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  1. BritSaz

    Son's turkey fan

    Finally able to get around to my son turkey fan. This is the first turkey in the family so first DIY fan. It was a little sloppy but I don't think it came out too bad.
  2. BritSaz

    Draw results

    Looks like they are fully up now.
  3. BritSaz

    2023 governes tag

  4. BritSaz

    Hits started

    Thank you. Every year this draw takes days if not years off my life. 😂
  5. BritSaz

    Hits started

    My pending charge from G&F is now gone??
  6. BritSaz

    Hits started

    I just got a hit too!! Hopefully my boys still have a chance. Little strange...seems like a lot of late hits.
  7. BritSaz

    Hits started

    Just curious did you buy the point guard plus?
  8. BritSaz

    Tick Tock

  9. BritSaz

    Youth turkey hunt - update and pics

    Made some turkey schnitzel. Pretty good!! Any good recipes that you guys have tried for the turkey legs?
  10. BritSaz

    Youth turkey hunt - update and pics

    Or mom moment 😊😉
  11. BritSaz

    Youth turkey hunt - update and pics

    My oldest son tagged a Tom yesterday morning!! It was awesome. will upload pictures when we get into town tomorrow.
  12. Headed to our first ever turkey hunt, with the youth camp in unit 1. Hope we have some success but either way it should be lots of fun. 🤞đŸĻƒ Update: Saturday morning my son tagged out. We had the best mentor from the youth camp in unit 1. All around great guy and hunter. He had roosted some turkeys the night before. We hiked in before sunrise, we heard 3 different gobblers around us. We got in as close as we could. My oldest son and I sat under a tree and my other son and the mentor sat about 10 yards to our left. We were right on the edge of a canyon. The sun started to come up and they were gobbling close. One flew out of the tree right above us down the canyon (side note, I had no idea they flew or they sat in trees). Our mentor started calling, we saw a hen to our right, then about 45 yards in front of us came a tom over the hill puffing his feathers. My son asked me if he could shoot it, I told he let's make sure he had a beard first, as soon as I saw it I told him to shoot. Great shot about 40 yards away, another Tom came right up and started fighting with the bird my son just shot. I was trying to signal to my other son , but it happened so fast. The mentor thought it was the same bird so he was trying to tell us to shoot it again. I found out later they didn't have as good of view as we did. Such a proud moment for me and even the mentor 😂. We tried the rest of the weekend but couldn't make it happen for my other son. It was a great weekend, the boys learned so much but so did my husband and I. My 6 yr old can't wait to hunt! Thank you to the youth camps, volunteers, and mentors. (Don't mind my son's hair 🙄)
  13. BritSaz

    Anyone have any luck in 6b?

    Had early bull archery hunt last year. It was a a lots of fun!
  14. BritSaz

    Elk hits tomorrow????

    Hit my husband and brother but nothing for me and my boys yet 😀☹ī¸
  15. BritSaz

    To Soon?