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  1. border hunter

    Wild Bunch. who are those guys?

    Home boy in the middle has a bobcat on a leash... Would hate on the wrong side of that crew.
  2. border hunter

    Late archery success

    What a crazy couple of days. My friend and I hiked 7 miles in some of Arizona's nastiest country and didnt see a single elk. After calling my brother, we came up with a couple of back up plans. I got a text a few minute later saying that my brother decided to make the 4 hour drive Saturday morning. Saturday morning we got set up in a different area to try and find where the elk were. First thing we saw a big bull on top of an unhuntable ridge 1500 yards away. Next we heard a bull bugle which is cazy this time a year. We ended glassing 10 bulls but all were almost impossible to hunt with a bow. After getting a couple texts from my brother saying he had 30+ elk and around 10 bulls that were huntable we decided to back out make the 15 mile trip where he was. After finding out we lost the power steering pump cap on the jeep we fixed it with a bino cover lid and we were on our way. We met up with my brother and made a game plan for the stalk. While hiking a big ridge trying to get in front of the elk we were radioed that the herd was moving around a point and out of his view and a fast pace. After sprinting up the last 400 feet of the mountain I dropped on the other side to find fresh elk sign on a trail and just like that they got away. After collapsing on the trail for 20 minutes I stagger to my feet to make the climb back to the top of the mountain to get my pack. As I was stumbling up the trail thinking all the elk were gone I see a spike at only 20 yards! We must have saw each other at the same time and I Froze. After a minute he went back to eating. We played this game 3 time before I had an arrow knocked and ready to shoot. When he dropped his head I was able to draw and with my luck he stepped behind a small pine tree. After being at full draw for 30 seconds I was able to lean a bit and slip it into the narrow window of his vitals. He jumped, went a few yards and stopped. By the time it took me to knock another arrow and grab my rangefinder he started stumbling his last 20 yards down the mountain fell over! After 5 long years of archery hunting and hundreds of mistakes it all came together for my first archery kill and first elk! My arrow blew through 2 ribs and went another 20 yards and embedded in the tree. We came out with 220lbs of the best eating meat in Arizona!
  3. border hunter


    Sorry about the sideways pic.
  4. border hunter

    2018: What’s ur bull goal this year?

    Anything with an antler breaking the hide. Late archery in 22n.
  5. border hunter

    Mid Life/wife crisis Question

    Ever made it back to camp to tired to cook? Bring the wife hunting and leave her in the kitchen where she belongs!
  6. border hunter

    Bearded hen with my 5 year old!

    Im lucky enough to have in-laws that live in turkey country. This made it easy to convince the wife to let me get a tag knowing we would have a month old baby. After church and dinner we hopped in the truck to go see if what water holes still had water. The first tank was almost empty but no sign. We pull up to the second tank and bump some elk off before we could even park the truck. We hope out and walk up to the tank that had good water and a few turkey prints. My son loves looking at all the different sign by the water and we were laughing at how fast the elk ran. We made it halfway around the tank when I heard some scratching on the other side of the burm. I ease my head up and see a hen at about 15 yards. I call my son over to see the bird and his eyes light and he starts talking quietly. I put my bino up and I see it has a beard! I get excited and think to myself do I really was to shoot a hen before I really start the hunt? But why tempt fate especially with my 5 year old there. One problem the gun is still in the truck....... while im sprinting back to the truck im thinking no way is the bird still be there when I get back. When I get back to my son and ease over the burm the turkey hasnt moved 5 yards! After making sure my son was in a good spot to see it all and that he was plugging his ears I put the bead on the hens head and let it rip! As my son said "I liked how it just felled over!" The bird never even twitched! My son is excited to have the turkey fan in his room along with the javilina head that he watched me harvest! 2018 has been a great year!
  7. border hunter

    ISO Savage Rascal

  8. border hunter

    ISO Savage Rascal

  9. border hunter

    ISO Savage Rascal

  10. border hunter

    WTB FJ Cruiser 4x4

    Yes, because it was stolen. To me it wouldn't be that big of a deal.
  11. border hunter

    WTB FJ Cruiser 4x4

    http://www.wheelkinetics.com/index.php?w=1 This place in tucson has an 07 dodge 1500 4x4 with low millage.
  12. border hunter

    ISO Savage Rascal

    Looking for a rascal 22 for my son's birthday. Color isnt a an issue as im looking to paint it green.
  13. border hunter

    Mule Deer Rut

    One 2x5 pushing does yesterday in 36a. Lots of does with nothing yet.
  14. border hunter

    Looking fo a kodiak tent

    It only took me 10 min to set up! I only did the 4 corner steaks but I had shoulder surgery 5 weeks ago and still got it up that fast! My 14x16 wall tent takes a lot longer and would be impossible to set with my shoulder the way it is.
  15. border hunter

    Looking fo a kodiak tent

    +1 for competitive edge! Last week they had a super deal and I got one for 120 off. They always have free shipping that I got in 3 days and no taxes! We spent 2 nights in it with the kids in the backyard and they loved it!