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    Leupold Problem..Maybe

    I have lots of Leupold scopes. My Turret scopes are a couple of VX3's, many VX6's, several VX5's, and a Mark 5. I guess I've been lucky but I've never had a tracking problem. I like them for their cost and weight.

    Perfect Coues Rifle

    I know for a fact with a light rifle I am the weakest link!

    Perfect Coues Rifle

    I have a 5lb 4 oz rifle that shoots under 1/2”. This rifle can do it. Did you mean you say you’d like to see the shooter who can run 1000yds with a sub 6 lb rifle?

    Perfect Coues Rifle

    Dang my 7 STW shoots 160s at 3200 fps. I’m zeroed at 300 yards. It drops about 2 feet at 500 yards. You must be shooting a lot faster or at a higher elevation then I am.

    What is the highest velocity caliber?

    Its easy to make an argument for a high BC bullets driven as fast as you can for long range shooting. This will reduce both the vertical (drop due to gravity) and horizontal (wind drift) dispersion at long distances.

    Perfect Coues Rifle

    Defiance Anti X action: I like Defiance quality and the Anti X weight. I'll give up a few ounces over TI for SS Proof Research Sendero Light 1 in 8 twist: What more can I say Gun Werks Climber Stock: If you've handled one you wont have to ask why....weight, ergo etc Leupold 3x18 VX6 or Leupold Mark 5 3-18. Phenomenal scopes for the weight. and the Zlock is about the best out there. Personally I prefer the TMOA reticle. Any of Timney Calvin elite, Jewell (absolutely my favorite although a little more finicky than the other 2), or Trigger Tech Diamond set at 2lbs for hunting Personally I want it under 6 Lbs before the scope. I'd be looking for a balance between weight and a comfortable 1000 yards. And shooting a 6.5 PRC (or Wheatherby 6.5 RPM if LA is OK) Shooting The higher BC 130's and 140+ are simply amazing. And the 127 LRX will work fantasticly for elk at 600 and under.

    Swarovski EL 12x50 For Sale $2,500

    great binoculars
  8. Only cash. or CC with +3%.
  9. Brand new from Swarovski dealer STX: $2125 95mm:$ 1900 If bought together $3850. in Flagstaff but can meet in Phoenix this weekend. Mike 928.607.6327

    WTB Outdoorsmans Panhead

    I have one on here for $300.....was it too much?