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  1. I need to check in with Junior and make sure he's ok! Thanks for the reminder!
  2. IA Born

    Hunter safety

    Same here. We've been doing the Streamlined Field Days for online students in Flagstaff since May. We have more coming up, I think, but I won't be helping until after mid-October. Right now, we're looking at (hoping to) start in-person classes next spring. There is a significant backlog of online students who need field days, so those folks get priority and its being further prioritized for kids 9-13 who actually (legally) need the class. We ran through our backlog of kids needing the field day here in Flagstaff quickly and now many of our participants are kids and adults from the Phoenix area, Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley.
  3. IA Born

    Bonus Points and Nonres Do they go with you?

    Not sure this is entirely true. I asked this very question when I was looking to move out of state. I was interested in the lifetime license and AGFD told me it was a great idea, but it would only get me out of buying the NR license every year. As a NR, I'd still have to pay for the NR tag price and it would still put me in the NR pool. I could be wrong as it was a few years ago, but that's what I remember. And, yes, you'll keep your points, OP.
  4. IA Born

    Good News

    The call I've been waiting for came in recently. I've officially accepted a new position and promotion within my agency! I'll be a Regional Office employee, teleworking permanently from Flagstaff. I start my new position the week of October 10th. And I passed my monthly stripe screen last night at TKD, so I'm one step closer to my black belt test in October!
  5. IA Born

    Case Gard RL-50s

    I have two Case Gard RL-50s that I bought new and have never used. Would like to trade for similar small rifle cases (50 ct) for my ARs. Not picky about stickers or being in new condition. In Flagstaff, but will ship if you'll ship comparable small rifle cases.
  6. IA Born

    Where Am I?

    Well, I know you're not in Flagstaff for two reasons. 1) we don't have J-trees in Flagstaff; and 2) if you were in Flagstaff and didn't tell me, I'd whip ya! 😜 Those are western Joshua trees, so that tells me you're in CA or far southwest NV. Barstow area?
  7. IA Born

    WTS Varget, H4350, and IMR4831

    If you still have that IMR 4831 next time you're through Flag or next time I'm down there, I'll take it. My son's 300WM loves that for his current hunting load.
  8. IA Born

    Good News

    I asked specifically about working remote and was told "remote within region" was approved. That is a good thing for me, because I won't move to ABQ for the reasons you mention. Every time I turned on "Cops", they were in the ABQ! I also pointed out that we have Regional Office employees in Wisconsin, Washington, here in Flagstaff, Atlanta and South Africa. I can definitely do this job from right here and, hopefully, we can cross paths in person, Tim! You both are cracking me up with the Belen reference. I have family in Belen that has lived there for years! I just found out recently that Belen was incorporated and its now "Rio Communities".
  9. IA Born

    Good News

    Interview went stellar this morning and, while I refuse to get my hopes too high, I thought I nailed it! In other good news I'm not sure how I forgot, I've been in touch with a guy my dad served with in Vietnam and he's invited me to come turkey hunt his ranch in central Texas! My wife has given me the blessings to go for it! He's had one 5-bearded tom taken from his property in the past and only has one other lease hunter there. I think he's not allowing the other hunter there while we're hunting. A buddy and I will be in central Texas, staying at his place, chasing Rios and he's in a 4-bird limit county! The blessings of the brotherhood only formed through combat! Early April won't get here soon enough!
  10. IA Born

    Good News

    I received a random call Monday from one of our offices in Texas asking me if I'd interview for a job (promotion) in our Regional Office in ABQ. They pulled my name off the cert list from the last job I interviewed for (couple of months ago) and said they are interested in me. That's a rarity in the normal hiring process in the Feds and I'm taking that as a good sign for me. If I get the job, I'd get a promotion and (highly likely) get to stay right here and not move to ABQ (I'll dig my heels in on that one). Shortly after that call, I was notified of a 120-day detail opportunity with a temporary promotion in another branch I'm very interested in and the hiring supervisor was excited I submitted my resume for the detail.
  11. IA Born

    Gear Clean Out

    Bump before the weekend
  12. You need to watch your language in public! Trust me, there's a way to make it happen.
  13. IA Born

    Gear Clean Out

    I will be traveling to/from the airport on July 5th and 6th, taking my daughter down for her 3-week Alaska trip. I can bring the saw and quiver (above) with me if you can meet me enroute to/from the airport. I typically go I17-101E-51S-202E-143S to our hotel. I can also bring the Hornady 12g turkey loads, Leupold Dual Dovetail 1" High rings, Leupold Dual Dovetail 30mm medium rings if anyone wants those. Can confirm travel times with interested buyers, but we'll likely leave Flagstaff late afternoon and I'll be driving back north after her 6am flight has departed. Turkey loads: 12g= $15 Rings: $20/each
  14. IA Born

    Rafael fire

    Both correct. Good buddy of mine is on Mormon Lake Hotshots, assigned to the fire, and has been staying at our house in the evenings. South Garland was evacuated for burnout operations and they contained the portion that was potentially threatening Flagstaff, after we were downgraded to "ready". My boss is working closely with the IMT and resources are starting to be demobed already. That's all great news!
  15. IA Born

    Rafael fire

    We got the downgrade from "Set" back to "Ready" about 20 minutes ago! Feeling much better in SW Flagstaff!