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    super raffle big bull

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    Wyoming Antelope advice 2023

    I have been trying to do a bunch of research for applying for a non resident antelope tag in Wyoming for 2023. I’ve been presented with a ton of variables that could drastically affect the hunt this fall. I have 8 points and am willing to apply in the special draw if need be. I would really like to go this year as I think point creep after this will be extremely bad plus they will be doubling tag prices in 2024. They have had record snowfall and an extremely bad antelope die off due to the harsh winter weather. I have a handful of units in mind that with my point level I should be able to draw but a lot of them fall in areas where the winter kill was extremely bad. Others I just simply can not find any information on. Does anyone have any advice on areas worth looking at applying for? I as most would would like to try and find an 80” buck with having a full 10 days to hunt but also have realistic expectations that a 70-75” buck might have to do depending on the unit and available animals. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you, -Travis
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    5B Coues

    Got them on cameras a few years back handful of times in various areas around 5BN. They are scattered around the unit
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    Savage Ultralight 6.5 PRC

    PM sent
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    How long until cards are hit??

    Yesterday at 8:54am…
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    How long until cards are hit??

    Can’t have more than two points if they draw whatever hunt it is every year.
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    How long until cards are hit??

    Tucson local. Either 37a or 28 tag.
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    How long until cards are hit??

    I know someone who got charged for sheep first thing this morning…
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    Unsuccessful hunter in 22S in 2022?

    Ain’t that the truth. You know the Cabeza grind. Rimza knows his sheep but him and his crew left early the year your dad had the tag. It got really tough and left our camp 2 days earlier than scheduled because it wasn’t working out. Ended up killing a class 4 ram on day 30. Hunter was there 27 out of the 31 days. He put over 220 miles on foot. Was a tough year for the unit.
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    Unsuccessful hunter in 22S in 2022?

    This might ruffle some feathers but I’m all for kid’s drawing what ever great tags they can now because they will have zero chance in the future going forward. I’m fortunate enough to have my desert ram with low points. I chased odds not legendary units and still killed a B&C sheep. Just took a lot of work. My daughter is turning 10 this year and can start hunting. If she draws a sheep tag, early rifle bull tag, late December coues tag, or strip tag we will be fully embracing that given hunt and making sure it’s a memory she has for life. What’s to say a child’s memory hunting with family are not as valuable as someone that’s been putting in for years? At the end of the day it’s just luck of the draw. My dad and stepdad are in max points for antelope and sheep and they and I don’t feel they are owed a thing. Entitlement isn’t a good look for anyone. Good luck to all in the upcoming draws
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    Sick to my stomach. Please keep an eye out an alert authorities immediately. Hard to eat $20k guns and reloading gear gone. Send a PM if any of these show up.
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    Wyoming Antelope advice 2023

    Thank you Twigsnapper very much appreciated. I am waiting for the deadline to apply for like you said to gather as much real time Information as possible. I will reach out to you on the rental house deal if I end up in that area.
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    Wyoming Antelope advice 2023

    I appreciate the input but I’m going this year. I wasn’t asking if i should put in this year or not. I’m burning my points. I don’t want to wait 3-5 years if the state recovers. Being from Arizona and hunting antelope here the lowest density antelope hunts in Wyoming will be a vacation. All I’m looking for is some real time updates how the state looks like and where there’s a chance. No real skin on n the game as I have 21 points in AZ. I’ll kill a big one at home when I draw in the next 20 years if I’m lucky. I just want unit recommendations is all if anyone has experience….
  17. Second in line if first guy falls through. Sent a PM
  18. Is it smokeless powder compatible along with the BH209?
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    11 pointers….

    RIP remaining open mule deer units/quotas. Spikes all over the state about to get dirt naps..
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    New build actions

    If it helps your decision to buy a defiance, Stillar, or BAT action I’ll buy the REM Action if the price is right. Always go custom over factory action. You’ll spend as much to get it trued all said and done and still won’t be the quality of a custom. Shoot me a PM about the Rem Action about selling it if you want to. Looking to build a muzzleloader
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    Smallest bull yet

    Drew a late archery elk tag and was excited because anytime hunting elk in AZ is exciting. Well found out I had the stupid covid shoot after 4 tests the day before I left due to hacking up a lung non stop.figured what better way to quarantine than go camp solo in northern Az. Long story short busted Friday trying to find a camp spot getting stuck in the mud and what not. Changed plans found a nice spot in the lower country and started hunting. Found tons of deer and antelope but not many elk. Saturday evening found a herd of bulls from rags to one big 370 type bull. Plan Sunday morning go relocate bull. Got to glassing and never found said bull but found this bull. Bailed off the glassing hill and cut the distance. Got to the herd from 40-60 yards. They either herd me or wind switched and ran. Bull stopped. Ranged him ar 103 and sent it. Arrow found the mark and he piled up. Not bad for a solo late hunt. 6th AZ archery bull in the freezer.
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    Last day buck

    Just a proud post. Wife has killed 3 bucks in a row from 97”-99” she finally held out. Wife and I had a rough 4 days with wind and weather. Looking for 2 specific bucks I had found on my previous hunt that were substantially bigger. Found 12-15 bucks over the first 3 days with her turning down a high 90s” but turned him down on the 3rd day. With no luck we were about to call it quits on the last day when I glassed up this guy. Wife was okay with him so we made our move and she made a great shot at 169 yards. No long range needed with her stalking skills. She is a real trooper and loves her some Coues bucks. She finally broke her 100” goal.
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    6A Muzzy hunt question

    Don’t stress. I’ll be in a neighboring unit tent camping for the late archery hunt solo at the same time. Just think of how it could be worse. I’m bringing more wood cutting gear than hunting supplies…..
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    Mark 5 HD 7-35

    What reticle?
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    Its Time To Change the Arizona Bonus Point System

    You’re just feeling a sense of entitlement. There are opportunities to hunt every season every year. You choose to not to capitalize on that by only applying for the most desirable tags.