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  1. IA Born

    Turkey Tag and Vest Raffles

    Our NAZ NWTF Chapter in Flagstaff is raffling off an Alps Outdoorz turkey vest. Only 25 tickets being sold and there are only about 12 tickets left. We also have our annual raffle for the commissioner's turkey tag. There are 10 decks of cards being sold across the state. We have one deck of 54 cards. First prize is one of the Commissioner's turkey tags, valid in any open unit and valid for 365 days starting mid-August. The drawing will take place early August at the Sierra Vista banquet or somewhere around there if they are having a banquet. Tickets for both can be purchased here: https://www.naznwtf.org/shop As always, we appreciate your support for funding great conservation projects, youth hunting programs, and Hunter Education programs in Northern Arizona!
  2. That's an owl call. I had an old gobbler shaker, but I think i tossed it. I have a good Primos gobble shaker in my vest I'd part with if you're interested. I never use it.
  3. Deal for all the powders and 12g turkey loads fell through due to unfortunate circumstances. Dano562 was next in line and has spoken for the Varget and H380. Big Game powder, 12g turkey loads, both sets of scope rings, saw, and call are still available. Should be at hotel near Cabela's around noon Friday. Will be in and out Friday and Saturday as we celebrate our daughter's birthday. Heading home to Flagstaff early Sunday.
  4. Powder and turkey loads are SPF. Rings, call, and saw are still available. Will ship these four things.
  5. joohnnybgood is taking all 3. If something falls through, you're next in line.
  6. I'm clarifying with joohnnybgood which powders he wants since he spoke up first. As soon as I hear back from him, I'll let you know. Thanks!
  7. Got it and answered. Yours to take.
  8. Its available. Which ones?
  9. Things fell through with deals last year and I forgot about this. Bumping back up since we'll be in the west valley April 23-24. Can bring stuff with me.
  10. IA Born

    Custom Rem 700 Rifle - Price Drop

    You should get it for me! I promise no man-buns, no flat-billed hats, and I won't say "bro"!
  11. IA Born

    Favorite Westerns

    My son's name was inspired by Big Jake, my favorite John Wayne movie. I tried to convince my wife to let me name him Jacob McCandles Wooldridge, but that was shot down quickly. Jacob Robert (my dad) is what we ended up with. I'm still a fan of Silverado, but I liked Open Range, too. Pale Rider is hard to beat, as is Unforgiven. Outlaw Josey Wales is another all-time favorite.
  12. IA Born

    WTT Reloading Supplies and Ammo

    I'm in Flagstaff, but have a friend in Tucson that could meet you and take that H1000 from you on my behalf if the price is right. I also have a mostly full bottle of Varget that my daughter's 7-08 didn't like. Has like 12 rounds worth of 7-08 missing. Otherwise, mostly full.
  13. IA Born

    6b north archery pronghorn

    Shoot me a pm with the full unit boundaries. 6B is my backyard and I've spent quite a bit of time in it over the years. I can point you to some areas that I've seen pronghorn regularly if I'm thinking its your area.
  14. IA Born

    Hunter Safety

    I took my HE way back in the 80s in Iowa when the classes were first offered and required for anyone born 1969 and later. I inquired years ago when I first moved to Iowa and, no, it doesn't count towards AZ bonus point. It has reciprocity as being a valid course, but you have to take an AZ course to get it. I know HE staff are offering the Bonus Point Field Day for adults in Phoenix. Its an hour-long self-guided course intended for hunters who have been hunting at least 4 years (close to that time frame). You show up, do some demonstrations, shoot a .22, and take the test. If you pass, you'll get your bonus point for the AZ draw. We need to start doing that in Flagstaff, so we can save class space for the kids who really need the in-person learning when we get back to that point. We're hoping by this summer to be back teaching.
  15. IA Born

    7mm-08 Pet Load Data

    Both of my kids have 7mm-08s and both rifles have 4-5 loads each that are under 1-inch. I only load Barnes, specifically the 140gr TTSX, but both are at ~2700fps MV. Loads include RL15, IMR 4064 (son's), IMR 4895 (daughter's) and H380 (both). Hunting loads are with IMR 4064 (son's) with 0.48" group and IMR 4895 (daughter's) with a 0.58" group. My daughter's 7-08 also shoots Hornady 139gr GMX factory loads sub 1-inch. That doesn't help much with your heavy bullets, but its another perspective.