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  1. IA Born

    Custom 6.5 WSM FS

    Price drop. $2500
  2. IA Born

    2023 Western Gun Calendar Raffle

    Winning Calendars so far: Jan 4: 489; Jan 11: 876
  3. IA Born

    2023 Western Gun Calendar Raffle

    Our link was shut down, but you can still get calendars here: https://events.nwtf.org/99995800-2023
  4. IA Born

    Custom 6.5 WSM FS

    Thanks, buddy! I appreciate all the help and insight you gave me with this rifle. It certainly helped build my confidence with a wildcat round and love the rifle and round. Just time for me to go a different direction. I will entertain reasonable offers, too.
  5. IA Born

    Custom 6.5 WSM FS

  6. IA Born

    2023 Western Gun Calendar Raffle

    Good luck! As I get updates with calendar winners, which isn't frequent, I will post them in this thread.
  7. IA Born

    Pig down

    Congratulations! Life and schedules have been stacked against me. Hoping to get out in 6A or 6B this Friday and Saturday, finally!
  8. IA Born

    Custom 6.5 WSM FS

    Good to know! Mine loves H1000 and Barnes 127 LRX with Federal GM215Ms. I'm just ready to go another direction.
  9. IA Born

    Custom 6.5 WSM FS

    Thanks! Like everything, I have my list price and what I'll take price.
  10. IA Born

    Custom 6.5 WSM FS

    I'm going a completely different route and using the sale of this to fund a different project. It crossed my mind, but I'm ready for something different.
  11. IA Born

    Custom 6.5 WSM FS

    I actually looked into that a while back after I saw you had the same round! I saw mixed reviews of the quality, but that was a quick search without much focus. How is the quality of your brass? In reality, I'm just ready to move to a different rifle. Turns out, I'm not much of a wildcat round person when it comes to rifles.
  12. IA Born

    Azgfd fall regs

    I just received an email from AGFD reminding me to update my portal account in preparation for the elk/pronghorn applications. Guessing the regs are coming out in the next few days/week.
  13. IA Born

    Custom 6.5 WSM FS

    I'm selling my custom 6.5 WSM. For those of you not familiar, its a wildcat round (.270 WSM necked down to 6.5mm). When the round was first developed, it was referred to as the 6.5-300WSM because most folks used .300WSM brass and went through a 2-step process to resize the neck. That caused me all sorts of problems as I learned to load for a wildcat round and I had to have it re-barreled a couple of years ago. Now everything is much simpler process necking .270 WSM down to 6.5, leaving out the intermediate step from .300WSM down. Its built on a Winchester pre-64 Mod 70 action and has a Pac-Nor 25" barrel with a 1:8" twist and a Vais brake. Its on a McMillan stock. I've put less than 50 rounds down the new barrel to break it in and do load development. I've never had the rifle/barrel in the field on a hunt; only to the range for sighting in and load development. It currently has two different loads of H1000/Barnes 127gr LRX that shoot 1/2" or less. Custom Hornady dies, all once-fired/annealed brass (66 pcs of Winchester.270 WSM resized to 6.5 and neck turned to fit perfect), 13 un-resized/turned pieces of .270 WSM brass, Leupold Dual Dovetail bases, and a custom Hornady Lock-n-Load modified case for seating depth measurements. All load data for Barnes 127gr LRX included (both H1000 loads). Also willing to carve out the time to resize, neck turn, trim, and anneal the remaining 13 pieces of brass. Its been a fun rifle after I figured out the brass and nature of it being a Wildcat, but I realized I want to go to Mexico to chase Coues in the near future and can't take it with me since the barrel and brass don't match. I'm going a different route, so I figured I'd offer this up to another Coues chaser here. In Flagstaff, but can meet halfway or make a special trip to the Valley if needed. Hoping to be down there mountain biking after javelina season. I'm taking a loss on this after re-barreling it. Asking $2700 OBO for the whole package.
  14. IA Born

    FS Zeiss Conquest V4 3-12x56