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  1. dmoto

    Does this count?

    Fattie!!! Rapala jerkbait? Nice fish
  2. dmoto

    Wtb 45/70 brass or ammo

    There were 6 boxes of Super X at the WalMart on CC and Baseline on Sunday. If you want, I can swing by there later today and see if they are still there. Then we can work something out. Shoot me a PM if that's something you want to do.
  3. dmoto


    I'm curious to see how the 'algae bloom' is doing.... I miss that lake.
  4. dmoto

    Rim lakes?

    Was up at Knoll on 4/23. Caught a few small stockers from shore on a 1/4 oz silver/blue kastmaster. Bathtub line was a few feet lower than normal. Some pretty neat bullet holes in one of the bathroom doors, so that was interesting. Heading up to Blue Ridge next weekend, so would be curious to see how you do there if you end up going.
  5. dmoto

    Need a few pigs

    Have you checked Costco Business Center on Grand and Indian School? Also may want to check The Pork Shop in San Tan. I know they do half hogs, so maybe whole?
  6. dmoto

    Black River

    Nice! A few of us are heading up next Friday. Any chance I can PM you early next week to check conditions?
  7. dmoto

    Handguns and Hoyt RX4

    C's or B's?
  8. dmoto

    5B Merriam - Love it!

    Nice work and solid report! The wind was no joke on Thurs, Fri and Sat in 5A, no dice for my tag so far.
  9. dmoto


    PM sent
  10. dmoto

    New Member

    Holy cannoli! What a thread! Yeah, I remember this guy and him saying something about selling some dairy passes for dove. Nothing came of it, but he definitely said he owned some acreage down in Buckeye. Anyways, sorry to hear about the fallout, sounds like a super POS.
  11. dmoto

    German Shorthair PointerPoodles

    A few duck hunters I knew from years back would hunt with Labradoodles (before they got trendy with all the skanks in Scottsdale) and they worked great as retrievers. If I were in the market for another pup, this mix would certainly be intriguing.
  12. dmoto

    Bartlett on Sunday

    Decent day out at Bartlett. Launched kinda late around 7.30. Mainly fished around SB and bass were hitting 5150 curly tails on DS, then when the wind really picked up around 11, Megabass 110s and FlapSlaps were the ticket. All off main and secondary points. 19 bass in the boat, all rats and biggest maybe 2#. Probably should have brought the crappie gear, graphed a ton of them up river past the Unmarked Hazards buoys. Off the lake just before 2 PM.
  13. dmoto

    Upper lake mary

    Wow! Nice work, solid fish.
  14. dmoto

    Minnows at Roosevelt

    I miss Kilmer's. Jake's Corner? May want to call there before you head up. Or at least call Jack at Liars Korner. Either he'll have them or know where to get them.
  15. dmoto

    4B archery antelope info/pass tag holders

    Drive down Hutch Road. See goat. Shoot goat.