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  1. zslayer


    So is the “tag my animal “ part only valid once your tag is valid? Season dates? This is my first year with the e-tag and I don’t personally have a tag bu my kids do. When I go into “my tags” it shows their tag like daryl above but has not options underneath it for tagging like he shows?
  2. zslayer

    Time Flies; CouesWhitetail.com

    14 years for me. Crazy, that’s back when I had to go log onto a computer and couldn’t just use my phone 😂
  3. zslayer

    Deer tags. (In mail?)

    Has anyone had a tag show up yet? I thought they would have been here last week.
  4. zslayer

    Best Ballistic App (not named Strelok)?

    I use the Hornady app. Has worked well so far. Pretty user friendly.
  5. zslayer

    Antler Growth

    You can see the velvet split up his left main beam. He would have rubbed any day now. He was completely done growing.
  6. zslayer


    Lol. I’ve always said -10 and 110 were more breaking points. At those temps it hurts and I’m staying inside.
  7. zslayer


    This is exactly what I’m worried about! With the exceptional amount of growth AZ has had and now hot and dry once monsoons do finally show up they are usually weak to start with dry lightening. Bad recipe.
  8. zslayer


    Crazy, 10 day forecast puts us past the middle of the month while still not showing hardly any action!
  9. zslayer

    When will results posted on portal accounts

    I’m guessing Tuesday as well.
  10. zslayer

    How long until cards are hit??

    How many of you have called already asking if they are gonna hit cards today?🤣
  11. zslayer

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    A lot of projections for Powell this year are around a 70’ rise. If it did rise 70’ it would still be under 50% of full capacity. I believe it would be somewhere around 46% of capacity. Although still far from full 70’ rise would be huge! Full capacity is 3700’ elevation and right now it’s below 3550’ still a believe.
  12. zslayer


    I’ve got 4 daughters ages 8, 11, 13, 15. They all hunt except the youngest as of now but she will be doing her hunters safety soon once she turns 9. The oldest 3 especially the oldest two have shot several animals already out to almost 600 yards. I think the most important part is NO running and gunning! Got to have a calm kid and calm animal so they can take their time and I always get my girls prone if possible which so far has been almost 💯 of their shots. I had my 13 yo (then 12) set up on 75-100 elk coming over a fence that had been pushed anywhere from 86 yards to 150 yards but they would not stop, kept trotting so we let the opportunity pass. She ended up killing one 2 days later but the last thing you want your kid doing is blowing off legs and or missing/rushing that’s a good way to get them discharged and create target panic. Practice is also key! I take them out shooting often and I believe what had really helped my oldest was shooting a lot of prairie dogs with a .17, it sure helped her pick up animals in a scope a lot quicker then her sisters that haven’t shot prairie dogs as much. You have to make it enjoyable for them too. I know sometimes us adults can get caught up in the hunt and grind. You have to be careful not to run your kid into the ground. Sometimes it means taking a morning or evening off but you don’t want them to look back on the hunt like it was miserable. One more thing like mentioned above they are definitely my favorite hunt of the year!
  13. zslayer

    23-24 regs up online

    Youth usually have a hunt the week of thanksgiving when they are all out of school. Not now! Only getting the weekend and gonna have to miss school if they want to continue to hunt.
  14. zslayer

    6.5 PRC component choices

    From my personal experience Lapua brass is WELL worth it!
  15. zslayer

    Colorado Regulations and Rules

    I believe this will s correct. Is license is suspended in CO then I believe it’s suspended in all others states that I that law.