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  1. What is fair price these days?
  2. If I didn’t tell you this wasn’t new you’d never know differently. It’s literally been in the field 2 days. it’s getting converted to a 115mm! Mike 928.607.6327
  3. Works great but I bought a LabRadar. If you pick up in Flagstaff I’ll give you the tripod I use for this Mike 928.607.6327
  4. I found a couple of hundred on Gunbroker. Figure I can share the wealth/split the cost. Just asking what I paid for them. Mike Flagstaff 9286076327

    WTB Glock 43X or P365

    Went into Ruffs Guns in Flagstaff today and they had 8-10 Glocks. I bought a G48. I didn’t look for a 43 but it’s worth a call.
  6. I bought a LabRadar so I don’t need this. Mike Flagstaff 9286076327

    WTB Sierra game kings .257

    I have some 117 BTSP. I know that’s not what you ask for.
  8. I took my trigger out. Opened the package And have the wrong one. I needed a Win MOA Trigger. My stupidity is your gain. $100 FTF or shipped. Mike Flagstaff 928.607.6327