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  1. IA Born

    FS: 25-06 Reloading Setup

    Bump back up. Let's talk...
  2. IA Born

    Anyone heading down to Tucson?

    How soon, Tim? We're heading there for spring break March 18-22. You know I'll help you if I can! Feel free to text me if I don't make it back here anytime soon.
  3. IA Born

    Truck Tool Box: North Valley

    Thanks, Lance! I've been meaning to text you this question. I'm definitely calling first to make sure they can get what I want and that the drive is worth it. Many thanks!!
  4. Our Northern Arizona Chapter NWTF is hosting an online raffle for a lifetime hunting-fishing combo license. We have 60 tickets left. Get your while you can and support a great group! https://www.naznwtf.org/product-page/az-lifetime-hunting-fishing-combo-raffle
  5. IA Born

    Truck Tool Box: North Valley

    Thanks for the recommendations on brands. Can anyone recommend a shop in the north valley to contact?
  6. IA Born

    Truck Tool Box: North Valley

    I've looked at them. They are a little over my budget, but if you have good ones to recommend in my budget, I'm all ears. You know I trust your judgement! Any shops to call in your neck of the woods? If its a low-profile crossover (bed rail to bed rail) and will fit a 2018 Ram 2500, I'd definitely like to see pics!
  7. IA Born

    A Garand Javelina Hunt

    My 12-year old son has been fortunate enough to get two javelina in the last two years on opening weekend. His first year, he used his 7mm-08 and that hunt was filmed by The Mountain Project. Last year, he used my AR. After two successful pig hunts using modern rifles and quality optics, he decided he wanted a challenge. He asked me if he could use my 1956 H&R M1 Garand. I couldn't tell him no, but I told him he had to carry that 11-pound beast and he needed to be prepared to not fill a tag due to iron sights and needing to get in close, which I know isn't really a big issue with javelina. We took it out a while back to sight it in for the Barnes VOR-TX 150gr TTSX ammo he'd be hunting with and he was center-punching a 12-inch black splatter target at 100 yards. This was after he took one shot at my 12-inch gong and hit one of the bolts that holds it together, rendering it useless for the rest of the session. Opening weekend took forever to find pigs and ended up with a 6-mile round trip hike in the heat with no food, but plenty of water. Long story short, he didn't get a javelina and we both ended up being thankful. I gave him the choice to switch back to his 7-08 to increase his chances, but he said "I'm using the Garand or nothing!" and was willing to eat tag soup all for the challenge of iron sights! Yesterday was beyond epic. It was Garand! After last weekend, Jacob showed amazing perseverance and dedication to his commitment. We took off with our friends again to fill two youth javelina tags. Another friend came along to glass. We found a big herd of javelina by 0750 yesterday morning in a STEEP canyon. A little over two hours later, we were above them and had two boys set up at 74 yards on two broadside pigs. Jacob shot first with a solid hit on the rear javelina and our friend's son shot the front pig seconds later for a great double at 1020, including the other boy's first javelina! The pack put was hot and brutal, but we did it. Of course, Jacob had to affix the bayonet I carried for pics! I asked and its not legal to use a bayonet as a method of take in Arizona. I carried it strictly for pictures and he couldn't wait to put it on the rifle. I can tell you that carrying a quartered javelina and 11-lb (loaded) rifle is not for the meek. The rifle was actually unloaded for the hike out, but a loaded clip doesn't add that much more weight. I'm so stinking proud of Jacob for his perseverance, determination, and commitment to the challenge! A little Beastie Boys made the drive home even more epic! Later last night, after showers and dinner, I walked upstairs to watch a movie with him and found him with his feet in the foot massager!
  8. IA Born

    Truck Tool Box: North Valley

    My wife and kids gave me money for Christmas to get a tool box for my truck. I'm looking for a low-profile crossover tool box for the back of my truck. DeeZee is one the comes to mind because I grew up with them in Iowa (like their Red Label pull handle). I'm open to other suggestions that are in the ~$500 range, but good/great quality. I went in to a local dealer here in Flagstaff, found a couple of options that I liked and they were supposed to call me back a day or two later. That was a month ago. By my own admission, I also forgot about it until recently. I'm going to try again with them, but I'm also wanting to know if anyone here can recommend a reputable place that's worth the round trip drive, having called to talk to them first about what I want and prices.
  9. IA Born

    Zeiss Conquest 3.5-10x50 MC #20 Reticle

    Bump for new price of $350 obo.
  10. IA Born

    Over/Under Shotgun

    I don't even know where to begin on this one! Absolutely everything you said rings true. I like the stylish concept of hunting upland birds with a double barrel, so you're right about holding out for style. My 1100 has always been ultra-reliable and my most trusted shotgun, though, and I love hunting with it. Three shots? When I quail hunt, I'm thankful to have all five shots! You should have seen me when I started pheasant hunting as a kid in Iowa! 🤣 It is, in part, an excuse to buy a new type of toy, which is why I was looking at the budget-friendly models. It would definitely be a 28" barrel, minimum, though. Holy crap. I just realized you're sounding like my older brother, full of sage advice, that has known me my whole life, that I never knew I had until now. Except I'm pretty sure I'm older. Thanks! For reals, thanks!!
  11. IA Born

    Over/Under Shotgun

    The last thing I want is for this to turn into a pissing match of who is more knowledgeable. Please. I appreciate all of the insight and the reminder about fit foremost. I grew up upland bird hunting before ever shooting rifles, so I get fit and appreciate that being reiterated. I was looking for a list of quality guns in my budget range that aren't going to be at the gunsmith every other week or have to be sent back regularly for warranty repairs. I have a solid list of shotguns to check out and see how they fit when the time comes. And I'm not at all opposed to a 20g. I started with one of those and still have it (daughter uses it now). I love 20s. Its just that all of my regularly used shotguns are 12g, so I thought I'd keep it consistent with the boxes of shells I have. Thanks everyone!
  12. IA Born

    Over/Under Shotgun

    I plan on trying them for fit before I buy one, but brand matters, too. If there are brands out there that are known to fall apart or be of crappy quality, I want to know that, too. I hadn't really thought of CZ or Stevens, so that is great info! Thanks!
  13. IA Born

    My Sidekick Closed Out The Year Strong

    Some people are just so damned rude these days. I swear! 😜 Glad to finally stopped breathing hard so you could post this story and pics! 🤣 Congrats to Draysen and you, Sean! That's a great buck!
  14. IA Born

    Over/Under Shotgun

    I'm getting more and more serious about getting a 12g over/under shotgun, even though I love my original Remington 1100 12g. The catch is that I'll be on a budget when I finally decide to do this. I'm looking at the $500-$700 range. Any suggestions? I have a friend with a Stoeger Condor that he loves. I just saw the Stoeger combo that has both 12g and 20g barrels and that intrigues me. I've heard good things recently about the Legacy Pointers and I've had good experiences with a Tri-Star semiauto. Any thoughts on Stoeger, Legacy, and Tri-Star for a budget-friendly, yet solid quality O/U shotgun? Anything else I should consider in that price point?
  15. IA Born

    Zeiss Conquest 3.5-10x50 MC #20 Reticle

    Almost forgot about this from three years ago. Still have the scope. Was going to keep it, but have decided to replace it, after all, after rebuilding my 300WM for my son. $350 obo. Trips to the Valley aren't as frequent, but I'l ship on your dime. Thanks to Casey for pointing out the going rate of the HD5, which, unbeknownst to me, replaced the Conquest line for Zeiss. Price adjusted to $350.