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  1. IA Born

    Last Cast!

    That's awesome, Nick! Congrats!!
  2. IA Born


    One of my best friends works for the BLM in Kingman and I work with that office on wildlife management (ESA) issues. Will be over there chasing pigs with him and my son at the end of the month for the general season. Need to get back over there to hunt pigs and deer in 18B sometime soon! Welcome to CW!
  3. IA Born

    Son's Black Belt Journey: Request

    Its time for an update and a HUGE THANK YOU!!! Because of the generosity of many of you, Jacob reached his goal from tying flies. He has two orders to finish up from another friend outside of the CW community, but he reached his goal thanks, in large part, because of the community here. We are humbled in our household. Jacob is still willing to tie flies since he is now working towards a new rifle build for when he outgrows his current youth 7mm-08. During the government shutdown, he offered to sell flies to help us cover the bills until I got back to work and paychecks started rolling back in. His heart amazes and humbles me. Along the way of this process, he also decided to learn how to tie bass poppers and, after a friend requested them, he learned Muddler minnows. It took him a few tries, but his #10 Muddlers are pretty darn good! He also got really good at parachute adams and pheasant tails. He's also going to learn the prince nymph (bead head) after another special request. And he keeps talking about learning crazy charlies for when we go back after bonefish! I told him to get good at the freshwater stuff, first. If you're interested in more or new, holler. Most importantly, THANK YOU for your support! Bass popper Pheasant Tail Nymph Muddler minnow
  4. IA Born

    Nikon P223 3x32 Scope

    My son and I decided to go a different route on our AR set up. We are going to swap the Nikon 3x32 Carbine scope currently mounted. Its in great shape, been to the range a few times, and been on two pig hunts so far and taken two pigs, one at 170 yards and one at 120. It will be used on our pig hunt the end of the month, so transactions will have to wait, but I figured I'd get started now. I have the original box and paperwork. Its been a great scope and we love it, but we're heading another direction, so it has to go to help fund the next path. In Flagstaff and not sure when we'll be in the valley again. $100 face to face, or $110 shipped. Includes Butler Creek caps. Downloaded a stock picture and one with my son carrying the scoped rifle.
  5. IA Born

    Down to the wire success in 20c

    That's awesome, Tom! Congratulations to you and your grandson!
  6. IA Born

    Thomas got it done again!

    Congratulations! Team efforts are my favorites!
  7. IA Born

    Daughters first kill

    Congratulations and that is awesome!
  8. IA Born

    Reloading for Semi auto

    I've never crimped on the loads I've put together for my M1 Garand and never had a problem with the rounds stacked and waiting.
  9. IA Born

    Waring Pro meat grinder $200 or trades

    Looked right over it. Thanks! Still, don't wait on us, Tim. It will be later tonight, if tonight, before I'll be able to talk to my wife.
  10. IA Born

    Waring Pro meat grinder $200 or trades

    If you're getting PMs, don't wait on us. What model is it? She wants to look at them online.
  11. IA Born

    Waring Pro meat grinder $200 or trades

    Lemme talk to my wife. Now that I'm finally back to work and have paychecks rolling in, this could work. We used a friend's Carnivore 3/4hp grinder to do my son's javelina and we're talking about investing.
  12. IA Born

    Mossberg 500 20ga FS

    Post-shutdown bump...
  13. IA Born

    Alaska fishing trip recommendations

    Back in 2003, my wife and I took our belated honeymoon to Alaska. She let me book us a halibut fishing trip. I hit the button on the Homer Chamber of Commerce website that said "I'm interested in fishing". The postcards and letters from everyone with a raft started piling in. I opened one letter and it had a hand written note from the captain. He was born in AZ, tried UofA and NAU, but decided to move to Alaska to go fishing. He saw that we lived in Tucson, named a couple of choice restaurants, and hoped we were safe from the 2002 Bullock Fire. I knew immediately that was our guy. Had one of the best days of fishing ever with him. Great guy with a great perspective on the world! http://www.fishinghomeralaska.com/
  14. I would like info on the Homer charter guy you know

    1. IA Born

      IA Born

      Captain B's Alaskan C's Adventures.


      If I remember correctly, he's originally from Tucson. Great guy and great charter!

  15. IA Born

    2019 Youth Opener Javelinas

    That's awesome, Sean! What's even better is you letting your daughter use your headphones! Congrats!!!