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  1. handwerk

    swaro 15x replaced with?

    With all the folks selling their swaro 15x56's I am wondering what they are replacing them with?
  2. handwerk


    would you ship the new brass?
  3. handwerk


    what reticle on the burris scopes?
  4. handwerk

    FS- outdoorsman's tripod

  5. handwerk

    FS- outdoorsman's tripod

    Still for sale
  6. handwerk

    FS- outdoorsman's tripod

    I'm in Mn but will ship.
  7. handwerk

    FS- outdoorsman's tripod

    Price drop to $350 shipped
  8. handwerk

    FS- outdoorsman's tripod

    Decided to go with a taller tripod so my lightly used compact is for sale. It's in very good condition and functions smoothly. https://outdoorsmans.com/collections/outdoorsmans-tripod-system/products/outdoorsmans-compact-medium-tripod I am asking $375 shipped, PP FF, check or Money order.
  9. handwerk

    Swarovski 10x42 EL Range TA $3150 TYD PRICE DROP

    what are your replacing them with?
  10. what size on the Marsupial?
  11. handwerk

    Swarovski HD 15s trade for Alpha 10s

    there is a guy on Rokslide looking for just such a trade.
  12. handwerk

    WTB- Maruspial bino harness

    found one.
  13. handwerk

    WTB- Maruspial bino harness

    I am looking for a non camo one in medium, can be the older model. Must be willing to ship.
  14. handwerk

    WTB outdoorsman's pistol grip

    found one thanks
  15. Let me know if you're looking to sell.