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  1. IA Born

    Son's Taekwondo Journey: Its On!!!

    Me, too! All I know is that we'll drop him off at the studio on Friday Oct. 18, around 2-3pm and I won't see him again until 8 am Saturday morning, when they open the studio to the public. The official promotion for all candidates, including me, starts at 0900 and will run until 2 or 3. The black belt candidates will do a bunch of team-bonding, practice forms, spar, practice their board breaks (up to 5 boards). The three 11-yos will not break a brick because of growth plate, but that's the only slack they get. Their 5-minute breaks consist of cutting boards for the whole promotion the next day. Occasionally, they'll get a chance to use the bathroom, grab a drink, and a quick bite to eat. I guess I'll have more details two years from October when I test for my black belt.
  2. Thank you to all of you who helped my son raise the funds for his black belt journey last fall, when he offered to tie flies for a donation towards the $550 he had to raise himself! I figured I owe you all an update on this one. This past Saturday (June 15), we had our belt promotion. I earned my yellow w/green stripe belt, but, more importantly, Jacob earned his red w/black stripe belt. Over the next four months, things are going to get harder and even more is expected of him in our studio, but he will be testing for his black belt October 18-19. Its a 24-hour test with intermittent 5-minute breaks. He will be the second youngest in this cohort at 11 years old (three total 11-yos) and he will be the only guy among the six first degree black belt candidates. There will be two other guys testing for their second degree black, which is great for him to have that kind of leadership, too, since I can't be there for him; he'll have two other father figures, in addition to three "moms' to keep each other moving. Jacob could not do what he's done in the past seven months without the support and encouragement from the CW community. It truly does take a village to raise a child and I'm proud that many of you are part of our village. If you're in Flagstaff on October 19, you're welcome to come to the studio. It will be open to the public at 8am, and the rest of the promotion (for me and my green, too) will start at 9am. PM me for studio information. Please keep him in your thoughts over the next four months and, especially, in October. Yes, I'm an extremely proud dad. On behalf of Jacob and my family, THANK YOU!!! Pics from Saturday. No pics of me because nobody wants to see an old fat man in a TKD Dobok. Jacob had to do what is called a "speed break", where you break a board that is barely held. Younger candidates have someone hold it, while adults have to hold their own. You have to generate enough speed to go with the power to break it that way. It took him several attempts, and he got extremely frustrated, but the room erupted (I was the loudest) when he got it. Demonstrating 13 required forms Speed Break (bottom half if flying low and away) Our Master with Jacob and his new belt
  3. IA Born

    Snake fence does it work?

    This is very true. The most effective snake fencing usually involves solid brick walls with overhangs to keep them from being able to climb over.
  4. IA Born

    Vortex Viper HS LR FFP

    Which reticle? I know someone looking.
  5. I don't have a before/after grouping because of a whole other mess that resulted from having the rifle cerakoted. The company that did the cerakote required the rifle to be pulled apart, which was stupid ("we don't have an FFL"...). That lead to having to redevelop loads since it wasn't put back together to the exact dimensions. By the time I was reworking loads, we had put the new stock on, thus no before/after data. The stock added a significant amount of weight compared to the factory stock, but it fits her better and has lightened the recoil even more.
  6. IA Born

    Northern AZ bow shop

    x1000 for Bull Basin Archery here in Flagstaff. I've been a customer there for all 11 years I've lived here and they are, by far, the best proshop in northern AZ. I even know folks from the Valley who come up here to buy their bows and have other bows worked on.
  7. We put a standard Boyd's thumbhole on my daughter's Savage Axis and it fit to her shorter length of pull. That stock is awesome. Had the AT One been available (or I missed it), I probably would have gone with that one. She loves, loves, loves her standard Boyd's thumbhole, though, so I can't imagine too many cons for the AT One.
  8. IA Born

    Hoyt Ruckus: SOLD

    SOLD. Thanks, Ken!
  9. IA Born

    RV water and dump in Flagstaff

    I think you should revisit your elementary English teacher before you start talking trash to me, buddy. And I'll gladly use my garden hose on you...I mean you're welcome to fill up your fresh tank. I think. Maybe I mean the former...
  10. IA Born

    RV water and dump in Flagstaff

    I got your back, buddy!
  11. IA Born

    RV water and dump in Flagstaff

    I thought I'd head that the Conoco at Butler/I-40 stopped that. There is a KOA on 89A heading north out of town, Kit Karson RV Park, and Black Bart's RV Park that may be able to help you. I've never inquired there because I make the family use a shovel and we fill fresh water here at the house. Tim, if you get in a bind and need fresh water, give me a shout. Can't help you with the black water dump, but I can get you fresh water under the "I consider you a friend" special!
  12. IA Born

    Hoyt Ruckus: SOLD

    Bow is sold!
  13. IA Born

    Gould's success!

    I keep telling myself I'm heading back to 35A to chase coues after spending last turkey season down there. We had a pair of bruisers walk across the road in front of us one evening.
  14. IA Born

    Commisstioner's Turkey Tag Raffle

    Its that time again. We have our deck of cards for a chance at a Commissioner's Turkey Tag. This tag is good for 365 days in any open unit in Arizona. That includes the Merriams, Goulds, and Rio Grande units. Cards are $20 each and the drawing will be August 3, 2019 at the Sierra Vista Goulds NWTF Chapter Banquet. Second place is a Savage Axis II in 6.5 CM. We're working on getting this raffle up on our chapter website, but if you're interested in getting cards, PM me and we'll make it happen. I only have 25 cards left in our deck.
  15. IA Born

    Gould's success!

    Great job and congrats, Tommy!