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  1. Same thing happened to my son on his first buck. Shot, flop, then only hair when we got over to where he was. Turns out he barley clipped the top of the withers. I mean a 1” tear in the hide. We know cause he killed him 3 days later.
  2. Agreed. But there shouldn’t be any/enough shock for a bull to drop. The femoral artery is right against the spine. If you clip spine there you would also hit them. That’s why I think he must of hit higher than this.
  3. I would venture to guess you hit a little high and hit one of the spinal processes. That could explain him dropping. I wouldn’t expect a bull to drop on a vital hit that pencils through. The 210’s can blow up on a rib at 162 yards and slow down and pencil through over 500 yards yet you still believe in them. I’m thinking I would be looking for something with a broader performance window if it were me.
  4. A couple of questions: If you didn’t get the bull how do you know the bullets failure mode? On the pencil through examples are you basing that on the exit hole?

    Leupold VX 6 4-24x52 CDS T-MOA $1100 OBO

    I can not tell the differences between my VX-6 hd and non hd vx-6.
  6. Well....Obama made me buy it. just trying to sell it before Beto comes to my house for it.
  7. I really don't know how to price this. It was an Obama purchase, shot less than 50 times, then put in the safe.
  8. When most big game is killed well inside 500 yds I fail to see the wisdom in using a bullet that might fail on a rib. This would by design eliminate a shoulder, front end, raking, etc, shot. Why not use a bullet with a stronger construction. I grew up with partitions and they have never failed me. I’ve switched to accubonds because of the better bc. My 7 with 160gr AB at 3200fps is still going over 1800fps with over 1200 ft-lbs of energy at 1000 yds and shoot lights out. If you are shooting extreme range why don’t more people have a two bullet system? At long range you should have the time to switch out or you shouldn’t be shooting. If if you’d put a 200gr AB or a 175gr LRX into the same spot on your bull you wouldn’t have had to track very far. You are lucky. Imagine how you would feel if you had lost that bull because of bullet failure. BTW: that’s a pretty bull congrats.
  9. Sirocco bullets are bonded

    Youth hunting round

    For all 3 of my kids I had them shooting a reduced loads in a 280 Rem. Usually a 100 gr bullets at about 2600 fps. With a little load juggling I could get them to zero an at 100 yds with their hunting loads zero. I'd give them the real thing (160 gr @ 2900 fps at the time) during the hunt and they never knew the difference. They could shoot dozens of the reduced loads at a time before they were 10.

    Stuck Case Puller

    If you are like me you’ll do it again

    Stuck Case Puller

    You know they are like $16 at Sportsmans?

    Size XL