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  1. dmoto

    Yellow tail recipes needed

    Broiled collars are great. Hamachi kama. Very easy to do and take no time at all.
  2. dmoto

    Fantasy football 2022

  3. dmoto

    Fantasy football 2022

    I'm more than happy to rejoin this year if this league is happening.
  4. Sold. Good meeting you Brett. Thanks. emington 700 7mm Long Range for sale. Sat in the safe as I mainly shoot a Tikka 30.06 or 308. Rifle is in excellent shape, has B&C stock, and EGW 20 MOA rail. would prefer to sell with bill of sale and AZ ID.
  5. Sold. Good meeting you Brett. Thanks. Zeiss Conquest HD5 3-15 x 42 for sale Reticle 82, glass is in perfect shape. Comes with Vortex rings, box, and scope cover.
  6. dmoto

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Did some prime NY strips with a coffee garlic rub last night. Along with some sauteed mushrooms, onion, garlic reduced down with a little bourbon and Kerrygold butter. Side was baked potato hollowed out then twice baked with pepper jack, sour cream and green chile (not in the pic). Then also had a visitor cruise by.
  7. dmoto

    (3) Burris XTR II rifle scope ONE LEFT!!!

    PM sent
  8. Nah. I was just a little bitter about getting worked as the front seater at Rosy that day. All good.
  9. Following back up on this. Went to Bravo both last Friday and Sat night. Stayed at an Airbnb that was walking distance and had enough room for a boat trailer in the driveway. 6 of us were there, split a total of 4 pizzas, had some wings (golden/super hot), bolognese, lobster ravioli, and the kobe burger (between both nights). With the 4 pizzas with the Napoli, Hawaiian/Green Chile, Arugula, and the last one was the Toscana. Pretty solid and would definitely go back (reminded me of the Nook Kitchen here in PHX). Had a ton of leftovers which were key for lunch on the boat at Rosy. Whoever did the hiring for the waitresses in there deserves a medal.
  10. dmoto

    How long until cards are hit??

    They are starting
  11. Oh for sure. Been there a bunch and it's great. Cactus Flats for some cold frosties and I really miss Momma Lou's in PC for breakfast.
  12. Thanks for the recommendation on Bravo. Looks like there's a few interesting writeups on the owner, cool story. Checking that place out tomorrow, staying in Globe and fishing Rosy all weekend.
  13. dmoto

    Avet Reel & Two Rods : Sold

    PM sent