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  1. IA Born

    Lifetime Combo License Raffle

    We have about 45 chances left to sell for a lifetime combo hunting/fishing license!
  2. IA Born

    Fly Tying for 2nd Deg Black Belt

    That's awesome. Thanks!!
  3. IA Born

    Fly Tying for 2nd Deg Black Belt

    I finally found a couple of pics of a Royal Wulff Jacob has tied previously. I don't recall is this is a #12 or a #14, but he did pretty darn good for a first try.
  4. IA Born

    Shout out to creekhiker (Derek) incredible dude

    Derek is definitely a good dude, and not just because his wife has family in Iowa, not far from where I grew up! Derek didn't hesitate to make a donation to, and fly request from, my son for his black belt promotion fee.
  5. IA Born

    Fly Tying for 2nd Deg Black Belt

    The $550 is the studio's fee for the black belt promotion. Its a 24-hour program filled with activities, including community service, on top if the non-stop training the candidates do. The money covers the cost of the activities they do, as well as supplies and the boards that are curmt throughout the night for the next day. Every black belt candidate in our studio has community service obligations throughout the year-long journey to complete in order to be able to even test in their respective October promotion.
  6. IA Born

    Fly Tying for 2nd Deg Black Belt

    Correct. We're doing it on donation. It helps him work harder to produce better products.
  7. IA Born

    WTB bear tag?

    Out of curiosity, where did you get that the Coconino NF is closed to shooting? Their Stage 2 Fire Restriction order from June 13 does not exempt shooting. It would be specifically called out in the prohibited acts at the top. https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd748492.pdf And (edited)....I just saw Red Rabbit's similar response above. Sorry for the duplication of info...
  8. IA Born

    Fly Tying for 2nd Deg Black Belt

    I'll shoot you a PM shortly. Thanks!
  9. IA Born

    Fly Tying for 2nd Deg Black Belt

    I'll get some pics of his most recent flies in the next few days, but the link from last year's request has a bass popper, woolly buggers, pheasant tail, original elk hair caddis (much better now), and a mudler minnow.
  10. Good afternoon, Some of you remember a little over a year ago when my son was working on his 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo. As part of that process, he had to raise the $550 by himself. He opted to tie flies for donations to raise his money. He received his black belt at 11 years old last October and, in November, started working towards his 2nd degree black belt. He has two years to complete everything, which is a recommendation from our studio for kids his age. Once again, he has opted to tie flies for donations to raise the $550 for his 2nd degree black belt promotion, which will be in October 2021. This is an even more special black belt promotion because, if everything goes according to plan, I will be testing for my 1st degree black belt at the same time he's testing for his 2nd degree black. He has gotten good at tying several different flies since he started this and I've caught trout, or had great strikes (my fault on the miss) on both his nymphs (pheasant tail) and dries (elk hair caddis and royal Wulff)! Below is a list of what he can tie regularly, but he can also look up fly tying videos and create your favorite pattern. He can tie down to size 18 for nymphs with confidence. Dries he can tie down to 20 with confidence on most. They still aren't professional grade, but they look good and catch fish! You obviously won't hurt our feelings if you say no and pass this, but Jacob would appreciate any consideration. You can PM me or text me if you have my number if you are interested and want to place orders. And, since last year, my wife has Venmo and I have Zelle to make life easier. I can post pics of some of the ones he's tied if you want to see them. Dries Elk hair caddis Griffith's gnat Royal Wulff Parachute adams Blue wing olive Foam beetle Foam ant Nymphs Pheasant tail Copper john Prince nymph Bead head prince nymph Muddler minnow (weighted) San Juan worm Stretch tubing scud Bead head caddis larvae Other Bass poppers Wooly buggers Simiseal leach (Thanks Big Browns!) Mop fly
  11. IA Born

    Unit 33 question

    Directly from the closure order: "This Order will be effective on July 15, 2020 at 8:00 pm, and shall remain in effect until November 1, 2020 or until rescinded, whichever is earlier."
  12. The Northern AZ (Flagstaff) Chapter NWTF is raffling another lifetime combo license. Must be AZ resident to win. Only 100 tickets being sold. https://www.naznwtf.org/product-page/az-lifetime-hunting-fishing-combo-raffle
  13. IA Born

    Unit 33 question

    Exactly. Sean lives in the valley, so 80s in early October is "cool". We were in the mid-80s last year on Jacob's deer hunt in 35A and it was freaking roasting, especially for us northerners.
  14. IA Born


    Like others have said, you have to download maps of the areas you're going to hunt if you're not going to have reception out there. That's the only thing I don't like about OnX. A friend got me a subscription as a thank you gift a couple of years ago, or I wouldn't have it. The more I use it, the more I like it. My wife and son both have accounts now, too, thanks to a connection with NWTF/OnX and we can keep track of each other while out shed hunting, hiking, or mountain biking by sharing points. I like the "share waypoint" feature of OnX, too. My close friends and I share points with each other all the time. I like the boundaries, water, land management/ownership features as well, like others have said. I also like the aerial feature, especially when I have the hybrid aeria/top feature turned on. Topography is just as important, if not more so, than aerial in my humble opinion. I also have Flatline Maps with Avenza. I like those because they automatically work in airplane mode without having to download extras. They have great aerial and land ownership, as well as roads. The topo features on Flatline are great. The biggest drawback to Flatline for me is that you have pay for every unit map you buy and you can't share waypoints. I frequently bounce back and forth between my Flatline and OnX when I'm out hunting, hiking, and mountain biking. Its hard to beat the $30 annual subscription (or whatever it is) for OnX, though.
  15. IA Born

    Unit 33 question

    Does Makayla have the early (Oct) or late (Nov) youth tag, Shawn? Jacob has the Nov youth 33 tag, so we'll be down there a couple of times before his hunt. Everything that has been said about the burn and roads/monsoons is true. If you can get in the youth camp, I highly recommend it, assuming (hoping) it will be happening by then.