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  1. dmoto

    10MM Ammo?

    Three options. Burris FF3, Venom or Holosun. Leaning towards the Burris. But would like to see in person. Running into the same issues, not being able to find one locally.
  2. dmoto

    10MM Ammo?

    Good stuff. Thanks guys.
  3. dmoto

    10MM Ammo?

    Breaking in a Springfield XDm OSP, so just target ammo. I would prefer to shoot 10MM ammo, thank you though.
  4. dmoto

    Savage axis rifles

    Picked up a 22-250 for $175. Pretty decent deal. No accutrigger, but a new spring is $10. Thanks for the heads up on this.
  5. dmoto

    10MM Ammo?

    I'll call over to Randall's, thanks. Sportsmans on Greenfield and the one in North Valley...both sold out. wtf.
  6. dmoto

    10MM Ammo?

    Anyone have a lead on where to find 10MM ammo locally in PHX/Mesa? I've been to BPS, Healy, etc for a few weeks now and have come up empty handed.
  7. dmoto

    Looking for a Springfield Hellcat

    Palmetto State Armory has one up on their daily deals in FDE. https://palmettostatearmory.com/springfield-hellcat-osp-11-13rd-3-9mm-pistol-fde-hc9319fosp.html?trk_msg=4P19JQFGO264DAP8CQP6GGOCPC&trk_contact=7T9910B6C1P83DJ5VBAMJOUV64&trk_sid=QNKOH44819OD990C6044GEJQ7G&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=SHOP+NOW&utm_campaign=Daily+Deal+Email&utm_content=12%3a00+Email
  8. dmoto

    yard sale Sitka, firstlite, slik, marsupial

    Text sent on Sitka tops
  9. I was up there last weekend. It was busy, no question and very windy. Fished the north side of the lake, one in our group picked up a decent rainbow trout on orange pb. I threw a a few panther martins, no takers. But I would say, definitely bring a craw trap. Raw chicken and I had more than enough for a good boil. Camped much further away from the lake and didn't see really any traffic.
  10. dmoto

    RV Batteries

    If you're looking for AGM batteries, check out East Penn near 59th Ave south of I-10. They have Deka AGM's (group 27) for around $100. They are blemished (missing a handle, scratched, etc) but are otherwise new. I run them in my bass boat and have been for 7 years or so. Still going strong. Solid deal.
  11. Yeah. Decent deal on that Champion 191 with a 200 Evinrude on CL. Looks like it might need some carpet on the floorboards but overall good shape. I'm guessing you'll be seeing more good boats going up for sale soon.
  12. TreeTek, ask for Lance. They came by my place yesterday and trimmed both of my mesquites. Great job and highly recommended. 480-232-0633
  13. dmoto

    Woods Canyon Lake

    Hiked and fished the East Verde this weekend, 2nd and 3rd Crossing. On Thursday afternoon, there were at least 30 cars parked on the side of the road at Water Wheel. Drove Houston Mesa up to Control road and down to the 260....there was a ton of people in each campsite along the Control road. I can only imagine what WCL is going to look like when it hits 107* in the valley this week.
  14. dmoto


    Just got back from a 2 day camp trip upriver at Bartlett. Caught 20+ bass each day, dropshot off of points and craw colored cranks paralleling the banks. I was checked by a ranger in the cove on the right just past the no wake buoys (first time being checked in 30 years fishing AZ). Chatted with him for a bit, he stated people were doing really well with crappie trolling John Deere grubs tipped with minnows along the cliff walls upriver. Spoke to quite a few people in that area saying the same thing. Hope that helps.