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  1. dmoto

    SxS Mechanic?

    Thanks guys. I'll reach out to both. Battery seems good last time I checked, but worth checking again.
  2. dmoto

    SxS Mechanic?

    Looking for a referral/recommendation for someone to work on a CanAm Commander 1000. Having issues with it constantly going into limp mode. Could be MAF, oil pressure sensor, or something else. Can't figure it out and looking to pay for someone to go thru it, diagnose and fix. RideNow is backed up big time and always seems to be very transactional. Thanks.
  3. Ya, agreed. My Beretta A300 can also be finicky with low brass. Made the switch to heavy game Federal and no issues.
  4. What kind of shells were you shooting?
  5. Picked up 6 in 90 minutes yesterday after work. Missed some easy shots...practice makes perfect I guess. Been going to the same spots year over year....and this was the most amount of birds I've seen in a very long time. Should be a great year.
  6. dmoto

    Badlands 2200 Pack $150

    Sold pending funds
  7. I could see fryers working as long as the temp control is accurate. My only issue would be the volume of the fryer. If I'm doing a large batch of tri tips, ribs, etc (for instance I did 6 tri tips and 9 racks of ribs for a houseboat trip to Powell) it wouldn't work so well. Using a sous vide "tower" allowed me to do huge batches in a 75 qt cooler.
  8. dmoto

    Badlands 2200 Pack $150

    TTT - Price dropped to $150
  9. dmoto

    FS Plano Bow Guard Case SOLD

    Where are you located?
  10. I've been using one for 5+ years. It's great and really just another kitchen tool. I've been using it for anything from pre-making camp meals, to 36 hour short ribs, infusing vodkas and bourbons, tomahawk steaks, etc. Camp meals typically include a couple tri tips at 132* for about 12 hours (at home), then leave the tri tips in the bag and back into the fridge/cooler until they're time to eat. Cut them very thin and a quick sear on a cast iron skillet. Makes for a good lunch with King's Hawaiian rolls and some horseradish sauce. Short ribs - use a Korean gochujang paste on the ribs. Vacuum seal and sous vide at 150* for 36 hours. Remove from the bath, refrigerate and when ready to eat, just sear on a skillet and good to go. Makes for good social bbq or camp meal. Vodka - Pour vodka in an empty glass beer growler until 3/4 way full. Dump in cut up fruit such as apple, pear, mango. Put the lid on the growler and into the bath at 150* for 4 hours. Makes for great infused booze. Works the same with bourbon or rum. Makes good for social get togethers. Chicks who booze love it. Elk backstraps - same as a steak, 132* with just salt/pepper and a tbsp of butter. Into the bath for 2 hours and sear on a skillet or screaming hot grill. Turns out great, as it's cooked medium-rare all the way thru, not just in the middle with well done outer edges. I could go on and on, but hope you get the idea. Kenji Lopez has a bunch of good tips on his website on sous vide.
  11. dmoto

    Elk patty melts

    Looks awesome. Nice work! Now I'm thinking I need to add a meat slicer and a griddle to my kitchen.
  12. dmoto

    LF Pistol Red Dot

    PSA has a Sig Romeo for $199 today.
  13. dmoto

    SOLD 10MM Ammo for sale

    2nd in line, text sent.
  14. Did pretty well last year with Federal HI-bird in #6 shot. Probably using the same this year.