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  1. zslayer

    Any Hard Horn Pictures Yet?

    Hopefully I’ll have one in return on 10/21!🤣
  2. zslayer

    Any Hard Horn Pictures Yet?

    Anyone got any hard horn coues photos yet? It’s about that time!
  3. zslayer


    PM sent
  4. zslayer

    Prime Rize and mathews Triax

    That Prime Rize is still the best bow I’ve ever owned.
  5. zslayer

    6th Time is the Charm

    Great buck! I can only imagine how nerve racking that was!🤣
  6. zslayer

    Any Good Bucks?

    How’s it looking down there this year? Grass tall as ever again? Start to brown up or still green as could be?
  7. zslayer

    Trail Camera Question

    Exactly the way I would see it. Because the camera was used in the aid of taking game no matter how it’s translated.
  8. zslayer

    Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor 143 ELDX Motherlode

    Hahaha someone had their backorder come in!
  9. zslayer

    More Blessings from the Hunting Gods!!

    Killer buck! Congrats! Looks like he’s completely done growing too with perfect velvet.
  10. zslayer

    Awesome Brasilian Steak 🥩 seasoning

    After reading this thread I got some and used it on some antelope steaks….not sure if want to use anything else now 😂
  11. zslayer


    That is a possibility for sure but they also run the risk of being stoped/checked without a tag during the transfer from field to home. Just saying it gotta cut back on that somewhat.
  12. zslayer


    You have never heard of people that have a OTC archery tag along with a draw tag then fill their archery tag and get it home without getting checked then just keep it quiet and go kill a deer with their draw tag later in the year? Giving themselves 2 deer in the same calendar year? If you E-Tag it’s automatically reported therefore a lot harder to get away with. Not sure what else to say!
  13. zslayer

    Is this Common?

    Geez! Not for me whatsoever but some of those guys that are good can make a ton of money off a good wildlife photo. Must have had some interest for them to come up with this?
  14. zslayer


    I think it will be the best way for harvest reports. Also should take care of people that fill and archery tag then get the deer in the freezer without getting checked and go out and kill another with a drawn rifle tag.
  15. zslayer

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    They will probably adjust for that next year and lower the quota!