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  1. IA Born

    Found Optical Device

    My son and I found an optical device in Unit 33 this past weekend. If you can tell me what type, brand, and roughly where you were, I'll gladly mail it back you to you.
  2. IA Born

    Jacob's 3rd Coues Buck

    My son drew the late youth hunt in 33. Opening day was the Friday after Thanksgiving. We made a family plan to head down Wednesday, picking up our daughter up at UofA, and have a family camping trip followed by a deer hunt. Our good friend, Christian, drove down Thursday night to help out. He's like a little brother to me and a great mentor/role model for Jacob. Our daughter even asked me to throw her hunting gear in so she could help glass Friday before heading back to UofA to study Saturday. We glassed up a couple dozen does, a handful of spikes and forks, and a few 70s bucks Friday. We got chased out by rain Saturday morning, right as we found a buck Jacob liked. We watched the bucks bed down, so we went back to camp to wait out the storm. The rain let up a few hours later and we were back out glassing, quickly relocating the bucks from Saturday morning. I was sore from a steep, rugged hike the day before, so Jacob and Christian put a plan in place to stalk up into the steep area they were and I stayed back to glass and talk them in. Something in the canyon bottom spooked the deer as they were setting up and two deer turned into about 9 running all over. By the time they settled down, the objective buck was nowhere to be seen; however, this young fork presented a perfect broadside shot at 248 yards. As was told to me, Jacob said "I didn't hike all they up this $h!t to not shoot something!" Good for him! He ended up packing it all the way down the ridge and up and down the next three ridges. He earned every bit of this young buck, but now he says he's holding out for 80s or bigger moving forward. Again, good for him! 248 yards is officially his shortest shot at a non-javelina or turkey game animal. I'm super proud of his determination and grit.
  3. We have three raffles going right now. AZ lifetime Combo license, "Pick Your Prize", and our annual Calendar Gun Raffle. With Calendar Gun Raffle, you purchase a calendar for $50 and get an NWTF membership and 52 chances (1/week) to win a great 2A item over the 2024 calendar year. With the "Pick Your Prize" raffle, if you're the winner, you get to pick any one item on that sheet and it will be sent to you. As of this posting (8:14pm, 11/21/23), we have 67 chances left on the lifetime license and 43 chances left on the pick your prize that need to be sold. https://www.naznwtf.org/shop
  4. IA Born

    Custom 6.5 WSM FS

    Driving to unit 33 and back for my son's youth hunt. Can bring the rifle.
  5. IA Born

    Hard Side Rifle Case

    Chris has the case
  6. IA Born

    Coming To A Range Near You

    That dude in the red shirt in the first video: I SOOOO relate to him every day of my life...
  7. IA Born

    Veteran's Day - 2023

    I've told the story of my dad and his company (C/1/503/173d Airborne) as part of Task Force Black and their battle on Nov 11, 1967. I've shared his "famous" picture that was taken during his first tour and went AP/UPI world wide. Here are a few other photos from his 18 months in Vietnam. He brought his war home with him for all of us to fight, but he was my hero. Veteran's Day always meant something much different and deeper in our house. I miss him every day of the 19 years he's been gone. Thanks to everyone else for your service. During a break in a fire mission 1966 One of his bronze stars with "V" for clearing a tunnel Active fire mission. Dad hunched over in foreground with cigarette Fire mission near Tuy Hua October 1967, just before being sent back to Dak To for the Nov 11 battle. Dad in the foreground plugging his ear.
  8. Bump. Tickets still available for these raffles.
  9. IA Born

    Rifle clamps for my tripod

    I have a Triclawps and love it. You're welcome to borrow it and test it out before you buy if you want. You've always been good to me. My daughter's at UofA, but will be here this week for a few days. I can send it down with her if you want.
  10. IA Born

    Hard Side Rifle Case

    Case is gone
  11. IA Born

    World series tickets,

    This right here. I asked my wife about tickets last night thinking it would be fun if it was within our budget. OP's prices are dead on with how they are selling now. Good luck with your sale!
  12. IA Born

    Spring draw?

    We spent most of her high school years not talking much unless we were javelina hunting or turkey hunting. Even then, it was pins and needles at times and she was well into the social life. I knew I had to let her go if I was ever going to get her back. Friends of mine with similarly stubborn, independent, strong-willed daughters assured me she'd come back around eventually and I just had to be patient. I asked her every draw cycle if she wanted to hunt and then bought her bonus points when she said no. I also told her UofA is close to several great Coues units, that she has enough points to get a good Coues tag, and that I'd rearrange my schedule to make sure I was available . That peaked her interest. Now to figure out 34B for pigs for her!
  13. IA Born

    Spring draw?

    Got my usual archery stink pig tag and same for my son's youth sting pig tag. The big one, though, was my daughter getting drawn again. She's a sophomore at UofA and admitted to me this summer she misses hunting and hunting with me. After taking a couple of years away to pursue other passions in life, she wanted to put in for javelina again. She made it clear it had to be close to UofA/Tucson given the time she'll have available. No problem. She got a 34B general javelina tag and I can't wait to hunt with her again!
  14. IA Born

    Elk tag punched

    Congrats on a great hunt and hope your father-in-law is doing better!
  15. IA Born

    Unit 10 youth hunt question

    Not sure how you're first weekend went, but they were bugling for us on my son's hunt last weekend. He tagged out Friday afternoon after getting on a bull bugling like crazy in the canyon off the point we were on.