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  1. handwerk

    New Swarovski EL ranges for sale 10x42

    Boy, that's a good deal . I sure enjoyed using mine this fall.
  2. handwerk

    swaro 15x replaced with?

    With all the folks selling their swaro 15x56's I am wondering what they are replacing them with?
  3. handwerk


    would you ship the new brass?
  4. handwerk


    what reticle on the burris scopes?
  5. handwerk

    FS- outdoorsman's tripod

  6. handwerk

    FS- outdoorsman's tripod

    Still for sale
  7. handwerk

    FS- outdoorsman's tripod

    I'm in Mn but will ship.
  8. handwerk

    FS- outdoorsman's tripod

    Price drop to $350 shipped
  9. handwerk

    FS- outdoorsman's tripod

    Decided to go with a taller tripod so my lightly used compact is for sale. It's in very good condition and functions smoothly. https://outdoorsmans.com/collections/outdoorsmans-tripod-system/products/outdoorsmans-compact-medium-tripod I am asking $375 shipped, PP FF, check or Money order.
  10. handwerk

    Swarovski 10x42 EL Range TA $3150 TYD PRICE DROP

    what are your replacing them with?
  11. what size on the Marsupial?
  12. handwerk

    Swarovski HD 15s trade for Alpha 10s

    there is a guy on Rokslide looking for just such a trade.
  13. handwerk

    WTB- Maruspial bino harness

    found one.
  14. handwerk

    WTB- Maruspial bino harness

    I am looking for a non camo one in medium, can be the older model. Must be willing to ship.
  15. handwerk

    WTB outdoorsman's pistol grip

    found one thanks