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  1. If you don't want to travel to Flagstaff to get the safe or can't, we can arrange to get you a gift card to Sportsman's Warehouse for the value (our cost).
  2. Our Northern Arizona NWTF chapter up here in Flagstaff finally has its own website! My wife worked in her free time to put it together for us and I can't thank her enough. We are blasting it out there and having our inaugural online raffle for a Cannon Meridian 48-gun safe. Tickets are $30 each and we're only selling 100 of them. You can go to the store and buy your tickets. There are less than 100 left already and its only been up and operational for a few hours. The website needs a quick update that the winner has to pick up the safe. No deliveries or shipping. If you have pictures you want to see on our website, from events that you've been a part of with us, please PM me for my email and we'll work to get them up. After we get through this raffle, we'll start having regular online raffles. https://www.naznwtf.org/ Thanks for looking!
  3. IA Born

    Ramshot Big Game

    Another bump for this...
  4. Wonderful news, Sean! I won't lie, I was excited to read "..another Arizona winner..."! It brings back so many amazing memories. You two will have an absolute blast on both trips and you'll meet some of the best people! I stay in touch with the organizer of the KS One Shot, so I'll drop her a note to bust your chops pretty hard!
  5. IA Born

    Late Kaibab and Strip

    A buddy of mine's son shot a 186" mainframe 3x3 on the 12BW late hunt, after passing a 184" 4x4 and a 190" 4x4 that was too narrow and tall for their liking. A couple of days later, a 230" buck was taken. Have pics of both, but they're not mine to share. I got to hold the antlers of my buddy's son's 186" 3x3 and it is an impressive buck! Its a mainframe 3x3 with all kinds of awesome trash and junk!
  6. IA Born

    Spring Tags

    All of our tags got here today, too!
  7. IA Born

    Barbie Dream House and Barbies

    He says its the kids joking, but deep down, he actually wants it! Sorry, Bigorange, that was just too good of an opening!
  8. IA Born

    Hunters n Ranchers

    Great video. Respect is all it takes. Growing up in a Midwest farming community, I'm thankful my dad taught me how to kick dirt with local farmers. I spent many days helping stack hay bales, fixing equipment/facilities, and shooting the breeze on a porch or at the table. Once in a while, I'd offer up a pheasant or some fillets from my day's harvest. That got me continued access and, often, return access to many fields and farm ponds. It really is that simple.
  9. IA Born

    Sons late rifle bull.

    Nice Travis! I didn't realize that was your son! I was thinking it was your nephew. That explains why him and Travis junior look so much alike! Congrats!
  10. IA Born

    Glassing question

    Will I work? I'm straight and a fairly good spotter! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Self-imposed timeout again...
  11. IA Born

    Obscure Places With Great Taxidermy in AZ

    That's the main gas station/convenience store, right? I was going to call that out for its Coues and elk mounts. The Wagon Wheel in Patagonia was mentioned, too. Yes, the Zoo up here in Flagstaff is still open (back open after shutting down). One of the hotels in the eastern Kanab (Quality Inn?) had some great mounts that were from sheds. Its been a while since I've had to stay there, but there were four impressive mounts on the wall. If memory serves me correctly, that little diner in Wickieup has some cool mounts, too.
  12. IA Born

    Glassing question

    I tried glassing with an angled spotter and I got tired of bending my head down the whole time. I've glassed with a straight spotter and my eyes just got tired. I've talked to guys who use both and it comes down to preference. I ended up carrying to do just what oz says. I would pull out my spotter to get a closer look. Then I got a pair of 15s and quit carrying my spotter because of the extra weight. Then my wife used a set of BTXs at the condor release back in September and now she's scheming on how we can get a set up! Who am I to argue with her??
  13. IA Born

    Scope and Rangefinder FS (Scope Sold)

    Scope is sold.
  14. IA Born

    FS: Simmons AETEC

    Its time to shift things around in the safe. I have a Simmons AETEC 2.8-10x44 with V-Plex reticle that's been sitting on a rifle and not getting used. I think its been in the field all of five times since I bought it several years ago. It hasn't been in the field since 2007, that's for sure. This is a good scope to start a kid with or for a new hunter on a budget. Its treated me well the few times I've used it and is in great overall condition. Proceeds will go towards my son's build, which will lead to scopes being shifted around, so this one can go. $100 includes Butler Creek caps and shipped to your door. In Flagstaff, but make occasional trips to the valley.
  15. IA Born

    Youth 243

    Friend of mine here in Flagstaff is selling one. Its in the classifieds.