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  1. border hunter

    ***** TODAY IS THE LAST DAY******

    Thanks for putting this together!
  2. border hunter

    Anyone do graphic design?

    I may be able to enlist my wife's help. Shoot me a massage of what you're thinking of.
  3. border hunter

    The I’ve been drawn for DEER thread

    3 tags for the 36s. First 1st and 2nd Mule 3,4,5 coues.
  4. border hunter

    How long until cards are hit??

    Last year I missed the 36s with my 3, 4 and 5. I got hit this morning for one of the 36s but my wife and 10 year old haven't. My son also missed the elk draw. Unless something changes tomorrow looks like I'll be signing my tag over.
  5. border hunter

    Hotshot Trucking Company?

    2a transportation out of Gilbert. He has an enclosed trailer and will take care of your equipment. Alan @480 415 7069
  6. border hunter

    2023 youth gun giveaway

    Sounds like better odds then getting drown for a youth elk tag. My 10 year old was excited to get his first tag but got an early taste of disappointment from Game and Fish. Thanks for putting this together!
  7. border hunter

    Horse trailer?

    If you're willing to drive start looking towards Texas or Oklahoma. They seem to be way cheaper more then enough to compensate for the fuel to get there. Good luck on the search!
  8. border hunter


    That sucks, I hate thieves. Ill keep an eye out for it on the border. I have an 06 and whenever I go to south tucson I unplug my fuel relay switch. It won't stop them from breaking but good luck getting it to start!
  9. border hunter

    Lookin for a lefthanded youth rifle.

    Looking for a lefthanded rifle for my 9 year old. Doesn't have to have a youth stock but I'm looking for a 6.5 or a 7mm08. Thought I'd give thw classifieds a shot before going to a box store.
  10. border hunter

    Youth Guns

    I'll take the 20ga if it's still available!
  11. Do you know the lop? Would it make a good youth gun size wise?
  12. border hunter

    Hamburger recipes

    With game meet I add ritzs crackers or bread crumbs with an egg. Then add in cubbed cheese and diced bacon!
  13. border hunter

    Hunting with glasses

    I glass without my glasses I need massive eye relief to start with. When I glass from my tripod my glasses go in my bino pouch. Just understand your glasses will get scratches.
  14. I have a new Microsoft surface go 10th gen for sale for $475. I'd be willing to trade for a left handed youth rifle or possibly just a left handed rifle I can put a new stock on it.
  15. border hunter

    Microsoft surface Laptop. For sale or trade.

    Would also like to trade for a Kestrel with ballistics. Or a 40 cal.
  16. border hunter

    Scheels has Hornady 143 eldx bullets in stock

    Surprisingly they still have some available. Update: They canceled my order due to being out of stock.
  17. border hunter


    I'll take the 4350. PM sent.
  18. border hunter

    Fire on the Restoration. Near 3c

    Fire just exploded out of nowhere. Southwest of Pinedale. And the next couple of days are calling for high winds.
  19. border hunter

    Desert Tortoise

    Cool shot with 4 peaks in the back!
  20. border hunter

    Arizona Desert

    With all the rain my normal Archery spots were empty. The grass in the 36s is starting to turn brown and most random water holes will be empty soon. They should be back to normal habits by the rifle hunts!
  21. border hunter

    Glassing bucks in the pines/burns

    Looking for some intel on glassing mature mule deer. I've hunted the desert my whole life and consider myself a decent at glassing. I have a late October tag and would like to be focusing on the right areas. In the mornings will the bucks be feeding on the sunny side of the old burns? Do they bed in the burns or feed into the pines to bed? What's your goto method of finding big bucks?
  22. border hunter

    Glassing bucks in the pines/burns

    I saw some 150s running around last month. The good thing is I have 10 days and it only takes one big buck to make a mistake!