: Keep or Sell?

    Keep it. I had a somewhat similar experience years back. When my grandfather on my mother's side passed away years back, we were going thru the old barn in Litchfield, MN and came across a very old, rusted out New Aubrey 12G. Mom told me to keep the shotgun (apparently it was my great-grandfather's) and do whatever you want with it. Ended up getting it back here to AZ wondering what the heck I was going to do with it, let it sit? Sell it? Restore it? I chose the latter and took a few months researching it, calling companies on the east coast (Numrich) for parts, etc. Ended up doing a decent job with the restoration and now it has a story to tell.
  14. dmoto

    Boat Mechanic East Valley

    Joe Martin Props Plus
  15. dmoto


    Cabela's and Sitka both make tall sized clothing. https://www.cabelas.com/browse.cmd?categoryId=734095080&CQ_search=tall&CQ_view=list&CQ_ref=~c1-Clothing~c2-Men%27s%2BHunting%2BClothing