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    What’s this from???

    I don't think that is a head space issue? did you read my quote for Layne? He doesn't seem to think they are a pain.

    What’s this from???

    Are you saying after firing this round it would not rechamber in the same gun? Or were there other steps in between?

    What’s this from???

    By coincidence this is from Layne Simpson in Feb 2020 Shooting Times: “There are those among us who break into hives in the presence of a belted case, and while it is not actually needed on most cartridges, I have yet to experience a problem with it. Set the full-length resizing die for head spacing on the shoulder of the case rather than on its belt, and cases last as long as those with no belt.”

    What’s this from???

    Belted magnums do not have to head space on the belt. I do not neck size any hunting load. It’s been my experience that when I partially size(i.e. shoulder bump/ i.e. head spacing on the shoulder) that I am also partially resizing the base also regardless of whether it’s belted or not. This has worked for me for many decades and I don’t see a reason to switch now. I agree that a belt is not needed but whether a cartridge has a belt or not does not affect my decision.

    What’s this from???

    I agree it’s a sizing issue. Lance is most likely right about a shoulder bump. I have had more then one gun where the resizing die tolerances were not tight enough to reduced the base diameter enough and I’ve have to purchase a “small base die” to get the job done. L Cazador, what did you mean by Expanded head diameter and why does belted magnum matter?

    ISO Swarovski EL 12x50

    $2,600 for 2019 NIB...
  7. Not a chance. I’ll keep them for that. I’ll get more than $2500 on eBay, I just wanted to try CWT first....
  8. Times running out. Make an offer.
  9. I’ll be in Phoenix Tuesday evening to fly out. Reduced to $2500. CWT gets the first shot then they go on eBay when I get home.
  10. Geez, if these things were 10’s they would be gone the first day.
  11. https://outdoorsmans.com/collections/binoculars/products/swarovski-el-range-8x42
  12. Like the title says new/never used Swaro 8x42 EL Range for about $800 less than Outdoorsmans price with tax included. Of course the Outdoorsmans already has their stud included (about $90) so let’s say $700 below....