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  1. IA Born

    Son's First!

    Congratulations and how awesome! Those deer are tougher than most people realize! Excellent job young man and dad!
  2. IA Born

    Girls Trip

    Congrats on a great buck!!
  3. This was my son's second youth tag in SE Arizona. Last year was a 34A tag and he fell in love with chasing Coues. He opted for 35A this year because a good friend of ours who took us out last year knows 35A much better and Jacob really likes our friend. Learning from last year, we practiced out to 300 yards with his new scope on his Savage 111 youth in 7mm-08. With my supervision, Jacob has put together all of his own loads for this rifle, using Barnes 140 gr TTSX. We hunted hard Friday in the heat. We saw 36 does, 12 fawns, and four bucks, including an absolute monster Coues buck. It didn't work for that buck due to distance from us with a ton of open ground between us, private property nearby, and then busting him out of an unexpected area on our way to another distant buck. That second buck didn't work out either, and Jacob learned why they are called "The Grey Ghost". I earned "Dad of the Year" award during our lunch break when we realized the fuel canister for my Jet Boil had about 10 seconds of fuel in it. I offered him my semi-warm MRE to be fair, but Jacob opted to eat his Mountain House spaghetti cold, and ended up liking it. We hiked a little over four miles in the heat and not so rolling hills of SE Arizona yesterday. Jacob carried all of his own gear this year and switched with me when I carried his rifle to give him a needed break. He carried the heaviest pack he's ever carried and never once complained. He's the type of kid that has to dance around in the shower to get wet, but he's tough as nails. Proud is an understatement. Saturday morning was harder to get up, but we did it because you can't fill a tag laying in bed. We switched gears and went to a spot known to hold bigger bucks, but not as many overall deer. I've been sworn to secrecy, so I can't say where we went. As we were approaching our first glassing spot, we noticed two white tails flagging up and over the ridge across from us. The lead buck was another brute. We quickly set up and started glassing while Jacob got his rifle set in the Triclawps. Within 10 minutes, we had two bucks feeding across from us at 315 yards. We were as close as we could get, so I looked at Jacob and asked him how comfortable he was. The calm confidence he responded with told me everything I needed to hear. Of course, the bucks went behind the treea dns started feeding away from us and down into the next ravine. We watched them come back out and started ranging them. Jacob was waiting patiently behind his rifle. When the bucks finally presented a shot, they were closer to 375 yards. I gave him the shooting solution, he adjusted his turret like a pro, and he settled in to wait for the opportunity for a clean, clear shot. I'm extremely thankful for Lance talking me into downloading and setting up the Shooter app. You rock, Lance! As the bucks were moving, our good friend and mentor took over coaching Jacob and I knew instantly he was in good hands and didn't need me beyond calling turret corrections and spotting the shot. Through his Taekwondo journey, I've learned to let go as a dad and trust in him and others to keep him on track. As soon as the bigger buck opened up and presented a broadside shot, Jacob hit him hard, but not hard enough. Our friend coached him on what to do when the buck stood back up. When the follow up shot presented itself, he remained extremely calm and sent the finishing round back out to 375 yards before we were ready. I was fumbling with my range finder to see if Jacob needed to change his turrets. He knew what was needed and didn't hesitate. Fortunately, I was able to jump back behind my 15s at the shot and watch the buck roll down the slope perfectly into a tree. If not for that, I'm not sure we would have found the buck. Jacob showed amazing control, composure, and (most importantly), confidence. My friend and I are impressed and proud beyond words. It took forever for the buck to finally die. We'd watch it twitch its tail and kick its leg and then be still for 5 minutes. Every time we thought it was dead, it would twitch its tail! After 12 minutes of not moving, we figured it was dead and formed our recovery plan. We had to hike across to the point where the buck was down, which was no easy task, either. Our friend stayed put and kept eyes on the deer while we got above it to see if another shot was necessary. Five minutes of staring at the spot with no movement told me everything we needed. The steepness of that slope is not justified in the pictures, but I'm thankful the hike back to the truck was downhill. After pictures and gutless field dressing, my friend and I split the deer between the two of us, and Jacob carried the head. Going out heavy is an amazing feeling and Jacob, although tired and sore, showed the world and, most importantly, himself exactly what he is made of at 11 years old. And, yes, we should have had orange on Jacob, but he forgot his hat and was walking between us, so we were comfortable that nobody would do anything stupid. On top of that, this area really only has one ingress/egress, so we weren't worried about other hunters in the area. Jacob says now he's only hunting Coues in SE Arizona, although he may try a carp deer once just to say he's done it! What have we created?? And, of course, we had to hit the DQ in Eloy on our way home after an unplanned potty stop! We also need to give a HUGE shout out to azlinetrash769. He helped us with the Triclawps that Jacob used, which helped him extend his range and keep steady. Jeff, you are truly a wonderful person and we are blessed! Now for his 24-hour black belt test this Friday/Saturday. I hope to see some of you there if you're in Flagstaff! Jacob watched so many parallels from this hunt as they apply to his upcoming black belt test. He's stronger than he realizes and integrity and perseverance are everything! And sorry for the upside down pics. I don't know why some come out that way and the others are right how they're supposed to be.
  4. IA Born

    Lets talk Loyalty Points!

    I'm pretty sure it goes on your record after the 5th year. That's how I remember mine showing up.
  5. IA Born

    Shotgun Raffle

    The Hike to Hunt group has offered our NAZ NWTF Chapter in Flagstaff eight VIP entrance tickets (3-day, $75 value) to the Hike to Hunt 3d Archery Challenge Nov 1-3! https://www.hiketohunt.com/copy-of-3d-archery-event-arizona-no If you buy a $10 raffle ticket for the shotgun we are giving away, you will also be entered into the drawing for a chance at one of those eight Hike to Hunt VIP tickets for Nov 1-3. If you've already bought a ticket, you will still be entered for a chance at the VIP tickets. Buy your shotgun raffle tickets by October 25 because we will draw one winner for the shotgun and eight winners for the Hike to Hunt Archery Challenge VIP tickets on October 26! The more tickets you buy for the shotgun, the more you are also entered into the chance to win the VIP Hike to Hunt tickets! https://www.naznwtf.org/product-page/stevens-320-field-turkey-gun-in-mossy-oak-breakup
  6. IA Born

    Son's Taekwondo Journey: Its On!!!

    Time for another update, especially now that we're less than two weeks out. Jacob and the rest of the black belt candidates had their oral boards and written exam this past Saturday. Every candidate has to go in front of the black belt board and they are grilled with some very thought-provoking questions, at least as best as I can tell. I wasn't allowed in there with him. One of the other 11-year old candidates told us, as we were waiting on Jacob, that she started crying as soon as she opened her mouth the first time and didn't quit until she was excused. When Jacob came out, he snuck in behind me, so I didn't see him at first. When I finally turned to see him, his eyes were red and puffy, and it was obvious he'd been sobbing. He didn't say much, but gave me a thumbs up to let me at least know he was ok. One of the adult black belt candidates was next to him and I realized that she was the one he needed to talk to, so I turned around and gave him the space he needed with the only one who really understood what had just happened. This studio definitely does NOT give their black belts out; they are EARNED!! On the drive home from the studio, all he did was tell me to keep being me and encouraging him in my way and that he had some deeply personal things he needed to work on about himself, but he didn't want to talk about it. As much as that almost crushed me as a dad to not be able to talk and/or help him, I also knew that he had the situation under control and he'd earned the right and my respect enough to keep it to himself. He's 11, folks, and he's got his $h!t together enough that I'm slightly (more than slightly?) jealous of him. He's handling this stressful situation, on top of school (Basis School, no less, and his mountain biking team) better than most adults I know. At 11 years old, my son is more of a man than I'll ever be. That's what every dad wants, though, right. I hope to see some of you there next Saturday, the 19th. Between now and then, we're leaving Thursday morning for his youth deer hunt in 35A!
  7. IA Born

    Lower Lake Mary or Ashhurst lake in mid October?

    Yep. I usually put a split shot 16-18" up and have a blast. The brown trout are starting to bite hard at Kinnickinik Lake, too. Might be worth the venture!
  8. IA Born

    17b youth hunters

    That's actually a very easy fix and we talk about this very scenario in Hunter Ed classes all the time. The hunter has a legal right to retrieve their downed animal. The correct procedure is to call AGFD, report it, and the WM can then work with FS to legally retrieve. You'll only have a legal issue if you enter the closure without reporting the downed/hit animal.
  9. IA Born

    Shotgun Raffle

    We need to get this raffle sold out, so I'm moving it here for more exposure. Our NAZ NWTF Chapter in Flagstaff is raffling a Stevens 320 12g pump that was donated to our chapter by some amazing folks. See the link below to our online store for details! Tickets are $10 each and we're only selling 100 of them. Of course, you have to be able to pass a background check for this. Winner can pick it up at the Sportsman's Warehouse in Flagstaff or work with them to have it transferred to an FFL of their choice, for a shipping fee. https://www.naznwtf.org/product-page/stevens-320-field-turkey-gun-in-mossy-oak-breakup
  10. IA Born

    Son's Taekwondo Journey: Its On!!!

    I figure another update is on order, especially with how many of you have helped support him. Jacob got himself in a not-so-good situation at our studio the last couple of months and got complacent and lazy in his training. Last week, he was called to task on it and given one more chance to get everything figured out as to whether or not he really wanted his black belt. It was a huge wake up call for him and difficult on all of us. We couldn't do anything to help him and, as much as it killed me inside as a dad, I knew I had to let him go to succeed or fail on his own. The short story is that he got his act together and earned his two missing stripes this past Wednesday night while I was out of town. It was great for both of us because I had no choice but to let him go and he had to figure it all out on his own. He is now back on track for to test for his black belt next month and he realized just how badly he wants his black belt after 6 years of training. If you are free October 19, you are invited to Flagstaff to come support our son, Jacob during his Taekwondo black belt promotion. I will be testing for my green belt as well, but that day is more about him than me. I have to let him go that day and, for lack of a better way to put it, forget he's in the room. I can’t be his dad; I have to be a TKD student first and foremost if I am to succeed and honor my promise to him and myself. For the first time in a very long time, I am making a conscious choice to focus on me first. Its a strange feeling, but the more I can focus on me for once, the better off I will be. The more people in the studio cheering for Jacob and supporting him, the easier I can let him go and forget about him for a few hours. You are welcome to cheer for me, but I humbly and respectfully ask that you make Jacob priority one that day. The doors will open at 8am and the actual color belt promotion (for everyone testing that day) will start promptly at 0900. By that time, Jacob and the other six black belt candidates will be running on 17 hours straight of training and the promotion will run until 2 or 3 pm. He can use, and will appreciate, all of the support and encouragement he can get. If you decide to go, our studio is Academy of the Martial Way on 4th Street in the Knoles Village Square on 4th Street, behind Roof Dancers. If you can't make it, I completely understand. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Academy of the Martial Way 2708 N Fourth St Ste. 1 Flagstaff, AZ 86004
  11. IA Born

    Lower Lake Mary or Ashhurst lake in mid October?

    Lower Lake Mary will be lucky to have much water in it. You're better off hitting Ashurst, or driving to Williams and fishing Kaibab Lake. Always had good luck with trout in Kaibab using power bait. Kinnikinick Lake is supposed to be great that time of year, too. I keep forgetting to head out there then, though.
  12. IA Born

    WTS Youth Bows Genesis/Hoyt Ruckus

    My daughter shot a regular Ruckus for a few years. That's a solid bow and she loved it.
  13. IA Born

    My Sirius radio update

    I called today and the guy was basically like "Go ahead and cancel if you want." after offering me a lesser package than what I currently have.
  14. IA Born

    My Sirius radio update

    Thanks for the tip! I just got my SXM renewal notice and its over $200. I love my SXM, but that's ridiculous! Going to make a call!
  15. IA Born

    Son got it done again.

    Loved getting that text! Congrats, Jr! I need to get ahold of him and have him over for dinner. Been meaning to reach out, but haven't been home much.