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  1. dmoto

    Roosevelt report

    I know it's not a Rosy report, but was at Canyon yesterday and Saguaro last week. A few bass on dropshot (red crawler) and shakey head (trick worm in green pumpkin), seemed really slow fishing for March and 85*. Nothing to write home about, but the place was a zoo and very windy during the morning yesterday. Headed to Rosy at the end of the month, then mid April for the LTF derby. I'll post something again after those trips.
  2. dmoto

    WTB Lever Action .22 Rifle

    PSA has a Rossi lever action .22 in today's email flyer.
  3. I'm in the same boat as just about everyone else these days.....Looking to trade (or buy) some rounds of 357 for an upcoming HAM hunt next week. Trying to acquire some Hornady XTP, HydraShok, etc in the 130-158 grain range. I have factory ammo to trade (556 Win Green Tip, 9MM Win FMJ, 12 Gauge Win AA 7.5, 12 Gauge 3" 00 buck). Located in Dobson Ranch and can travel.
  4. Buy with confidence. Met Jim last week to buy model 28 from him. Great guy and easy transaction.
  5. dmoto

    Any ideas?

    Pretty cool. Those characters look to be Chinese. Not sure what it says though.
  6. dmoto

    Italian Dove Sausage

    Thanks for posting. I'll have to give this a shot. 1.6# of dove meat is a bunch, but I think I have decent sized amount buried in the freezer. Typically, I'll mince the meat and put it in some cornbread stuffing (in substitution of liver) around the holidays and it works pretty well. However, the recipe you posted looks to be also a good use of the ole flying rats.
  7. Listened to the interview and the interviewer missed some opportunities to ask questions such as, "how do you plan on enforcing the ban?". In full disclosure, I've used a camera in the past, however, I don't see too many cameras in the areas I hunt. I had lunch with Jim Goughnour last year when I picked up a custom spinnerbait rod. Seems like a good guy with rational thought behind any of these types of AZGFD decisions (and makes one heck of a fishing rod). During lunch, he explained to me the issues surrounding the idea of people using cameras to profit from the sale of specific locations of trophy animals. Personally, I don't have any data or statistics to back up that claim, however, I suppose it's plausible. Jim references this topic in the podcast and if this is a big problem, I can see the justification of the ban. However, it's a shame that these bad apples ruin it for the rest of the hunting community. I personally do not see an issue with running a few cams, but not in overabundance. One statement in the podcast that Jim referenced was that it's difficult to purchase just "one" cam and that cam purchases are in 6 or 12 packs. I completely disagree with this. Just look at yesterday's Camofire email. Single cams galore. Or just hop onto Amazon. That was an odd statement and not sure why he said that. All in all, I give both Jim and Kurt kudos for going on the podcast. However, the interviewer missed some prime opportunities to ask better questions.
  8. dmoto


    PM sent
  9. dmoto

    WTB Firewood

    Dang. Yeah, I see he lost his lease. However, there was 2 firewood places on the same block (Aire Libre). Funny, they'd always have competing signs out front. Reminded me of the HD and Lowe's across the street from one another in Show Low. Might still be worth a drive by if you're in the neighborhood. Or of course Berry Bros off the 202 and Washington (next to Le Girls) always has a good selection at a good price.
  10. dmoto

    WTB Firewood

    I've bought a bunch of wheelbarrows full from the two firewood spots on north side of Greenway Parkway just west of 16th Street. Visible from the road, so if you're driving by, may want to take a look.
  11. dmoto

    Bird gun

    My Beretta A300 has served me well over the years for ducks, dove and quail. I saw that Dunn's has them on sale for $599. Might be worth a look? https://shopdunns.com/product/beretta-a300-outlander-12ga-3-28-barrel-black-synthetic-stock-semi-automatic-shotgun-j30tt18/
  12. dmoto

    Roosevelt Lake Closures

    If it hasn't changed from years past, it runs from the west side of Rabbit Island down to about Methodist Creek. Not sure about Orange Peel or Bermuda (as I usually don't fish that end). All marked with buoys. Here's an old map.
  13. dmoto

    ISO - Cat trap

    Harbor Freight. Medium sized trap. Worked well for a few dozen when a crazy neighbor was feeding ferals for years on end.
  14. dmoto

    46A East?

    Nice digs! Wolf of Wall Street? Good luck out there. Been following the thread. Hope you guys put one down.
  15. Nice work! At the few spots I've been to for the second time this season....birds seem to be flushing much further out now. 40+ yards. It could be just a fluke, but numbers are still great, as seen in your pic. Good stuff.