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    Born and raised in Flagstaff but now in the valley
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  1. BritSaz

    Credit Card hit thread

    Both my boys got a youth tag!
  2. BritSaz

    First timer

    I bet he has that fire now!! Nice job!
  3. BritSaz

    2 youth tags to fill.....

    Thanks and thank you for your help!!
  4. BritSaz

    2 youth tags to fill.....

    Second buck tagged.
  5. BritSaz

    Elk tag punched

    Nice job!!
  6. BritSaz

    2 youth tags to fill.....

    One tag filled.
  7. BritSaz

    2 youth tags to fill.....

    My 2 older boys 14 and 15 were lucky enough to snag a couple unit 23 deer tags. Heading up up today, so excited to spend this time with them.
  8. BritSaz


    My husband's grandpa move into a smaller house and has way too much stuff. Free for whoever wants it. Everything should work. The table saw is rusty on the top but I think will clean up nicely. Located in San Tan Valley. Wanted to put it on here first. Brittani
  9. BritSaz

    When will results posted on portal accounts

    23 youth tag for my boys!
  10. BritSaz

    Son's turkey fan

    Finally able to get around to my son turkey fan. This is the first turkey in the family so first DIY fan. It was a little sloppy but I don't think it came out too bad.
  11. BritSaz

    Draw results

    Looks like they are fully up now.
  12. BritSaz

    2023 governes tag

  13. BritSaz

    Hits started

    Thank you. Every year this draw takes days if not years off my life. 😂
  14. BritSaz

    Hits started

    My pending charge from G&F is now gone??
  15. BritSaz

    Hits started

    I just got a hit too!! Hopefully my boys still have a chance. Little strange...seems like a lot of late hits.