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  1. border hunter


    I'll take the 4350. PM sent.
  2. border hunter

    Fire on the Restoration. Near 3c

    Fire just exploded out of nowhere. Southwest of Pinedale. And the next couple of days are calling for high winds.
  3. border hunter

    Desert Tortoise

    Cool shot with 4 peaks in the back!
  4. border hunter

    Arizona Desert

    With all the rain my normal Archery spots were empty. The grass in the 36s is starting to turn brown and most random water holes will be empty soon. They should be back to normal habits by the rifle hunts!
  5. border hunter

    Glassing bucks in the pines/burns

    I saw some 150s running around last month. The good thing is I have 10 days and it only takes one big buck to make a mistake!
  6. border hunter

    Glassing bucks in the pines/burns

    I'm sure I'll figure it out about day 3 of the 10 day hunt and I'll let you know!
  7. border hunter

    Glassing bucks in the pines/burns

    Three a&c
  8. border hunter

    Glassing bucks in the pines/burns

    Looking for some intel on glassing mature mule deer. I've hunted the desert my whole life and consider myself a decent at glassing. I have a late October tag and would like to be focusing on the right areas. In the mornings will the bucks be feeding on the sunny side of the old burns? Do they bed in the burns or feed into the pines to bed? What's your goto method of finding big bucks?
  9. border hunter

    H1000 and 143 ELDX

    Pm sent.
  10. border hunter

    Small rifle primers, large rifle, and Eld-X 143 for trade

    If you decide to sell the eld-x let me know!
  11. border hunter

    Reloading sale

    Text sent for the 143 eldx
  12. border hunter

    36A hunts

    My wife has the Coues tag and my brother a Muley tag. I'm just up the road from you in Sahuarita so I get to hit the unit often! I had an exciting run in with some of the ranchers from the Marley a while back while hunting with my horse... I was being questioned of rustling cattle 😲
  13. border hunter

    Leica 2800.com

  14. border hunter

    Leica 2800.com

    A sweet rangefinder for a lucky tag holder!
  15. border hunter


    I have seem some big bucks in the cedars!